What’s a Good Substitute for Bread?

Bread Substitute


As bread is always being lambasted as being too high in carbs, exactly what can be used as a substitute that is both nutritious AND practical – i.e., that can be used every day to make a sandwich for lunch? Everything I can think of has a grain in it!

Jim Crossman, Somerset, UK


Dear Jim,

Good question.

I asked my nutrition expert friend Isabel De Los Rios (beyonddiet.com) for some help. Here’s what she said…

You can go one of two ways with this, or use a combo of both:

1. Choose organic, sprouted grain breads (such as Food For Life Ezekiel Bread) whenever possible. The process of “sprouting” grains makes them much more digestible and nutritious. Compared to “processed grain,” sprouted grain is much higher in protein and fiber and lower in carbs.

2. Use vegetables – such as romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced eggplant, and portabella mushrooms – instead of bread. For instance, instead of a boring sandwich, you could make:

  • turkey, roast beef, and cheese lettuce wraps (Don’t forget a drop of mustard.)
  • sauteed chicken and vegetable lettuce wraps
  • tuna salad on sliced tomatoes
  • turkey or beef burgers on portabella mushrooms
  • scrambled eggs and bacon on sliced tomatoes

Happy eating!

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[Ed. Note: Supplement the above suggestions for low-carb meals with a fat-burning exercise routine. Learn how to build muscle and blast fat with Craig’s Turbulence Training program.]
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  • Lettuce just falls apart, making a mess of your meal. Any other ideas?

    • Sarah

      try a different kind of lettuce. or steam it just a bit to make it flexable, but dont over do it.

  • Katie Thompson

    I use romaine stalks, they work perfect to wrap up your mean

    • Dorothy Di Santo

      ny other ideas to share?


  • lanche

    White corn tortillas, I am allergic to bread and I use these for sandwiches etc.

  • Vz

    I love the sprouted grain and other alternatives but one not listed that I use, is rice cakes. The thin type are perfect. I make sandwiches on them, pizza, I crunch them up and use them in soups and season them for crutons on salad.

  • Ulla Gundersen

    Wasa Husmann crisps or perhaps it is called Rye outside Scandinavia. It has a brown paper covering. It has grain, but one that is not so allergenic as wheat. Rye is a very good alternative. So it is rye, water and salt. No preservatives or chemicals, no gluten and no milk. Also they are very low in calories . They do get soggy if you leave the spread or whatever on for some time, so they are better eaten immediately after preparing. Or bring your topping separately. It is what I and my mother before me have been doing for close to a century now.

  • SuperPsychicSpyChick

    The question was asking for a GOOD substitute for bread! A severe fumble on your part for completely omitting all the wonderful grain free bread alternatives, using nut or coconut flour, etc. aka Paleo. And not just sandwich bread, dinner rolls, crepes, tortillas, Indian naan, and much more. No I do not follow a paleo diet, but I have really come to prefer these options, they are naturally self limiting, whereas I find myself sneaking extra slices of “real” bread and even in spite of that, find myself getting hungry much sooner. Lettuce leaves. Are you out of your mind? How out of touch are you with craving real bread to recommend wrapping your sandwich in a salad? You may as well recommend printing out a picture of bread and wrap the sandwich in that. SMH