It’s my favorite part of the day. For 15-20 minutes each morning, I hop on the Turbulence Training Facebook page for a fitness QnA session.

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We now have over 62,000 “Likes” on the page (Thank You!) and last week we had an important session where I corrected many people on their ‘too-much-exercise’ habit. Here are a few of the questions & my ‘short & snappy’ answers.

Q: I’m stuck in the old school mindset that your heart rate has to be elevated for 20 mins before body starts burning fat, so to lose weight doing anything less than 20 mins of cardio is a waste of time. What mechanism with HIIT training causes fat burn in such a short time? – Lisa Torres

Answer :
Hi Lisa!

Good news: You are burning fat every single minute of every day. You NEVER stop. Fat burning never shuts off completely.
BUT: That old school thinking that people tried to brainwash you with is hilarious…as if doing 19:57 minutes of exercise doesn’t cause fat burning…lol…you stopped 3 seconds short…so no fat burning for you! haha.

Here’s what really happens when you do Turbulence Training or even traditional interval training:
1) You exercise hard.

2) You burn a lot of calories and fat from the “Turbulence” you put on your muscles, even though your sessions are less than 20 minutes in most cases.

3) Your body continues to burn even more calories at an accelerated pace during recovery (this is known as the “Afterburn”).

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It will help you overcome that old-school thinking and compulsion to do long, slow, boring workouts.

Q: I have been doing interval training 5-6 days a week- I feel good, but is that too much? I’ve heard you shouldn’t do it more than 4x a week. – Joni Keiner

Hey Joni!

There’s no reason for you to be doing intervals 6 days per week. You’re going to get an overuse injury. Even pro athletes don’t train that hard, that often.

By cutting back to just four sessions per week, you won’t lose any fitness and you won’t get fat. So cut back, stay active with mobility/stretching or weak spot training, or meditate or walk a dog or play with kids or do something else with that time instead.

Heck, take a nap! Live life! Thanks!

Q: Craig–I’ve been training regularly for many months–since July actually. I TT three days a week, HIIT/run three days a week, yoga twice a week, and hour long Zumba toning with weights three times a week. I keep my calories between 1400-1700 and while I am getting smaller, the scale isn’t budging and stubborn baby weight/ belly fat remains. Advice? By the way, I’ve lost 76 pounds thanks to TT. Thank you! – Misty Cone

Misty – Congrats on your success with TT!

But you are now exercising too much. You don’t need to do all of that…so I’m giving you the same advice I gave to Joni (above) with some specifics at the end for you… You’re going to get an overuse injury. Even pro athletes don’t train that hard, that often.

Cut back, stay active with mobility/stretching or weak spot training, or meditate or walk a dog or play with kids or do something else with that time instead. Heck, take a nap! You won’t lose any fitness and you won’t get fat.

SPECIFICS for you, Misty:

You will do 3 TT workouts per week, 1 interval session, and 1 (MAX, preferably ZERO) Zumba sessions (<= these are pointless compared to TT). Yoga is fine. Ignore the scale. Focus on your body fat. Thank you!
So here’s the bottom line…
I’m really glad everyone brought up those training questions. It gave me a chance to fix your training schedule and free up more time for you to live life, and that’s what the TT & Home Workout Revolution approach is all about – Maximum Results in Minimum Time.
More exercise is not always the answer, because really, at what point do you stop on that slippery slope?

So please listen, and trust me…

Turbulence Training trains you like an athlete. You get short, intense workouts with built-in recovery to your training week.
Please do NOT add workouts on top of TT.
Easy yoga, stretching, and 30-minute walks or bike rides are fine, but do not add 3 more days of hard workouts, or hour long cardio sessions.

Thank you – thank you – thank you.

Stay strong, and bring quality training to every session…not QUANTITY training to every week.

Train with purpose in your quality sessions.

Train til the sweat pours off you. Forget all your problems. Unleash it. Then go home renewed for the day/week.

That’s the way to train. Enjoy your extra time off with TT. Life’s about more than another Zumba class. Thank you!
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Craig Ballantyne, CTT
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