Female Success Story Part 2

It was all the way back in the fall of 2009 that this positive, awesome, lovely lady joined our Mastermind group.

Since then she’s earned her reputation as the Info Mother Hen. She nurtures new members, supports them all, and takes them under her wing.

Like Mastermind member Ben Teal, I’ve watched her go through a roller-coaster ride of ups-and-downs.

But she’s a go-giver.

The only thing she doesn’t give is “up”.

Never quits.

Not even an option.

And so when I saw her post this on the 7-figure Mastermind Google Group, I was proud. She’s really hitting her stride. – Craig


Keep On Pushing
By Shawna “The Info Product Mother Hen” Kaminski, Certified Turbulence Trainer

Hey Team Mastermind,

I just want to encourage you to keep pushing hard to make things happen.

From my own recent experience, I can see that the more you do, the easier things get, but you MUST DO SOMETHING. You must hold yourself accountable.

Mess with the Mother Hen and you’ll get the beak.

I want to thank Craig for mentioning the jump rope challenge workout idea to me on July 3rd.

I sat on the idea overnight and then spent the weekend creating the program and filming all the coaching videos. No, the setting, the lighting, the sound is not PERFECT, but it is DONE. I didn’t have time to WAIT for my assistant to be free or to find a studio or whatever.

I found a way to write, film, to upload and to organize the program, even though there may have been a better or more effective way. I can easily make changes later. It’s done and I get paid for done.

When CB and Bedros tell you to stop agonizing over small details, they mean it.

I’ve done enough products to know that I needed a little advice on the program to dial it in. I didn’t speak to 16 people. I really just went to Mikey Whitfield and Bedros, got ideas and went with it.

You should do the same. Don’t wait to get answers you want to hear.

Just move ahead with some advice from those you trust the most. We are so fortunate to be connected to the BEST in this business, so reach out for help, don’t go it alone. This is the power of this group.

Thankfully I had Mike help me with what he does best. I owe that dude a lot of pancakes.

Mike gets it. He knew I needed help right away and he knew that by helping, he’d have an awesome product to promote so he stepped up. Mike and I do that for each other (but I feel like I get the better end of the bargain on this Thank you, Mike.

My goal was to have the program up in three weeks. I started selling 12 days after Craig gave me the idea. As of this moment, over 100 sales have been made, 4 days ahead of schedule.

I’ve gotten the attention from big affiliates because I get stuff done and make things happen. Even if it’s small stuff. Small stuff will soon be bigger stuff.

I reach out to affiliates daily, I promote their programs, I’ve gotten on their radar. I’ve tried to make a splash so others notice me. You should do this. Rick K does this.

Thank you, Rick, you are constantly virtually kicking my ass to move ahead by your examples and with your brief words of wisdom. Everyone: listen to Rick K. Contact affiliates.

You should know that I’m nothing special. I’m the oldest in the group and have limited technical skills plus I have to divide my time between online, offline and motherhood.

My strength is in my stubbornness.

Who’da thunk that being as pigheaded as I am would pay off? I guard my time religiously, I have a ‘to do’ list that I make the night before and then I strike things off every day and make a new list. I’m a Get-Stuff-Done machine.

If I can do this, you can too. It gets easier each time.

I want to thank the group for your constant inspiration. When I see you take action, whether it’s launching your first big program (kudos to Ben Teal, CTT), or if you’re just a solid action taker like others in the group, you need to know that everyone is watching you and is also inspired.

Craig says it best when he says that someone is crying themselves to sleep at night waiting for your solution to their problem. Let’s all take action NOW to help others and in the end we’ll help ourselves.

Now I’m done, thank you for indulging me by reading this. You need to get back to work. Me too.

Let me know how I can help you.

aka Info Mother Hen


And that is how it’s done.

Do it right,

Craig Ballantyne
Today’s another day, so get back on track on move closer to your dreams and goals. You can do it.