Diet Controversies! Fasting, Sugar, Bread, and Dairy with Brad Pilon

Just finished up another controversial nutrition interview with

Click here to listen to Part 1 of my interview with Brad

Here are a few of the questions I asked Brad:

What’s the real deal with…

– Do foods such as dairy and grains (bread) cause harmful inflammation in the body?

– Diet soda vs regular soda…Which one is the better choice for fat loss and health?

– Sugar: How big of an enemy is this for fat loss?

– Is sugar the biggest enemy? If not, what is?

– What’s the truth about dairy for fat loss and health? (Brad reveals shocking “business motives here!”)

– What are your opinions on cheat meals vs cheat days?

– The truth about eating to boost your metabolism

– Should Eat Stop Eat be combined with other diet programs?

– What is the best workout schedule for fasting?

– Did you really do a powerlifting competition while fasted?

– What is the best health and nutrition strategy for living to be 100?

Click here to discover the truth about dairy – sugar – and bread for health and fat loss

Do you have a question for Brad?

If so, just post it below in the comments section and I’ll ask him in Part 2 of our call.

  • Josh

    Really I’ve just been wondering about coffee’s effects on fat loss. Or rather caffeine’s effects on insulin resistance. Also how often does he eat sweets/chocolates etc.

    • Josh, thanks for your caffeine question. I can guarantee you he’ll say it doesn’t really matter. It won’t help or hurt. But we’ll cover that next time anyway. As for the chocolate, he covered that on this call.

      • Josh

        Ok thanks Craig. Sorry I was at work and hadn’t listened to the call yet.

      • No worries! Still a great question and I know you’ll learn a TON from our first interview. Can’t wait for the second.

      • Yep exactly right, caffeine will not effect your fasted state metabolism.

        As far as the chocolate…It’s in the interview, but it’s a pretty regular occurrence.


  • Alyssa

    Hi there,
    Brad promotes the use of weight training which works in quite well with your material however, I wanted to know if body weight training still meets the requirements of the studies that this has been based on?

    • As long as the ‘stress’ is high enough it should be fine. Just make sure you are following a well structured and challenging workout.


      • Alyssa

        Thank you both for all answers! 🙂

    • Jess

      Hi Alyssa 🙂

      Bodyweight Training can be a fantastic fun and portable way to resistance train.

      Best resources on bodyweight training I’ve found are from RMAX and RMAX coaches.
      I highly recommend Scott Sonnons Flowfit DVD.

      There’s a free workout here that’s worth checking out Alyssa. It’s designed by 2 top RMAX coaches.

      PS – NONE of these are affiliate links.

      Have fun 🙂

  • Alyssa

    Oh and with the fasting that is recommended is this “true” fasting ie it means taking in nothing including water? Other fasting info online takes out water also so I wanted to clarify 🙂

    • All of the research I quote in ESE allows the consumption of any calorie free water is alright.


  • Alyssa

    Loved the call and towards the end in the longevity section you refer to a number of body measurements as being different indicators for different things. Is there a source of these measurements or which ones would you consider to be the most important ones as indicators of whether you are “in shape” or not 🙂

  • Paul

    Hey Brad, do you recommend taking bcaa’s before and after workouts in a fasted state, or does it defeat the purpose of fasting?

  • Brad Pilon

    Hey Paul,

    No I don’t recommend. Nothing against it (I don’t think it’s counter productive or anything) I’m just not convinced you will see any difference whatsoever.

    That being said…they’re not expensive by any means so if you need them to make you feel better about your fasts…give it a go, but be smart. If you don’t see any measurable differences, don’t keep going just because your ‘supposed to’