What’s the best way to get rid of ugly belly fat? If you say “Long, slow cardio to burn as much fat as you can during your workout,” you’ve got it wrong.

I’ve written before in ETR about the futility of cardio. But there’s another argument to consider.

It’s well known in the workout world that women burn a greater percentage of fat during endurance exercise than men. It’s also clear that women have higher body fat percentages. In other words, women, despite burning more fat, have more fat. And men, who burn more carbohydrate, have LESS fat.

So, you see, it’s not all about how much fat you burn during your workout. That’s why I don’t recommend long, slow, boring “fat-burning-zone” cardio workouts. In fact, I have the opposite mindset when designing workouts for my clients. I want them to focus on burning carbohydrate instead. And you do that through intense exercise.

When you exercise intensely, you burn carbohydrate and put “turbulence” on the muscles. And you can do that with heavy resistance training or interval training.

So remember…

Burn CARBS not fat!

Short, intense exercise works better for fat loss and fitness.

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