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celebrity-pictures-peanuts-snoopy-charlie-brown-happinessInteresting call this week…you’re about to discover the secrets to happiness, along with 3 new bodyweight exercise circuit workouts.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about my trip to the doctor…it was time for a regular check-up, and my results were good.

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Had some blood tests done this summer and it turns out my Vitamin B12 levels were good, my total and bad cholesterol levels were low, and my good HDL cholesterol was 55 mg/dl. That’s about 42% higher than the recommended level.

Plus, it turns out I’m an inch taller than I thought…for the last 16 years I told people I was 5’8″, but I’m actually 5’9″. So there you go…and 180 pounds.cb

Technically, I’m overweight according to the BMI measurement. Oh well…anyways, time for this week’s transformation tip of the week.

Monday, September 21st

Transformation Tip: “Be consistent with baby steps”.

Here are 5 transformation truths that explain that quote…

1) I’ve watched too many people do too much too fast, getting big results in a short amount of time, and then crash and burn and drop out of the process altogether.

2) The better approach is to build your life on one positive step at a time.

3) Don’t get me wrong, I love the 12-week Transformation Contests, but I want your transformation to last 12000 days, not just 12 weeks.

4) Everyday you should take baby steps to improvement. Today, just be a little better than yesterday.

5) It’s the small handfuls of food that can slow down your fat loss faster than anything…every day you must find ways to overcome the snacking habit.bodyweight exercises

Alright, now let’s move on to the…

Turbulence Training Mini-Bodyweight Circuits

Workout A
1) Chinup or Pushup (Max reps)
2) Prisoner Squat (25 reps)
3) Reverse Lunge (15 per side)

Optional Stability Ball Circuit (You can do this 2x’s per week)
1) Leg Curl (8-20 reps)
2) Jackknife (5-20 reps)
3) Back Extension (5-15 reps)fitness-model
4) Rollout (5-15 reps)
5) Hip Extension (8-20 reps)
6) WYLIT (5-12 reps each)

You’ll be moving like an athlete after this one!


Get 30 minutes of fun activity, and then review your goals.

It’s essential to set goals and upon reaching them, reward your performance. But ONLY if you reach your goal.


Turbulence Training Mini-Bodyweight Circuits

Workout B
1) Underhand Bodyweight Row (Max reps)
2) Bulgarian Split Squat (15 per side)
3) Close-Grip Pushup (Max reps)

Your arms will get a good pump from that!


30 minutes of fun activity…plus…

Remember, if you fall “off the wagon”, cut your losses and don’t worry about it. Get right back on track – immediately. It’s minor damage that can be dealt with. Sometimes the most important thing is to stay out of harms way. Rather than focusing on being a perfect eater and trying to diet, just make sure you don’t put yourself in any situations where you overdo it.over-eat


Turbulence Training Mini-Bodyweight Circuits

Workout C
1) Pullup or Overhand Bodyweight Row (Max reps)
2) Split Squat (15 per side)
3) Mountain Climber (15 reps per side)

Social Support Saturday

Get 30 minutes of fun activity that makes YOU happy…and then take a look at these 4 secrets to happiness…if you aren’t happy, can these help you change?

According to research reviewed by CEO Tony Hsieh, happiness is…

1. Having perceived control over your life…
2. Feeling that progress is being made…
3. Having relatedness/supportive connection to other people…
4. Having a vision/meaning (being part of something bigger)…

All of those can make you happier…and you know what, ALL of those can be achieved through participating in the Turbulence Training Transformation Contests and by being a fat loss success story.

Plan, Shop, and Prepare Sunday

Get 30 minutes of fun activity and then go shopping for foods that will help you create healthy afternoon snacks such as…

– Vegetables and hummus
– Banana and raw almonds
– Apple and raw almond butter

Let me know your favorite afternoon snacks.

Next week:

A return to the gym where I invented TT2K3 – the program hated by bodybuilders…

And more diet tips and videos.

Stay strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

PS – Oh, and I have more bodyweight exercises for you…

Only this stuff is “different”.

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