Let’s kick off the New Year with our first 7-Day Fat Burning Call of 2011!

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Now let’s get into this week`s tips…

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Monday – Jan 3rd

Transformation Tip of the Week:
Make a little list today…On one side of the paper, write down everything that you want from life…and on the other side, write down everything that you are doing that stops you from getting what you want. Then work/plan/prepare to stop doing the things that are stopping you from getting what you want in life.

Training Tip of the Week – Train SMARTER

Cut BACK on your training volume. Here`s why…last night a guy at the gym did squats, step-ups, leg presses, and lunges. That`s overkill – unless you`re a juiced up bodybuilder training for the Mr. Olympia. He could have done 25% of that training and still achieved the same results. Imagine how sore and useless he would have been the next day! The same goes for chest workouts, you don`t need to do 4 sets of 5 chest exercises to build muscle. You`ll get results with a quarter of that volume. If you can`t get the job done with 2 exercises (6-8 sets) per body part, you are simply not training hard enough. Be smart. And don`t do `more` just for the sake of doing more.

Here`s another way to use smarter training. Look at your body as a science experiment. Add ONE new variable to your routine. Measure results. Adjust as needed. That will help you find out what is working. Don`t change 10 things at once and then try to guess what is making the difference.


Grab a Green Tea and let`s take a look at this week`s top research study.

Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010 May 13. Run Sprint Interval Training Improves Aerobic Performance but Not Max Cardiac Output. Macpherson RE, Hazell TJ, Olver TD, Paterson DH, Lemon PW.

Canadian researchers had 20 subjects (young men AND women) trained 3déweek for 6 weeks with either:

a) 30 sec all-out run sprints (on a manually driven treadmill) for 4-6 intervals per session with 4 min recovery between sprints

b) slow cardio done bout at 65% VO2max for 30-60 min per day, 3 times per week



  • Fat mass decreased 12.4% (-1.7kg)
  • Lean mass increased 1%
  • Time trial performance improved 4.6% with SIT
  • VO2max increased 11.5% with SIT


  • Fat mass decreased 5.8% (0.8kg)
  • Lean mass increased 1%
  • Time trial performance improved 5.9% with ET
  • VO2max increased 12.5% with ET

None of these improvements differed between groups.


Despite a fraction of the time commitment, run SIT induces similar body composition, VO2max, and performance adaptations as ET. These data suggest that adaptations with ET are of central origin primarily whereas those with SIT are more peripheral.

Wednesday Workout Tip

You need a plan. In fact, you need a professionally designed plan, not one you have made up with limited knowledge. If you are struggling and you create your own workouts, I have bad news for you…it is your fault you are not getting results.

Trainer Thursday

Sneaky Little Trainer Tip: Before the workout, do KB swings or intervals
I don’t like to do this a lot, but here’s a little trick we can use to make our workouts seem harder in terms of conditioning. Instead of leaving all of the intervals to the end, we’ll do half of the interval training or kettlebell swings at the start of the workout to increase breathing and heart rate. This will make the rest of the workout feel harder, but you might have to drop your strength levels. So use sparingly.

Facebook Friday

Q: Just got a Polar FT60 Training Computer for a Christmas gift. I’ve never used anything like this before measure heart rate, calories burned, etc. (except while on the treadmill). It’s a bit pricey – $220 approx. My question is – Is it worth it? I’ve been doing TT Training for 2 1/2 years now and I know my heart bea…ts fast for the 45-60 minute sessions. Any feedback about this product? Is it worthwhile to have or just “fluff?”

Hi, you definitely don’t need it…and I just read some research yesterday that similar models over-estimate calorie burning…BUT…it was a gift, and I’ll bet if you use it you can track some interesting stuff and it might help you zero in on what works for you. Let me know what you learn, should be interesting.

Researchers from Texas tested a similar product, the Polar F6, to check the accuracy of the calorie burning estimation.  The heart rate monitor overestimated energy expenditure by 28%. That`s a LOT.

Reference: J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2010 Dec;50(4):385-94. Accuracy of polar F6 in estimating the energy cost of aerobic dance bench stepping in college-age females.


Research shows that your social network influences the body mass index and weight loss of young adults.

Reference: Obesity (Silver Spring). 2010 Dec 16. Social Influences Are Associated With BMI and Weight Loss Intentions in Young Adults. Leahey TM, Larose JG, Fava JL, Wing RR.

American researchers from Providence University showed that social contacts and normative beliefs influence weight status and intentions for weight control in young adults.

`Normal weight (NW) and OW/OB young adults (N = 288; 66% female; 75% white) completed measures assessing number of OW social contacts and social norms for obesity. OW/OB young adults also indicated number of OW social contacts currently trying to lose weight, social norms for weight loss, and weight loss intentions. Compared to NW, OW/OB young adults were more likely to have OW romantic partners and best friends and had more OW casual friends and family members (Ps < 0.05), but social norms for obesity did not differ between groups, and social norms did not mediate the relationship between OW social contacts and participants’ weight status. However, among OW/OB young adults, having more social contacts trying to lose weight was associated with greater intention to lose weight (r = 0.20, P = 0.02) and social norms for weight loss fully mediated this effect (P < 0.01).`

Findings underscore the importance of targeting social influence in the treatment and prevention of obesity in this high-risk age group.

Keep nutrition simple…follow the 7-word diet: “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much.” – Michael Pollan.

Remember, a pop tart isn’t food. Use your good judgement on everything else. You KNOW what is right and wrong.

Also…the world will not end if you take the leftover cookies and chocolate and trash them. Starving children around the world will not benefit from your “not letting food go to waste”. Sorry for the truth. But if you’re on this FB page, you’re here for harsh truth fat loss advice.

And the truth is that is OK to throw… out perfectly good heart-disease inducing globs of mass-produced sugar and fat. It really is.

Next Week!
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