Facebook QnA – Stretching, Chocolate Milk, and Post Workout Nutrition

I just did some body-weight circuits outside in the crisp Fall air.

Now on to some QnA  from my Facebook page, like this one from Jonny who asks:


Q: What exercises will you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss. – Jonny Stannard

Jonny – A squat, push, and pull.

Q: I’ve never understood the importance of stretching pre and post work out. nor do I know which stretches to do for each muscle group. some advice please. – David Wainwright

Hi David, if you are using the Turbulence Training programs, you’ll find pre-workout mobility exercises to do to prepare muscles for training. It’s not traditional static stretching, the mobility method is better.

After training, or any other time of day, you can do static stretching to help the muscle return to its normal resting length so that your body remains in optimal posture and alignment. If you don’t have the TT manuals, then you can google those terms for more info. Or better yet, hire a good trainer in your town.

Q: I’ve been doing low carb paleo style of dieting. What’s the best training to accompany this for fat loss? – Tim Boyer

Tim – Metabolic resistance training.

Q: To what five or so basic food items do you give the most credit for your great shape? Roger A Chauvette

Roger – Any 1 ingredient foods,  chicken, steak, broccoli, apples, almonds. Diet should be based on a foundation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and protein.

Q: If a client who has a stress fracture in foot how would u continue to train them? Suggestions? What type of upper body program, single leg training for other leg? And swimming? – Wing Lam

Wing – I don’t do medical questions, sorry!

Q: Any benefit to having Almond Milk instead of semi or skimmed (1% for you North Americans) milk? You seem to have Almond milk in your blender drinks instead of normal milk. They finally have it on sale in the UK Wal-Mart (Asda) also now stock rice milk. – Ricky Chauhan

Ricky – It is unlikely to make a difference in a fat loss program. It’s up to you. I wouldn’t use rice milk, there’s no benefit in that and it has more calories per serving.

Q: Cragi do you do the old man warm on your off days always, or just when your extra sore? – Adam Ortega

Adam – every day.

Q: Is chocolate milk’s high sugar content an issue post-workout? – Errol Seemangal

Errol – Not for athletes and muscle building. Not needed for fat loss.

Q: If you were looking to transform your physique in 90 days with dramatic results (fat loss & muscle gain) what protocol /program would you do? – Jared Pura Vida Maidenberg

Follow Up Answer:
Build muscle lose fat with Turbulence Training’s fat loss workout. Fat loss work outs through weight training and minimal cardio. Weight training exercise will burn fat and help you gain muscle. Get rid of stubborn belly fat.

Follow Up Q: To prepare for your famous shot at the Farm w Bally the dog, what did you do? The choices of programs are a bit overwhelming mate -Jared Pura Vida Maidenberg

Follow Up Answer:
Jared – Get the main program here at and do it.

Follow Up Q:  Jared Pura Vida Maidenberg That’s a good start! I’ve bought several of your offers need to go find the Main one eh!    Thanks for giving Craig!

Q: What are the best ab exercises for diastis (post partum an separation)? – Melissa Wickert Krzyzanowski

Melissa – Not sure, please ask Holly Rigsby, she’s the expert.

Q: How many weeks in my workout should I rotate between going heavy with low reps and a little lighter with higher number of reps? – Felix Puga Cedeño

Felix – You can do 4 weeks hard and 1 week easy.

Good times, thanks everyone. If you have questions on fitness and nutrition feel free to post them on Facebook page. I’ll be back tomorrow around 9:45am EST.

Stay Strong,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer