Worst Cardio for Fat Loss

This ONE exercise is absolutely, positively the WORST cardio you could choose to do…

It’s the Elliptical Machine! What a waste of time.

According to a study by the University of California at San Francisco’s Human Performance Center, cardio machines OVERESTIMATE calorie-burn by shocking amounts…

The Treadmill was bad … Overestimating calories burned by 13%

The Stationary Bike was okay … Overestimating calories burned by 7%

But the…

Elliptical was the worst!

It overestimated calories burned by 42%! <= The WORST cardio method

Fortunately, there is a MUCH better way to train for fat loss.

Use these NEW and Improved Short Workouts for Fast Fat Loss

Here’s why these New & Improved short workouts are so much better for burning your belly fat.

According to a study presented at the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine, scientists found that shorter intervals allow you to burn more calories in your “AFTERBURN” period.

If you don’t know about Afterburn, it’s basically the MAGIC behind interval training that allows you to lose more weight even though you exercise less.

Even better, these New & Improved short workouts can be done WITHOUT equipment, unlike slow, cardio sessions in the gym.

Today, Certified Turbulence Trainer, Mike Whitfield, who has lost 115 pounds with these workouts, is showing you how to do 31 unique fat burning workouts to SPEED-up your fat loss – just in time for summer…

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