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Section 1-Mission

Hi, this is Craig Ballantyne from the Turbulence Training Transformation Certification Program, and I’m thrilled and excited that you decided to join us on our one million mission.  The Turbulence Training Certification Program is not like other generic certification programs.  In fact, it’s different for three major reasons.

The first is that the Turbulence Training Certification Program is based on teaching fat loss workout program design, so showing people the best way to help their clients lose fat in a minimum amount of time.

The second component that makes it much different from generic certifications is that the Turbulence Training certification is based on bringing trainers the latest in fat loss science.  And so I’m researching stuff every month, reviewing research studies, testing stuff with our clients and bringing it back with a large number of clients, so we get a lot of feedback.  And that way we’re able to always be refining the science so that our information is given out monthly, as opposed to textbooks that just change on a five or ten year basis.

But the third and most important aspect of the Turbulence Training certification that sets it apart from so many other certifications is our one million mission.  Our one million mission is to help a million people, a million busy men and women transform their lives by the year 2020.

I put together this mission this summer over the course of 2010 as I was reading amazing books such as Good to Great by Jim Collins and the Rockefeller Habits by a guy named Verne Harnish.  And they were showing me how to build an even better business.  And they were showing me that in each one of the best businesses in each industry, they all came down to core values and to missions and purpose and values.  And so what I decided was I had to come up with a very powerful mission for Turbulence Training.  And that was to help a million people transform their bodies and their lives.

But then I realized that I couldn’t do that I couldn’t do that on my own.  And so I decided that with a thousand trainers helping a thousand clients, we can help a million people transform their bodies and their lives by 2020.  And I know that with the help of you and other advanced trainers that we’ll be able to reach that million mission mark much sooner than even 2020.  So that’s what sets it apart is the mission of Turbulence Training.  It’s the only certification program with the transformation mission.

With our mission of a million transformations, we have to come together and create programs that will help people lose fat, get healthy and dramatically improve their lives.  That’s obviously a given, but it’s also a transformation certification for trainers like you to transform your business.  When helping a thousand people, we’re going to help a thousand people online and offline.

So we’re going to show you if you’re a boot camp trainer, or a one-one-one trainer, or a semi-private group trainer, we’re going to show you how to get more clients into your business.  But at the same time we’re also going to show you how to design your life so that it’s exactly the way you want it to be.  You’ve worked so hard, you deserve to have the lifestyle that you really want to design.

So we’re going to be talking about how I’m going to show you how to do that in the marketing material that you’re going to get as a Certified Turbulence Trainer to build your business.  Our purpose, even more important than that, is to help people overcome frustration, build their confidence and increase their self-esteem.  That’s what we’re going to do in our transformations.  And why do we do this?

Because we want to help change and transform lives.  We have a higher purpose here, and that is to push people and help them reach their peak potential.

And why the passion?  Everybody out there is going to have their own individual reason.  And I want to tell you a story about mine because it’s about ending peoples’ frustrations.  So we’re going to back in time to 1979.  Little Craig Ballantyne, he’s riding in this giant big green boat of a car with his mom.

And again, it’s 1979, so I’m only four years old, but I could sense that she was upset by something. So if you’re a parent with children you’d be surprised at what they can pick up on.  And so I asked my mom, “Why are you so frustrated?” or “Why are you upset?”  Maybe I didn’t use the word frustrated, I probably didn’t know it back then.  But I asked her why she was upset.

And she said to me, she had just been to her Weight Watchers meeting, and she didn’t have any results. The scale weight didn’t change.  And going back to be four years old, this is probably one of the very first memories I have in my life.  And it impacted me that much that over 31 years later I’m still thinking about it, and it’s still driving me to help people overcome their frustrations.

And so whatever it is that is driving you to help people to transform their lives, whether it was because you had been a transformation in the past or whether it is because you had seen a family member who had struggled with weight, or whether you just really, really like the science of fat loss.  That’s what we’re going to be helping people with here.

Taking our passion and our purpose, taking the secrets that we know and helping so many people discover this information that allows them to make the changes that they need to so that they can transform t heir lives.  It’s really, really important. So our purpose is to help people transform their lives, the bottom line.  That is what we are going to focus on with the information that we have, and we’re going to take it to as many people as possible.  We’re also going to build the Turbulence Training world.

In addition to providing more information to more clients, getting manuals, getting DVDs, getting books out to people, we’re also going to be doing everything that we can to put little things into their lives like these bracelets, these Turbulence Training bracelets that have the slogan “Never, ever give up” on them.

Very simple, but this type of stuff helps our clients build rituals, positive rituals, that are going to remind them to stay on track.  So whether it’s a training journal or a calendar or a little of notepad paper that has Turbulence Training and the reminder to never give up on it, that’s the type of stuff that we’re going to be getting out to our clients.  Building that Turbulence Training world so that they are always being reminded of what they need to do for success.

And then finally, our purpose here is to do something meaningful and lasting. That’s much greater than just the contribution of each individual.  So that’s another thing that I found in those books like Good to Great and the Rockefeller Habits is that when you have a greater purpose than just yourself, when you have some type of mission or value, that  brings together people, and they work towards something much harder than if they were working on their own.

So we want to leave some type of legacy here.  We want to have people in 50 years from now thanking you and thanking Turbulence Training, thanking all the people that have given them support in the Turbulence Training world for helping them transform their bodies and their lives, for helping them rediscover the passion in their lives.  And again, that’s coming to think of people who have transformed their bodies and now want to get into helping other people transform their bodies.

And we also want to be helping people reach their peak potential.  So that’s going to be the legacy of Turbulence Training.  So it’s much greater than you or I or even a group of trainers.  It’s much, much greater than that, and it’s helping and reaching that one million mission.

So, in the Turbulence Training Certification Program, in the fat loss program in the certification you’re going to master body and life transformation coaching.  I’m not going to certify you as a life coach, but just think about this in terms of the evolution of Turbulence Training so far.  Ten years ago I published the first article on Turbulence Training on the internet.

Then it grew into an eBook, then it grew into DVDs and a membership site and so many videos and a Facebook page and all that type of stuff.  And we didn’t’ even know that Facebook or even membership sites were possible ten years ago.  We didn’t know what type of opportunity we were going to have.

And so in the next ten years as we move toward that one million mission, we may see a lot of opportunity come our way for us to help people in ways that are just greater than fat loss.  So we don’t want to just minimize the positivity that we can bring to people, the transformation aspect.  We don’t want to just pigeonhole it there with fat loss.  So we want a body and life transformation training.

So you’re always going to be given new materials on a monthly basis to help improve your transformation coaching, plus we’re going to bring you latest science in fat loss.  And as I mentioned before, I read research journals every week studying the latest fat loss information.  Plus with the large number of people we’re able to help, we’re able to do studies with our own clients and report feedback on doing things different ways and bringing you what works. The latest of what works, not only in the physiology of fat loss, which is extremely important, but also in the psychology of fat loss which I’m discovering is much more important as we go along.  Yes we can give them information on what to do, but on how to get them to stick to it is very important.

We’re going to focus on program design.  You’re going to discover how the Turbulence Training workouts are put together, every little secret, every last little tidbit about that and how you can design, again, maximum results in minimum time. Not just for the sake of getting clients in and out of the gym in 20 minutes or 30 minutes, but to get them out of the gym or out of the workout area with maximum results from the right amount of effort, so they’re not wasting their time or doing too much exercise that results in overuse injury.  So we want to have the smartest, best training program design, and that’s what we’re going to be sharing with you.

And then finally fourth, the client attraction.  So as you become a better trainer, of course you’re going to attract more clients into your world.  But in addition to that we’re going to show you how to get more people into your boot camp, more people into your one-on-one training, more people into your group training.

Plus there’s going to be an online training component where we’re going to have an opportunity to get more clients to you via the internet, through profiles and interviews with you on my blog and on my website and Facebook page and through my email newsletters.

Plus we’re also going to have online coaching where we’re helping people not just in our own cities and our own neighborhoods, but people all around the world who want online coaching from Certified Turbulence Trainers.  So we’re going to talk about that a little more.

Who do we serve?  Who are we helping?  It’s people like this, the busy men and women who want to transform their lives, transform their bodies, lose fat, have more energy, gain more self-confidence, more self-esteem and overcome those frustrations we mentioned before.  That’s very important.  And so we’re responsible to people like Molly and people like Jay.  Molly’s gone on to have an amazing transformation.  Plus she’s been one of those life transformations where she’s even gone on to become a personal trainer.

And we’re going to hear so many of those.  And we hear so many of those in all types of transformation programs.  That once people learn the information, and they understand how to apply the information that we’ve been taught in university or certification programs before, they want to share that stuff with other people because they bring that positive mindset and that “can do” attitude.  And so it’s people like Molly, people like Jay, we want to help them. First of all, transform their bodies and transform their lives. Those are the people that we are responsible to, and I take that very seriously.

And so being responsible to people means that we should have what are called core values.  The core values are something that I discovered in those books that I mentioned, The Good to Great and The Rockefeller Habits.  And the core values guide you on toward your mission.

So this is my team down here in the corner.  I’m going to talk about that in just a second.  But having my team, plus my core values, has made a dramatic improvement in my business this year and helped our clients a lot more, which is the most important thing. So first of all, our first core value out of six.

There are six Turbulence Training core values that you’ll adopt as a Turbulence Training Certified Trainer.  And the first one is to change peoples’ lives, to help them get better and to help them reach their peak potential.  Whatever phrase you want to use, that’s what we’re doing with our first core value. That’s pretty much our number one priority is to help people improve, and we’re going to do that with science-based innovation.

So everything that we do is not because we read a magazine article, and we hear that other people are using this piece of equipment or this is the hottest fad.  We don’t base our fat loss program design on that.  We base it on the research.  And as we’ll see in a second with our fifth core value, it doesn’t matter what other people think of it.   We’re only bringing science-based innovation to our clients to help them transform in both physiology and psychology.

And our third core value is to help others with customer service, customer service, customer service.  And as I mentioned in the past year, we’ve focused on these core values.  We’ve developed them and we’ve put them in practice.  And my team has helped me to improve them and to act on them, to implement them.  And with our customer service, we always had great customer service, but we put the extra effort in this year.  We’ve really focused on this as a core value.

And the feedback we get from people has just been phenomenal.  We really appreciate everybody telling us that they’ve noticed it.  And it’s been a massive, massive boost to the business because it makes people happier.  They get more product, they implement, they get more results, they tell more people.  And that is why it’s so important, is because it ends up impacting so many more people and moving us towards the one million mission.

Our fourth core value is always learning and improving.  And so that’s what you’re doing here.  You’re not satisfied with just one certification.  You’re not just satisfied with ten clients.  You’re not just satisfied with two boot camps.  You’re always learning.  You’re always improving.  And that’s what we do on a monthly basis.  You’re going to receive monthly materials on both the science of fat loss and on how to build your business.

Those two aspects received on a monthly basis will allow you to always be learning and improving.  And that’s what I’m doing on a constant basis, from coaching that I get personally from other people, from all those research studies that I review, from all the experts that I interview and then pass on to you as part of the certification program.  So that’s our fourth core value.

The fifth core value is to deliver the information, even if it’s politically incorrect, but we’re delivering it in a no B.S. fashion.  So again, we don’t care what the latest fads are.  All that we care about are results.  And if that means that we do not use a specific way of training, or that we recommend a specific way of training over another one and upset someone, it doesn’t matter because what really matters is the result to the client, getting them maximum results in minimum time safely and effectively.

And then finally our sixth core value is never, ever, ever give up.  And this is again exemplified by what you’re doing right now.  You’re never giving up on becoming a better trainer.  And our clients, we ask them to never, ever give up.  That’s why we send out these bracelets, to remind them to never, ever, ever give up no matter what, because everybody’s going to have some struggles, but we’re going to be there as their trainers helping them.  And I’m going to be there as your mentor helping you as you become the Turbulence Training Certified Trainer that you can be.

So those are our six core values that are going to lead us to that one million mission.  And so this is your opportunity in the certification program, is that you’re going to join the mission.  You’re going to be part of that with me as your mentor helping you, providing you that monthly information through fat loss, physiology and psychology and the business boosting material.  You’re going to have access to Turbulence Training marketing materials and to the Turbulence Training trademark. Turbulence Training is a registered trademark, and you’re going to be one of the few trainers, maybe the only one in your city that is able to say that you’re Turbulence Training certified.

And here’s why that’s important, because since 2003, I’ve had clients from all over the world emailing me and saying, “Is there a Turbulence Training Certified Trainer in Miami?  Is there a Turbulence Training Certified Trainer in Sydney to show me these exercises that I can go and get a program from?”  It’s been over seven years, since I received my first email.  And finally after all that time I’m finally getting this program together to help trainers like you so that we can have websites and profiles of trainers so the people can find them easily and get the help they need in person because obviously I can’t be everywhere.

You’re also going to get access to the client attraction website.  So again, that’s simply just going to be listing all the Certified Turbulence Trainers around the world, plus interviews with them, profiles on my blog so that we always have information and make sure that people in those cities where you live know that you’re out there to help them.  And so that will be one way to get more clients into your business in-person if you want to do more boot camps, if you want to do more one-on-one training, and also online training as well.

Plus you’re going to get access to come to the annual Turbulence Training trainer seminar, where we’re going to have myself obviously will be there teaching the science of fat loss.  But we’ll have guest speakers in there with nutrition and other science of fat loss to help you become an even better trainer.  Plus we’re going to have business building mentors in there showing us how again to get more people into our boot camps, into our one-on-one training, into our studios, whatever, we need to do, even better online coaching.  So you’re going to get that as a gift, free access to you to come to that seminar every year.

So that’s all the stuff you’re going to get.  Well, there’s going to be a lot more actually, including the monthly materials and bonuses as well.  But that’s our mission. That’s our goal is to help you become the best trainer possible because we’re going to have a thousand trainers, a thousand clients and a million transformations.  And I can’t wait to get started on this and to work with you and to reach that goal.

Finally…I only spent 13 years putting this together…find out about the Turbulence Training Certification Mission and Founder’s Level by entering your comments here:

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