15 Minutes to a Kim Kardashian Butt

Back View Of A Teen Girl In Workout Clothes Over White. Shot with the Canon 20D.


Some people think it’s all natural. Others say it’s an implant.

What are we talking about?

Kim Kardashian and the butt that broke the Internet, of course!

While the butt implant rumors will never subside, the reality is that Kim works hard for her body… and you can learn her secrets.

Her personal trainer Gunnar Peterson — who in the past has trained stars like P Diddy and Sylvester Stallone — recently revealed many of the star’s workout secrets that you can use not just to sculpt your butt into shape, but your entire body.

But you don’t need to do hours-long workouts to get results like Kim’s.

You can get results in just 15 minutes with this intense bodyweight workout.

The 15-Minute Bodyweight Booty Workout

1) Lying 1-Leg Hip Extension – 30 seconds per side

2) Split Squat with Back Foot Elevated (or Split Squat) – 30 seconds/side

3) Plank with Glute Squeeze – 60 seconds (glutes are your butt muscles!)

4) Walking Prisoner Lunge – 60 seconds

Here are the ground rules for this workout:

  1. Do NOT rest between exercises: As soon as you finish the first exercise, go immediately on to the next.
  2. Repeat this circuit a total of 3 times in 15 minutes.
  3. Take a one-minute rest between circuits: As soon as you finish the walking prisoner lunge, you have 60 seconds before the gauntlet starts again. Take a quick sip of water and get back to it!

The Next Step: Most People Can’t Handle This

Did you complete the workout? Great job if you did. It wasn’t easy, but if you pushed yourself you’ll get results.

If you can handle this, then you’re ready to take it to the next level…

A rogue fitness researcher from Toronto has been on a quest to find the most effective bodyweight workout. The result of hos 15 years of research is called EPOC.

EPOC is the most intense workout the world has ever seen.

It’s so intense, in fact, that it only lasts 6 minutes.

In these 6 minutes, you’ll burn 38 times more fat than you will doing one hour of cardio.

The results have been so impressive that EPOC and this rogue expert have been featured in Women’s Health, Men’s Health, GQ, Maxim, National Geographic and BodyBuilding.com.

Think you’re ready for EPOC?