How to Live to 100

In 1900, the average life expectancy for an American was about 46 years; it is now approaching 80. That’s average life expectancy. Many of us are living well beyond 80 to even 100 years old and more. Ok, so we know it’s possible to live to a ripe old age with all the vim and vigor of springbuck but how exactly do these people achieve such vibrant longevity?

Longevity. Many of us want it, but we want to be in good health, too. There are numerous habits of those who have lived long and prospered but I seem to have found a pattern I’m calling umbrella habits—lifestyle choices that are overarching in these 3 categories:


Female runner running at sunset

1. They are FIT (not skinny) they are active, walk places, do house and yard work, exercise regularly and maintain a level of fitness that keeps their bodies and minds strong and mobile.

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2. They eat WHOLE FOODS from local sources meaning they receive the probiotics, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that keep their digestive and immune systems durable and attuned to their environment.

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3. They have LOW STRESS levels due to their connection with life: relationships, spirituality, and community matter to these people and it keeps them healthy, vibrant, and young at heart.

In addition to these major areas of habit here are 7 more things people do to advance them into old age with health, joy, and ease:

      • Get sleep!
      • Exercise their brain
      • Stay positive
      • Cultivate their spirituality
      • Manage blood pressure
      • Don’t smoke or do hard drugs
      • Are flexible both physically and mentally

Start tackling these habits one at a time. Identify areas for new growth. Set your goals and take little baby steps toward achieving them. This is your life. Is it everything you want it to be?

In Love & Gratitude,

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Missi Holt