Vegetarian Eating for Fat Loss

Isabel De Los Rios Diet SolutionNowadays, allergies or sensitivities to foods such as dairy and grains are forcing many people to give them up for good. But, many people don’t realize is that by removing these two foods from your diet is also a way in which you can drastically improve your fat loss results. Find out why in Isabel De Los Rios‘  interview excerpt from last day.

Today, Isabel is going to talk a bit about vegetarian nutrition and the one common food mistake she frequently sees vegetarians make when trying to lose weight.


Craig Ballantyne: Good Stuff. Let’s talk about vegetarian eating just for a second. Let’s say you get a client coming to you and they are a vegetarian, what is your advice for them?

Isabel De Los Rios: The same foods, obviously we’re just eliminating the meat products, and always depends on what kind of vegetarian they are. But, those people are depending more on beans and different legumes for their protein options.  Like raw nuts and raw nut butters as a protein option.

Cottage cheese for dairy, and of course it is organic cottage cheese.  Some vegetarians will eat eggs and fish. Primarily all the same healthy foods, high quality fats, lots of fruits and vegetables, but they really should be depending more on beans and raw nuts.

Now, what I see a lot with vegetarians is they depend on bread and pasta and potatoes…

…they end up making that the MAJORITY of their meals and I think they forget that they NEED a protein component. Usually just adjusting that and getting them off of so much bread and pasta and they are able to see good transformation in their bodies pretty quickly.

Craig Ballantyne: Okay, very good. And what do you think about eggs in general?

Isabel De Los Rios: I think eggs are GREAT as long as they are organic.

So, the difference between an organic egg is that an organic egg the yolk is filled with good Omega 3’s, phenomenal food. I even feed my son organic egg yolks, because it is so great for children’s brain development.

But, a conventional egg, the way it is raised is full of Omega 6’s and the LAST THING people need is more Omega 6 fats.

If you can get organic eggs, pasture raised eggs, free roaming eggs, get those, they’re great food. You don’t have to worry about the cholesterol. Cholesterol is not what causes people to have high cholesterol, and I could go on and on about this. It really is just bad food, low quality grains, processed food, sugar, things like that.

If you only have access to conventional eggs then you know you’re BETTER OFF not having them.

Craig Ballantyne: So it’s not just organic, but its organic free range is what you want to go for, right?

Isabel De Los Rios: Yes, and usually if they are organic they are going to be free ranged.

Craig Ballantyne: Oh, okay.

Isabel De Los Rios: Chances are if you can just find the organic ones and all the other qualities you are looking for will be there.

Craig Ballantyne: Now, I know they are popular up here but do you guys have the Omega 3 enhanced eggs down there?

Isabel De Los Rios: Yes, we do. But, I look more for the organic ones only because you don’t know if maybe those chickens are still caged. So, what if all 300 of them are in one cage, but they are fed flax seed? That is usually how they supplement the chicken so that their egg yolks have more Omega 3. Basically, what happens is when you CAGE ANIMALS like that they GET SICK, and they lay low quality eggs. The same thing with cattle.

So, look for the organic than the Omega 3 enriched, because you still don’t know what they are doing to those chickens.