Win a copy of the Turbulence Training Complete Package

Turbulence Training DVD'sNothing beats training with me in person, but the next big thing is having every Turbulence Training workout and exercise demonstrated on video so that you can watch in the comfort of your own home (or hotel room, as you’ll see in a minute).

And the great news is that today is your one and only chance to win one of 3 free copies of the Turbulence Training Complete Package.

You’ll get the TT for Fat Loss DVD’s and Manual, the 6-Month Bodyweight Workout and Manual, the Bodyweight 500 and Bodyweight 1000 DVD’s, AND the Turbulence Training Hotel Room Workout DVD’s.

Whew! That’s one big package that is going to show up on your doorstep if you win.

Oh, and you’ll also get a FREE 1-Year Turbulence Training Membership too, so that you get access to every workout I’ve ever created PLUS every monthly workout I’ll design for the next 12 months.

ttmembers_400So how do you win?


All you have to do is answer this one question…

“How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

But hurry, you only have 36 hours to enter your comments below…the contest ends Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 6pm EST. Winners will be announced by email on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012.

There will be three grand prizes awarded, and each includes:

1) 1-Year Platinum TT Membership

2) A copy of the Turbulence Training Complete Package

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you are an experienced Turbulence Training user, everyone has an equal shot of winning the Complete Package.

I want to hear your story. I’ve heard so many powerful transformation stories in the last year, and I want to hear what getting the Turbulence Training Complete Package would mean to you.

Just enter your comments below to win your copy of the Complete TT Package.

Each “Complete Package” includes…

1) The Turbulence Training Fat Loss Workout DVD’s & Manual – Retail Value = $197

2) The Turbulence Training Complete Bodyweight Fat Burning Package – Retail Value = $247

3) The Turbulence Training Hotel Room Workouts – Retail Value = $197

4) A FREE 1-Year Platinum Turbulence Training Membership – Retail Value = $677


Looking forward to your feedback,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, The Turbulence Training Complete Package

PS – Hurry!

You only have 48 hours to enter your comments below…the contest ends Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 6pm EST. Winners will be announced by email on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Answer this question in the comments section:

All you have to do is answer this one question…

“How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

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  • Donny Irwin

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me out greatly for the reason that I HATE doing Cardio but love to train. I have been a muscular guy in a fat guys body for quite a few years now and even though I have lost good amounts of weight, I can never keep it off. I am more than willing to bust my butt to lose the weight and keep it off. My main problem is my diet and I can never keep my appetite in check. I have two children and I am afraid if I don’t fix my weight problem soon they won’t have a father when they get older and I know that Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me achieve my goals of being a healthy, strong and fit father for my kids and husband to my wife.
    I suffer from Sleep Apnea which I know is directly influenced by my weight and my weight is also affecting my ambition to play with my children

  • Daniel Garcia

    Okay well I don’t have a whole lot to say other than I have lost weight before but always manage to get it back on. I have a lot of motivation to lose the weight but only if it means no cardio work. I have been lifting for one year but haven’t done anything that will really kick my butt. I have been looking at TT for a while now and very impressed with the results I have seen. I know there is another workout similar to that called P90x but quite frankly TT seems more realistic as far as achieving your goals without sacrificing all of your free time. Well that’s pretty much all I have to say right now but I look forward to trying your workout.

  • Peggie Larsen

    The TT complete package will help me to achieve my goals in that the program is time-efficient and greatly blasts body fat. Who does not struggle with that. It always seems like there is something better out there, but it always comes back to TT. Who wants to spend endless hours on cardio with the same non-existent results. TT is the complete package and Craig is a FIRST CLASS trainer. You don’t get better results than that. He is living proof his program works.

  • Kathy Barton

    I would love to someday meet you and have you train me. I am having difficulty sticking to going to the gym. The Complete Package would enable me to come home from work or get up early and workout. That combined with the healthy eating program would help me to lose the 40 pounds I need to lose. I HATE Cardio and love to workout. I have tried your program and love it.

  • dan

    For me, TT will offer me a lifelong variety of workouts employing different modalities. That will allow me to never have to design a workout ever which saves time. I plan on tweaking each TT workout to better sync with my equipment & time constraints. I feel I have the diet thing down because I’m doing eatstopeat:)

  • James Criswell

    I’m 35 yearsold and have always been chubby. Even when I was much thinner I never was lean. After getting out of the military I slowly ballooned up from 180 to almost 240. I think my ideal weight would be around 160, but I’m more concerned about getting lean than the scale. And I think the Turbulence Training package could show me the path to take!

  • Richard Annan

    For years I have been struggling with my image. The countless sit ups, countless crunches and the countless efforts to improve my physique have only resulted in painstaking failure and bitter disappointment for me. I am only 19 years old but feel like I haven’t truly experienced what needs to be experienced as a young adult because my image has held me back! I’ve questioned my motives as to why I want to look good and have come up with the perfect answer, I need confidence! I am lacking this terribly to the point that I turn down opportunities to spend crucial moments with friends and family because I am conscious about my weight. I am tired of always pushing in my stomach in to avoid scrutiny and embarrassing comments, for my life has forever been the subject of this. Winning this package is my last shot at redemption and having seen what Craig Ballantyne has done for thousands of people I too feel that can achieve my ultimate body. No more will I wake up with to a disproportionate body in the mirror. No more will I have to worry about what I will wear each day and how it will fit me. This package will give me the confidence and happiness I have sought after for years. Thank you Craig for this wonderful opportunity! And thank you for being the positive difference in the lives of people who are willing to make a change for themselves through your guidance! God Bless you!!!

    Kind regards,

    • Marz Muniz

      Hi my name is Marz Muniz .
      I have been a subscriber to your newsletter and really enjoy the emails …
      Having a copy of your program would be extremely useful to achieve my fitness goals…
      I am 43 years old and throughout all my life I tried to be active and have a healthy life… Unfortunately in the past three years my life took a turn and affording membership to gyms and access to trainers became impossible.
      I am very worried about being healthy and have a long productive life. I have three autistic children that need me and with time passing by I am afraid that I won’t be there for them… Don’t get me wrong I try to exercise as much as I can but I lack the motivation without a partner to push me…
      I believe that with the help of your program and having you as guide I will be able to become more fit and healthy which in turn will be beneficial to my family …

  • Jeremy Dubay

    Funny to say, but you’d be my training partner. I’ve never been one to keep motivated unless I train with someone. Could it be an excuse? Probably, but it’s my “trigger”, like in golf, but on a larger scale.

    I’d have someone to show me exactly how to do all the moves correctly. I’ve been “guessing” for the most part. One great thing I love is the idea of having the hotel workouts on DVD. I travel a lot for work, and hotel weight rooms seldom make the grade. As someone who already follows TT, I know it works.

    I also want to present it to my wife to view. She does her own thing, but is going in a roundabout way to getting to where she wants to be. I’ve tried to introduce her to TT online, but she refuses to listen, probably because I never stuck with anything. She will not have any choice anymore.

    Keep the great stuff coming Craig.


  • Kevin Flemming

    I have been on a “Yoyo fitness diet” for 20 years. Most programs take more time than I have to give. Your routines have been different. They are incredibly intense, but get me back into the rest of my life in a hurry. Having access to the rest of the program along with the social support of the membership would be a great help to my continued success.

  • Christopher Sosa

    I’ve had a difficult time staying motivated following an exercise program by reading a manual or following a chart. Watching and listening to someone who’s demonstrating how it’s done will motivate me to follow along and feel as if I’m training with you. I’ve gone from weighing 230 pounds in May 2007 to weighing between 185-190 in the present. That’s due to me walking to work because I live in close proximity to it and using the stairs on a 6 story walkup. Also, I’m still learning about eating healthier. Your program will help me achieve my final goal of finally being fit and strong. Thanks and take care.

  • sharon williams

    Having this complete package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fatloss goals because of the ‘presence’ of you in my lounge room! How could I skip a workout and let you down?! You would be with me for those (short!) periods each week as together we efficiently and effectively challenge my body and burn that fat.

    As a mum of 8 children, my time is limited and my energy is in demand, so I need a program that takes little time yet packs a punch in terms of results. You promise this, and I would love to put it to the test.

    You offer HUGE value in all you do…but the free stuff can only take one so far. This would be the berry on top of the smoothie! 🙂

  • Turbulence Training was a God send for me. Being a single income ministry family, resources can be tight at times. On top of that, I’ve never been athletic. I don’t even run to the dinner table! With TT, I was able to start a lifechange of fitness and exercise in a way that I could afford, manage time for, do at home and be consistent with. After working for over a year (with some seasonal difficulties), I’m down 3o solid pounds and much much stronger than I ever was. I can do 20 straight pushups every time I try for the first time in my life and I’m still a round, but much healthier 225lbs. I still like to eat, too much. I know, Craig, I know. I’m working on it. Have the TT Complete package would help me have what I can’t afford, a membership, better connection to who has kind of become my fitness mentor via TT, Craig Ballantyne, and a chance to seek out some better support and motivation. I’m in the current Transformation Contest, but my goal is not to win that. My goal is to make incremental changes that will STICK FOR LIFE. I’m already over a year into a training program. I’ve NEVER done that before. I’ve started some running. Something I’ve NEVER done before. I’m feeling better in my clothes and throwing away some pants!!! Something I’ve NEVER done before. The TT Complete Package would be a big tool in my belt to help me continue to work harder toward my goal, be sexier for my wife, make my kids proud of their dad, and be fit for life.

  • My main problem is choosing a program and sticking to it long enough to get the desired results. With so many options out there and so many “trainers” telling you different things, it gets confusing. I’ve been following Craig and his videos online for a few years now and he seems to be the only trainer out there who practices what he preaches. His education and experience are easily enough to want to follow his advice but he’s also highly respected at what he does and following any program of his is going to be a wise choice in my opinion. With the TT Complete Package it would be like I had my own personal trainer and enough workouts to keep me motivated to improve my health and appearance and keep me from ever getting bored. I think it’s safe to say this would probably be the last program I’d ever need. Thanks.

  • D’ana Downing

    Well, next year, I’ll be 30 years old. They say the longer you wait, the harder it is to lose the weight. I want to be a FLIRTY 30 next year – I want everyone at my birthday party to say, “WOW, you look great!” I’m a busy young professional working in the nonprofit sector, the pay isn’t the greatest, but I’m rewarded by the work that I do. I also started my doctoral program 2 months ago, and am always on the go between work and studying. I KNOW that the Turbulence Training program would help me get on track and help me regain my Warrior Princess mentality. I’m constantly on the grind, and making my life SHINE; this would be the icing on the cake. Thank you!

  • Shelley Biddles

    I have lost so many family members to health problems. I am only 44 and don’t want to become just another statistic. I lost my brother age 50 and an Aunt age 60 in the last three weeks alone. I have severe health problems and want to finally be the one to beat the curse.

  • MiL

    Knowledge is power but only potential power. Just like we humans too have potential in so many areas. Taking a specific action daily even if small, will show progress over time.
    Having a companion, be a coach, buddy or a health training/workout training program and daily watching & following it, is going to be certainly beneficial. Yes, I need to lose weight and gain some more muscle, but more than that I need to get stronger, every passing day.
    I am sure the Turbulent Training Program will be of tremendous help in that direction.
    Cause, when I am stronger & have more energy, I also will have more motivation for follow through the program & achieve my goals. Good Luck !

  • Jeremy Sloss

    I believe the Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me in a few ways. First, I am father of two, one of the children is 11 months old, my wife is a stay at home mom. I commute 30 miles each way in Los Angeles traffic, by train. Needless to say, my time is precious, and if I wanted to go to the gym for 45 minutes to an hour, than it’s up at 4:30 just to rush myself out of the house. I know that if I was doing the right fitness program that I would improve my health, my physical well being ( I was rear ended in January and am still feeling the effects), if I could get into a fitness program that would maximize my efforts in as little time as possible, and give me a plan for eating right! Well, that would be awesome.

  • I need to have another goal. I have had to give away my competitive participation in triathlon after 12 years because of a ankle injury.
    I still kayak and get out on the bike but I have no goals.

    I used my sport as an aid for keeping my depression under control, as I have no goal to reach I am suffering from keeping the fire stoked to get out and about.
    I would like to set a goal based on some body shaping fitness routine that TT could give me.

    I do not have any excess weigh issues as a raw food vegan it would be great to get some ab shape and body cut for fitness and mental health

  • Arun

    Three reasons for me to go for the Complete Package

    1. Helps me BURN FAT in the SMARTEST way…its the SMART work that pays off.
    2. Helps me spend more time with my friends and family without compromising on my health thereby achieving a good life balance
    3. Bye Bye Cardio

    I have tried the sample workout of yours and it worked for me. So I am sure the Complete Package will definite turn me into a new man as I have 65lbs to lose.

    Looking forward for a new body. Turbulence Style

  • Mark

    I’d love for this to be mine! I would help me learn about great ways to acheive my goals, also if it worked well i would recommend my friends to it! At the moment i need some programme to follow to get to my goals, and at a prime age of 17 i’d love the book! It would help me alot.



  • Jeff Arnold

    I just feel that having visuals and the motivating factor that comes with having someone there to bust your butt everytime you turn on the DVD is probably going to help alot for those who just cant afford a personal trainer but really need help to stop the mental and physical suffering that we all go thru ! Its just time to start feeling better and looking better.

  • Rick Wolfenden

    From what I have read and seen so far, TT is the most complete and awesome weight and muscle package to date!! I believe it would help me finally lose my spare tyre, get fit and finally achieve the muscled physique I’ve always desired! I’ve lost weight before and always put it back on, have gone to the gym but never have gained the muscle I want. To train with Craig would be the ultimate experience, but seeing I live in Australia that might not be achievable. So the next best thing would be the TT Complete Package! It would be a dream come true!! Thanks for everything you’ve shared so far Craig! I look forward to hearing what’s next!

  • Darlene Swanborough

    I would love to win the complete package or any part of the package as I have kids and dont have time to go do anything outside the house and cant afford the expensive gym equipment to have at home. I have read a lot about your system and people everyday people seem to be getting great results and dont ahve to spend hours doing it. I have treid EVERYTHING under the sun and dont have the time to have long workouts. Your system is achievable and you are a great advertsiment for it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter into your competition.

  • Heather, Brisbane, Australia

    I have been an avid follower of Turbeulence Training for quite awhile now, and enjoy all the programs that you offer. As a personal trainer I do quite a lot of turbulence training with my clients and they all love the workouts, as I do. They like the program because in just 30 minutes they ge the best cardio and strength workout and best of all notice the results in a short space of time. I would love the opportunity to win this package as it will give me the opportunity to offer many more varied workouts in my bootcamps, circuit classes and with my personal training clients. The great thing about your programs are the hours saved from doing long boring cardio and strength training workouts, but achieving the best possilbe results in the shortest time.

