Fat Loss Workout Overload

Every Monday at my gym, our supplement rep comes in to go over the order.

Once he and I go over it, I usually get either some free samples or a t-shirt… and sometimes both.

My wife loves it when I text her, “just got another t-shirt”.  She thinks I need more t-shirts, too.  She claims that I don’t collect enough of them and she wishes it would be harder to close the shirt drawer after she does the laundry.  Oh look, it’s lightni…

The truth is that I have too many t-shirts.  I will confess that I’m a t-shirt junkie.  When I see a funny shirt, I usually get my hands on it, even if I don’t really need it.

One of my favorite shirts says, “If You Were Me, You’d Be Awesome”.  Oh c’mon, that’s brilliant. I wore that last year in the Thanksgiving Day 5K wearing a turkey hat.

Are You Collecting Too Much Workout Information?

Just like collecting shirts, we can end up consuming and reading way too much workout information so we can prepare for a body transformation, but not actually doing anything with it.  The same goes for the junk in our house.  Why do you have 4 boxes of sugary cereal in the pantry?  That won’t help you with a body transformation.

We end up reading and reading, but not actually taking action on the information.  You simply keep piling on info overload and the next thing you know, you’re overwhelmed with all this “stuff”.


Can I confess something to you?  I looked over TT’s “Metabolic Resistance Training” program several times before I actually did it.  I knew the program was going to kick my butt, but I wanted to challenge myself to whole new level.  OK, fine… I also wanted to keep my weight down from the Thanksgiving feast and knew this program would help.  By the way, if you want to see something special, watch me eat on Thanksgiving.  You can see why I was almost 300 lbs.

Anyway, I just wrapped it up last week and I’m proud of myself if I do say so …. well…. myself.  It challenged me physically and mentally.  Workout B is the toughest program I’ve done in my life.  It took my conditioning to a whole new level and yes, I was able to keep my weight down, even with my Thanksgiving feast.


Here’s the deal – metabolic resistance training works for a true body transformation.  With a good diet, you can burn belly fat and build lean muscle simultaneously.  It’s really simple actually.  That’s why I wrote this; I wanted to simplify the process for you if you’re looking to transform your body.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of information out there and some of it is good, while some of it is just downright silly (like adding more long, boring cardio to break a plateau).

Simple Strategies for a Body Transformation

Nutrition – It’s not that hard.  Sure, you can count every calorie and every carb if that’s your thing. But to simplify and actually just start your transformation, eat whole, natural foods.   An easy way to cut calories? – get your carbohydrates mainly from fruits and vegetables.  They are nutritionally dense, but fewer calories.  When you consume processed foods like sugary cereals, you’re consuming calorically (I made up that word and I think it looks cool) dense foods, but lacking in nutrition.  Silly adult, Trix is for kids.  You’ll end up eating more because they don’t fill you up like fruits and veggies can.

Workout program – In order to truly transform your body and not just lose weight, you will need to use metabolic resistance training.  Either use an upper/lower split, or my favorite, total body workouts.  That’s it…. just 2 choices.  Use non-competing supersets and circuits so that you can give each and every set your full attention and effort, making every rep count.  For instance, you would superset a DB Chest Press with a DB Step-up.

And forget long, boring cardio.  Use metabolic workout finishers or intervals after your main program.  This will burn belly fat for hours and you preserve your lean muscle, which will give you the definition you’re looking for.  Who looks better and more ripped – sprinters or marathoners?
Boom goes the truth dynamite.

Preparation – If I had done these in order of importance, this would be at the top without a doubt.  This is the one thing that usually separates a true body transformation from someone who just “works out”.  Figure out your game plan including the workout program and the nutrition.  Planning is everything.  This means if you need to prepare your food on a Sunday for the upcoming week due to a busy schedule, then do it.  Don’t read about nutrition on Sunday, prepare your nutrition.  There’s a big difference.  Pencil in your workout times as if they are interviews.  That way, you won’t have any excuses to miss any of them.

That’s it.  That’s the four paragraphs you need in order to start your body transformation… all in one place.  It’s fine to educate yourself on new information, but if you’re not acting on any of it, then it’s time to stop reading and start doing.  Take it from a dude that’s dropped 100 lbs.  No, don’t go to google and put “workout info from a dude that’s dropped a 100 lbs” in the search bar.  I’m that guy.

Your search is over.

Today as I write this, I’m seeing the supplement guy again at some point.  If he gives me another t- shirt, you have my word that I’ll give it away or donate it.  But the free samples (especially pre- workout stuff)?… Mikey likey caffeine.

Baby steps.

Finish Strong,
Mike (Mikey) Whitfield
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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