What You Need To Know About Whole Wheat

While a vegetarian lifestyle can be a very healthy way of eating, last day Isabel warned us of the one common food mistake she sees many vegetarians make. So, head back and discover the perfect recipe for  vegetarian fat loss.

Today, we’re hitting the finish line of my expert interview series with Isabel De Los Rios from “The Diet Solution”, but not before she takes on my rapid fire questioning.  Read on to learn tips for overcoming cravings, why some whole wheat actually AREN’T good for you, and much much more….


Craig Ballantyne: So, let’s move into our rapid fire round here. I’ll just ask you a quick question, and you can just throw back a quick answer to and we will go through about 10 or 12 different questions. Okay?

Isabel De Los Rios: Okay, sounds good.

Craig Ballantyne: What is your favorite type of meat / cut and how do you prepare it?

Isabel De Los Rios: Bison from GrasslandMeats.com. Love it!

Usually the ground buffalo is my favorite, because I can do meatballs with that, I can make meatloaf, I can make chili, and I just really like the taste. It doesn’t sit as heavy in my stomach as beef because it’s leaner, and I have a lot of different options if I get the ground bison.

Craig Ballantyne: Great! Best fish?

Isabel De Los Rios: Salmon. I love the taste and I love the benefits.

Craig Ballantyne: Now, I read Men’s Health has this magazine called Best Life, and they said that 90 percent of the salmon that people get at restaurants or in grocery stores is farmed salmon. Now, I don’t know if that was accurate. So, how do people avoid getting the farmed salmon, which I’m guessing you definitely don’t want?

Isabel De Los Rios: Right, That is actually a great point.

You ALWAYS want to get wild salmon. I always ask first and if they can’t really answer me then that means they don’t know and chances are it is farm raised, so I don’t get it. If I am at a restaurant, I just pick something else off the menu.

Craig Ballantyne: Are you getting your salmon from Whole Foods?

Isabel De Los Rios: No again from GrasslandMeats.com.  Sometimes I will buy it from Whole Foods, but you have to pay attention, because Whole Foods has a lot of farm raised salmon. So, you have to make sure that it clearly states “Wild Salmon.”

Craig Ballantyne: Great, great points there. Staying on this topic. What is your favorite fish oil brand?

Isabel De Los Rios: Right now I am using the Pro Grade Krill Oil. I found it to be one of the best for digestion. I’ve never had any kind of aftertaste, and I feel great taking it.

Craig Ballantyne: Okay. Your favorite cheat meal?

Isabel De Los Rios: CHEESECAKE from the Cheesecake Factory. The closest Cheesecake Factory is near my parent’s house 45 minutes away.  My husband and I will purposely make plans to go there for a visit just to have our cheat cheesecake.

Craig Ballantyne: Which flavor?

Isabel De Los Rios: Oh the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! It has all kinds of peanut butter and chocolate, and it is like a DSP disaster.

Craig Ballantyne: Very interesting. Best and favorite protein powders?

Isabel De Los Rios: I don’t do protein powder very often and can go weeks without even looking at the protein powder.  The only protein powder that I have ever been able to have is the Pro Grade Protein. They actually put digestive enzymes in there, so it’s easy to digest.

Craig Ballantyne: Well, you do consume quite a bit of meat and stuff right?

Isabel De Los Rios: Yes. So, I am able to get it in foods.

Craig Ballantyne: What do you have after your workout then?

Isabel De Los Rios: Food. I eat food…

Usually if it is a morning workout I will have a little almond butter before I head off to the gym or go outside, whatever, I am doing. When I come back it’s the eggs and the oatmeal or I will have leftovers from the night before. I have no problem with having chicken breasts and sweet potatoes for breakfast after a workout.

Craig Ballantyne: Sure. That’s good stuff. All right, best and or favorite nut and nut butter?

Isabel De Los Rios: Favorite nut butter is almond butter, and my favorite nut is Brazil nuts.

Craig Ballantyne: Interesting. Your favorite exercise?

Isabel De Los Rios: Lunges. All kinds of lunges. I say they hurt so good, and they hurt so bad! It’s  a good hurt though.

