3-Minute Bodyweight Finisher

“Metabolic Resistance Training” is so cool, Turbulence Training owns it.

What an amazing sentence that is. But that’s not all that is amazing. You can get a fat-burning MRT workout using just your bodyweight. I’m talking about ZERO equipment.

You can do this type of workout in the park, in your backyard, in your hotel room, in your bathroom (although I woudn’t know why you would find the need to do that)… I mean ANYWHERE.

You don’t just hop in and do some pushups and sit-ups. That’s boring… plus, it’s boring (it’s so boring, I said it twice). You need to implement things that make bodyweight exercises HARDER…

… like the 1-1/2 rep method. Let’s take the Bulgarian Split Squat for example. This is when you go all the way down, then come only halfway back up, then all the way down, and finally all the way back up. That is just one rep.

That extra half rep and keeping tension on the muscle fatigues your muscles more, and naturally gives more resistance, all with no equipment.

Then, there’s the Triple Stop Pushup to make even the basic pushup harder.

The Triple Stop Pushup? What’s that?

You’re really anxious. I like that. The Triple Stop Pushup is when you perform a pushup like this – you go halfway down, pause for a second, then continue all the way down, then pause for a second at the bottom, and then finally, you come all the way up. That’s just one rep.

You’ll soon discover that you won’t be able to do nearly as many reps of the Triple Stop Pushup as your normal pushups… and that’s OK.

It’s designed to makes the basic pushup harder, and just like the 1-1/2 rep Bulgarian Split Squat, you force your muscle to create more tension, giving more resistance.  See? You won’t even need those cool straps, either.

The ultimate bodyweight TT Style Metabolic Resistance Training program has all the metabolic goodies. If you open up an effective MRT Goody Bag, this is what you’ll find:

  1. Awarm-up of bodyweight exercises that prime the body for the tough MRT workout ahead.
  2. Challenging bodyweight exercises at the beginning of the program when you’re fresh set up in a non-competing superset or circuit. For example, the Bulgarian Split Squat supersetted with the Triple Stop Pushup. Also – be sure to only give yourself a minute of rest between supersets and circuits.
  3. Metabolic conditioning – this is typically a series of higher rep circuits that will leave your heart thumping for hours. It’s also a great way to increase your conditioning and it will improve your performance in the gym.
  4. The Metabolic Finisher – This is your grand finale. This is when you leave it all on the floor. You’ll do a superset or circuit of the most calorie-demanding exercises with crazy rep and set schemes to throw your body in a fat-burning swirl. Call me crazy, but this is my favorite part.

Why is it my favorite part? – because it means you can do MORE in LESS time, all without cardio or even equipment.

In fact, let’s chat about the metabolic finisher. Lately, I’ve been in the lab experimenting with 3-minute bodyweight finishers. These dandys (ha-ha… dandys… I totally just made up that word) require ZERO equipment and last… yes, 3 minutes.

Let’s take one directly from the manual I cleverly called, “3-Minute Bodyweight Finishers”. ..

Finisher # 7 from the manual – “The Countdown Furnace”

Do the following circuit twice, resting ONLY when needed:

  • Burpees (8)
  • Prisoner Squats (7)
  • Close-Grip Pushups (6)
  • Skater Hops (5/side)
  • Alternating Prisoner Lunge (4/side)
  • T Pushups (3/side)
  • Jumping Jacks (2)
  • Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo (1)

Now THAT’S how you finish off a MRT workout with ZERO equipment and no cardio. Although I don’t recommend this, you can even do this finisher in your Grandma’s kitchen. It’s not ideal, but you have the opportunity.

Here’s how to make the ultimate no-equipment MRT Workout:

5 minute warm-up using bodyweight exercises (no running for 5 minutes – that’s boring and it doesn’t prepare you correctly for the chaos ahead)

25 minutes – Metabolic Resistanc e Training (and for kicks and giggles, plug in a metabolic conditioning circuit AFTER the main resistance training). Remember to use the techniques like the 1-1/2 rep method to make basic bodyweight exercises harder.

3-minute metabolic finisher – Use any of the 3-minute bodyweight finishers from the manual and remember as you’re doing it – this too shall pass.

That’s the magical, short and effective 33 minute workout you can do anytime and anywhere. It’s also how you can eliminate every excuse in the book including:

  • Not enough time to go to the gym
  • Traveling
  • Being bored with your workouts
  • Wanting to work out in Grandma’s kitchen, but I don’t have a program

Eliminate your excuses (and you are very welcome)
Mike Whitfield (AKA Mikey)
Certified Turbulence Trainer