Core Conditioning Circuit

My core is stronger than ever, thanks to a few key exercises.

This despite having a major back injury back in 2009 that even prevented me from running more than 50 meters without a shooting pain going up my back. (This was really, really embarrassing.)

These days, thanks to a greater emphasis on mobility, core training, and a longer warm-up, my abs look just as good as they did back in 2008 (see below) but are performing 10x’s better.

Nice abs, shame about the face! LOL

The beautiful thing is that I can put these three near-magical exercises all together in a conditioning core circuit that burns a lot of calories and dramatically reduces my risk of injury – all while giving me six-pack abs.

It’ll give you a hot body too, and you don’t need to go to the gym.

It’s the “No Gym Hot Body” core circuit. And it goes like this…

1A) Kettlebell Swing – 20 reps with a tight core
1B) Power Wheel Rollout – 20 reps (use Stability Ball or TRX if needed)
1C) Side Plank – 30 seconds per side

Rest 30 seconds and repeat three more times.

It’s the perfect core finisher to any workout, too.

Now you might laugh at the Side Plank…”too easy”, you think…but listen to this. My friend, Matt Nichol, a former NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach and coach of several Olympic Gold Medalists, told me:

“Athletes who were unable to perform the side bridge for greater than one minute with perfect form were significantly more likely to be injured, played a lower number of minutes and had a worse +/- rating. This was also true for players that had more than a 10% difference bilaterally. It’s one of the BEST core exercises you can do.”

As for the KB Swing, keep your abs really tight. Remember that the study described in yesterday’s email found that Kettlebell training increased core strength by 70% – without sit-ups or crunches.

That’s why, if you want sexy abs and a hot body without the hassle of going to a gym, Kettlebell Workouts ROCK – especially kettlebell workouts specifically designed to work your abs (without silly sit-ups or boring cardio).

Use these workouts to burn calories and get ripped abs

Summer is the season for your abs,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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