5 Truths About Weight Loss

images10Brad Pilon might not ever admit this to you, but he once won a bodybuilding contest. That’s right, he was all oiled up, fake tanned, and wearing a tiny speedo.

Fortunately I was NOT there to be a witness to that.

But…it does prove that he knows a thing or two about helping you transform your body.

So here are 5 truths about weight loss from Brad Pilon to help you lose fat without sacrificing your life to the gym or some crazy diet.

From Brad…

Since most likely you have already heard the basic guidelines for  competing in a transformation contest (set a goal date, get a support group, create an action plan) I’d like to share some lesser-known tips that are equally important.

1. Prepare to be uncomfortable – At least for the first while.

I’m constantly asked to explain what I mean when I say “Eat Less”.

If I  had to expand this statement I would say, “Eat less than you are comfortable eating”.

If you are carrying extra weight, then chances are you are currently eating more than you need to.

But when you first start out on your transformation, it is learning process, and you and your body will need to learn to be comfortable eating less.

This happens quicker for some people than others, but it will eventually happen. The key is to use a diet plan that allows you to eat less, while limiting the ‘uncomfortableness’ of the actual dieting process. If done properly, eating less will quickly become the new ‘eating normal’ for you.

2. This is probably an obvious one, but it’s also one that most people seem to always forget – Compare yourself to yourself.

Look, everyone’s bodies are shaped differently. My opinion is that drug use by both men and women is far more widespread than most of us think and the use of expert lighting, touchup makeup and Photoshop makes almost EVERY picture you see a completely unrealistic illustration of a human body.

The ONLY person you should be comparing yourself to is yourself.

Strive to be a better you, but don’t try to be someone else, because  it’s not going to happen.

3. Be patient.

From my experience most transformations go something like this:

FIRST three weeks – most of the dramatic weight loss happens.

LAST three weeks – this is where most of the visible changes happen.

The period in between?

This is where most people get frustrated and anxious. So plan ahead.

Remind yourself that “Yes, there will be large weight loss at the beginning, but after that it’s ‘slow and steady’ that wins the race, and it will all be worthwhile during the final weeks when every day brings noticeable changes to the way you look.”

4. Don’t justify over-eating with exercise.

You have to make sure you don’t eat more food just because you’re doing more exercise. Also be aware of how active you are throughout the rest of your day when you add the extra exercise.

5. Remember your weight will fluctuate.

I’m 172-ish pounds fasted, and 177-ish pounds fed. My weight goes up and down 2-3 pounds every day.

Try your best to always weigh in after an overnight fast and remember to look for the trend not the exact number each day. Don’t worry if you are up a couple of pounds one day…

Stay the course and focus on the weekly trend.

Thanks Brad.

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To your success,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, Turbulence Training Transformation Contest