Bodyweight Cardio Fat Burning Workout

You’re surrounded by nothing. Stuck in a house or hotel, miles from the  furthest gym.

Perhaps visiting the in-laws, or a seminar in Independence, Ohio (trust me, I’ve been there), but you still want to do a fat burning workout.

You can’t even go for a walk because its a) raining, b) snowing, c) there are no sidewalks (hello Independence, Ohio).

So what can you do?

A bodyweight cardio fat burning workout to the rescue. Some other trainers might call it metabolic conditioning, and sure, you can do similar workouts with kettlebells or even dumbbells, but those implements can’t help you now because you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with now way out.

The only “equipment” you have is your own body, but all they taught you in gym class was how to do crunches, pushups, and flexed arm hangs. And you aren’t doing that from the doorframe here in the doubletree.

Fortunately, I’ve spent my entire adult life researching wild workouts, exotic exercises, and bodyweight movements. My bodyweight exercise obsession all started back in college, when I came home for a Christmas break in my freshman year, and had no ride to the gym, or even the money to afford a day pass.

So instead, I went through all of my old issues of Men’s Health magazine and put together a list of every body weight exercise I could find. Eventually, I stumbled across a workout that wasn’t full of crunches, situps, and plain old pushups. I somehow managed, at the age of 19, to figure out a bodyweight circuit that was tough, worked the entire body, and didn’t require equipment.

Fast forward fifteen years later, and I’m still on the hunt for more bodyweight workouts. You’ve probably used one of my bodyweight challenges from Men’s Health magazine, or found one of my workout videos on youtube.

This fat burning workout video below is probably my most famous, the no-equipment 5 rounds of 5 minutes bodyweight workout program. You don’t need anything – other than your own bodyweight – to get an amazing full body workout, anytime, anywhere.

You don’t need to be outside to do this bodyweight cardio fat burning workout, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to be out in the sunshine, getting a glorious sweat on with this intense bodyweight workout.

A minute of bodyweight exercises doesn’t sound like much, but seriously, when you get down to the brass tacks, it sure is a heck of a challenge. I’d love to know what you think of this workout and other ones like it. I have dozens of interval-type workouts that don’t require you to sit on a stationary bike or use a treadmill. And you absolutely have no need to ever suffer the ‘dishonor’ of slow boring cardio ever again.

Thanks to bodyweight exercises (plus kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX exercises, etc.), there are far too many fun workouts out there that can help you burn fat without the need for expensive, overcrowded gym memberships.

That said, you can also do a tremendous workout in a hotel room (even in Independence, Ohio), in your in-laws living room, your backyard, the park, or even your office (but you’ll want to shut the door, of course).

Bodyweight cardio fat burning workouts to the rescue.

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You’ll be able to burn fat with bodyweight exercises anywhere,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer