Why You Should Start a Workout Blog

Men’s Health magazine just interviewed me on why you should start a workout blog. Bit of a surprising topic, but great questions, and some good info on how this can help you.

1. What was your initial reason for starting a blog?

Answer: I get a lot of questions from readers about how I trained, so I wanted to share my workouts.

Plus, I come across many cool fitness links and youtube videos each day, and so I wanted to have a destination site to share them with Turbulence Training fans.

And finally, I include some personal updates on my travel and what my dog is going, because I know that my mom reads my blog each week.

2. How does your blog help you stay committed to fitness?

Answer: By sharing my goals, keeping a blog keeps me committed to intentional healthy living. Sharing my workouts keeps me focused on improving so that readers know I live the life and walk the walk. And finally, posting nutrition keeps me honest…I’m less likely to make a bad decision if I know I’m going to share my nutrition with the world.

3. How do you think blogs help people stay on track when they’re just starting out with a diet/workout plan?

Answer: It works the same way as it does for an old pro like me. Putting your goals and intentions out there to the world holds you accountable for your actions. You’re less likely to skip a workout when your friends, family, or work colleagues are watching. Essentially, it’s an extra incentive to stick to your plan. Super powerful.

4. How do you think blogs help to keep people motivated after the initial start?

Answer: You get in the rhythm and it becomes a healthy habit. Plus, for many folks you become an inspirational role model to those around you.

People want to see success stories of other people who are “just like them”.  So if you’re a 35-year old guy who lost 20 pounds after the birth of your 2nd son because you want to have more energy for your family, your blog will attract and inspire lots of other 35-year old guys with young families.

You can really make a difference. And helping others is a HUGE motivation to stick to your goals.

5. In terms of keep a blog, what would your recommendations be to someone just starting out with fitness (should they keep a blog from day one or wait a while, what should they blog about,how can they get people interested in their blog, does it matter what kind of site or blogging platform the use, etc.)

Answer:  The sooner you can start blogging, the better.

And the better of a storyteller you can be, the more readers you will get.  Be consistent, and it’s better to post something really short than to miss a day. It’s just like exercise…you need to make it a habit if you want to stick to it.

Use wordpress as your blogging platform. You can start a free blog at wordpress.org, or invest $10 to buy a domain name, like CharliesFatLossBlog.com and that way it will be easier for people to remember.

6. Do you have any other tips or insight into how blogging helps people stay committed to fitness?

Answer: Whether it’s through blogging, your gym, an online forum, your buddies, or your family, you MUST get social support. Tell your goals to all the positive people you know. People want to help. They want to see you succeed. Recruit them for accountability.

Get started,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer