My New Daily Diet

By the time you read this, I’ll be off on a journey that is going to challenge my eating habits. First to a rustic resort in the woods near Vilnius, Lithuania, where the cuisine is “interesting” to say the least.

And then to Norway, where things shouldn’t be too difficult, but we’ll be hiking and away from our lodgings for the most part.

I’ll report back on how I manage with workouts and diet later in August, but today I want to share with you what I eat at home.

Readers often ask,  “Are you a vegetarian?” “What supplements do you use?”, and “What do you eat every day?”

The answers:

No, I’m not a vegetarian. I have experimented with it in the past, but I eat high quality meat almost daily.

The supplements I use are a greens drink, fish oil, vitamin C, whey protein, and creatine (occasionally).

I eat a wide variety of food, and a lot of fruits, vegetables, and raw nuts.

One of the keys to eating for fat loss and health is eating a wide variety of foods. So don’t get too dependent on eating the same food over and over again.

Here’s my daily meal plan:

4am – Each day I get up at 4am (yep, 4am). I love mornings. Everything is better when you get up early. Everything. This is when I do my best writing. I drink 4 cups of water, and consume 1-2 grams of vitamin C, and I write with a clear head and empty stomach. I’m not hungry. Instead, I’m energized and creative. I follow a 12-hour fast between dinner and breakfast. I don’t enjoy – or require – a 16 hour or 24 hour fast.

6am – Time to head out on a 60-90 minute dog walk with Bally the Dog.

7am – When we get back from the walk (and his “swim” in the Lake Ontario – he takes this ALL year round, even when it’s below freezing), he gets his breakfast. I drink a greens drink. And some days I’ll have some whey protein in almond milk before training.

7:30am – Workout

8:30am – Breakfast Blender Drink

  • Add 1.5 cups unsweetened almond milk or hemp milk (usually a combo)
  • Add one scoop of vanilla or unflavored whey protein powder
  • Add 1/2 frozen banana
  • Add a handful of frozen blueberries
  • Add 2 handfuls of frozen spinach – don’t worry, you can’t taste it
  • Creatine is optional

I also have…

Continued in the updated TT Simple Nutrition manual here

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Keep it simple and you will get lean and sexy,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer