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The personal assistant anyone can use (no catch). If you live in the U.S. or Canada and have access to a cell phone, Whimsical is available to you. What is it? Whimsical is a service that helps you get things done. Food delivery, hotel reservations, booking a flight…you can use Whimsical. The service is simple. You text Whimsical’s number, make your request, and in real-time you will get a reply with the final price for your request. If you approve, the cost is charged to your credit card and your request is taken care of.

The truth about mentors. Having a mentor is the best way to accelerate your career but…there is a catch. To benefit from having a mentor in your life you need to believe that you can do what they have done, says Dixie Gillaspie of Entrepreneur. “Respect is vital, but idolatry blocks your ability to see yourself stepping into their shoes.” Here are 6 more tips on how to get the most out of having a mentor.


How Ben Franklin started from the bottom and became rich. America’s founding father and first millionaire was the youngest son of 17 children. His father was a poor candle-maker who couldn’t afford to supply his youngest son with opportunities early in life. Ben Franklin decided it was up to him to make his own way in the world. Here’s what he did.

Personal Development

The best presenters are Jocks? To speak like a pro, consider adopting the skills of a professional athlete, says communications expert Beth Noymer Levine. In a Forbes feature on Levine’s book Jock Talk, Cheryl Conner recounts, “Levine tells a story about a set of presenters who lined up to take their turns at the podium for an hours-long company pitch. Each presenter ran longer than the last as the speakers plowed through each of their PowerPoint slides. The audience reception was painful. The nervousness of the speakers was palpable. The final speaker, upon observing the room, set aside his presentation…” Find out what happened next.

Health is not just for the rich. The belief that something is unattainable for you is just as effective as it actually being unattainable. Both realities keep people from living healthier, says Roxanne Earley. Roxanne knows this to be true because she used to believe living healthy was exclusive to the affluent. Here’s what changed her mind.

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