Why Women Lose Fat 16% Slower than Men

Today we have to talk about the biggest, baddest, most frustrating fat loss truth, the reason why women lose fat 16% slower than men (and possibly even SLOWER!).

And yes, this is true even for sexy celebrity women like Jessica Alba and Megan Fox. Even they can’t ignore the truth.

In fact, according to research published in the American Journal of Physiology, women burn 16% fewer calories than men each day.

But why? Why!? Why do women burn fewer calories and lose less fat than men?  Great question, and there are several factors that make things tougher for women.

First, yes, we can BLAME GENETICS. Women are genetically “gifted” with the ability to hang on to fat longer because of a woman’s reproductive system, hormones, and physiology.

Women have a much higher level of essential fat (13% compared to a man’s 3%). That’s why a woman will have a really hard time getting lower than 15% fat.

That said, women can have nice lean abs at 16% fat while a guy will NOT have lean abs at 16% fat. And that’s due to the way that men and women store fat.

A woman at 16% fat can have abs, but she’ll store more fat on her butt and thighs. A guy will have lean legs at 16% fat, but naturally stores more fat over his belly, love handles, and lower back.

So each gender has it’s own genetic benefits and obstacles.

In addition to genetics, woman tend to have less muscle mass, and therefore burn fewer calories at rest and during exercise. Plus, if you don’t have muscle, you tend to not have “the curves in the right spots” – just another reason why resistance training is so important.

However, I want to leave you with one BRIGHT spot for women.  In my experience, most women tend to use long, slow, cardio style programs, and these result in very, very, very slow fat loss (as research has shown).

But when women switch to resistance training and interval training, and bump up the intensity of their workouts, they often have really fast results at first. So that’s some good news for women everywhere.

So stop overdoing the cardio and stop using frustrating fat loss programs that don’t get you results. Cardio doesn’t overcome the genetic factors that keep you from burning fat SLOWLY.

Only resistance training and interval training will help you lose the fat and build your booty so you look amazing in your skinny jeans.

Cardio can’t cut it.

So dump the long, slow, boring cardio and switch over to interval training and resistance training. Research proves that interval training is more effective than long, slow cardio and takes about half the time – or less. Plus, resistance training is required to help you put the curves in all the right spots on your body.

That’s why short burst workouts – the perfect combination of resistance training and interval training – is guaranteed to help women lose fat faster and build a booty for life.

By combining resistance training and interval training into short, burst circuit training workouts, you’ll speed up fat loss.

In fact, circuit training is excellent way of shortening a workout and helping women get more fat burning and booty building results in less time.  Circuit training is better than traditional “bodybuilder” type routines because you’ll burn more calories and sculpt your body better and faster.

Helping you look great in your skinny jeans and hot yoga pants.