What We Can Learn About Staying in Shape From Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is not on steroids. Anyone who thinks he is knows nothing about the ability of a young man to adapt to a good exercise routine. In fact, even non-golfers can learn a lot from Tiger’s incredible physical transformation over the years.

Here are the three biggest lessons about staying in shape he can teach us…

  1. Use a variety of bodyweight and free-weight exercises. By doing so, Tiger has been able to maintain his mobility and flexibility while adding strength and muscle.
  2. Work with a good coach. Golfers are notorious for having swing coaches and mental coaches to help improve their game. And now they are turning to fitness coaches as well. As with any aspect of life, working with an expert will help you get ahead much faster.
  3. Eat right for fat loss and mental energy. I believe this is one of the most underrated aspects of Tiger’s game. If you watch him play, you’ll see him snacking. And he isn’t eating junk. Good nutrition allows him to recover between rounds and after workouts.