Contest Winner: Jennifer Gets Clarity on Her Fat Loss Goals

Congratulations to our fat loss blog contest winner, Jennifer!

Her answer has won her a 1-year Platinum Turbulence Training Membership.

Here’s what Jennifer said…I particularly appreciated her final comments about how the questions helped her create clarity for the next 12 months.


Specifically, what obstacles need to be eliminated? I got to my fit lean, healthy body by eliminating excuses and developing a plan, and having several back-up plans. No more wishing and hoping and waiting. Only planning and doing.

What advantages do you need to acquire? I enlisted the help of a trainer because doing it on my own proved over the years not to get me the results I desired. I admitted to myself, that in order to get where I wanted to be, I had to look at my fitness goals as worthy of a time and money commitment.

And what powers do you need to harness? I looked deep into myself and saw a strong individual who was not living up to my full potential.

Is there a certain amount of fat you wanted to lose? I am satisfied and grateful to have shed 15 lbs of uncomfortable fat and revel in happiness that I can again wear all the wonderful clothes that were in the back of the closet. I feel like my old self again from years ago. I’ve got my sexy back.

Is there a certain time period in which you needed to transform your body? I achieved my 10 lb fat loss goal in 3 months and because FITNESS FEELS SO GOOD, I have made a life commitment to myself.

What is it that needs to happen in the next 12 months to make you really, really happy and successful? I know that fitness is ongoing and must be everlasting so I found ‘everyday’ ways to incorporate physical activity into my life. I know I will be truly successful and happy when I have achieved the fit fabulous body I have always desired and eliminated debt and worry from my life. I will be living with excited energy for the future instead of dread and a woe-is-me attitude.

Thanks Craig, for helping me to focus with laser clarity on these questions.



Thank YOU Jennifer! Wonderful answer.

What a great finish to a great day!

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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