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Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Might be a Bad Idea

Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Fast is Only Sometimes a Good Idea

By Chad Champion | 08/8/2018

In 2014, The American Community Survey revealed an alarming statistic: Of all mortgage-paying homeowners in the U.S., the median home loan debt was $122,000. Even worse, the study showed that more than 50% of mortgage-paying home-owners had 2/3 or more to pay of their home’s value. Little surprise, then, that…

The Complete Guide to Making Money with Stock Options

The Complete Starter Guide to Making Money with Stock Options

By Chad Champion | 07/25/2018

Everyone knows about building a stock portfolio. But few people are aware of the income potential of stock options. Here’s everything you need to know.

Making Money On Real Estate Investment

The Best Way to Invest in Money-Making Real Estate—Without Draining Your Savings

By Chad Champion | 05/30/2018

Real estate investment is often considered a solid way to create passive income. But if the capital needed to buy outright is just not available, then consider low-risk, lower-cost REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

How (and When) to File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy 101: The Facts Everyone Should Know

By Chad Champion | 04/25/2018

We never imagine filing for bankruptcy, and it’s often too late to learn about it when we have to. Educate yourself now with this guide to the what, when, why, and how of bankruptcy.

Stock Market Trends 2018

The Top 5 Investment Secrets in 2018 from a Financial Expert

By Chad Champion | 03/6/2018

Playing the stock market is rough, but with the right inside information you can make good money in long-game investing. Here’s how to get started in 2018.

Invest in Yourself

The Secret Sauce to Wealth-Building Isn’t Saving Money

By Chad Champion | 02/6/2018

“Champion Investor” Chad Champion flips the script on wealth-building with this look at savings and investing vs. skill-building. The numbers point to a higher likelihood of millionaire-hood when you invest your savings in yourself instead of penny stocks and frivolous assets.

Investment Myths and Best Practices

How to Spot the 5 Most Dangerous Wealth-Building Myths

By Chad Champion | 01/31/2018

The internet is rife with misinformation about investing. Many of the prevailing myths even trick green investors into schemes that leave them bankrupt. In this exposé, Chad Champion debunks the worst of these investment myths, and shows you the safest way to wealth.