  • Jennifer Clark

    I believe Turbulence Training would help me because I have about 100 lbs. to lose, and I know that strength training is the true answer to significant weightloss. I am wanting to lose the weight, get healthier, and become the “real me” that is inside this incasement of fat. I believe that the Turbulence Training program will help me achieve that goal.

  • humaidhan

    tahnks it give a great belief in myself

  • Martin Cox

    The TT complete package would help me to regain my focus, discipline and confidence. Until last year I was kick boxing with some of the world’s best fighters, and then I was diagnosed with a heart condition. My world crumbled around me as I was fitted with a pacemaker and prescribed various drugs which I have to take for the rest of my life. I have gradually clawed my way back to a form of fitness, but as I am now unable to fight, I have lost that ‘edge’. I firmly believe that your package is just what I need!

  • Albert Caceres

    Having read all the emails you send and following your blogs, I understand that having to change my workouts will help me transform. Staying in the same routines isnt the smartest way to train. Your sample workouts have help tremendously already, I can only imagine having the complete package would only take me to the next level. Some of the samlple workouts dont really show nor explain all the differnet interval training. Having the complete package will fill in the blanks that I am guessing. Being in the construction industry, my work has slowed down so much that your problably wondering why I have just purchased it. Well, finances are extreamly tight, which is why I take advantage of the emails you send.

    Thanks again for the great info and for being so generous.

  • Maria Pulkkinen

    It’s really important to me to get in shape for summer. Because I hate the way I look, I won’t wear bathers or go to the beach. I need to put on some muscle and tone up. I want the sexy body that I used to have, so I can get my confidence back. The way you get such fast results with TT is great.

  • Chris Dalcos

    I have just turned 50! I have been a member of various gyms for over 30 years I have made exercise a part of my life routine for those 30 years I have rarely faltered. While having far from the “perfect’ physique i believe i have a reasonable BMI and am fit and healthy for my age. I work out no encout w 3 to 4 times a week adopting Craig’s TT principles and feel and look better for it . The comprehensive package would allow me to be more consistent and focussed in my approach. The package would give me the incentive to challenge my fitness into the second half of my century and to convince the more mature “exercisers” that it can be done. Th package would also encourage me to be accountable to the social network i have now chosen to belong to on Facebook.

  • Michael Pace

    I ordered your book a while back along with the “Truth about Abs”. I went into the training half hearted because I have been used to traditional weightlifting exercises and thought I would not benefit from the exercises presented. I should have had more faith because following my own plan has not been kind to my waist line. I am 6′ 2″ with a bodyweight of 370lbs. Im sure it is obvious to everyone I became discouraged along the way and just gave up. I am 40 years old and would love to experience the empowerment I use to have in my younger, fitter days. I want a change, I truly do. Gearing your up your mental state to take on another diet and exercise program can be a gruelling adventure especially when the results keep showing diminshing returns. I feel if i had the dvd series, benefitting from a visual demonstration of how the exercises should be performed, I could give it 150% effort. I didnt feel that I could correctly perform the exercises in my previous try. I have the desire, I just need the tools. Incidentally, my wife has also expressed an interest so this could be a shared event. I know that any success in life starts with being in control of yourself. If you are not happy with self, you are not really motivated to reach for much else. Im ready for change, Im ready for freedom.

  • Dilia

    Your package will help motivate me in many ways since I’m stuck here in a big city, alone and have to always push myself to workout, with not many friends here that are into fitness and healthy food. I am a girl who’s reluctant to enter 30 this year and I would like your package to help me achieve my goals and target that is to stay fit, lost my fat and build my stamina and endurance. I love all your tips and training so far.

  • Rodger Doust

    I have been following your free snippets for some time and constantly revert to using them.

    I play and coach underwater hockey and have been doing so for the past 25 years. It always helps to come up with new training methods, and that is when I start looking for ideas. I try mix my training up as I coach young players (14-19 yrs) and they get board quickly that is when I inevitably end up at at the TT sight.

    In my coaching I don’t only teach how to play underwater hockey, I try give them a life style that will help them grow into healthy, fit adults ( these are becoming rear now days) .

    The more people start moving the more they will enjoy it.

  • Brian Ferraro


    I KNOW that the TT complete package would help me for a multitude of reasons. I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student at a university. I am involved in many different things here at school. I am an Honors Mechanical Engineering student, I am a cadet in the AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps), I am a member of a fraternal organization, and I have a job on campus. Between all of these obligations and finding time to study, unfortunately my time to hit the gym on campus has slowly decreased.

    Being at college, healthy meals are incredibly hard to come by. I do try to make a run to the supermarket when i can to get myself some fruits and veggies, but it is not nearly often enough. To often I find myself having “vending machine meals” where a bag of pop-tarts and a bottle of water constitutes my lunch between classes. With the guidance from the TT nutrition program, I feel I would definitely be more enlightened to my healthier meal choices here on campus.

    Because my gym time has decreased, I have slowly fallen out of shape and put on a few extra pounds. My senior year in High School I was a two sport athlete and in good shape weighing 185lbs (I’m 5’10”) with a 34″ waist. Last year being my first year at college and not being involved in varsity level sports every day after school, the freshman 15 hit me hard. I finished my freshman year weighing around 220lbs and about a 38″waist. Over this past summer, I have dropped a few pounds and now am only 210 with about a 37″ waist. I still have a long way to go to be anywhere near in shape or back to the waist size I would prefer to be at.

    This is where I think the TT complete package will help me. Because of my tight schedule, the shorter the workout, the easier it is for me to get to the gym and do it. Because I live on campus in a dorm room, the days when I simply cannot make it to the gym, the hotel room workout guide would be perfect for me to do in my room at night when I get a chance. I know i have the willpower and the motivation to get myself back in shape, I just need the means to do it with my hectic college lifestyle. The TT complete program is that means.

  • Dheeraj Remella

    I am a 35 yr old, 5′ 11″ and 180 lbs. I have a 4 yr old now. I want to be able to play football and tennis with him when he becomes a teenager. I think TT might be able to help me get lean and build stamina to achieve that goal of mine.


  • HP

    The TT complete package would allow me to reach a new level in my aspirations to get back to a high level of competition in rugby. After an injury that kept me sidelined for 18 months, keeping my body fat percentage low and a good mix of strength and beach muscle exercises is important to my overall goals. The variety which your program offers as well as the relatively short period of time it takes to do a workout is amazing (along with the natural high after one). I want to be fitter and leaner in hopes of playing the best rugby of my life.

  • Vessy Te

    I started to train without any plan and I understood that this is not the right way to doing this. I lost my motivation when the results didnt come in a way I was expected. So, having the TT complete package will help me to find my way of losing weight and to be in shape that I desperate need as a coach of national girls football team and sports teacher in a college.

  • Yogesh A Parikh

    It will

    Transform my
    Confidence &

  • Venitius Fernandes

    The Complete Package would enable me to carry out my workout at home ,in privacy and show me the right way of doing the work out to get maximum fat burning. I have tried some of the exercise and they are really effective.
    I know that Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me achieve my goals and come back to my teen shape which I used to admire.

  • Joe Kirshner

    I am a 39 year old Police Officer and father of 6 wonderful children. I have been active my whole life, but I can’t seem to find anything that keeps me motivated. I am 5 feet two inches tall and weigh 183 pounds. Let’s be clear about the weight…it isn’t from muscle; well table muscle maybe. I have followed you since I heard about your program nearly 2 years ago. Being that I have 6 children, I don’t have much money to purchase programs. I have belonged to gyms in the past and even won a weight loss challenge. I lost nearly 50 pounds in 3 months, but put it all back on. I believe your program would finally offer me the opportunity to learn how to make a total lifestyle change. Why is your program different? Maybe it isn’t, but it sounds like your take on cardio is different than what everyone else is teaching. I am not afraid of cardio, but if your program is as different as it sounds I think it will offer me that thing that I have been looking for a long time…the opportunity to effect change. Thanks for listening.

  • Kevin Holloway

    It all started when I took the “Body for Life” challenge about 6 years ago. I have enjoyed lifting weights since High School, but after the challenge, it became important to me to learn more about all areas for fitness and nutrition. I never have really reached the goal of being lean, but am stronger now than ever in my life. I have challenged myself every year to accomplish some new goal, such as running a 5K, doing a bike road trip, and climbing a mountain. Have always met those goals, but still have not reached the level I desire for my body. I have used some of your workouts, especially when I’m traveling, and as a youth pastor need workouts that I can do quickly, effeciantly, and anywhere, or time. I believe TT would help me move to a new level in my fitness, and would love to experience the “complete” package. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly of getting a free copy. Kevin

  • Lawrence Rossouw

    Because it is probably the last training program available that I have not used. Im 37 years old and absolutely loves running. I’ve been running for more than 20 years, and about three years ago started picking up this gut and love handles. I tried to increse my running distance and even ran 6 days a week, but it didn’t help. I can still run a half marathon in under two hours, but I cant shake these love handles. Hopefully your program can give me the body I need to support my active lifestyle

  • john gordon

    The Complete Package would help me in realising my goal of being fit and fifty. I have been a gym junkie for most of my adult life and have struggled with my weight as I have giot “middle aged” – a combination of extra time spent at work concentrating on my career, metabolism slowdown with age and less time exercising with the kids now they have grown up. The workouts I have I find are becoming increasingly less effective with time inspite of the intensity one puts into both cardio and weights. It’s clearly time for a change.

  • I have been battling with being a fatty since forever – knowing no one that really knows about fitness, I DIY my way to fatloss doing everything I can – stairclimbing and jogging almost every other day but hadn’t had much results. One day I decided to youtube something about ‘running’ and came across Craig Ballantyne’s interval training video and one video led to another. His TT youtube workouts opened up a whole new world of fitness to me that I’ve never ever heard or seen before. I am very excited and can’t wait to see what TT can do for me as I’m sick of my same ol’ pear shape even though I spend so much time stair climbing up my apartment stairs (15 floors x5) and jogging. I feel so embarassed as one day this guy who saw me coming down from the stairs (he has seen me a couple of times up the stairs)…he is quite a big guy himself and said ‘Wow if I did what you’re doing I would be like THIS (and showed me his index finger). So although I was doing all this insane cardio my physique didn’t look like a person who actually works out. As crazy as it may sound, a few years ago, I even prayed a prayer asking God to help make my bum smaller (lol) and I that is why I think this Turbulence Training Complete Package is an answer to my prayer? (lol)

  • phyllis hugins

    being an active 80 year old active woman finds me at loss as to how to lose the 20 pounds I have lived with for over 10 years. Your plan seems so straight forward…winning the prize would be a plus AND the 20 pounds will melt away!

  • Rhonda

    It would help me cause I can’t afford the cost of the membership anymore since I don’t have a job. The ability to chat with others using TT really is a great thing. And the new book would help reinforce why spending an hour plugging away on the treadmill isn’t a good thing.
    It would be a great thing to be able to take the workouts with me to the new gym opening later this month in my small home town. How great would it be to show people in my home town how great TT is for getting into fantastic shape, while not spending 2 hours a day in the gym!

  • Mick

    Results – simpler, better, faster, healthier.

    ‘Nuff said…

  • My younger brother got married about 5 years ago. I didn’t like how I looked in his wedding pictures, so decided to lose the weight. But it took me 4 years just to lose 10 lbs. In Dec 2008, I was web surfing and found several helpful sites about health and exercise. I use one site to track my food and nutrition and the TT site for exercise routines. After several months of using the exercises suggested in your emails, and losing about 15 lbs, I decided to pay for a 1 year membership. I’m using that membership to get the complete exercise program information to lose the rest of the 15 lbs. Todate, I’ve lost about 20 lbs and have another 10 to reach my goal. I’ve entered your latest TT weight loss competition for more motivation to reach my goal weight by this December.

    I think your system is very doable for anyone wishing to lose the fat and gain the muscle.

    Thanks for a great program.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great stuff! Really proud of your success so far!

      • John Phillips

        I wish I’d known about the deadline. In September 2007 I contracted double pneumonia, pleurisy and complications and almost died. Part of my treatment is steroids and I’ve put on 75 pounds as a result. Steroids also soften your bones so the fusion of my bottom two vertebrae is coming undone, not helped by this belly fat I’m so desperate to get rid of. I’ve always responded well to high intensity training as I think it’s as good for the mind as it is for the body. I havn’t earned a penny since September 2007 but have effected some business introductions which I hope will pay out in a few months time and then I’ll hpefully be able to buy the package.
        In the meantime, I’m up to my eyeballs with morphine for my back.


  • Gilles Mondou

    I’ve lost weight before, but still have 25 lbs to lose; your program would help me be more efficient.

  • Ken

    I used to run a few years back (half-marathons), and expected the weight to start to fall off me. Instead I used to overeat to have enough energy to get through runs. I used to be 75kg a few years back, with no upper body muscle and a 28″ waist. I’m now 84kg with big arms to go with my big legs, but I also have an unhealthy big belly and a 34″ waist. Probably more than 5 kilos of fat hanging round there and it doesn’t seem to want to budge.
    Being married with a young daughter for the last few years has made me feel like giving up, due to time constraints and lack of space at home.
    I’ve already said no to cardio and giving my knees and a weaker right shin bone the break they deserve.
    I’m afraid of buying something, but then lacking the motivation to use your plan. My wife has seen me buy a few things which were to help me get rid off unhealthy belly fat, and I couldn’t really justify purchasing something else if I’m going to let it fail.
    I’m trying to glean as much information as possible from emails and blogs, but I really would like to make your exercises part of my life. On getting my desired goal of a stomach not to be ashamed off, I would probably buy your package for a friend or make a donation of your choosing.
    Can you help me?

  • Doug King

    Craig, your TT methods have been a godsend to me. 18 months ago I was diagnosed as requiring a hip replacement but was advised to put the operation off for a few years as at 55 years old I was considered to young for a replacement. In brief I walked with a noticeable limp, I had to take two Voltaren pills a day for the pain,plus I put on 10kg in weight because I could not exercise. I stumbled across your TT programs on You Tube one day and it has been an answer to my prayers. I have now lost the 10kg I put on,I can now walk almost normal and I dont use any pain relief now. If I was to win your complete program I may be able to stall having my hip replaced for a few more years adding to my quality of life plus it may help me to remove the stubborn belly fat that I have left and cant seem to get rid of.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Doug, great stuff! Really proud of you and happy to hear about the pain relief.




  • Wil Rivera

    I got a sample of TT before, (free of course) surprisingly found it to be effective. Most of the variation makes sense as it targets most of the muscle groups that i did not feel doing regular exercises. So definitely, these packages are really such a huge treasures. If only I could have one hmmmm 🙂

  • Lemuel H. Viado

    I have been an athletic type since I was in my teens but I never had any serious training though. I would go on and off with weight training but with my busy schedule at work, I never had the chance to pursue the goals I dreamed of. Now at 54 and retired from work, I’ve decided to give it another try. Having stumbled upon TT has helped me a lot with its practical exercises ranging from bodyweight to weight training for almost two months now. At 5’5″, I maintained my weight at 140 lbs but I’ve noticed my muscles gaining more definition and I’m beginning to lose the fats on my waistline. I believe that with Turbulence Training Complete Package I can further improve my physic and develop that long coveted 6-pack abs!

  • Dan Monk

    Craig, this is simple for me, I’ve been training for years and never seen much of an increase in muscle fibre or strength, yes my regular training has helped keep the pounds off however I find myself getting bored and need a new challenge, I also work an average of 70 hours per week so need to be really focused with my tarining routing getting every once of value out of the little time I have to train.

    Bring on my copy of “TT”


  • Guy Larke

    Hi! I’m a Canadian martial arts instructor based in South Korea. I love working out, but also despise treadmills and the like. I really need to lose my spare tire and power up my body, especially my abs, quads and glutes. I REALLY believe this program can do it!

    I have already lost most of my excess flab, but I’m plateauing. Plus I really want to look and feal STRONG! It’s a promise to my wife! ^_~

    I’ve implemented some of your ideas already and hope to get more exact details soon.

  • Laura Marie

    The complete TT package seems just perfect for me. I hav’nt actually tried this program before. But have been following it for a while, watching tutorials…reading emails. Very motivating! I would love to try the package for myself. I would love a program the doesnt involve all that boring cardio and get right to fat burning!! It would definately be amazing to transform myself like many others!

  • john

    Hi Craig,

    I believe it would change my life!


  • Pete Hevin

    I am in my mid-sixties and have been fat, in differing degrees most of my adult life. Having your Total TT Package when I was younger would have been a Godsend. Because I want to spend many years to come with my children and grandchildren, I have been going to the gym pretty consistently for almost a year and have lost fat, gained a ton (not really a ton!!) of muscle, and clothes sure fit better than they used to.

    I do intervals, weight work and body weight complexes. Craig I still have a long way to go and would love to have you and Bally along for the ride. It would give my workouts more structure and direction.

  • Dusty O’Tyrrell

    The greatest reason I have for wanting to win the complete package is that I am too broke (financially) to buy the whole package. My life’s work depends on being in the best condition I can be. I’ve tried so many ‘systems’ and none have the backing of yours from what I read here on the good ‘ol internet. I’ve been limping along with ‘freebies’ from just about everyone and now all I’ve got is this hodge-podge of stuff that confuses me more than helps me and I’ve given up workouts from time to time because of that. So that’s it. My real requirement is consistency of a programme that is connected together. Yours fits the bill.


  • Derek Raymond

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me burn the extra fat and gain some extra muscle. I am a “fat skinny guy” and I have a hard time gaining muscle with out storing fat around my waistline. I have tried many different workout programs, but I never quite achieve the results I desire. Its not a lack of desire or discipline, but a lack of knowledge of how to apply it all to work for me. I am currently trying one of the 6 week TT programs and I noticed results after the first week! After the 6 weeks are up I will need a new program and it would be amazing to win them all here. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    I’ve been doing the introductory work out for just 2 weeks and love it. Since having my two boys (now 3 and 6) I was keeping fit by walking twice daily to the local park / or outings with them in the stroller, but over the past year my youngest got too big for the stroller, so my walking programme came to a grinding halt. What to do now with two children at home and no time or money for gym memberships? Both boys were now on bikes, so we took our bikes everywhere, but riding at the pace of a 3 year old does not really get your heart pumping….so for 1 year I procrastinated….walked when I could, kept active with the boys, but started to notice loss of muscle tone everywhere! . My issue isn’t weight control as I am a healthy weight, but I have little muscle definition or strength. I’m also a strong believer in creating a supportive healthy environment for my children and seeing me exercise and enjoy it is vital to them adopting the same healthy habits. Being given the complete package would be amazing as I would be able to progress through all the workouts and achieve my goal of being strong, fit and flexible without having to leave home….what could be better than that!

  • Nelson Wong

    I have used the 8-week program a few times already and like how I can get results in a short, but intense sessions. Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package will certainly help me finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals because having a complete program laid out for me will increase the chances that I’ll stick with it. I’ve gained a quite a few pounds ever since my Dad passed away and then over a year ago my wife and I welcomed our first child. Needless to say, the lack of sleep and eating whatever and whenever it’s convenient has led to a fitness level that I am not proud of…especially as a former collegiate athlete. I look forward to a program like the Turbulence Training Complete Package as a tool to help get me back to where I was before “life” happened.

  • Indra Politan

    I hope I can get the fastest results burning my fatty belly at a shortest time and after that continue to maintain the results. Sometimes I have difficulty not to take sweet food but hope with your complete packages I will completely leave them all. Sometimes I have to take cortisol like methylprednisolon 4 mg to suppress my allergic condition although l know that stuff can make my fatty belly a little hard to melt down. So I hope your complete packages will help me manage that all.

  • Steve Migala

    As a 55 year old who works out by himself at the health club, I know that the complete TT package will give me a complete program of varied workouts that I can do on my own without the need of spotters and/or partners, using dumbbells.

    The free TT workouts I’ve been using have given me great results. I’m down to the 10% body fat range, and would like to get rid of the “final four” percent of body fat.

    The TT workouts, using dumbbells and stability balls are ideal for someone like me, who has to work out by himself (as much as I’d like to work out with a partner).

    As an entrepreneur who is starting a new business, money’s very tight, and I’ve had to hold off on purchasing the compete TT program. I would definitely appreciate the free TT program, and would use it to get maximum fitness both now and for years to come.

    Steve Migala
    Chicago, Illinois

  • Sharon Kinnear

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me as I’ve been training (mainly cardio…for about 2 years now) and although my fitness has improved I still cant shift the fat. I run my own business and have a very active family that needs running from here to there, therefore I have limited free time but when I do it’s usually whilst I wait in between “drop off” n “pick ups” I would really like to take another approach to fitness and certainly need to strip the fat. I’m looking for a program that I can adopt as a new lifestyle, TT seems the way to go!! Adapting a new way to do things isn’t always easy but at the age of 42 I’ve finally come to the realisation that it is never going to happen unless I put in the effort (knowing exactly what I should be doing is where I’m a bit lost) I’m willing to give this 110%…after all it’s the only body I have!

  • norm staar

    Hi I’m 52 yr old diabitic. I’ve had diabities for 7 yrs now. I have unual kind It’s very hard for me to gain weight. I am currently 6’0 tall 175 lbs. My wife calls me thin man. However I hope your program will help me to gain muscle and loose the love handles around my mid section. Plus provide me with a program I can stick to for healthy diet and excersice program to help me fight this
    disease and reach my goal of 180-185 lbs with a 6-8% body fat

  • James Grady

    I believe your Turbulence Training program is exactly what I need. First of all I am 42 years old and it seems that my workouts just don’t work me out anymore. I feel like my belly just won’t go away. Some of it might be the working conditions I am in here in Iraqi, were I am at we have little gym equipment and alot of users. A bodyweight program combined with a different routine I feel will be just the thing to jumpstart my body again. Thank You!

  • Jules

    Oh my gosh. I feel like I could write a book based on just this one question. First and foremost having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would give me no excuse, period. If anyone has this package sitting right in front of them then the only person standing in the way would be the guy in the mirror. If I’m in a hotel, a friends house, on a road trip, at a football game, or on vacation in Brussels, then I have no excuse. Especially when it comes to cardio as it is very difficult to get a cardio routine done in various locations. This program would also help due the fact everything is right there. I have no need to read a bunch of different magazine searching around for the perfect workout because it is all right there in one concise package. For years I have looked for the so called perfect workout and I believe I have found it! Reaching my goals with this package would be much easier as the added stress of figuring out which workout program I’m going to follow next is gone. Most workout programs last for 12 weeks or so. Then what? The Turbulence Training program has longevity. There are enough routines to last me for many years. I also love the outdoors and Turbulence Training has encouraged that. I can do the workouts outside which is awesome. There are also fun activities included on some days where I can do whatever I like, so the program is also not constrictive which adds to even more reduced stress. Time is another issue when talking about stress. There are short 10 minute workout routines and workouts that may take up to an hour to complete. Some days if I’m depressed or not feeling well a long workout might seem too intimidating and I can do a shorter one if I want. It also just depends on the time that I have available. As you can tell stress has been a big part of my life and sometimes I just don’t have the time to get my workouts in. At least now I can get in a workout without looking at it and not even attempting to do it because it was too long. The workouts are so adaptable that if I want to burn fat I can by doing many multiple circuits. If I want to really bulk up, I can add weights to the exercises and go that route. The videos in this package would also help by allowing me to see the correct form used in each exercise. I definitely want to make sure that my form is correct that way I do not hurt myself and become unable to reach my goals. Having the correct form would also make sure that I am getting the most out of each and every workout. I’ve also been in a depressed state for a while now and using these workouts are definitely helping me to have more confidence to go out and not be as self conscious about they way I look or how people see and perceive me. I also notice that my energy levels are starting to go up, and for that alone I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

  • Therese

    Hi Craig, I was always active and involved in sports until I entered my profession of nursing. The hours are spread across the whole 24 hours, with a mix of shifts. Never
    an opportunity to create a routine, or join a team sport for weekly games and training.
    Add to that it has affected my health in creating a physical condition of insulin resistance
    to deal with, sometimes I wonder if I can ever get my fitness levels to peak again.
    I give so much in my work, which I do love; and it would bring a huge smile to my face
    to receive a win, that I can utilise at home to keep me healthy and active for a long time
    to come. I have done my research and you are so right cardio is dead! It would be amazing
    to win your Complete Package : )

  • Karen Parker

    Hi Craig – I would love to win this – I have tried your programme and loved it. The results are amazing and it makes me feel so much better. It doesn’t take all day and I can do it at home – what more do I need. Regardless thanks for all the support and motivation – and keep it up. Karen

  • I am a college student who cannot afford this program. I am a physics major with a double minor in music and bible and I simply do not have much time in the day to spare for a good workout. Turbulence training workouts are perfect because they are short and to the point. I eat very healthy too but because of lack of training I just cannot burn off my stomach fat with conventional workouts. Thanks

  • daniele

    I think that everyone begins e training and diet plan in his life make a little revolution in his mind.
    With TT you can also make a big Evolution in your life.

  • Will

    Well for starters, it will show me the right why into doing the training. There are so many type of training out there, which makes training harder to find the right method than to just start doing it. With Turbulence Training, this “finding” step will be cut out. BONUS POINTS. Also going to the gym is not such a great option as time plays an important role in our lives. With Turbulence training this problem is also lightened with training right from home. So this package will be of great value. I’ve been struggling to find the right training method for quite some time now and just leaving me to start over again. I believe and trust in Turbulence Training, and thats why I will finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals.

  • Erika T. Smith

    The Turbulence Training Complete package WILL help me achieve my weight and fat loss goals because I believe in its principles and the concept. I ordered the e-books about a year ago and have truly enjoyed the workouts. But unfortunately balancing being an active duty nurse in the USAF, finishing grad school and time with my little girl– my waistline and thighs have suffered. Now 15 lbs and 10% more body fat, doing the things I love are not as fun anymore because I no longer look nor feel like ME. I have struggled with weight all my life and conquered the battle but as life changed, the things that worked before do not fit my lifestyle anymore. I feel that having the complete package on DVD would would ideal because it will take the guess work out of figuring out the workouts and fits my busy lifestyle. I am a very visual person and with my hectic lifestyle it would be ideal. I need this because time has come for me to feel better about ME and I want to be an inspiration to others. These workouts will help me take my fitness to another level and the benefits are endless. Mostly I want to show my 7 year old that mommy is focused and can do whatever she puts her mind to to be healthy and an example to her as she gets older.

  • txitxi

    (First of all sorry if my english is not good enoguh) .
    One of the hardest part of getting used to excercicing is begging disciplinated, your body becomes sluggish, and it gets hard to get out of there on your own. If you dont have your hour in the gym or you are not suposed to meet anyone to escercice with , it is easy to leave it for tomorow , and tomorow never comes….
    That is why I need you there. with the DVD’s would be like dating you to esxecice with, this way I think is easier to get the obligation. Good things shared with a friend become double better.
    And I think you are good at comunicating your passion. So hope tosee you soon in the DVD’s.

  • Yossi Lopez-Hineynu

    In a word, complete. My inner sexy, in-shape man can emerge with your program that covers all that is needed–why go anywhere else? As part of my overall makeover where I now focus on my dreams and take positive action to get there, TT Complete Package fits in nicely. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win this awesome product.

    Yours for prosperity,


  • Mark Riding

    I’ve been overweight/overfat since I was a toddler. My story is unfortunately common–I’m a fairly athletic fat guy who has failed every endeavor to get and remain fit. I’ve treadmilled and spin biked for years to little results. I found TT on YouTube tried some bodyweight workouts for a few weeks and saw amazing results. Again my story is unfortunately common. I haven’t maintained the workouts and healthy eating habits and all of my gains have been lost (or is that all of my losses have been re-gained?) I’m certain that I could benefit from having the total package at my disposal and would love nothing more than to enter my 40’s in the best shape ever. I’m in between jobs so buying my own TT program is an impossibility. Perhaps I’ll win the program and have the tools to prove to myself that a really fit guy truly exists under all this flab.

  • Danny

    In the past I’ve spent a lot time traveling for college and work and have been limited to working out with my 16kg kettlebell that I keep in the hatch of my VW Golf and trying to eat well off an on-the-road diet. I’ve never been completely satisfied with my physique but have felt forced to accept it given my lifestyle. However, I recently graduated and left my job to pursue teaching English abroad. I will be moving to Daejeon, South Korea in two-weeks and will, for the first time in years, have access to a real gym and the ability to prepare my own meals everyday! In short, I finally have the tools and opportunity to be in the best shape ever, I just need the right guidelines and methodology to do it!

    In an industry where anyone looking to get fit is bombarded with claims of “fat melting workouts” and “rapid strength increases” leaping out at them from the titles of endless books at Barnes and Noble and to flooded inboxes on their email, it would be a real pleasure to get to follow a widely praised workout plan and diet.

    That’s what I have to gain from the Turbulence Training Complete Package. Cheers!

