Core Circuit Training

Wow, with this new Hawk-like vision that I have thanks to last week’s LASIK surgery, I feel like a superhero.

My training and nutrition are going great. My dairy-free experiment is making a difference, and I have a ton of all-day energy even though I don’t drink caffeine.

Things are rocking, except…

I just feel like my core strength could be better. Sure, sure, my planks are good (I can do the recommended 2-minutes straight that is necessary for avoiding low back pain), but I just feel like I could be taking my training – and abs – to another level.

So I’ve been asking the most advanced trainers I know for the best Core Training ideas to add into my program.

One coach that I asked, Suspension Training expert, Dan Long, of Tampa, Florida, gave me the following 3 core exercises that are guaranteed to make you stronger and get you ripped abs.

(Dan is a world-renowned TRX trainer, having worked with many pro athletes and actors down at the legendary Powerhouse gym in Tampa.)

Here’s what Dan put together in a killer core circuit. I’m off to do this today.

Killer Core Circuit for Craig

1. Suspended Front Plank w Body saw
2. Suspended Side Plank L/R w Scissor and Reach Under
3. Suspended Reverse Plank w Hip Drop and Raise

*All exercises performed 30 sec to 2 min
**Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

Dang, my abs are going to be ripped up from this, and my core strength will be better than ever.

Dan has more workouts, photos and descriptions in his new Suspension Training Revolution program here:

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You MUST meet Dan. Watch his video. He is the most HIGH-energy trainer you’ll ever meet, which is why you want to learn his Suspension Revolution methods through his videos that show you dozens of UNIQUE exercises.

You’ll NEVER meet another trainer like this. Ever. Seriously. Get ready to be so pumped up to train that you’ll be ready to run through a wall.

I also asked Dan for exercise descriptions. Here you go, but  again, it’s so much better with Dan’s photos and videos in his full program here:

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Suspended Front Plank w/Body Saw:
1. On your knees, face down, place feet in foot cradles of suspension trainer, and support your body on your elbows.
2. Lift your knees off ground and straighten legs into front plank position.
3. Rock your body on elbows back and forth like a body saw for desired amount of time.

Suspended Side Plank L/R w/Scissor and Reach Under:

1. Put feet in foot cradles, and then lie on your Right side. Lock your feet in an offset foot position (top leg/foot behind bottom leg/foot).  Get onto Right elbow, and lift body straight up on side elbow, raising left arm straight up.

2. Scissor feet apart, and then reach under with your left hand, and return to start position, with feet locked in offset position, and left arm straight up in air, and repeat for desired amount of time, then get on Left side.

3. Repeat on Left Side/Left elbow for desired amount of time.

Suspended Reverse Plank w/Hip Drop and Raise:
1. Lying on back, with heels in foot cradles, put hands flat on floor, and raise body straight into Reverse Plank position, then lower hips just above the ground and lift back to start position.
2. Repeat for desired amount of time.

Alright, this new core training phase is going to be awesome.

Let’s do this Suspension Beginner Core Circuit Training

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Time to train hard,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Let me know what you think of the circuit, okay?