Diet Controversies! Fasting, Sugar, Bread, and Dairy with Brad Pilon

Just finished up another controversial nutrition interview with

Click here to listen to Part 1 of my interview with Brad

Here are a few of the questions I asked Brad:

What’s the real deal with…

– Do foods such as dairy and grains (bread) cause harmful inflammation in the body?

– Diet soda vs regular soda…Which one is the better choice for fat loss and health?

– Sugar: How big of an enemy is this for fat loss?

– Is sugar the biggest enemy? If not, what is?

– What’s the truth about dairy for fat loss and health? (Brad reveals shocking “business motives here!”)

– What are your opinions on cheat meals vs cheat days?

– The truth about eating to boost your metabolism

– Should Eat Stop Eat be combined with other diet programs?

– What is the best workout schedule for fasting?

– Did you really do a powerlifting competition while fasted?

– What is the best health and nutrition strategy for living to be 100?

Click here to discover the truth about dairy – sugar – and bread for health and fat loss

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