  • SusanC

    I am living proof that hours of cardio workouts can not produce the results that TT can produce, having spent the last 4 months training for and running a marathon only to find that my muscle definition decreased and my body fat percentage increased — despite the fact that I was quite fanatic about nutrition and calorie intake.

    My priority was the marathon. Now it’s time to get my body back.

    I am convinced that the ONLY way to shed the excess fat and convince my body that it no longer needs to “store” energy (aka “store” fat) is through intense, interval training and active weight workouts. TT is the most complete approach I’ve seen, and I’m very excited to make it work for me.

  • Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals by giving me a fat loss system that allows me to focus on completely. The TT complete package is proven and effective and using it will allow me to stop wondering around from program to program and/or system to system.

    If we can’t lock arms and train together the TT complete training package is the next best thing.

    Focusing only on the Turbulence Training Complete Package will provided a focused direction for me to finally achieve my desired fitness and fat loss goals.

    You always have given sound effective advice for fat loss and fitness. Most of all you walk the walk and that is what the Turbulence Training Complete Package will provide me with as well. A complete fitness package that provides a no BS approach to achieve my goals. Boy am I ready for it too!

  • I have been struggling with weight issues since I was a kid. As a result, I am now a 29 year old woman with knee problems, back injury, high cholesterol, high blood sugar level and more. I am 97kgs and with that amount of weight and my knee and back problems, it is difficult for me to do hard exercising and also do it for long hours. I feel that the TT package will help me get moving and lose weight with minimal stress on my injured areas and in less time.

  • Michelle Haigh

    Winning The Complete Package would be a step closer to losing the belly rolls that I hate with a passion! I can’t swim & I desperately need swimming lessons, but the fear of the water & the embarassment of my body shape has thwarted my plans. I want to be able to enjoy the water with my family & not hide under a towel!


    I live in a small town in the North Western Province, South Africa. Living is such a small town has it’s limits. It’s not like in the cities where there are at least gims to go to, not to even talk of professional people who can give you some advise. If you want to do something about your weight – your on your own and believe me I’ve tried. It’s not so much the weight that I need to lose, but to feel good about myself again. That’s why I believe I will truly benefit by having the Complete TT Package and to show everyone – “Hey look at me!! – All thanks to TT!!””

  • Jimmy Lee

    I know that the Turbulence Training Complete Package will get me motivated into properly carry out the workout. Lately I’ve been busy in revising for my final e.xam that I dont really eat healthy and workout as planned. Even if I do have time my workout will not be properly done.As im a skinny person I feel like it is pointless to continue as I did’nt get any results and really need some help. I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package will get me really start to put serious efforts into it and with this carefully planned workout I think I can really achieve my goal.

  • gail rawlings

    would love to win,i need to complete my fitness and diet, from along time illnes its taken 15 years to get where i am to day

  • Rob Lee

    The Turbulence Training Complete Package would leave me with no excuse not to get in shape and lose fat. If I can’t make it to the gym, the bodyweight workouts would still provide an intense workout. While I’m on travel for work or vacation, I can maintain my fitness with the hotel room workouts. And finally, the DVDs would be much better for visualizing the exercises than the photos in the workout manuals and would be nearly as motivating as being in one of Craig’s classes.

  • I have some of your other packages Craig and they are fabulous. I think if I was lucky enough to win this package that it would be the ultimate push that I would need to just get on with it and finally be able to pluck the courage up to compete in a figure show. That is my ultimate dream. And I know that TT will get me there.

  • the main reason it would is guidance how to correctly workout and what routines to use for maximum result to me it;s not just about fattlos it is about health and functional strength

  • Marco

    My problem is, that I’m a so called skinny-fat guy. Otherwise skinny, but have too much bellyfat. My muscles are also lousy. I would need a good training programme, which would help me loose bellyfat and build muscle.

  • Gisela Mutinta Muleya

    Turbulence training package will help me through regular following of instructions to burn or lose of fat.This can only happen if materials are always available at my disposal. I will try to a portion time for me to achieve the goal of keeping health through utilisation of your training package materials.
    Consultation also is cardinal for best practices. Am a Zambian woman based in Eastern province specifically in KATETE District within Zambia AFRICA.
    Please i will so grateful if that package can be considered to me soon
    Bye good day

  • Kim Patrick

    I believe that the TT package would help me lose my last 14 lbs and give me direction where i am currently struggling. i have the passion and energy to do what it takes – i currently go to the gym three times a week and do kettlebells two days a week, i have what i think is a good diet yet despite all this i cannot shift this stone of weight. I have been 11 stone now for about two years and despite trying different things i cannot shift the weight, so hopefully Craig with your help i will be able to shift that last stone of awkward body weight.

  • Samuel Trancoso

    I just got in Turbulence Training 3 Weeks ago and every week i have been improving my body image. Before I used to go to the gym and workout and right after that I did 20 minutes of Cardio. With Turbulence Training all of that is combined together in one small time saving package and then some!So far so good with Turbulence Training, with a healthy diet and TT , I am curious too see what the future has in store for me.

  • Cyrus Fung Tze Hung

    I sincerely wish and hope to win this training package…

    I have been working hard to gain an ideal body figure for myself and my partner…

    I can’t wait to be on the winning list for a better me with Turbulence Training Fat Loss…

  • Sully

    I’m in my mid-40s. 5-11, 250. Soft and out of shape, I’m ashamed to say. I spend most of my time working hard, solely providing for my family. My son’s got medical issues, so I work extra hours to help keep him healthy, which thankfully he is now. I’m not complaining, we all make sacrifices, and so many others have struggled worse than we in this recession. But each day I wake up knowing that trapped inside this work-a-holic is the fit, gym-dedicated and fun-spirited man I was in my 20s, the one my own family hasn’t seen in way too long. I believe Turbulence Training could be the key to reorganizing my life and rededicating to my health, and unlocking the greater person hiding within. Thank-you.

  • Dee

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Well, the Feb 2009 was my turning point into shifting into a healthier lifestyle. I was 4’11, 204lbs female when I first started working out. Just felt bloated, depressed, you name it…I was miserable 24/7 and had to do something STAT! I was juggling a my job, full time school, taking care of my mother, and 3 nieces that my sister left. It was quite a struggle…but I did it! In July 2009, I dropped 35lbs of fat by working out and eating healthier. Felt great! My energy was sky high and I went down 3 – 4 pant sizes! One of my friends was so inspired, she jumped on the bandwagon and lost 20lbs with me!

    Now it is October and I’ve only dropped 10lbs. It’s getting a bit tough…I hit my first plateau. I’m not dropping as much weight as I was in the beginning of the year. But I believe that your TT Complete Package I will help me lose the last 50lbs. Not only that I want to lose this weight, I also want to set an example to my nieces. I want them to know that anything is possible and nothing in life can hold you back from the obstacles in life. I also want to prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS, and NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE. And as corny as this may sound…I truly love myself, I want to do this for me.

  • Julie Smith

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”
    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package will make achieving my fitness and fat loss goals move into a whole new level of intensity and vision. Obstacles are the things we see when we loose sight of our goals. To have this Complete Package would make my goals seem that much more attainable and worth fighting for. And this is a battle, not for the week of heart or small of spirit. For those of us that have carried the weight of two people around for too long this battle must, and will be won. However long it takes.

  • Susan

    The TT complete package will come in handy because i have been doing aerobics for the last 2 years and my tummy isn’t going anywhere and a change is as good as rest i think TT will be good for a change and the results as i read will be in a short while.

  • Sarah

    The TT complete package would help me because although I am consistent with my training, I have yet to find the right program that truly gets me results. I have a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old who keep me very busy BUT I still make sure I have time to train at the gym, the problem is though you need to keep having different ways of training to keep your muscles growing and blasting that fat and that’s why the TT complete program would help me because I would have the training at my fingertips, I would not have to sit down each week and think about my training, I could just follow the program and get results. After 2 children my body is not quite the same as it used to be and I need this program to get those stubborn bits lean and muscular!!!!

  • Pablo

    M cuerpo se transforma, mi ropa me sienta diferente y hasta mis hijos me ven distinto. Entro en la 4º semana y espero llegar a la 12 con un cuerpo nuevo. Nuevos rutinas de entrenamiento y nuevos habitos alimenticios empiezan a surtir efecto. Espero no caer en las multiples tentaciones que hay a mi alrededor y seguir transformando mi cuerpo y mente. Gracias y animo a todo el mundo

  • Andy

    Being Italian, I’m always on a Mediterranean diet. But the thing is, the diet includes very delicious foods which I cannot give up. Furthermore, I work behind a desk 10 hours a day and when I get home at 7:30 pm, I just have enough time to play with my one year old son (we spent tons of money to have him!)and spend some time with my wife. I believe in your course. I really do. It’s just that, honestly speaking, I do not have the money to pay for it and I really do wish to follow this program in order to get fit, since I’m very overweight.

  • D. Lynn McLeod

    On my own, I have tried to achieve my fitness goals, taking bits and pieces from various programs. I’ve found so many contradictions, both in fitness, and nutrition, and nothing I’ve really been able to adhere to. I found this site, and it appears to encompass all that I aspire to. The transformations that I’ve followed are very inspiring! I find I need visuals (ie- dvd’s, manuals) to show exactly how a particular workout is done. Like most people, I find long , boring workouts, that don’t deliver the promised results a waste of time and energy. Craig’s program appears to fit the bill as far as a results oriented , motivational package. He is the real deal! I have dealt with major health issues over the past few years, (currently on disability) and need to now build up my strength and stamina. Oh yes……I would also like to discard forever about 15 lbs of lard!

  • Dany

    I am a beautiful Italian girl in a fat body. I’m fighting with diets and gym since… always. I’m so lazy but I think that it depends on the fact that I had never found something really interesting and useful. I think I found it now. I love mountains and I’d like to feel how amazing it is to climb without being breathless.. Sorry for my poor English, I hope my message is understandable 🙂

  • Mhhesh Palawat

    I am a strong man but I do not have a dream body to flount about. I think TT would definately help me get a picture perfect body.Want to get rid of unwanted fat and get leaner so that I can act as a motivator to people around me.I do a lot of cardio but think it dose not deliver much. by doing workout as per TT I should be able to acheive the goal which seems very difficult at present.

  • Anggoro Kencono

    I think your method is the best workout ever. It’s simple yet effective, no need a lot of-and expensive-stuff. Just train with your body, my favorite 🙂
    I believe if i have TT Complete Package, play by the rules, and dilligent, i just one step away from my fat loss goals 😉
    I dont really think about winning the contest, just wanna show my support for your effort on TT. Wish you always healthy and success.

    PS: Love your article, love your video on youtube… 🙂

  • Patricia Andrews

    Hello Craig,

    I’ve been listening to you for awhile now. I look forward to your helpful hints and truth telling everyday. I love your videos. I am particularly in awe of your drive to bring awareness to others regarding cardio. I do believe the world is catching on thanks to you.

    I already bought some of your top notch TT Training but was not able to afford the DVD’s. I also bought 3 mos. membership and also couldn’t afford more than that. I am missing that!

    As a 59 year old Grandma raising my 15 year old awsome Grandson, I find myself with more energy now than ever. He keeps me young. I have attempted to stay on track with your body weight lifting program but “fall off the bar bell” every so often. My determination is there. I just get distracted with trying to make sure my form and execution are where it should be. I live in the mountains in California and find it difficult to travel to the nearest gym, as I have to make sure my Grandson is on task with chores and homework.

    Having these DVD’s would benefit not only me but my Grandson. It is important that I stay fit and heathy for me first and foremost, but for him as well. He needs me to see him through to adulthood. He needs to see his Grandma set a healthy example for him. Your TT program is the only prgram out there that makes a difference with my body. Your information about cardio is true because I have tried it and I have already made significant progress with my fading tummy gut. Nothing has ever worked before! I am a very visual person. I am someone who learns better by seeing. I am not a lazy person despite my age. I ride horses, clean my stalls everyday and operate a mobile dog grooming service to the homebound disabled and elderly community up here in the mountains where it can get very isolated for some. Their pets are everthing to them and I absolutely love, love love my job.

    In 1982 I was in a bad car accident where my 12th vertibrae received a compression fracture. I now have osteopena in my spine. Weightbearing excercise has made all the difference in the world with my DEXA reports (bone density test). Despite the push to take medication for this, the truth is, weight bearing excercise is the BEST and ONLY way to successfully build bone density. I eat very healthy already, do not drink alcohol and stay pretty active. I only weigh 114 lbs. which is why it is very iportmant that I buid muscle. I simply need that push through visual guidance to get me to that next level. I hope you can help me with that.

    I am submitting my comment in hopes you might consider me as I would be grateful and promise to make you proud!


    Pat Andrews

  • Philip Wong

    As I go through the difficult process of trying to create a consistent exercising regime, it all boils down to training not only the body but the mind as well, and I feel that your Turbulence Training Complete Package can and will help me accomplish what I need to do to tune my body to the desired physique effectively. I tend to procrastinate but I believe in your program a will help me overcome and eradicate the many excuses of not following the program.

    I learn to exercise the the correct way and avoiding the pitfalls which I have pathetically failed time after time. Now I am eventually seeing the results that I want to see and the feeling of achievement.

    Thanks Buddy!

  • Grisha

    I wanna lose the 15 pounds and your program is the best for this. I am motivation to going to the gym. Craig, you are the very good trainer and i like turbulence training.

  • Bernd

    A lot of things have been said. So what’s new to be added. I think the package will be a “kick butt” to saty connected to the goals in fitness: Stop dreaming, Start doing!

  • Camy Chatrooghoon

    I know that this will definitely get me to lose the 15 kg’s I still have to lose. I am following your eating plan, the vegetables have helped a lot and I have sucessfully lost 5 kg’s over 3 weeks. I am however at a plateau for the last 4 weeks and not even dropping an ounce off! This is the reason why I would love to win your complete package of Turbulence Training. I would especially love to perform the workout with you, not just be shown the exercises for me to do the reps by myself. Would really love to train with you personally but that is a tall order, with me living in Durban, South Africa. The next best thing would be to workout with you on the DVD’s!!!

