Bodyweight Cardio Rulez

Long weekend in Toronto…go down to the beach to take the dogs swimming…also going to explore the St. Lawrence market for awesome snacks…and who knows, maybe even check out the Caribana parade. I haven’t done that since 2001.

Earlier this week, I found this quote and it became an instant favorite of mind…

“Keep these concepts in mind: You’ve failed many times, although you don’t remember. You fell down the first time you tried to walk. You almost drowned the first time you tried to swim. Don’t worry about failure. My suggestion to each of you: worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”
Sherman Finesilver

Forget about failure…and never give up on something you care about.

Click here to listen to the call…

Now let’s get into the TT Workout and tips…

Monday – Aug 2nd

Transformation Tip of the Week:

Change and transformation aren’t easy. But get through the rough patches and you’ll ultimately get the big payoff. You can’t get a rainbow (or double rainbow!) without some rain. Hang tough. Plan ahead. Be prepared. Take action. Stay strong. I KNOW you can do it.

TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 – Workout A

  • This workout can be performed as a standalone workout or it can be used to replace the interval training portion of almost any other Turbulence Training workout.
  • If performed as a standalone workout, you must start with the general bodyweight warm-up circuit.
  • If you don’t have access to a bar for pull-ups or inverted rows, skip the exercise in the bodyweight circuit.

Prisoner Squat – 15 reps (2-0-1)
Pull-up – 3 reps (3-0-1)
Elevated Pushup – 6 reps per side (2-0-1)
Diagonal Lunge – 10 reps per side (2-0-1)
Jumping Jacks – 30 reps
Vertical Jumps – 6 reps (1-0-X)
Spiderman Climb – 10 reps per side (1-0-1)
Side to Side Jump – 8 reps per side
Spiderman or Regular Pushup – 12 total reps (2-0-1)
Inverted Row – 10 reps (2-0-1)
Shuttle Sprint – 20 seconds (if possible)

  • Rest one minute before repeating 1 more time if you are replacing interval training.
  • Rest one minute before repeating up to 3 more times if done as a standalone workout.

Get 30 minutes of fun activity – now grab a Green Tea and do this week’s research review.

Am J Health Promot. 2010 July/August;24(6):384-387. A Multicomponent Intervention Reduces Body Weight and Cardiovascular Risk at a GEICO Corporate Site. Ferdowsian HR, Barnard ND, Hoover VJ, Katcher HI, Levin SM, Green AA, Cohen JL.

113 overweight employees at GEICO (no lizards allowed) were studied, with half being assigned to a low-fat, vegan diet for 22 weeks. At the end of the study, the vegan diet group had greater weight loss and decreases in waist circumference. Researchers found, “Weight loss of 5% of body weight was more frequently observed in the vegan diet group (48.5%) compared with the control group (11.1%).

Just another diet that works. Click here if you want a TT-approved vegetarian diet.


With the TT BW Cardio program, if you don’t have access to a pullup bar for your circuits, you’ll need to do some type of back exercises…seated rowing, db rows, etc. For example…

The Mandatory Back Workout
To be done once or twice per week on ANY day to make up for the lack of back exercises in the bodyweight circuits. You can do on workout days or off days.

1A) Chin-up or DB Row – 8 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute.
1B) Inverted Row or DB Rear-Deltoid Raise – 12 reps (2-0-1)
Rest 1 minute and repeat 2 more times.

TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 – Workout B

  • Start with the general bodyweight warm-up circuit
  • Do each exercise for 1 minute. Move to the next exercise without rest.
  • Rest 1 minute at the end of each round before moving to the next round.
  • See the video below for all exercises demos.

Round #1
Jumping Jacks
Bodyweight Squats
T-Pushups (alternate sides)
Repeated Vertical Jumps
Prisoner Lunges

Round #2
Prisoner Squat
Squat Thrust
Duck Under

Round #3
Seal Jump
Spiderman Climb
Get Up
Run in Place

Round #4
Split Shuffle
Side to Side Jump
Side Plank (30 seconds per side)
Total Body Extension
Run in Place

Round #5
Seal Jump
Close-Grip Pushup
Lateral Lunge
Mountain Climber

Do 30 minutes of fun activity…and take 10 minutes to figure out:

Know what you want to achieve/where you want to go.
Write out a plan to get there.
Implement & review the plan everyday.

3 simple steps to success.


TT Bodyweight Cardio 3 – Workout C

  • This workout can be performed as a standalone workout or it can be used to replace the interval training portion of almost any other Turbulence Training workout.
  • If performed as a standalone workout, you must start with the general bodyweight warm-up circuit.
  • If you don’t have access to a bar for chin-ups or underhand inverted rows, skip the exercise in the bodyweight circuit.

