3 Exercises to Beat Back Pain

When you hurt your back, and you will, your natural reaction is to do this one thing that will make it worse.
You think either:

a) I should lie down and rest and not do anything (WORST idea)
b) I should stretch my back (second worst idea) because you do this one BAD stretch.

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You’ll also discover one exercise that will help you fight back pain. I literally do that one exercise EVERY day.

There are 3 more exercises that I also do before every workout as part of my old-man warm-up. These include:

a) Plank (I either use a hardcore “renegade” plank, a 3-minute plank, or a Stability Ball Plank <= this is 30% harder for your 6-pack abs)
b) Bird Dog (either using 30 second holds, or 15 alternating repetitions, or my own creation, the Bird Dog with leg abduction for hip mobility)
c) Side Plank (for 60 seconds per side or with leg lifts or with reach-unders or with db lateral raises)
Those 3 exercises build torso endurance, core stability, six-pack abs, and protect your back from injury.

In about three hours from now I’m going to do this workout

1) KB Front Squats
2) Pull-ups
3) KB Swings
4) TRX Fly-Pushups
5) TRX Rows
6) TRX Pistol Squats
7) TRX Ab Fallout

And you better believe I’ll be warming up with my Plank, Bird Dog, and Side Plank circuit, PLUS the one exercise that Rick shows you in the video below. You must do those moves and avoid certain stretches to beat back pain.

Watch this video for more exercises to do and stretches to avoid

You’ll meet my friend and long-time coaching client, Rick Kaselj (he’s been working with me since 2009). Rick is an expert at eliminating your injuries.

If you are working out today, make sure to check out the video. Check to see if you are doing this stretch wrong because there is a good chance it is hurting you.

You need to do ALL stretches and exercises for your back with PERFECT form and technique. Don’t make this ONE common mistake that Rick exposes in the video. It could practically cripple you and put you in bed for weeks. We all know how painful and frustrating back pain can be.

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Here’s Rick helping me with the back pain that I got from standing too much at the TT Summit back in June:

Rick will fix you.

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Rick to the Rescue for your back pain,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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You can do it.
Never, ever give up on what is important to you.
Keep on pushing!