  • Odette Green

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me acheive my hope of living a long, healthy and physically stress free life. I have lost my mother and one sister to cancer and another sister to anaemia. I was born eczemic and anaemic and i beleive (and so far i think its working) that eating healthy and consistently varying forms of exercise/physical training will keep me strong and independent for decades to come (i get bored easily). I also used to be an athlete and had to stop all training suddenly and it wreaked havoc with my metabolism and respiration over the years. I just want to feel good and i know your programme will do that for me. (I also LOVE cooking :))

    How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals

  • Lisa Geselbracht

    How would having the TT Complete Package help me finally achieve my Fitness???…
    When I had first come across your program a while back…I just thought there was no way without Cardio for fat loss…Like you´ve said endless hours get you no some extreme…Also the endless hours Pumpin Iron…I´ve been an Iron girl and Cardio freak for quite sometime and let me tell you ….I was getting so frustrated…couldn´t find the right workouts, did a few muscle mags workouts and yet no satisfaction….I know I had muscle somewhere…but also the eating programs I had come across, never really told the whole story, oh yeah …a little of this and more of that…and 300 calories per meal…of What????…

    And again I have come across you and your TT Program and thought…OK, lets just see and give it an honest try…so I got the free programs and get your newsletter…and I had also put my name in for this last Transformation Contest, which started at the end of Aug…
    But I had signed up to few days before it had started…didn´t get the picture or paper done…and then wasn´t sure where to get the program…so I have been doing what I had gotten for the fatloss and read the Black Cardio…Wow-..It´s like seeing your life flush down the Toilet sort of speak!!!!…And of course the endless hours and 6 to 7 days a week I´ve spent in the Gym..the ol´gym rat here….
    But there are times I feel I´m not doing enough but I´m sticking with what programs I have gotten from you….
    You and the Program have been opening my eyes to something which I believe for me , is a brand new start and actually seeing wonderful things in such a sort time ,
    happening to me…
    But where does a person really start or begin at….
    I know now that I had botched up the Contest for me…cause I didn´t know really where to start from…And my goal is the Fat loss and gaining or maintaining my Lean body mass…getting those Muscle definitions…And I would would really like to dive whole heartedly into this TT program and give it my all…..

    Dreams are still attainable…

  • sione mailei

    Im a 31 yr old father of 2 beautiful kids that has been struggling with my weight for most of my life. I’ve tried Body for Life but never can keep the weight off and stick to it. Not too mention I hate cardio. I have a stationary bike which in the 5 years Ive had it has only helped my weight see saw. I am a strong beleiver in building muscle to lose fat and enjoy working out. I am determined to be a success story of this program. I want to be able to take my kids swimming and not feel self conscious like I do now even in a rash vest. I will use this program to get the body Im meant to have, so I can gain the confidence to achieve whatever I wish to in life but more importantly live to see my children as adults with their own families and maybe even see my grandkids and better still great grandkids

  • Fulya

    The TT complete package would definitely support me a LOT by:-
    – boosting my MOTIVATION for high intensity workout
    – giving me trust confidence for being on the RIGHT track
    – becoming a PART of this amazing program and ENJOYING it!

    ….and the WINNER is…:-)

  • Lee Clark

    To make a change.

    No matter how much I research on the web (biased sites owned by supplement companies plus ones that are “scientifically proven”) or talk to bodybuilders at my gym – all have something different to say, most of which contradicting what the last person had told me. I have paid for many programmes, trainers, “healthy foods”, supplements and the like. Putting on muscle mass is not hard for me and I have a bit of definition at 16% body fat (185cm/89kg). However I want to look like a Spartan off 300 or like a fitness model, but no matter how much I slave my behind doing all these “effective types of cardio” it just doesn’t happen…

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    I’d like to think it would give me crazy definition and maybe a bit more muscle mass – I have heard many great things about it. I’ve heard many great things about many things.
    But Craig, here’s the thing – I want you to show me. Turn me into a believer and give me those washboard abs!!!

  • Edit Trieb

    I am a 48-old-mum with two teenagers. I always had weight issues even though I am very active.
    I am still doing 3-4 gym classes and 2-3 cardio and weight trainings weekly with my kids. I still keep my ugly fat coverage somehow. I also changed my diet in the last 3 months but I only lost about 7-8 kilos with that than I plateaued.
    I have to lose another 15-20 kilos to be in the healthy range but I cannot do it without your Turbulence Training. It is the “shake up” that my body need. I worked with personal trainers before but they were keep telling me that I had to do more and more cardio training to lose weight.
    I cannot do more and anyway I’ve learnt from you that won’t help.
    I love your style of training. It takes less time and more fun than my usual training and it WORKS.
    I really want to prove it to my kids that we can shape our body and keep our weight under control.
    I live in Australia so I can’t dream to work out with you but I would be very keen to follow your program if I’d get your packages.
    I’ve crossed my fingers. 🙂

  • Sascha Lock

    Hi Craig,

    I’m a student with little time. In between my 2 jobs and classes, I squeeze in workouts under time pressure, trying to maximize each one. And even though I feel healthy, I have had so much trouble losing one big layer of fat for that time. Cardio, as we both know, is very boring because the whole “mouse on the wheel” feeling. I’ve watched a lot of your videos on YouTube and have shown them to many friends who also are trying to be fit and lose the fat. I try to live a fairly healthy lifestyle and encourage my friends, by way of example, to follow and be healthy. However, no one wants to do the cardio…luckily they don’t have to. Since I’m a student, I unfortunately can’t afford the package, but if I did have it, it would greatly encourage myself and other students to use the little amount of time we have to grow healthy and strong.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jane Frances Namukasa

    I am happy to hear about the free complete package. This is what i have been longing for . Once i get it, i will be motivated tyo continue doing the exercises and lose fat. I feel a good figure will boost my confidence and self esteem. I have tried several times but i lose truck because there is no continuity in the information which i receive in bits. Please let me be the lucky one today.

    I love you so much. Thanks for your comunication.
    Jane Frances Namukasa

  • Michelle Argyle

    Turbulence training gives me work outs that are enjoyable and easily challenging. With the TT Complete Package I would be able to continue past the point where boredom might start set in. I would have lots of variety and better visual support. I do my workouts at home in the garage with my kids as my personal trainers. I really think the TT Complete Package would be more effective as a personal trainer than my kids! I could check my technique, prevent injury to keep workingout more often and still be working out in years to come. TT is a fantastic way to keep fit, lean and feeling great. For me it’s been the key to wellbeing and energy, but I need everything ounce of support I can get to keep going! The TT Complete Package would be a great help and much appreciated.

    Michelle Argyle
    R. D 4
    Palmerston North
    New Zealand

  • Abbe

    Winning this Complete Package – would help me to finally shift the last few kilos and get the toned and fit body I have dreamt of for so long. I have lost just under 40kg thus far – and my life is completely different., but I know Im still not 100% there.
    Sorry I cant say NO to cardio fully as I love the buzz it gives me (and I also just got a place for the 2010 London Marathon) – but I also know that I need to do other training.
    Help me to finish the marathon and realize my dreams……make me a Winner!!!

  • mariz

    The package will help to beat boredom, trim of the last inches on my hips(so I hope),and will make a nice change from my normal program! Always exiting to try something new:)))

  • Edel Corrigan

    I am not a naturally athletic person, and even when Ive gone to the gym, have not felt Ive got the support Ive required. I have a real fear of doing the exercises wrong and hurting myself, or just wasting my time. The one thing that has made a difference for me is having videos of the movements Im supposed to be doing. It takes the fear away that Im doing something wrong and stops me giving up as I frequently do when Im trying to work out using a book or static imagery. TT would help me enormously as there is such a huge wealth of information being given.
    Thanks, am really looking forward to winning the package!

  • lucky

    i wil say only this… nothing is compareable with turbulance traning..
    as i started getting mails from TT, there is a new shape in my body, that i was dreaming for,from years…

  • zlata

    Hi Craig,

    well, you sure deliver on your promises!!!

    I have been doing TT for 6 weeks now and feel GREAT! No more heaviness in the legs after heavy squats or feeling completely wiped out after a long 90 min. run.
    I used to race half marathons ( in my previous life) but with kids, work and and otehr commitments I just don’t have the time to run 40 miles a week in training. Plus, I don’t recover as quickly anymore. TT has allowed me to stay in great shape without the 40 miles a week.
    It’s quick, simple to follow and does not get boring. I also love teh short and intense cardio, no longer than 20 mins. Great!!! Coupled with the Eat-stop-Eat plan I think TT is a gold mine for all busy adults.

    So, Thank yo for introducing me to TT and short cardio.
    Your very happy client

    ps. I still succumb to my old habit and run a long-run on Sun. I limit it to 90 mins. at most but it’s never a long and slow run for me. I play around with speed and incline and generally try to run at a good pace. Hope you don’t mind the “cheat”. My body is very used to the long runs and I enjoy them, if i control my urge to run for much longer than 90 mins.

    Thanks again

  • Rob Key

    The Complete Package would be the ideal product to help me lose the weight, tone and strengthen so I have a ‘complete package’! I believe that TT training gives a well rounded workout that saves time (traveling to the gym), money (paying for the gym) and stress (driuving to and waiting for equipment ….at the gym!) It gives an stimulating program for both body and mind that will help me develop my current package and make it complete while having fun working out hard.

  • Muckel

    I believe that your TT complete package would help me feeling and getting better and healthier. I imagine coming home from work and have a work out in my “home gym” with no fancy equipment necessary.
    As I have kids the time when I can work out is to be quite frank very limited. So I have seen on your HP that you even offer work outs for busy dads/mams-) !!
    I have read one of your free giveaways and know that your program could help me in achieving my fitness goals and support me staying fit and lean.

  • Ruth Cordingley

    I will be 42 on the 21st, and I am taking charge.
    We have been amazingly lucky and just moved into a house with a basement that has already been turned into a workout room, but now I need the training plan to make use of it.
    I have done the endurance cardio stuff, and it didnt change my body shape.
    But now is different, I have had a few weeks of weight training and the changes I have already seen have been amazing, have dropped a dress size and as for body fat. . . . .
    But I want MORE, I want to compete in a body building competetion, in the figure class next year before I am 43.
    So help me get there, provide me with the program and I will follow it.
    I dont want or need babysitting, I want a challenge, I want someone that isnt going to say here is 3kg, now lets see if you can possible do 15 chest press with it . . . .
    Challenge me and help me get my goal and change my shape and life forever.

  • Heather

    Hi Craig
    To receive the Turbulence Training Complete Package would be life changing for me. For the last two years I have been trying to lose the weight I gained when I had my beautiful baby boy. But it seems like every time I get started there is some sort of major obstacle being put in my way keeping me from having the time and emotional strength to focus on myself. Firstly my mom was diagnosed with cancer and my focus was entirely on supporting her through her treatments. And with the economic crisis my husbands’ business fell apart and I became the sole breadwinner in our family while my husband worked tirelessly to rebuild his business. Needless to say gym memberships and even memberships to websites like Turbulence Training were not a part of our monthly budget! Receiving this Complete Package would give me the support and boost I need to get going with my fitness goals. Turbulence Training would fit in with my beyond busy lifestyle and having you there in DVD format would give me so much help and motivation.
    I know my story is one of many and that I do have so much to be grateful for in my life but I really believe that your email about this opportunity to win the Complete Package has come to me for a reason and at the right time.
    Thanks for your time and for your commitment to people like myself who are trying to be the best they possibly can!

  • Tina Olden

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” That’s easy Craig, I NEED it, that’s why it means so much to me.
    After trying a million and one different things to get back into shape I have finally found something that delivery exactly what it promises.
    A good friend Darren( recommended I take a look at TT after watching me struggle to regain my fitness and lose fat for a long time and I haven’t looked back since.

    I was fit and toned before having my 3 kids and was on the slippery slope to unhealthy and fat until TT came into my life. Raising my kids alone is a full time job which takes a lot of my spare time but the Complete Package would enable me to fit training into my hectic schedule with ease.

    After losing my father 3 years ago to Coronary Heart Disease at just 64 years old I am determined to live a long and healthy life and I believe TT is the way to do it.

    Until Darren told me about TT I was running my life away on a treadmill daily trying, but failing to regain my fitness. Since implementing TT into my daily routine and following a healthier eating plan over the last 3 weeks, I have managed to shift just over 4kg, which is double what I managed to lose in 2 months on a treadmill. I sleep well, am full of energy and I look forward to training. I’m regaining the self confidence that I lost while being locked inside a fat body for too long.

    Reading your daily comments on facebook always helps to inspire me but having the Complete Package would be like having you right here with me ensuring I never fall off the wagon again. Craig, you have helped me find myself again and for that I will always be truly grateful.

    Tina Olden

  • Tina Olden

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” That’s easy Craig, I NEED it, that’s why it means so much to me.
    After trying a million and one different things to get back into shape I have finally found something that delivers exactly what it promises.
    A good friend Darren( recommended I take a look at TT after watching me struggle to regain my fitness and lose fat for a long time and I haven’t looked back since.

    I was fit and toned before having my 3 kids and was on the slippery slope to unhealthy and fat until TT came into my life. Raising my kids alone is a full time job which takes a lot of my spare time but the Complete Package would enable me to fit training into my hectic schedule with ease.

    After losing my father 3 years ago to Coronary Heart Disease at just 64 years old I am determined to live a long and healthy life and I believe TT is the way to do it.

    Until Darren told me about TT I was running my life away on a treadmill daily trying, but failing to regain my fitness. Since implementing TT into my daily routine and following a healthier eating plan over the last 3 weeks, I have managed to shift just over 4kg, which is double what I managed to lose in 2 months on a treadmill. I sleep well, am full of energy and I look forward to training. I’m regaining the self confidence that I lost while being locked inside a fat body for too long.

    Reading your daily comments on facebook always helps to inspire me but having the Complete Package would be like having you right here with me ensuring I never fall off the wagon again. Craig, you have helped me find myself again and for that I will always be truly grateful.

    Tina Olden

  • Lucy Charles

    I’ve been using your workout routines on me and now my first few clients and I love the body weight work and and I love Kettlebells, I have become pretty defined and strong and don’t look half bad for a 44 year old mum. So I would like to see a lot more of your workouts to help me stay in shape and make my clients workout more interesting.

    Cheers from Australia


  • bob garrett

    The Complete Package would motivate me to lose the ‘luv’ handles that I have and get inot the shape that I have desired for the last 50 years. It that simple!

  • Sharad Pandit

    I travel a fair bit due to work and many times do not have access to a gym. I struggle at times for workouts and am always looking for varied workouts. It would be tremendously useful having the complete workout package as I can use the turbulence training methodology everywhere.Quick, short intense workouts using nothing but bodyweight wherever and whenever one can is the ideal way to stay on top of the fatloss program. I have been using turbulence training for over a year now and already note a huge difference in the way my body looks and how I feel. Having the complete package would give me additional motivation to stick with the program for a LONG time.

  • Hannah Krause

    The TT complete package will give me that extra push to succeed in completing my goal: being fit, healthy and a vital woman, mom and wife.

    This training method already helped me shed 12 kilos since I gave birth in April 2009 and started these workouts in August 2009 and I can only say it WORKS!

    I myself used to be a personal fitness trainer and was very fond of circuit training and getting it all done “fast and furious” 🙂 rather than spending 3 hours at the gym talking more than training and I was never pro the “2 hours on the treadmill” type of workout. Using your own body weight in the right circuit training gets you more results than 2 hours on a treadmill ever will.

    I would put this package to very good use and continue to recommend anyone I know to join in and look up this website as well!

    Hannah K.

  • ida

    If I would be the lucky person to win the Turbulence training complete package…. for me it would mean a lot.
    first it means that I would exercise every day, and do it properly……as I really need the show and tell, how to do it . DVD great.
    I love the motivation you give Craig, since I been receiving your email. I’m more motivated to the turbulence training program I exercise every day and I love it.
    and I feel great. I’m 68 years old got Diabetes and need all that for my health,, loose weigtht
    and keep it down… Thank you Ida

  • m.siddiq sahil

    so for i dont know anything about can than i pridict its utility.if it could transform me into a body building figure than i shal rate it the number one slimmming ,bodybuiding book.

  • Ruby Kewa

    I felt extremely relieved the first time I learned that it was possible to lose weight + sculpt the body I want without long boring cardio and in a short perod of time. This must have been sometime in 2008. I have been receiving all your daily newsletters since then, i have downloaded all the free downloadables I could get my hands on and they have worked for me to the extent that I have begun to learn to combine the right excersies and diet to lose weight. I believe so much in turbulence training over hear in Nigeria even though it is not so popular here. People need to see to beleive you know. But i know having the complete program wiil be more than what i need, seeing as a great deal of the beginner/intermediate workouts require little or no equipment. I really must say I look forward to getting my hands on the complete package sometime soon.

  • Cindy

    Your style of training is exactly what i believe in but it is hard when you don’t have a specific format to follow. Having this TT package would be like having you as my trainer, and I’m sure you’d agree that I couldn’t get any better than you.
    Since I live in Australia and that is definitely not possible, the next best thing would be to follow your program via the products supplied in the TT Complete package.
    I’m up for the challenge, in fact I look forward to working harder and smarter by following your guidelines and exercises. Thanks for the opportunity to win one and have a great day.

  • Monalisa

    It would be awesome to know that I have the whole set of tools to train for not only looking the best I can be with losing the weight but also whenever wherever so there are no excuses to achieve my fitness goals. TT you are awesome!!

  • G Bentley

    The TT complete package will help me achieve my goals because at 62 I have accumulated a lifetime of bad habits and failed at other weight loss programs – I will finally have a professional guide to channel my efforts productively and successfully.

  • I am going to be honest with you as much as i can,

    My goals are More into Bodybuilding so rap up muscles, huge muscles

    why i am interested in TT and to meeting your good self because out of your blog and only your blog and you can count me accountable for this, I managed to reduce one of the most stubborn fats i had around my mid section,

    as well my wife gave birth to my wonderful daughter 4 month back, and now she want her body back and i don’t think there is one program that can help her better than TT,

  • Frank M

    I think the TT system will work great for me, because I need something that is tailored for my personal schedule, doesn’t require a full gym and allows me to change workouts regularly so I’m not bored and don’t lose interest. From the videos I’ve seen it looks like it’s the ideal fit!

    I also need something that will fit into my schedule and packs a lot of energy into a minimum of time. I’m not looking for 2-minute abs or anything unrealistic, because I’m willing to do the work necessary to achieve what I want. I’ve lost weight before, but gaining most of it back is a real drag because I know that with continued effort I could have kept it off indefinitely.

  • David Stubley

    I gave up smoking 30 years ago by sheer bloody minded determination. Immediately I started putting on weight. In spite of playing many sports the weight just kept creeping on. I am living proof that it takes more than determination to lose weight and regain muscle. It takes a proven, professional program and a support structure to see it through. As I approach the big 60 I intend to reach that milestone fitter, leaner and resultantly healthier. That is why I need the Complete Package. Oh and incidently it would give me an instant source recognising and correctly executing a WYLIT DB Chin up with raised leg and side plank or any other exercise without having to stop and search You tube. Thanks for reading this.

  • wendy

    I have been dreaming and praying for a way to get your complete training package! At 41 years young, I realize that I would like to do something I’ve never been able to accomplish… sculpt my body and live in a strong powerful Me! My dad was a great influence on me and had us in all kinds of sports and activities to help us stay fit. I figure skated 5 days a week for 18 years but I have always been overweight..I was in ok shape but have always had alot of stomach fat. When I left home to attend University, I ate the same but stopped exercising and gained over 70lbs!.( I weighed 293lbs at one point ) I lost a hundred pounds by following a strict low calorie diet and a rigid work-out program with tonnes of cardio for over a year . I lost the weight but I have NEVER been able to lose the flabby tummy and arm wings. I have been on a roller-coaster since then ( but more steadily up) and I am so tired ! I saw your program and began following your blog ….I thought could this be the program to FINALLY help me shape the body of my dreams? I also decided to go veggie this year and asked for and received Kardena’s veggie meal plan for my birthday this summer! I feel great now when I eat but I still have so much belly fat. I am a single mom with a beautiful 7 yr old daughter and I realized I wanted to teach her from the beginning to have excellent nutrition AND a successful exercise program.
    I truly believe if I have your program in the safety and security of my own home, I can accomplish my life long finally lose my tummy padding and extra 40-50 lbs….to once and for all give myself the gift of a healthy TONED body and let the true inner me out for the rest of my journey of life! I would love to have before and after pictures and be one of those people who gave themselves the opportunity to live their dreams come true! (I cant wait to actually achieve a chin-up!) I would love to be an example to my daughter and be an inspiration for great health and well-being…..I would love to see MYSELF in real life as I do in my dreams…fit TONED happy!
    I would love this chance to receive your program! peace and love to you and yours!



    • MARINA


  • Bob Bishoen

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?

    I would study the dvd’s, relate them to De Vany’s Evolutionary Fitness Program, and focus on teaching as much people as possible to train the Turbulence Training combined with Evolutionary Fitness. By eating the way Cordain has described we used to eat during the paleolithic era, I find mankind will have the perfect mixture of a healthy life.

    “Goals are dreams with deadlines” (N.N.)

  • Rick Craddock

    I need the Turbulence Training Complete Package to get me over the top. I have tried several other programs, P90X included with some progress, but not what I need. I have been reading about Turbulence Training for quite a while and I know it is the ONE I need. I work out 5 to 6 times a week; cardio is my least favorite, just like everybody else….I will do what it takes to get where I want to be…..I am a young 53 and I know it’s never too late to get in the best shape I can be in.

  • Paul Murphy

    The Turbulence Training Package would be a life saver for me in so many ways. Having recently been in hospital with ventricular tachycardia, (a heart condition which i was unaware of until I found myself with a heart rate of 301!!) I have found myself putting on a large amount of weight and seeing my physical fitness dramatically decrease. My motivation has hit an all time low and am disillusioned with exercise in the conventional manner. I really need something which can show me the way to success and provide me with the first stepping stone on the road to a better life.

    Fingers crossed that I can win this prize and get myself back to a healthy way of life!


    i have become a diabetic do to my weight. I have been swimming about 3/4 of a mile every day.
    have gotten sore from walking/hips and knees and cannot get a full nights sleep. Have tried to understand some of your workouts terminology. hope these DVD’s would help explain how and what needs to be done to reduce my dependence on the pills that have been prescribed by the Dr.

  • Adam

    The, as always, highly anticipated TT complete package would top off the finishing of these ‘last few pounds’. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part, is getting rid of the last little bit of body fat. I truly and strongly believe that the complete TT package would be exactly what I need to torch the remaining bit left on me. The body weight training alone would be significantly superior in these packages compared to what my body is used to doing in the gym.

  • Merla Sandberg

    I’ve got a way to go yet, especially with tummy fat, but have lost 17 lbs is the last six weeks.
    As well I’m having physio therpy for ‘frozen shoulders’, so if you have anysuggestions for that it would be appreciated. Keep up the good work. I know you have helped thousands andyou will be rewarded for that. God Bless/



    I hate cardio training because I never get any result by ding it.I hope turbulence training will help both my mind and my body to get the results I have always wanted to achieve.
    It is very important to get the right way to get the targets because there are plenty of theories that promise you “the heaven”.
    These theories never work properly because every body and every single person are different, therefore the training should be adapted properly.
    I hope Turbulence traning will help me to achieve my personal goals desired.

  • Michael

    I don’t know if it will. I have no idea. I would be very surprised if it did. Nothing has worked for the past 25 years.

  • Gabriel Lajeunesse

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”


    I used to be a college wrestler with 6% body fat; 15 years and ~40 pounds later, my metabolism has slowed to a snails crawl. For the last eight years I have been running; I have done five marathons and two triathlons (1 sprint and 1 Olympic distance) but though I am heart healthy, all that cardio hasn’t changed my body composition much.

    About four months ago I watched a Nova special on marathoning where they took a bunch of couch potatoes and spent a year getting them ready to run the Boston marathon. Tuft University tracked the groups physiological progress. Stunningly, they found that the health benefits of all that cardio peaked once the people were fit enough to run 10 miles. These were pretty sedentary people so it probably wasn’t even the ten miles that got them that gain per say, probably any intense physical activity would have done the trick. With all the miles they slogged, there was little appreciable change in their body composition or weight.

    It was like a light went on for me–I have been wasting all kinds of time trying get in shape by logging long runs. So I went back to what I used to do in college, I am back in the weight room and work in speed work a couple of times a week; I still do a couple middle distance runs to keep my base up (I like to compete). I have lost ten pounds and am starting to get tone again, but can tell I need to drop at least ten or fifteen more–I have hit a plateau that I need to get off of. I googled around and found your web site. I did the trial workout on Saturday and felt really good; not smoked but certainly pushed hard for what is usually about half the time I am normally working out. Everything I am reading makes a lot of sense to me and I would like to try it out. I am an Air Force Officer and need to stay in shape; I’d love to win the complete TT package and see if it can push me over the hump.

  • Ryan Brown

    The Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me because I’ve finally come to that point of being sick and tired of looking the way that I do and living the way that I do. Sure, I check out as much information on weightloss and exercise as I can but it all just never clicks together.
    The program itself says “complete” in the title and that’s something that I need. For too long now I’ve been staring down the barrel of what my life may end up becoming. My father, once a fit guy, is overweight and heading down the road of multiple heart attacks, which are what eventually killed my grandfather, someone who was also a fit guy in his youth.
    I understand that those are the lifestyle choices they made with their lives, but this is the choice that I’m making with my life.
    The package will make it easier for me to take my career in the direction that I want as well. For too long I’ve been stuck behind a desk, or a customer service counter waiting on people but never actually doing anything more than that. I decided I want to give more to people than just happily returning their broken toys and giving them a refund.
    My decision lies in martial arts and becoming a sensei. But, how can I do that with belly fat and love handles? Well, I can but it will be a lot harder and more time consuming without some outside help.
    I can do it with the help of the TT complete package.
    It can help me because it’s a series of DVDs, something that I need because I’m a visual learner; my wife and I frequently travel on the weekends and knowing exercises that I can take on the road will help keep me focused while away from home; all the social support and new information the TT subscription will give me will also help me with those goals.
    While I don’t have a problem with cardio (I do love to bike), I need to try something new and different to get me out of my rut.
    Thanks for the contest and good luck everybody.

  • Fred

    TT is the only tool set that would give me the training tools and motivation to efficiently get past that plateau to allow me to lose body fat and gain strength to be really fit.

  • Odhran McCorry

    The TT program could help me further my training and reach my goal of a six pack. I am not going to follow the suit of the previous posters who have fed your ego relating to the program and the simple reason I am not doing so is that I have not tried any of your programs so therefore cannot speak as to the effectiveness of your claims relating to the program. However I am well aware of your reputation among the fitness and S&C world and hope you will accept my challenge to prove to me that the claims made relating to your programs can work on anyone.

  • It’s an excellent program teaching proper form of the excercises to avoid injury. Watching the dvd is like having your personal trainer at your own home. The supersets are strength and body weight exercises
    that only takes 20 minutes, but more importanly are very effective. Its gives a clear picture of caloric content, good calories virsus bad calories and burning more calories than you consume. It also give
    insight about meal preparation, water intake and what time of day the meals should be consumed. In my opinion the overall progam is very easy to follow. Way to go Craig.

  • George Cassady

    As a 52 year old male I am in great shape and plan on staying this way for years to come, I am always looking for new and improve ways of staying this way.I have been reading alot of material from Turbulence training over the year and find the program very interesting and it works. I would love to win this program as I strive for perfection when it comes to my health and TT looks to be one of the best body weight programs out there. I have a busy work and family schedule and TT gives you the program you need without using up long hours of weight lifting and cardio.
    These are my reasons for wanting to win this complete TT program , the most important part of life is your health and without it your life is limited to what you can do.

  • Rob Hill

    I have been struggling with my weight for all my adult life. I was up to 418 this past January and have been able to get to 320 with a lot of work this year. My goal is to get to 220 which I think would be a healthy weight for 6’3″ I have suffered with High BP and High cholesterol for the past 15 years and I am killing myself with my weight and being tied to a desk for 10 to 12 hours a day doesnt help any. My biggest difficulty is motivation at the end of the day to exercise.

  • Armand Valencerina

    I’d love to meet you personally and thank you for what the sample fat burning turbulence workout did for me but our geographical location makes it a distant possibility……

    I downloaded the free / sample fat burning turbulence training workout and my weight dropped from 175 lbs to 140 lbs… People have started complimenting me on the way I look and thought I regularly work out in the gym…With the complete package I’d like to continue doing turbulence training properly in the comfort of my home ( the Philippines..).. and I guess at age 53, I’d like to live up to 85 or 90 (is this possible??) and still be strong and fit as I am now…

  • Samantha Peck

    The Complete TT Package would really help me because I can’t afford a trainer and really want to continue to see results and tone my entire body. I’ve tried a few TT workouts and have loved them!

  • Franc L

    I’m a skinny guy, 24, who struggles to keep significant mass on his body. Your TT Complete Package would help me improve my training method by 100% and get the results I want to see, all without losing hope in the attempt. It will keep me motivated to make that extra effort and exercise to the max, and that’s all I’ll need to achieve my fitness goals. It’d be also great to see what the TT Membership can do for me. Thanks.

  • Todd W. Carr

    Good Morning Craig, and thank you for this opportunity. My name is Todd. I am 53 years old and am in need of help. I am 100 lbs. overweight, I work 5 days and 3 nights a week.
    I have a 7 year old Granddaughter, a 4 year old grandson and a new 1 month old grandson.
    I am supporting my daughter and two of the three grandchildren. I would like to be around for a while and getting scared ( passed time for that but I’m here now ). I will make the time. What I do not have is the money for a program like this. Would like to win, I know it would benefit me and in turn my family.
    Thanks for the chance, and keep up the good work.