Close-Stance Bodyweight Squat – 15 reps (2-0-1)
Close-Grip Pushup – 10 reps (3-0-1)
Chin-up – 3 reps (3-0-1)
Reverse Lunge – 10 reps per side (2-0-1)
Inchworm – 6 reps (2-1-2)
Run in Place – 20 seconds
Mountain Climber – 10 reps per side (1-0-1)
Total Body Extension – 8 reps (1-0-1)
Calf Jump – 10 reps
Deep Step-up or Reaching Lunge – 8 reps per side (2-0-1)
Decline Pushup or Regular Pushup – 12 reps (2-1-1)
Underhand Inverted Row – 10 reps (2-0-1)
Run in Place – 20 seconds

  • Rest one minute before repeating 1 more time if you are replacing interval training.
  • Rest one minute before repeating up to 3 more times if done as a standalone workout.

Social Support Saturday!
30 minutes of fun activity…

“Shocking” fitness truth: You can actually burn calories OUTSIDE of the gym. You don’t need to be on an elliptical machine every day. What to do on your off day from the gym? Go dancing, hiking, swimming, playing, walking, ENJOY LIFE outside of the gym!

That’s what you should do on your off-days.

Sunday – Plan, Shop & Prepare
30 minutes activity and plan, shop, & prepare…and grab this #1 food for breakfast:


“A breakfast featuring protein-rich eggs reduces hunger pangs and decreases calorie consumption for the rest of the day, according to a University of Connecticut study. Researchers found that men who ate eggs for breakfast consumed significantly fewer calories at an unlimited lunch buffet than men who ate a breakfast based on bagels of equal calories.”

Next week!
TT Workout – Reformed Fat Loss
Research Review – One Surprising Activity That Can Wipe Out Your Results
Social Support – Phone Fat Loss

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  • Thadson

    Reading about all those squats and jumping jacks are really pissing me off…

    How about making a program, where I do not have to stress my incredibly hurting knees??

    All those bending the knees, and turning the knees and putting side way pressure on the knees, or going up on some stairs (not even talking about jumping around or running) just don’t work for me…

    … and of course doing only upper body workout is not enough… and the results are incredibly slow… (even though I have lost 30 lbs since april 2010)

    Sorry, I’m not pissed at you, I’m pissed at my knees…

    • Thadson, if you’ve lost 30 pounds since April, that is impressive. Those are not slow results at all. You can do lying hip extensions, 1-leg hip extensions, stability ball leg curls, and stability ball hip extensions to work your lower body.

      • Thadson

        Thank you for the tips, I did try those four exercises too, but the pain is unbearable… so I had to stop doing them. Anything where I have to bend my knees where there is pressure on them, such as the leg curls, are hurting bad, like a knife going underneath the kneecaps… the same with the side planks.

        I can do straight knee exercises like push ups on the TRX, but those are for upper body and not lower body… I do some standing “donkey kicks” but that is the extent of it.

        I have lost the weight by doing 3 days restricted diet followed up by a heavy cheat day. I also use TRX with the TT principles mixed up by going to the gym, but all of it is only upper body.

        I also seem to be getting somewhat stuck again, as my weight is in limbo between 312 lbs and 318 lbs but I’m hoping to get it under control and lose some more weight soon…

      • I too have the same knee issue. It is worse going down stairs and rear lunges. Of course any impact sets it off as well. I used to blame it on being 47 years old but I don’t want that to slow me down– so keep trying. Icing after workouts though and wearing the brace.

        I am TOTALLY frustrated with my weight/fat loss. I have been at this for 8 weeks now and nothing fits any differently. The diet is good and faithful with the workouts. What else can I do?

  • mark

    Hi Craig

    Is it OK to perform these bodyweight workouts instead of interval training at the end of another bodyweight program?
    I am currently performing your bodyweight plan that came as a bonus with Turbulence Training (which is great!), but dont have access to cardio equipment at home.

    Many Thanks


    • Mark, you can try one round of Workout A or Workout C after your other bodyweight workout. I would prefer that you used jump rope or got outside for hill sprints or a bike ride.

  • Arlene Miller II

    Thank you. I am absolutely loving these body weight workouts. I don’t always make time for the gym, so it is A LOT more likely I am going to workout when I know how to do it on my own at home. I also tend to get bored doing the same workouts all the time, so I enjoy switching things up… it surely helps to keep me motivated!

  • Gregg

    What are your feelings on using a rowing machine for interval work?

    • I’ve never tried it, but some folks seem to like it.

  • rosalie bridgemohan

    I enjoy reading your articles and the advice that you give. However most of those exercises like prisoner squat, never hear of it. Would be grateful if you could expound on ho to these exercises. Love to try them all.

  • Tom C

    Craig I will definitely use these BW Cardio programs mostly for intervals. Also with sprinting is it okay for someone who hasn’t really sprinted for a while to begin with a jogging/walking interval workout.

    • Yes, Tom, that is a wise way to get started. Let me know how it goes.

  • Sara Hutniak

    Hey Craig,
    This is an awesome workout and you explained it very well. I will definitely be using this for my boot camp class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Keep it coming.

  • María

    Hello Craig,

    I absolutely love everything you post. You are so professional on this: thanks! Question: if I do weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, is it ok to do bodyweight cardio the other days?

