Fitness QnA -Exercise That Burn Calories

Q: What three exercises burn the most calories per rep? Thanks -Errol

Errol – A burpee would because it contains so many movements per rep. As would a weighted squat or deadlift

Q: whist cutting can i use maxi muscle cyclone?? – Stephen

Stephen – I don’t know what that is, sorry.

Q: To build muscle mass, which is better, less reps with normal weight, or heavy weights, less reps? Which works faster? – Eddie

Eddie – A good program will have all of those mixed into the system.

Q: Is it okay to do HiiT Cardio while on a mass gain program? – Achilles

Achilles – Why would you do that? Remember to make your training purposeful. Too much training = injury.

Q: What do you recommend for learning about nutrition? Precision? A certification? A masters? – Adrian

Adrian – Precision Nutrition and are two of the best places to start.

Q: Craig when doing the TT programs it seems like my legs feel pretty weak doing all the different lunges, split squats, regular squats, etc? Should I cut the volume down, sets, etc? -Scott

Scott – what do you mean they feel weak?

Q: Basically just that. That there is not much strength there after a few sets. -Scott

Scott – Correct, that’s the point of the workouts.

Q: Do forearms react better to high reps or lower reps with heavier weight? Or will both techniques give the same results? – Mike

Mike -I’m sorry, you’ve stumped me. I don’t have enough experience with bodybuilding clients to comment. You could ask Ben Pakulski.

Q: Hi Craig, is it possible to get slimmer legs and butt with intervals only ? –Nick

Nick – yes, you can get slimmer just doing that.

Q:  What is the maximum time for doing resistance training before a rest period? and how much should a rest period be? –George

George – It depends on your goals. More rest is needed for strength training vs. metabolic resistance training. For strength, I recommend programs from Jim Wendler, for muscle, I recommend programs from Jay ferruggia, and for fat loss, try workouts from John Romaniello or Turbulence Training.

Q: What would be a good program to follow TT for Abs? We like lots of abs but program needs to be one we can do at home with weights. Thanks Craig – Serena

Serena – great to hear from you. You could use the TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks and follow that with one of the programs from 6-minute abs. let me know if that works

Q: I came across a weight loss program called Truth About Abs, wondering if, one, you heard of this? And two, if so is it a good program – Eddie

Eddie – Yes, sir, great program by a great guy.

Q; Funnily enough, that was the one that Grizz suggested! Our 17 year old doing TT now (in addition to cycling) and he totally loves it. Take care x – Serena

Serena – Excellent, keep me up to date on your progress.

Q: Craig, as an interval finisherm how long of a rest period would you recommend after 30secs on the heavy annaconda ropes…60secs or 90secs or 120secs? – Corey

Corey – I would have another non-competing exercise after the ropes and then a rest of 30-60 seconds.

Great session today!

Stay strong.

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer