Unique Upper Body Workout Twist

The planes, (turbulence) trains, and automobiles tour continues for me today. I’m leaving Denver and heading off to Stamford, CT, for 2 days.

The day started with a 3am alarm so that I could get up and do my morning reading, meditation and a quick workout. I always exercise before a flight.

No excuses!

And because I was pressed for time, I added a unique little workout trick inspired by future TT Trainer, Jason Klein.

You see, Jason knows that long slow cardio is the worst way to train for fat loss and lean muscle.

After all, Jason trains soldiers for a living – the ultimate warriors…

and these guys and gals have no time for useless elliptical machines.

Instead, they get lean and ripped bodies using Jason’s revolutionary workout techniques and unique exercises. For example, Jason inspired me to add in a Home Workout Revolution style training system to my workout today. If you’ve done any of my bodyweight-only workouts before, you’ve probably been introduced to

The Punisher“. It’s 20 seconds of bodyweight squats followed by a 10 second hold in the squat-bottom position. You do that eight times with NO rest. It’s a real punisher, hence the name. I invented that one a couple of summers ago while training college students over in Lithuania.

We didn’t have access to any equipment, and I wanted to test their fitness to the max. It did, and a legendary workout was born (can’t wait to see what I come up with when I return to Eastern Europe this August). But back to today’s workout…

Instead of doing the classic Punisher system, I switched it up to combine the Punisher with an upper body push-pull program.

Here’s how it went down in the Four Season’s hotel gym in Denver today…

1A) Upper body push (i.e. Chest press)
1B) Upper body pull (i.e. row)
1C) Punisher (1 round only)

– Do 3 rounds of this circuit without resting between exercises or circuits
– Choose push and pull exercises and weights that challenge you for 8-10 reps
– For the Punisher, you’ll do the 20 seconds of squats and then a 10 second hold – but just once each round of the circuit
– After 3 rounds, pick another pair of push and pull exercises and repeat the above sequence
– Finally, pick your favorite arm exercises (one for biceps and one for triceps) and incorporate in the same circuit fashion

By the end of those 3 circuits, you’ll have done the Punisher 9 times.

This workout will be a blast. And you can thank Jason Klein for it. Head on over to his site to find out how he trains soldiers with equally awesome and unique exercises and workouts. Continued on next page here.

You’ll get amazing results.

Time to hit the road,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS – Jason has something special for you…

…Over at his site:

Get more unique workout tips there right now