  • Ali L.

    I avoid weight training like the plague. I’ve always been on the verge of being in shape…ever since I was young. I managed to play college basketball in my “almost in shape” state and now recently I even run half marathons. But…I’m not in shape. I get bored without a competition to train for so next up is teaching myself how to swim so I can complete a triatholon and then my ultimate goal is a figure comp. I know I need weight training to transform my body. I know how to lift and I know how to motivate myself…but I’m so hit and miss when it comes to sticking to a lifting program. I read your emails everyday and especially enjoy your journey with the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle , as I also eat this way. The TT package would literally transform my body once and for all and I can’t wait to share my before and after pics with you! I’m not someone who will let the program sit and collect dust…I get after it.

  • Vivian Ogunniran

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me out greatly for the reason that I am dying to shed a lot of weight and cannot go the gym because I have a child at home to look after and would be very pleased to have my own Turbulence Training workout and exercise demonstrated on video so that you can watch in the comfort of my own home and exercise more.
    I need something to motivate me to lose weight and become very fit and achieve my goals. I have a big problem with my thighs and legs, I have accumulated so much fat on my legs since I had my first child in 2004 and no matter the number of sit ups I do my legs are still stocky and this has made made me stop wearing dresses but trousers all the time just to avoid people starring at me. But I believe deep down that having my own Turbulence Training complete Package will do the magic for me because I am dying to look sexy again.

  • Liz Jaeger

    Well, I am a 44-year old mom of two small boys – I try to be consistent and get to the gym but sometimes it’s hard to get there ! For years I have struggled with “skinny fat” and and want to get a rockin’ muscular body before it’s too late LOL ! I also love weights and get REALLY bored with cardio ! My friend Lora Colson has had amazingly awesome results with your program and looks fabulous !! Never mind that being fit with the right eating plan and solid workouts is the ONLY path to good health and longevity – I don’t want to be feeble in my old age hehe !!
    So … blasting fat, building muscle, consistency and a solid program with proven results and something that I can stick with forever – yes, I want it all, but I’m worth it !!
    Oh, did I mention that I really want it ???!!!

  • pearson

    I have been training for quite a while now but have not achieved what I want from it. I am easily distracted and have become somewhat overwhelmed lately by all the programmes that are available. Could say I am suffering from information overload and I am highly confused to the point that I am losing motivation. I feel your complete package would help me achieve what I want while keeping the workouts fun and quick. I was particurly attracted to your programme because I too find long cardio very boring and non-satisfying result wise. Your programme would also provide the direction and goals that one needs and also provide the motivation that is a very important factor.

  • Rickesh

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would hep me in many ways however the most beneficial way wouod be to lose weight and keep it off. currently im going to the gyn but nothing seems to work i just seem to either stay the same weight or actually put on weight!!!! ive been following al your emails which have been a huge help but nohing is working yet maybe with your pogram i can finally get my ideal body.

  • Carla Hollis

    I am 58 years old and the muscle goes FAST if I do not do strength training on a regular basis. Needless to say I do not and I desperately need a program to keep me focused and on a regular schedule. I believe this would provide me with that and hence RESULTS!
    Many thanks,
    Carla Hollis

  • Janie Malsin

    I have been searching for an efficient, no nonsense resistance training workout to augment the weight loss eating plan that I began in April. I have lost twenty pounds and but I have hit a plateau. I am too busy to go to the gym due to having a full-time job as a speech pathologist and I own a business of live animals. I need a time efficient work out that will wake-up the long dormant muscle memory I built back when I was is my thirties. Self-taught, I used to lift 2 1/2 hours a day 6 days a week and then do an aerobics class or run 3 miles. Since then, my level of fitness has deteriorated and your Turbulence Training Package is precisely what is needed to catapult me back on the road to fitness. Thank you for this great opportunity!


  • Jane Henderson

    The TT Complete package would be the tool needed to bring fat loss and body transformation to a peak. Since April I have lost 72 pounds and I still have more weight to go. I have been incorporating some of your exercises as you demostrate in your free videos. I think with you there by my side I can achieve my goals and maybe even surpass the goals. This time with the weight loss I want it to be permanent and have your tools to keep me on my path to success.

  • Bill

    Hey Craig,

    Feel with the adaptability of Turbulence Training (can easily do at home or travel) , it’s complete Real Deal fitness that gives you the kind of health and fitness you can enjoy, not slave over everyday in the gym, endless calorie counting, but truly enjoy the benefits of actually Living a healthier life from it. Thus both you, your family and friends around you benefit too!!

    Now that is a Real Deal Package!!!

    All the best to you Craig and whoever does win!!!


  • Hi Craig,
    I have tried several diets, some workouts and I had to conclude that we/i have to consider fat loss and wellbeing by holistic view. So, reading your newsletters I summarized, that your systematic work bases on the holistic aspect and your letters reflected me beside the workouts – seeming sometimes hard to me – you are psychologically pushing your friends to follow your instructions. All these aspects could be helpful to contribute my intention to be well and fit.

  • Susie

    Hi Craig,
    I would love to win the turbulance traing package as I find it really hard to take care of myself>My love for my family and other people out weighs my own needs. Now I need to think about me I have been over weight for most of my life because I dont eat and cannot take much time out to exercise. I now feel its my time to take care of me so i can look and feel good about myself. I generally work seven days a week when I get home i am just to tired to do anything. Please help me to feel good about my body I know there is a nice figure there somewhere I just need help.
    Regards Susie xx

  • Judy Botulinksi

    I love to workout but know for myseld i lose my motivation with regular hour + cardio workouts and see little if no results and it becomes very frustrating. i would love to do the Turbulance Training Complete Package Workout because I see how amazing everyone looks and the results they are getting is exactly what i need to help me keep on track in my fitness routine. I think you are awesome and the workouts that you’ve put in the program are different and fun and it that makes a HUGE difference when your are looking forward to working out instead of dreading it.

  • Kit Alexander

    At the moment, I am trying to keep motivated, but some days I just feel like I don’t really know what to do, and more often than not end up doing nothing and feeling really bad about it.

    I used to be an athlete, and was used to strict training regimes…and loved it! I used to train really hard (maybe too hard) – if I wasn’t pushing myself to the limit, I didn’t feel like I had trained hard enough.

    I haven’t trained for my athletics for a number of years for various reasons – mainly due to illness/injury which I now think were caused by over-training, and I can’t help but compare how my body is now, to how it was then. I was on medication for a few years which had a side-effect of suppressing my appetite. I am now off them (which is great), but it threw my body into chaos and I piled on weight. I have lost most of this weight already through training and eating healthily, but I am really struggling with the rest of it.

    My problem is that I still have the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, and I always train at 110%. However, this means that I train hard – get ill – can’t train – put on weight = back to square one! It really is a vicious circle.

    I know what I have been doing in terms of my training is wrong, and I am ready to change this. If I was given guidance of when/how to train, I would follow it religiously – and I have no doubt I would be a shining example of what people can achieve through Turbulence Training! I know that I don’t have as much weight to lose as perhaps some other people do, but I find that the last bit to lose is always the hardest.

    I want to have a strong, toned, lean body, so that I can finally have a solid foundation to get back into my athletics and restore a part of my life that I have felt has been missing for so long.

  • T Schworm

    I’m 48 and having a very hard time losing weight. I believe The Complete Package you have would help me over this hump I’m at. I do some weight training now and cardio and I’m sick of cardio. I go for 45 to 60 minutes on a cycle at gym and nothing is happening. My goal is to be Fit and Healthy by 50. Please, please help me!

  • Denise Worsley

    I think motivation is the key to any successful work out plan. When you work out alone with no motivation there’s no way you can achieve your goals. With the accomodation of your work out system there’s no way you can fail. Right! So the advantage of having your complete turbulence training package would be nothing but a total plus in achieveing your physical and mental goal. It’s always good to have guidance when trying something new and following this workout plan would provide all the guidance that is required. Who wants to do cardio the rest of there lives and not achieve the figure that you die for? Definately not me!

  • Amanda Deaton

    This program would have to help me lose weight and reach my fitness goals! I have been the cardio queen for about 15 years and it doesn’t work very well for me. I will lose weight then gain it back like a yo yo dieter. When I weight train I do better but I have never found a program that I can keep up with. It is so hard if you don’t go to the gym and with a full time job and family it is so hard to find time. I know this program will help me finally lose the baby weight abd feel good about myself again. I am in pretty shape but I still have this layer of pudge that I just can’t get rid of no matter what I do. I just want to be happy and healthy and feel good about my body and myself and this program sounds like it could finally get me there.

  • Mike Thomas

    Like a lot of people, having a very busy job, that includes a lot of travel, I have difficulty balancing my competing demands. Between, the job, kids, wife, kids obligations the thing that gets pushed to the background is my workout time. Turbulence Training would greatly reduce the time demand of my workouts, but give me considerable results. This would then give me the health and energy I need to keep up with the constant demands on my time, especially as I approach 40 years old….

  • Tony Spero

    This must be the most simple time efficient complete package on the planet as it targets the areas of your body that will burn fat fast and build a six pack for you without even doing a sit up.No excuses as the exercises can be done at home even outdoors.The sweat will stream off you and you will have completed your exvcercises in 30- 40 minutes.The guys in the gym don’t even break a sweat after an hr pushing weights.You cannot go wrong, just follow the videos or pictures and take action, each excersise has a purpose to burn that belly fat and really tone your body.SEE results fast in just 3-4 times a week combined with good nutrition.No more hrs on the treadmill just 10 min doing interval trainig to keep burning that fat.This is a win win situation

  • Bill Ogden

    I always like to use fresh ideas to get and remain in shape. One of the nice things about Turbulence Training is that I can perform these exercises most anywhere. It saves time and money having to go to a health club. Also, best of all…these bodyweight exercises work! I am a big fan of Turbulence Training. The instruction, motivation, and illustrations make it easy to understand and implement. Thank you for your much needed service.

  • Geeta Modi

    Hi,I have been using your programme since last one year and think it is wonderful.Now,if I can have someone guiding me thru’ my routine step by step,I think I can break the plateau that I have reached.I also feel very bored to do walk the Threadmill or Cycle or Crosstrainner.Please do select me for this wonderful offer.Am out on Diwali vacation to China,but would love to see it in my mailbox when I return on the 26th.of this month.

  • Michael Montelli

    I am a 45 year old who is super motivated to transform my body. I have followed my friends to the gym for the “standard workout”, on the treadmill for 20 minutes (while talking with friends) and then hitting the weights for 40 minutes ( while talking with more friends). My other friends want me to start running 1 mile a day and work my way up to 5 miles a day (boring and tough on my knees).
    My interest is explosive workouts, that don’t take up hours of my day, that will maximize my results. After reading on your website, I searched you out on youtube and had a few awesome bodyweight inteval workouts. I want more workouts, ranging from easier to most difficult. With your workouts, I am confident, I will finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals.

    Turbulence Training Complete Package help you

  • james lara

    I used to be an athlete and i really looked like one. i’ve been doing kung fu and other martial arts since i was 15. over the years the pizza and beers and bbq’s have taken their toll. if i could win the tt complete package i now i could get back in shape maybe even better than before. i would like to be young again at least bodywise and maybe develop a strong confidence in myself. i’m determined to work as hard as it takes. i’ve started working out with dumbbells and hitting the punching bag but i feel i need more help to get me to the next level. with all the information and research that you have, how can i lose? i mean except by losing bodyfat

  • Kevin Graff

    Over the years I have experimented with many different types of fatloss/cardio/muscle-building/90 day programs. Virtually all of them have fundamental flaws from over-training to misguided cardio plans to major time commitments. I have been in decent shape for years but could never lose my last 7 or so pounds. With TT, I have finally begun to see a six pack appear again. Furthermore, my legs have never been harder and more defined. The small amount of fat that I have is being “rendered” right off and I will finally reach my body fat goal training 3 times per week – all without an expensive gym membership.

  • Joe Naigulevu

    I have tried numerous training methods in the past that don’t seem to give me the healthy muscular frame that I was looking for,and have been inundated with many ‘tips’ about what I need to eat which have not seemed to help. I have only recently started to use Turbulence Training. It is gratifying to see and feel that it actually accomplishes what it promises.TT eliminates unnecessary routines and has demystified many common-held theories.With the TT Complete Package,containing comprehensive illustrated training methods and solutions, I’m absolutely certain that the fat loss and muscular gains I make will finally give me the body I always wanted, that is also health-enduring and can help longevity. And with TT I can train smart – anywhere, without wieldly equipments and in much lesser time.

  • Wendy

    I have been working out for more years then I care to remember! That doesn’t mean I don’t like it. In fact, I LOVE IT. Working out for me is better than any false high you can get in life [maybe I just have just been blessed with more ENDORPHINS!] and that’s why I continue to do it. So any material and especially TT from what I hear that can continue to keep me fit or take me to the next level, I’m your girl – lay it on me! Also, I like to change my fitness routine regularly because as we all know the body is too smart and will plateau if we just continue doing the same old, same old routines all the time. If I enjoy it, which I’m sure I will, I will also tell others to get on board.

    Craig, I enjoy all your emails and efforts to keep us all fit in this community….keep ’em coming….

  • Shar Traylor

    I don’t envy you having to make a decision like this. I’ve read the submissions and almost all of them are heartfelt pleas for help. This is mine:

    I’m a 52 year old wife and mother. I have always tried to keep my body and mind in the best possible shape. I’m in the gym 4 days a week and in the martial arts dojo 4 days a week. So why do I need this program? I’m struggling just to keep up. I’m working hard, not smart. I know your program will give me the tools I need to be my personal best.

  • Beth Emmet

    I love the idea of working out from home – and I love your system of intense workouts to replace cardio. I’ll be moving to South Korea to teach English soon, and I need a replacement for my gym workouts (at least for the first few months, I might feel comfortable joining a gym eventually) and outdoor exercise (I hear the air pollution can really do you in over there). Between that and apparently needing to keep myself fit and trim to be respected by the students (i’m only a wee bit chunky right now, but this germanic frame of mine makes me look huge by comparison!), and there’s no way i want to get ‘skinny’ without also being ripped! 😀 Your turbulence training bodyweight and hotel room workouts sound like a fantastic resource for me to get in shape and enjoy the physical and mental benefits of working out while I’m making the transition and beyond. Thanks for all you do!

