What are the best number of sets and reps to build muscle?

I get that question three times a day – at least – on Facebook and my buddy Jay Ferruggia probably gets it 3 times an hour.

Fortunately Jay has a research proven answer.

That’s right, he did research on his own training subjects at his gym to identify his system that goes like this:

Set 1 – Moderately Heavy

Set 2 – Heaviest Set

Set 3 – Back Off Set

That’s right, it’s totally the OPPOSITE of what most people do in the gym. But then again, most people get it all wrong in the gym, right?

Fortunately your days of getting it wrong in the gym are over, now that Jay has his new program out giving you the Triple Threat results of Strength, Muscle, and Power.

Oh, and what about training to failure?

Jay says FORGET ABOUT IT. And both Jay and I have research to prove it.

As Jay said on his blog, “When you annihilate the muscle with tons of sets, reps and constantly train to failure and beyond you drastically increase your recovery time. The problem with that is that training frequency is very important. So when you increase your recovery time you have to decrease your training frequency. You’re shooting yourself in the foot.”

So don’t train to failure. And don’t go too heavy on your first set, or wait till the last set. Instead, stick with Jay’s new system (which everyone is sure to be copying soon, but remember where you saw it first).

Go here for the full new Ferruggia muscle building program:

=> http://www.TripleThreatMuscle.com

It also comes with a nutrition guide…

…and not surprisingly, it has nutrition tips and recipes in it that you’ve never seen before. This is Jay Ferruggia, after all.

He covers meat-eating diets for mass AND vegetarian diets, showing you what foods to eat and which ones to avoid.

I spent 3 hours going through his program and nutrition plan the other week, and I didn’t want the book to end. That’s why I’m flying down to learn more from him next month.

Again, Jay gets my TOP RECOMMENDATION out of everyone in the fitness industry.

I give Jay’s info my highest recommendation,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is the author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life. Craig has been a contributor to Men's Health magazine for over 17 years. Today he teaches his gift to high-performing entrepreneurs how to squeeze more out of their days, increase their income, and make more quality time for their families in his Perfect Life Workshop and Work-Life Mastery programs. Craig used his own advice to overcome crippling anxiety attacks in 2006, and he'll teach you his 5 Pillars of Success so you can increase your income, decrease your work time, and live the life of your dreams. Learn more about Craig at craigballantyne.com

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