Can Eggs for Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

For years, conventional dietitians have wrongly told us that the only thing that matters in weight loss is calories. While calories count, they are far from the whole picture.

In a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity, researchers divided 152 men and women into four groups. Groups One and Two were given standard weight-loss instructions: Reduce calories by 1,000 and eat a “low-fat” diet. Group One was told to eat a breakfast built around two eggs. Group Two was told to eat a breakfast built around bagels. Everything else was the same, including the total calories both groups consumed at breakfast.

Group One (The Egg Diet) had a 61 percent greater reduction in BMI (body mass index), a 65 percent greater weight loss overall, and a 34 percent greater reduction in waist circumference compared to Group Two (The Bagel Diet). All measures were statistically significant.

Groups Three and Four were not given any weight-loss instructions. The researchers told them not to change anything about their diets, except for breakfast. Group Three added eggs to their breakfast, and Group Four added bagels. Neither of these groups showed any significant changes.

What this study ingeniously shows is that, in certain contexts, the choice of foods can make a huge difference in a weight-loss program – even when the number of calories is kept the same. Unfortunately, as Groups Three and Four showed, merely eating eggs rather than bagels won’t cause you to lose weight if you continue to eat too many calories. But as part of an overall fat-loss program, those eggs may make a huge difference.

[Ed. Note: Add eggs to your low-calorie breakfast, lose more weight. Who knew good health could be that simple? Natural methods – including the foods you eat and the supplements you take – can have a powerful effect on your health. For more health enhancers, check out nutrition expert Jonny Bowden’s book, The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth.]