What Makes TT Different

By now you should be familiar with my journey and the story behind Turbulence Training. For those of you who are not stopover to part 2 to discover why my method produces fat burning results.

Seeking an activity that you enjoy will help you to stay motivated with our weight loss program. So, no matter what level you are you can shrink your fat away.

Let’s find out how to get there…

Q: If someone were to say, “Craig, if I started Turbulence Training today, how much weight can I lose on this system and in how much time?” What’s a realistic mindset that someone should have going into this in terms of results?

Craig: Clearly, it depends on where the person is, but we’re going to look at one percent body fat every two weeks. So, if someone is 10 percent and wants to get to eight percent, that’s going to take them four weeks.

In addition, someone who has more body fat to lose, we’ve had people in our transformation contests lose up to 34 pounds in 12 weeks.

Most guys come in at about 20 pounds in 12 weeks in the contest, and women about 12 to 15 pounds in the contest. That’s weight loss total and then obviously they’re losing more fat and maintaining their lean mass.

Those are certainly not Biggest Loser type results, but those are real world, “I’m not training eight hours per day on TV,” type results. So, they’re very significant and incredible transformations. If people get a chance to see our transformation contest winners you’ll be very impressed.

Q: Now, is this for someone who is kind of in shape, and they’ve been working out a little already? Or is it for the beginner? Can it work for just about anybody?

Craig: We have everything built in to take someone from beginner to the advanced workouts.  Of course, if someone is more advanced, as 53 percent indicated they are in a recent survey we performed, they just want to lose 10 percent. So, they’re going to start right in our advanced programs.

We have dozens and dozens of advanced follow-up programs that people can use to continue that variety. But, again, we have the beginner programs built off clients I had that were 310 pounds.

Q: Then if someone is sitting there saying, “You know what? I’ve tried other things. Why would Turbulence Training work for me when I’ve tried all these programs, and they really haven’t worked for me?” How do you address that?

Again, it comes down to that INTENSITY and, CHANGE and VARIETY that we have built into the program. We are the ORIGINAL at doing this, and we have the kind of SECRET SAUCE.

People may have copied the program, they may have tried something similar, but it comes down to the research that we’ve done, the experience that we have that people just can’t copy that type of stuff.

So, we’ve seen everything that exactly works, and we’ve modified the program for when it hasn’t worked as well.We have a variety within the workouts, so you’re NOT doing the same thing all the time. The intensity of the workouts, that’s where most people are struggling with results in their program right now. They’re probably not getting the results because they don’t have the right intensity.

Then changing the program every four weeks in beginners, and we change the program sometimes even three weeks for more advanced people. You would change the program because people will get MORE RESULTS when that happens.

Q: Right. So, I guess the take home at the end of the day is if you just do it, you’ll see the results, but if you don’t do it, it will be just like everything else.

Craig: Yes. That comes back to the very first thing that we talked about…

Make sure that you find something that you LIKE.

If you enjoy getting things done very quickly, if you enjoy a nice little workout sweat at home, you’re going to enjoy this, and you’re going to get great results and it’s going to be so much better than spending any time on a treadmill reading a magazine.

Q: As we’re coming short on time here we just want to wrap this thing up. What would you say is the most important thing that a listener can do right now?

By that I mean if there’s someone listening on the call and he or she is saying, “Craig, here are the facts. I’m overweight; I’m struggling to lose it. I’ve tried a few things, I just want results.” Right when they get off the phone. What would you suggest to be the first thing they do that can get them immediate results or at least get them pointed in the right direction to start getting the body that they desire?

Craig: Absolutely start with your nutrition.…

Start changing baby steps first, being better tomorrow than you were today. Try to eat more FRUITS and VEGETABLES every day. Add one serving every couple of days to build that up. There’s absolutely nothing better that you can do for yourself than to start with a better nutrition program immediately.

Q: Would you request any resources that people might be able to look into or read up on with regards to nutrition?

Craig: Yes. The stuff from Chris Mohr and Isabel are really important. I have a podcast on iTunes, so you can definitely listen to the podcast. I have interviews there with nutrition people. My Facebook page, check me out on Facebook, we talk about nutrition there all the time.

But, just to have it all set out for you is the kind of resources that you get with Turbulence Training from Isabel and Dr. Mohr’s nutrition reports. They’ll just show you exactly, you don’t have to go searching around.

Q: Craig, do you have any other tips before we finish?

Craig: Just make this something that you’re going to love doing. Really look forward to it. Just start slowly, don’t go overboard on the exercise at first, because you’ll end up sore.

At the start…

…NUTRITION is going to give you the MOST RESULTS, so really focus on that and make it an enjoyable part of your life. Be active, get back into some activities that you did when you were younger. Again, with Turbulence Training you’re not going to the gym six days per week, but we do want you to stay active on off days.

Have some fun. Go back to dancing or softball, anything that gets you out and active again. Also, just look to find people who are also going for the same type of results, who are positive people, who are going to build you up and not bring you down. Just those three things are going to make your life better in general, not to mention how you’re going to change your body with the nutrition and exercise.