How to make your ab workouts work

On Sunday morning I met an old client to take him through his weekly workout, and I kicked his butt with some TT, but when it came to the abs circuit at the end, he started laughing and said, “NO WAY!”


Because his abs were still sore and tight from the workout I had him do on Thursday.

Of course, it wasn’t from a “crazy crunches” workout.

Instead, he used one of the TT for Abs DVDs circuits that included one of my favorite exercises – the Stability Ball Rollout.

To make it more effective, we played with the tempo of the exercise (that’s the speed of the movement) AND he focused really hard on the muscles he was trying to work.

And that is why he gets such great results from my ab workouts.

Other folks at my gym who aren’t getting results simply aren’t doing the exercises properly.

They go through the motions, but don’t work the muscle.

And if you’re not getting results, don’t worry…it’s not really your fault, because you’ve never been taught how to do these exercises properly – and that’s why you need the TT for Abs DVDs.

I’ll show you exactly how to get amazing results from the unique ab exercises I use with my clients.

So you’ll be able to avoid the #1 mistake people make in their ab workouts at my gym – ineffective exercise technique.

Once you make a few small changes with my one-on-one help, you will get fast results and sexy abs.

I promise the TT for Abs DVDs are the solution for that problem.

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Talk to you soon,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT for Abs DVDs