Your Metabolism Slows Down and Stays Down, Unless…

I have some bad news for you. According to scientists at New York’s Presbyterian Medical Center at Columbia University, folks who succeed in losing weight tend to wind up suffering from a lower than expected metabolic rate. This means that if you lose weight, you will burn fewer calories each day than someone of the same weight who was never overweight.

Seems unfair, doesn’t it?

The researchers studied three groups: subjects who had lost 10 percent of their bodyweight and kept it off for up to one year, subjects who just recently lost 10 percent of their bodyweight, and a control group.

All of the subjects were studied for 24 hours straight to determine how many calories they burned. Results showed that both weight-loss groups burned fewer calories during the 24 hours than the control group, even though they were matched by weight and gender.

This decrease in calorie burning is just one of the many reasons you will find it easier to regain weight after you lose weight.

So what can you do?

You must do everything you can to boost your metabolism. I highly recommend to all of my clients that they use interval training or high-intensity cardio rather than low-intensity cardio, and that they also engage in high-intensity resistance training three times per week. By performing high-intensity exercise, you will put up the greatest fight against your handicapped metabolism.

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