Who Says Fruit Makes You Fat?

Here’s one thing you’ll never see reported in ETR: “Eating Apples Makes You Fat.” Yet, one of the most popular search terms for people ending up on my fitness blog is “Does fruit make you fat?”

For some reason, folks have been brainwashed by misinformation in muscle magazines that tell us fruit makes us fat. This is ridiculous. But despite what common sense tells us, I’m still one of the few fitness experts who believe that you can eat as much fruit as you want without getting fat. Practically every other trainer out there believes you need to limit your fruit intake when trying to lose weight.

I’ve worked with thousands of people, and not one has ever had a fat problem because of the fruit they ate.

If you are an average person who needs to lose fat, you can eat all the fruit you can handle – 10 servings a day, if you like. But here’s where you have to be careful. You must avoid fruit drinks and juices. They are often high in sugar, and might not even contain any real fruit!

A fruit drink will have about 100 calories per cup. That’s the same number of calories in a very large apple or banana. But it’s obvious which choice is going to fill you up for a longer period of time.

So go ahead and have that apple or banana, those berries or pineapple… because fruit does not make you fat.

[Ed. Note: It’s true. Some of the most commonly voiced “facts” about health are complete fiction. Fitness expert Craig Ballantyne debunks some of the biggest health myths for you, in clear and simple terms, right here.

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