5 Ways to Beat Binge Eating

It happens to almost everyone. You get home from work, tired, hungry, and stressed, and you eat a nice dinner. But even though you are full, you go back to the fridge at 8:00. Then at 8:30. And then again at 9:00. You might even hit the fridge – or, worse, the freezer for ice cream – at 10:30.

Nighttime eating. Binge eating. Whatever you call it, it’s killing your progress. So here are my top 5 tips for overcoming it.

1. Brush your teeth after every meal.

2. Keep the binge food as far away and as inconveniently located as possible. If you have kids and keep some treats for them in the house, put them where you have to work to get to them. Maybe on the top shelf.

3. Go for a quick walk or do a mini-workout of bodyweight exercises when you feel the urge to snack.

4. Eat fruit, not junk, when you just can’t keep yourself from eating.

5. Try to avoid the environments where binges happen. These include sitting in front of the TV, hanging out with friends who like to order in pizza, going to the movies when you’re hungry, going out for a drink (if that turns into wings and nachos), and watching football all day Sunday.

[Ed. Note: Extending your life and living out your years in tip-top health is really a matter of making simple lifestyle choices – like keeping your late-night snacking under control. In addition to curbing your binge eating, you can burn fat by following Craig’s Turbulence Training exercise program.]

Craig Ballantyne

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