Fat Loss Just Got Easier!

Here is the fat loss information you need to finally burn fat fast. I am going to be covering all of your fat loss, workout and nutrition questions on this new blog so please let me know your biggest fat loss questions.

  • I like it better than your blogger blog already.

  • Val Fujii


    Enjoyed your video which fits perfectly with your new blog…

    How it all bagan and a new blog beginning.

    Looking forward to learning more great stuff you share with your new blog. Hope all is well with you and Bally. Take care.


  • William


    Thanks for the new blog on Fat Loss! I’ve been reading lately about something known as “Setpoint Theory” which says your body will always try to maintain its equilibrium (weight or body fat) by increasing or decreasing your metabolism based on environmental factors such as stress. Can activity level such as TT lower your setpoint more than diet alone or are both necessary to achieve fat loss?

  • hi craig, looking forward to follow you here and continue getting excellent tips with this new lifestyle of mine (thanks to you!).

    Sher Khan

  • Hi there, Craig.

    Found your programs through a YouTube search the other day, and I have to say, I’m very impressed. Impressed by the fact that you’re Canadian (I’m a Newfoundlander, and proud to be), and by the simplicity of your exercises and fitness practices. Most of what you find out there are gimmicks that really only cater to people who are already in pretty good shape. Your multi-difficulty exercises are perfect because I’m starting from the very bottom.

    You mentioned that this blog is based around questions, so here’s one: I’m dealing with some weight issues, particularly around my mid section. I think it’s largely attributed to diet and lack of exercise. Lately, I’ve started getting more active by taking and keeping up some daily fitness practices, but my diet is still a problem. I eat out a lot and consume a ton of sugar, mostly in the form of Pepsi or Coke, which I consume with most meals (even breakfast if I don’t have cereal). I’ve tried to quit my “addiction” a few times now, only making it a week or so before I need a fix. Can you recommend something to replace these carbonated beverages with?

    Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    P.S. I can’t see any results yet, but boy can I feel it!

  • Craig Ballantyne

    Thanks everyone! And I will get to all of your questions!


  • Hi Craig

    Finally got a wordpress blog.

    I love it

    You probably know this but the best plug ins are:

    All in one SEO Pack

    Google XML Site Maps

    WordPress.com Stats


    and WordPress Admin Bar

    The admin bar will save you a lot of time moving and changing everything on the blog.

    I have one question

    What is the best home exercise equipment you would recommend someone who wants to gain muscle at home? You can name like the top 3 or 5.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Craig Ballantyne

      The best equipment to gain muscle at home would be:

      – dumbbells
      – kettlebell
      – pullup bar