New Workout Boosters Halloween Edition

Each month deep down in the dungeon of the Turbulence Training lab, Dr. Ballystein the Dog and I scour over hundreds of magazines, websites, videos, scientific research papers, hard copy books, and even university text books to uncover new ways of training to add to TT workouts.

Recently we’ve found three NEW workout boosting “Tricks & Treats” that will make your future fat burning workouts and bodyweight exercises even more effective than ever.

That’s how I’ve ended up creating over 135 TT Workouts for you here.

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Why just in the last 6 weeks Dr. Ballystein and I have been experimenting with these three NEW workout boosters. You’ll be seeing them a LOT in the next five TT workouts coming your way.

1) The DEAD Stop

Want to make any exercise harder? Add this trick to your treat of a workout to increase the stress on the muscle (thus causing more calorie burning- and muscle growth if you eat right, too).

Case in point…Sunday morning at the local gym I turned a tough exercise into a Murder-riffic movement.

It started off with a simple, yet still difficult, barbell row. Putting your body in that bent-over position and trying to hoist a weight is plain tough.

But here’s the kicker. After each rep, set the bar down on the ground for a full second. That takes the momentum out of the lift and makes your muscles work 20-50% harder than normal.

That’s just one of the many variations of the Dead Stop MRT methods that you’ll see in the upcoming “TT for Meatheads: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the SAME Time” program due out before the end of 2012.

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2) The 20-10 Revolution

Last month you heard about other Crazy Canadian scientists (although,  clearly, they aren’t as wacky as Dr. Ballystein the Dog) and their new 20-10 bodyweight revolution findings.

In their study, published in “Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism), those mad scientists discovered that 4 minutes of bodyweight exercises (like burpees) worked just as well as traditional 30-minute cardio workouts.

And that was just from one 4-minute blast of bodyweight exercises. I know you’ll get TRIPLE the results or more from adding two more rounds, like this sample workout from the upcoming “TT 20-10 Revolution” program:

1) Total Body Extensions – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds
2) *Elevated Push-ups – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds
3) Burpees + Chin-ups
4) Spiderman Climbs – 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds
Awesome fat burning power right there.

And just wait until I show you how to add my mystery exercises, “Punisher-X” and “Iso-X” into the system.

A mini-version of this workout comes out in December for all members.

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3) The (Near) Vomit Comet Conditioning Supersets

This might just be the workout technique that completely ruins our relationship for good. So in advance, I’m very, very, very sorry for this method.

(Please Note: It was Dr. Ballystein the Dog’s idea, I swear. I told him NOT to unleash this on you…but my pleas fell on deaf – and floppy – Chocolate Lab ears. Watch for this one to be the main focus of the January 2013 TT Workout of the Month.)

This is an ADVANCED, super-fast, rapid results technique.

(Not for beginners)

1A) Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat – 15 reps (2-0-1-0)
– Decrease weight by 25%
1B) Narrow Stance Barbell Squat – 10 to 15 reps (2-0-1-0)
– 15 second rest
1C) Kettlebell Swings – 30 reps
– Rest 1 minute and repeat two more times.

There are several amazing versions of this…that take you right to the edge BUT not too far.

Sometimes you have to push the envelope for advanced results. NOT all the time, but sometimes.

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Alright, back to the books and research to find more exercises to bring you over the next 12 months in TT workouts. My plan includes:

1. The 20-10 Bodyweight Revolution
2. TT 2K13: Featuring ALL of the Best Methods from 2012
3. TT Thermogenic 30 2.0 <== Back by popular DEMAND
4. 51 Interval Training Workouts…PLUS Follow-Along Videos
5. TT Meatheads 2K13: Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at the SAME Time

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Back to the lab again,

Craig “Igor” Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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LOL – Here’s Dr. Ballystein the Dog and me, “Igor”, checking out all of the monsters he has created, including “FrankenJoel Marion“.