Craig Ballantyne: Yeah that is a good way of putting it. So, favorite type of workout? Total body? Body split? Intervals? Circuits?

Isabel De Los Rios: I would say full body circuits with plyometrics twice in for twenty five minutes. After that I’m shot and know I had an awesome workout.

Craig Ballantyne: So are you doing weighted exercises or bodyweight exercises in this circuit?

Isabel De Los Rios: A lot of just bodyweight exercises…

…I find that if I really put some good plyometrics in there, throw a lot of pushups in there, I DON’T NEED very much. I can maybe take one dumbbell outside, just like one ten pound dumbbell and do more than enough with just that.

Craig Ballantyne: Great. Favorite no calorie beverage?

Isabel De Los Rios: I’ll make different herbal teas and even green tea, sweeten it with stevia and let it cool and put that in the fridge. If I am getting bored with just water..

Craig Ballantyne: Very good.  I was hoping for something like that. What is your favorite DSP dessert? Not anti-DSP dessert like peanut butter cheesecake.

Isabel De Los Rios: Not another DSP disaster.

  • I will slice an apple in half
  • take out the center and put some butter and cinnamon on it
  • chop up some walnuts and put those on top
  • put that in the oven at about 375 degrees for about 15 maybe 20 minutes

It’s absolutely delicious.

Craig Ballantyne: Very good. And then last question here. Favorite way to beat cravings? I know you wrote about this a little bit recently to your customer list. So, why don’t you share one or two ways to beat the cravings with people?

Isabel De Los Rios: Herbal tea with a little bit of stevia works. Or when I am looking for something a little sweet I’ll have a teaspoon of almond butter with some raw honey or a little square of DARK ORGANIC CHOCOLATE.  That usually takes care of it.

Craig Ballantyne: What about for a craving that would be, you know how people will have a craving for something crunchy like maybe they have been use to eating potato chips or something like that, is there any replacement there?

Isabel De Los Rios: Yes. I don’t have much experience with the salt crunchy cravings, because that was never my thing. But, my sister does and she makes her own veggie chips, and I did write about this in one of my newsletters.

Craig Ballantyne: That’s great. That is really, really helpful to people and very simple to overcome that craving, which is very popular among the TT listeners and readers.

So Isabel, this has been some really good content. I really appreciated that. Is there anything else you want to add about helping people meet their goals with nutrition or any videos on your YouTube channel that you want to tell people to check out? Anything at all?

Isabel De Los Rios: We’ve got a lot of good content on YouTube. You can just search for “The Diet Solution. I don’t hold back as far as the information. A lot of people do, but I just think the more information that people have access to, the better. So hop onto YouTube and put in The Diet Solution.

Also my blog has a lot of videos on there. 

Craig Ballantyne: Very good. One last thing I want to ask you…

…Are there any other NUTRITION CONTROVERSIES out there that we didn’t get a chance to talk about? I know you mentioned briefly when you were talking about the oils and stuff that you don’t want to cook with canola oil, and I saw that Mike was talking about that the other day. So, is there anything else out there that people are eating on a regular basis that is very HARMFUL FOR FAT LOSS  or just bad for their health in general, and they just don’t realize?

Isabel De Los Rios: Probably right alongside of milk is wheat products. We’ve heard that we should be eating whole wheat and people think that they’re actually doing themselves good by having whole wheat . But, many times that is what is preventing them from losing weight. It is JUST processed wheat, and it is NOT in the form that your body can digest it.

You really want to LOOK FOR sprouted wheat products. If you’re having whole wheat bread, and a so called healthy cereal or even like whole wheat crackers, and your really wondering why the pounds aren’t coming off, it could be the wheat.  Soy is another big one. The body was not meant to have all those soy products.

Craig Ballantyne: Very good. Appreciate that. So, thank you, Isabel. Everyone makes sure you check out her blog and her videos and stuff like that. Thanks again for being on the call.

Isabel De Los Rios: Oh, you’re welcome, Craig.

Craig Ballantyne: All right. Thank you everyone for listening and for checking us out. Make sure you check out the transcript for all the details as well. Talk to you soon, this is Craig Ballantyne from TurbulenceTraining.com.