3 Breakfast Tricks For Healthy Eating

Aw, breakfast. I love it. Back when I was a kid my favorite cereals were Fruit Loopsand Sugar Crisp. I was a sugar-eating maniac.

Of course, that one bowl of cereal fueled me for 3 hours of playing sports before I’d come back in for a lunch of hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury crescent rolls (giant pigs in a blanket).

Let’s just say I didn’t have the best nutrition habits as an 8-year-old.

Top 12 foods to OVEREAT to lose weight

Things are a lot different now. Today my favorite breakfasts are:

1) 4 scrambled eggs with a side of spinach and olive oil followed with a big bowl of pineapple


2) My Bulletproof Cereal Breakfast Bowl

These days I avoid traditional cereals, even Cheerios and Special K.

You should too. Here’s why.

Recent research shows that the design of your kitchen determines the size of your belly fat, and scientists found that women who had breakfast cereal in plain sight were 20 pounds heavier than neighbors who didn’t.


Eat THIS Fat Loss Breakfast to FLATTEN Your Belly (really cool trick)

So trick #1 is to get rid of that breakfast cereal.

If you can’t kick it to the curb completely, then at least hide it at the back of the cupboard where you won’t see it. And fill up your fruit bowl so that you see – and choose – healthier fat burning foods.

Your second trick is also research based (as is ALL of the science-based shortcuts I send you each day).

The 2nd trick is called the “12-Hour Diet.”

It’s an EASIER version of fasting.

I don’t love intermittent fasting, even though I’ve done it a few times. It’s too annoying to be annoyed by being hungry… especially when you have to focus.

However, recent research found that doing a 12-hour fast, from dinner to breakfast, will help you stay lean – even if you have a cheat meal on the weekend.

Now that’s the kind of short fasting I can deal with.

So each night I finish eating before 7pm and don’t eat again until 7am.

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Once I’ve finished my meat and potatoes (what can I say, I’m just a simple farm boy), I have a piece of fruit and then read for 20 minutes. Then I brush my teeth and spend the next hour or two with family – and Bally the Dog – before heading to bed.

After 7-8 hours of sleep the 12-hours is almost up.

The 2nd trick is that simple to follow.

Finally, here’s your 3rd tip.

Eat breakfast at home.

Ignore the temptation to eat on the run with some junk from Starbucks, or a 1000-calorie Jamba Juice, or McDonald’s All-Day breakfast. Those 3 options only get you into trouble.

Research reveals that folks who eat at home end up eating more healthy protein and eating slower, and those two habits helped them lose weight – and keep it off.

So follow those 3 breakfast tricks to lose weight for life.

Oh, and here’s one more bonus trick that shows you EXACTLY what to eat for faster fat burning…

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Taking care of your morning,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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PS – Focus on what matters…

Do not compare your body against others. There is only you NOW and you then. Focus on progress from Point A and Point B. Change is a matter of choice, not calendar. You could just as easily change your life today as you could on New Year’s Day. Believe in yourself.