3 Ab Exercises to Tighten Your Tummy

If you want to tighten your tummy and get rid of that last bit of lower belly pooch, then here’s just one of my TT for Abs circuits that you’ll be doing in the TT for Abs DVDs with me.

1) We’ll start with:

Stability Ball Rollouts or Modified Ball Rollouts for Beginners

That’s one of the best moves for getting your abs to “pop” and show
up when you get low body fat levels.)

2) Then it’s on to the:

Side Plank (and there are a couple of advanced versions in the DVDs)

We’ll do that for 15, 20, or even 30 seconds per side…

3) And then finish off with my favorite move that works your six pack abs and your obliques (I think this one is a big part of me having those famous lines that run from my lower abs into my waistband):

The Cross-Body Mountain Climber

We’ll work through that one together, and I’ll show you on the DVDs how to get the most out of that exercise, PLUS I’ll be there encouraging you EVERY rep of the way.

(You might even just watch the advanced Abs DVDs just to see me struggle through some of the tougher circuits…a little sweet revenge for you, perhaps?)

You’re going to have a blast with these new workouts that you can watch in your home gym, or in your living room, or in a hotel room, or while on vacation, or anywhere you choose to do your TT workouts.

We’ll even do intervals together in the DVDs.

Plus, you’ll get to visit my home kitchen where I’ll take you through all of the cupboards and the fridge to show you the nutrition secrets that keep me lean with sexy abs ALL YEAR LONG – even with all of the travel I do.

You’ll be amazed – and very happy – to hear about all the carbs you can eat on the Simple Nutrition program while still losing belly fat.

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Whew…that’s an amazing package.

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Have an amazing weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Creator, TT For Abs

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