Pre-­Feast Fat Burn – Under 20 Minutes

Happy Holidays! I’m so thankful for you!

Ok, down to business… you either have a full day of cooking, a full day of eating… or both! Why not start the day off right, giving thanks for your body’s ability to move in fun, challenging ways?

Plus, you’ll boost your metabolism and get your mind right so you can enjoy the holiday without stressing out about food. You’ll be more likely to enjoy your company having boosted your energy, outlook, and endorphins!

Follow along with me as I go through one circuit of this super quick but power packed Holiday workout — oh, and this is great for travel, too!

Click the video above to workout now!

Repeat the workout 3 times through for a total of 18 super fast fat burning minutes.

Have some fun and challenge yourself with this workout: Try to beat your reps with each new round!

Here are the Exercise Descriptions & Form Cues:

TBX (Total Body Extension)

  • Begin by sitting into a quarter squat with chest lifted, weight in heels and arms by hips
  • Explode up onto balls of feet, straighten legs and tone quads as you swing arms overhead as if to perform a “fake” jump.
  • Put on the breaks at the top with every inch of your body engaged then return to the quarter squat, loading for the next total body extension.
  • Repeat TBX at a swift pace but with immaculate form.\

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Mountain Climber Pushups

  • Begin in High Plank with hands set out from shoulders in standard pushup stance. Body is in a straight line with quads tight and abs engaged.
  • Perform a pushup. On the way up drive one knee up toward the chest by connecting to abs more deeply on that side. Return leg to plank.
  • Repeat the pushup then perform a knee drive on the other leg.
  • Repeat mountain climber pushups, alternating legs after each pushup.

Alternating Reverse Lunge & Pulse

  • Begin by stepping one leg back, bending knee down toward floor while spine and chest remain lifted.
  • Weight stays shifted onto front leg with emphasis in the heel and glutes. Perform one split squat (a pulse up and down in the lunge) then step forward returning to start.
  • Repeat on the other side.
  • Continue alternating legs for reverse lunge & pulse.

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Sphinx Pushups

  • Begin in kneeling forearm plank with forearms parallel on the mat, palms down and elbows under shoulders. Knees will be on mat. Make a straight line from crown of head down to knees and brace the core.
  • Press into palms to lift elbows off the mat until arms are straight.
  • Slower lower elbows back to mat without flaring out—keep elbows squeezing toward the midline.
  • Repeat sphinx pushup without sagging hips.

Prisoner Squat

  • Begin standing with feet hip width or slightly wider, toes forward or angled out slightly. Shift weight into heels, brace core and bring hands behind head.
  • Engage back muscles to open elbows and turn on all the muscles in the upper back and shoulders.
  • Perform prisoner squats keeping chest lifted and elbows open

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Plank Hand & Toe Touches 

  • Begin in high plank with hands set under shoulders, chest pull forward and legs lengthened back. Engage abs and quads.
  • Shift weight onto right hand and left foot as you bring left hand and right foot to touch under belly
  • Hips will shift as you brace through the right side of your torso and shoulder to engage core more deeply as opposite hand and foot meet.
  • Return to plank and repeat hand & toe touch on the other side.
  • Alternate sides.