300 Workout For Fat Loss

300Well, the 300 workout video I posted in the latest 7-day fat loss coaching email really stirred up a lot of comments and questions.

Here’s the thing…The 300 workout comes with a warning. This is not for beginners.

However, this should be bloody well obvious. Geez, do I have to tell you to look both ways before you cross the street, too?

So do NOT do that workout if you are a beginner.

Also, this workout was not meant to be done on a regular basis. It was meant to be a “rite of passage”. Like running a 10k as hard as you could, you wouldn’t do that everyday, and you wouldn’t enter a bodybuilding contest every weekend.

So you don’t do this workout every week. At most, once a month.

(NOTE: I didn’t create the 300 workout – and never claimed to – but Men’s Health magazine asked me to film a video of the exercises from the program because they neglected to put photos of the exercises in their article about the program. I ended up putting that video on Youtube as well.

As a result, the video has been watched over 1.1 million times and thousands of people – including Jillian Michaels from the The Biggest Loser – have attributed the workout to me – but I just want to clarify I had nothing to do with designing the workout…I just filmed the exercises.)

Anyway, as a result of that video, I ended up getting email after email from obsessed 300 workout fans…and as dumb as I am, even I couldn’t ignore the addictiveness of the Challenge Workout, so I got to work on creating my own.bodyweight workout

And that’s why this type of workout is good – The 300 is a Challenge Workout and inspire both men and women to train harder and more consistently than plain old workouts. Plus, they get addicted to improving their scores in Challenge Workouts like the 300, the Bodyweight 500, or even the Bodyweight 1000.

I call Challenge Workouts the equivalent of “Workout Golf”. I also call the challenges, “Workout Crack”. Basically, setting up a fun challenge workout will get your clients “hooked” and completely obsessed with lowering their score from week to week (just like a golfer gets obsessed with lowering their handicap).

I first realized this addictiveness when I started receiving dozens of emails from guys asking me how many times they could do the 300 workout each week and what a good completion time for the workout would be. Of course, I told them again and again it is not meant to be done like that.

But you can use Challenge Workouts to motivate yourself (or your clients), but you have to train smarter.

You need to set the program up so that you build up to a final challenge after 4 weeks. That’s what I have set up in the Bodyweight 500 program, and you can see the first workout is simple and called the Bodyweight 100. Watch it here and see how it progresses each week.

Stay strong and train safe,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Author, Turbulence Training