    • Maria, thank you for your kind words. Yes, you can do the BW Cardio on other days, but start with just one circuit in week one to see how you recover. Thanks again, Craig

  • brian

    craig, im curious to know what blender you use or what blender you would recommend. My old faithful is loud and on its last breath, and Im looking to get a quality blender. Thanks for all of the support and help.

  • You always give great info, thanks! I’m loving the quote up top, something for everyone to think about. ~

  • Rhona McLean

    Thanks Craig. I appreciate these freebies! Looking to extend my cardio workouts and these look like a good challenge!

  • Will P.

    Great work as always CB. Do you have a link that describes the “Total Body Extension” from workout C? That’s the only one I am not familiar with. Thanks in advance.

  • jawid

    hi, thanks a lot for posting these videos. they really encourage me to lose my body weight. i have something to ask you… you know, i am a bit too fat and i can’t do some of these exercises… some of them i have already started due to your motivation.. as i leave in mauritius, i can’t buy the trubulance training but, these exercises you have posted is enough. so, it would be a great pleasure for me if you could give me some recommandatio.

  • Red

    Have had a Vitamix for about 3 years now – HIGHLY recommend it, you’re not throwing away vital nutrients from nuts, and seeds if you use it (Use the WHOLE apple not just the white part)…etc, etc.

    QUESTION: What do these numbers mean: (2-0-1) or (3-0-1)???
    …on your lists of exercises to use.

    Everything else is pretty clear, thank you!

  • Kiki

    Hi Craig,

    I have been receiving and enjoying your tips for sometimes now and never really actually tried any of your workouts. Today, I thought I would give Cardio 20-Workout B at the gym a try since you gave excellent instructions on your video. Oh boy, was I ever surprised!

    It was tough especially towards the end. I couldn’t make it to the minute with some of those exercises.

    Overall, it was a great workout! I was sweating by Round 2. I love the fact that you can do it anywhere and still get a good workout without equipments. Thank you!

    My question is can I start with 30 seconds for each exercises instead of a minute?

    • Absolutely, great idea. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • samir

    wussup craig,

    I just ordered your deluxe edition workout and the abs program to go along with it. Im looking forward to these workouts. I love the toughness of your workouts and the sweat i build for the whole time im there. I wanted to know if its cool to do the turbulence training cardio for longer then just 10 sprints. If i just went for 1 hour straight of the interval cardio would that make me burn muscle?

    • Samir,

      Please do not do that. You will get injured.


  • Red

    QUESTION: What do these numbers next to your excercises mean: (2-0-1) or (3-0-1)???

    • A 2-0-1 tempo means take 2 seconds to lower the weight, no pause, and then 1 second (or less) to lift the weight.


  • Inoka

    Hi Craig,
    Thank you for the great tips and guidance. I have recently started exercising and am incorporating your TT workouts into my routine. I find it really challenging but I absolutely love it!

    My question is: I’m usually too beat at the end of strength training to start on intervals, so I do strength and intervals on alternate days (although your TT programs generally have intervals following on from strength, in the same workout). Am I missing out by not doing both in the same workout? (Will try to do this as I get fitter)I’m not too sure about the science behind it.

    Thanks again for being a beacon in this murky world of fitness!

  • maria

    Wonderful!starting this routine in a short time;)

  • Ryan

    Hey Craig I was just wondering what’s better HIIT say on the stationary bike or the body weight circuits? I also like to do my cardio first thing in the morning and my weight training later on in the day after Uni. Does that burn the same amount of calories as doing them one after the other?

    PS. Love the body weight circuits I am really stuffed by the end of it but it doesn’t feel like a cardio workout haha so I just want to know if they are as effective as traditional HIIT?

    Thanks heaps!

    • Hi Ryan, there is no research to say for sure…both work tremendously well…and both are under-rated by mainstream media and the fitness world.

      As for splitting the workouts, its fine to do that…I wouldn’t expect any increase or decrease in fat loss…just make sure you don’t cut back on warm-up time for either.

      Thanks Ryan.

  • Janine

    Hi Craig

    I am interested in your bodyweight cardio as it seems so simple and not complicated like other programs. I’m skinny but have absolutely no muscle tone with belly fat and love handles. My question is though, is your bodyweight cardio program on its own enough to get me tightened and toned or must I use it in conjunction with another program? I have knee problems so I dont want to use equipment that is going to put any weight on my knees and i’d obviously have to swap some of the lower body exercises with lying down or stability ball exercises.
    Thanks, Janine

    • Yes, Janine, this program will work on its own for you.


      • Janine

        Hi Craig

        Sorry, slightly off the topic here.

        I recently discovered your Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0 program on the web and was wondering if you maybe have a package that includes your Bodyweight Manual/Bodyweight Bodybuilding/Bodyweight Cardio etc. Something for the extreme beginner like me who’d like to work up to advanced and get ripped but cant use weights coz of bad knees and joints?

        Thanks, Janine

      • Yes, at

        Thanks Janine,

  • Janine

    Thanks for your prompt response Craig.

    Was wondering, would it be ok on the off days of TT to do Joey Atlas’ lower body program which specifically targets cellulite (only about 20min and doesnt involve any cardio besides step ups and downs). Is that too much training?

    Thanks Janine