  • John Johnson

    I have dedicated my self to a life of fitness. I have worked-out in every kind of program you can think of, from body building, power lifting, to just general weight lifting and wasting hours on a cardio machine and in a gym. The more I exercise the more I have realized that to get the kind of fit I’m looking for a need a program that meets those demands. I’ve been doing more and more body weight exercises seasoned with dumbbells and other odd objects such as sledge hammers and sand bags. I’ve come to the conclusion that short intense sessions work better for me and my health than hours in the gym lifting and wasting time chomping away on a cardio machine. I’m finally close to reaching my goals of losing my middle, but no matter what I try I can’t seem to drop the fat around my mid-section. No matter how physically fit I become, I can’t seem to find the right combination of diet and exercise to finally get rid of those stubborn “saddle-bags”. Even when I was down to 153 lbs I still had storage on my sides. I’m 43 years old now and I would love to for the first time to reach that goal of a hard mid-section.

    After trying your sample ab workout I am convinced that utilizing such a well designed program as Turbulence Training I believe I can finally reach that goal. I’m hoping the TT complete package will give me those results I’ve strived so long to reach. I have been given this one body and one time through life to live and look the way I want, to be in shape to handle any emergency that comes my way. The TT package seems to be the missing piece of the puzzle. I would love the chance to test it out. Thank you for taking the time to design this program.

  • Miss P

    I feel that the Turbulence Training complete package will empower me with the knowledge and application of how to train smartly and efficiently. I want to break free of training hard and not seeing results- it’s so frustrating and such a waste of time!

  • Gowri

    Hey Craig,

    Why do I need the Turbulence Training Package? Well, I have been fat since the time I remember seeing myself in the mirror and only someone like me can understand what one goes through being like that. I had low self esteem and motivation. Never thought I could win the battle.

    I have managed to shed 17kgs in the past 6 months which is a big “pat on my back” I must say. But I have still 10 more to loose. When I saw I had hit a plateau I knew I needed help and that is when I came across your website.

    Why do I desire winning this one?

    Because I have finally taken control of my life and I desire a praise?? (( 😛 … I know I keep fetching for compliments)) No, because I feel I have a steep hill ahead of me… and I just need a helping hand…

    Reaching out to you,


  • Kurt

    Hi Craig,
    I’ve watched a number of your youtube videos, and incorporated a number of your tips into my workout regime. I think you’ve got some really good ideas, and I agree with your philosphy on resistance training, over repeat cardio. I have a pretty consistent workout schedule (4-5) times a week, and I have had moderate success over the past year in dropping some unwanted pounds, but more importantly firming up overall. The reason I am most excited about your full program is, despite my efforts, I’ve never acheived the full chiseled form that I think I could, given your full program. I would be very greatful to be awarded this opportunity, because I think this could be the final step in my progress towards where I want to be. I’d be happy to share or document my TT experience, and I hope you consider me for this opportunity.


  • Gina Ozokwelu


    Discovering your program has changed my life! I was a cardio junkie all through my college years and wondered why no matter how much I did cardio, I could never get past 180lbs. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) a couple of years ago, which affects my metabolism. Through research, I have found that weight training, intervals, along with a whole food diet is the only way to keep the syndrome in control to avoid infertility, and metabolic syndrome, which are very common for those with PCOS. Now that I’m in pharmacy school, I was looking for an effective workout that works with my extremely hectic schedule, and I discovered TT during a Google search. Since then it’s been history! The price was also great for my student budget! It fit easily into my daily life(I do it first thing in the morning), and at the end of the first 3 months, I gained about 8lbs of muscle and lost about 15lbs of fat! Since then, after taking your recommendation to really focus on my diet, I’m now down to 160lbs, feeling lean and strong, but still have 15lbs to go to be at my personal goal! I finally truly enjoy my workouts, and I’ve actually been telling myself that the only thing that could make my workouts better is if I could have TT on video since I’m a very VISUAL person! I am determined to reach my final goals and keep my PCOS under wraps with the DVD version of your program! Lastly, as a future health care professional, I will finally able to practice what I preach to my future patients through Turbulence Training. Thank you!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Gina, congratulations on your amazing results. I am so proud of you!



    Hi, I am a working professional with more time working less time for myself. I was never a fat guy, but over the years I let myself go eating McDonalds and stuff and put on 30-40lb of extra weight. I have been conscious of my looks and for the longest amount of time did not go out to eat or anything which made my married life suffer. I hate cardio just like everyone else here. I started the Body for Life program few months back(minus the cardio), which helped me get back into a routine of working out..I love to lift weights, but have never been able to stick to cardio. I have heard and read a lot about interval training and how it is better than cardio.I have subscribed to your emails and have been reading your blogs for the past couple of months. I think Turbulence training is the key tool that would help me loose the extra weight and get back into leading a healthy life that I deserve. There is no lacking of motivation when it comes to exercising but a lack of direction. Please help directing me to achieve my dream body, get fit and stay fit. Thanks for all your efforts in developing this life transforming training method.

  • Timothy James

    Hi Craig,

    I deserve to have a better body. I deserve to have a healthy life. To win in this battle, I know I have to change my mind set. Turbulence Training is the means to get the body and the life that I’ve always deserved. Living among fat people will not make this easy. But, I’m taking the first step now. I need your help Craig. I need Turbulence Training.

    Won’t you help me complete this transformation?


  • Susan G

    I have been fairly active most of my life and have still remained overweight. In the past 6 months I have learned that the body gets stagment over a period of time doing the same thing over and over it becomes less effective, not to mention the boredom of the repetition causing missed workouts, etc. In the past 6 months I have lost over 30 lbs and many inches, in fact I am wearing clothes that I wore many years ago at about 15 lbs lighter, so I have gained a significant amount of muscle as well. I am thrilled with my results however I still have another 30-40 lbs to go. I am reaching a plateau and I know in the past this is where I tend to lose it. The more frustrated I get with the plateau the harder I find it to eat well, which affects the workout intensity and on and on it goes. I know I need variety in my workouts and I have been doing bootcamp style workouts with resistance tubes. Even though I love them I know after 6 months I need to add more variety to them to keep getting the results. This is where the TT comes in. I know this will give me the motivation and variety to push past this plateau and keep going to my goal weight. I am on a very limited budget as my husband has been out of work for over 2 years, we are barely hanging on, but we are hanging on. I don’t have the funds to join a gym or hire a trainer, so I feel this is exactly what I need to keep me going.

  • Penka Peeva

    TT will help me in the best, effective and usefull way to loose waight ant to be healthy, strong and well looking . thanks!!!!!!

  • Shelley

    I’ve been following you for a long time now and I love your info and workouts. I have alot

    of “workout” stuff in my liabrary off of the internet. It would be great to have something

    thats to the point. My time is sooo limited. I build quick , and im almost there, I just have

    to get rid of the body fat, and that”s tough. I feel this program is just what I need to get the

    results that I need. Im 37 and I want to be Fab at 40. thanks, Shell

  • Fir

    Last year, in this very month of October, I was diagnosed with severe breast hypertrophy. At the same time, I was struggling with my weight problem. I used to walk / run 30-40km per week in my university years, but then I gave it up when it caused so much back, neck, knees pain. Later, I found out it was actually the symptoms of my breast hypertrophy. The day I was diagnosed, the surgeon said I might need to go for lipo-suction as well which I very reluctant to do.

    I went back home and telling myself that I must drop about 20 lbs so that I can escape the lipo-suction. I tried few excersies but they all cause pains more than weight loss. Few months later I discovered TT through a complimentary copy. I tried it 4 weeks, and I lost 8lbs without all the pains. After that, I purchased the basic package, I travelled 4-5 times a month but I tried as much to the exercises. Last June, I did the surgery with exactly the 20lbs weight lost and the surgeon didn’t even mention about lipo-suction anymore. I entered the operation teather with joy. More amazingly, just with basic TT package, I could continue workout a week after surgery without pains.

    Now I lost total of 35lbs, I still hope to lose another 15-20lbs, but I am happy with the strenght I am having throughout the way. In few months time I need to go for 2nd surgery. I wish this complete package would help me to stay healthy, strong and beautiful all the way of my life, at home, in hotel, gym public fields or anywhere. There are few workouts I couldn’t do before the surgery but now, I can do almost everything.

    I am sure this complete package is the answer to my life time fitness and health doesn’t matter before or after surgery, in gym or hotel.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congratulations on your amazing results with Turbulence Training. Very proud of you!


  • Vicky

    I read about your philosophy but I don’t have the knowledge to do it. I need to lose at least 50 pounds after losing 50 but have not lost anything in two years. I am seeing a Naturopath in Toronto and have Metabolic Syndrome. I am 48. I have been working out with a personal trainer and killing myself with cardio for two years. Nothing. I have spent so much money on the training and the gym and the eating and am getting no results. I struggle with depression and just need to be healthy. I have proven that I can do the work but now I need results.

  • Marijan

    Hi Craig,
    hope to get your TT complete package. After lot of reading I found no better system for me. Have a job which engages almost 12 hours of mostly office work, daily.
    tried some of your free given exercises and seems that it works, but I need more detail on diet and bodyweight exercises.

    Thanks for spreading the NO-Cardio word, I felt its bad sides.

    Live TT


  • Nicki

    It would help me become the person I know I can be. I’ve moved to England from Australia where the weather is so much colder and I don’t get outdoors as much. My husband is working longer hours so we don’t do as much activity together and my son is 4 and I find it hard to fulfill my own goals as I’m busy finding my feet here and sorting everyone else out. I need my energy levels to be high to cope with my active son and find I’m getting tired and wondering if my diet has something to do with it. I don’t have the money at the moment for the turbulence training workout but have being getting a lot from the free advice I receive daily. THANKS FOR THAT!!! I have been doing lots of the exercises from home when I can and I agree that the resistance training as opposed to cardio is a great way to get your heart rate up and tone up the muscles at the same time. Whether I win the workout info or not I’ll still follow your advice and one day when I have more money I’ll follow the advice completely (diet and all!)

  • tagmi sofiane

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me out greatly for the reason that I HATE doing Cardio but love to train. I have been a muscular guy in a fat guys body for quite a few years now and even though I have lost good amounts of weight

  • Terrilee

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Wow, that one is so easy! Because I have proof that it works due to two friends of mine that have been using it for a few years now. I have watched their bodies completely change!

    This has been a year of loss for me. The only thing that holds me back is money. I would have been one of your members long ago, except for money.

    How much I would love to have your program. I am disciplined and would morph your program into my daily life and routine. I’m 58 and need to lose 30 pounds. I know I could do it with your program!!


  • Claire

    I have been working out for years…YEARS…and have seen NO change in my phsyique. Or at least not the change that I feel I deserve with my current program. I am turning 45 next month and it gets harder and harder to maintain what I do have. The Turbulence Training package will help me reach my fitness goals and show me how to work out smarter.

  • Brendan Corcoran

    I have been reading and following work-out and fat-loss programs based on cursory scanning of the internet and various authors for quite some time now. I have made significant progress in both fat loss and overall fitness. However, it’s that last mile that I can’t seem to break. I’m down 35 pounds and have run my first half-marathon (I know, slow-go cardio is not the way to go, but I enjoy the challenge). I still want to lose another 10 pounds, and despite extensive efforts with all sorts of training ideas, I just can’t seem to get there. I believe I need to get 100% totally immersed into a complete, formal training program, and I believe Turbulence Training would be a primary candidate.

  • Craig

    I’m 48 years old and work a great many hours, travel for business a fair amount of the time, and when I am home I chauffeur my kids to their soccer games, track meets, and gymnastics classes all the time. I work out at home, and have cardio and strength training machines to do so, but with my travel schedule, getting into a routine can be difficult, if not impossible. I am jot in bad shape, but could really use a program with the flexibility to work out using different equipment and methods given I’m not always able to use my equipment.
    My schedule is difficult but that makes it more important to stay in shape.

  • I think your approach is great. I love the methodical, safe, organized way you approach fitness. I enjoy doing all the functional training and interval training. I really have found that the approach you teach is consistent with achieving the BEST ME I can be. Thanks for all your free info you give out.

  • I was active and in fairly good shape for most of my 64 years, until I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease 4 years ago. Since the Lyme bacterium loves lactic acid and the antibiotics I’ve been taking have thrown off my whole metabolism, I’ve regrettably gotten way out of shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Now that I’m much better, I’d love to have your program to bring me back to my old self, or even to a better self. Your program would be a huge step in bringing me back to feeling like a “real” person again; I really get how important it is to maintain my strength and stamina well into my elderly years.

  • Joel Jacobson

    I am 67 years old. It ain’t easy to find good looking woman at my age. I am now in good shape, because I work at it. This will help me get into GREAT shape, and make it easier to make a good first impression. My sparkling personality, good looks and sense of humor will do the rest. We can all use some extra help.

  • Wow. good luck picking winners from thhese Craig. You’ve got your hands full!


  • Darrin Whitman

    Well, I am a 41 yr old career Soldier who has been on a wieght gain, weight loss yo-yo for over half of my career. I finally got in the best shape of my life back in 2007, smoking my younger recruits at ages where they could be my own children!!! LOL!!! I injured myself and gain the weight right back. Well, as much as I love going to the gym, I am a family man and I would like to be able to whip myself back into shape without spending much time in gyms. I feel that Turbulence Training would be perfect, not only for me, but my Wife, Natasha as well. Due to our injuries, we are very limited on what cardio programs we can do. We tag team on everything we do and I feel that this would be great for us. She thinks I’m the hottest thing in the world, but I dont think I am(and vice-versa)!!! I would love for Turbulence Training to transform Natasha and I into the sexiest, most fit couple on the planet!!!!!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE SIX-PACK, CRAIG!!!!!

  • AL

    Age 58. Joined a health club 29 months ago. At 5′ 8″ tall, went from 221 lbs and 38% BMI
    to 213 lbsat 31% BMI. I work out 2 or 3 days per wk. I believe that I need help, (a REAL PLAN). I have been spending serious effort, for too long. The results, after months of advice and sweat, are depressing. I want to look good when I “‘croak”.
    Thank you.

  • Lena Gillespie

    You know what..i’ve been struggling over the past year to loose this extra weight….I know it’s all about combined nutrition and exercise… But my reason for wanting to win…selfish reason…for me. And that fact that it would really make a believer out of me..because right now i’m like the cardio queen and i know that something isn’t working for me….Help me beieve Craig! 🙂

  • Keri

    I love working out, but unfortunately i don’t have a lot of time, so i’ve lost motivation. I believe the solution is owning the TT Complete Package, it will get me started (again) in the right direction. I want to be a good role model to my children, it will give me the energy to keep up with them (4&2 year olds) and to instill in them a healthy life style.

    Thank you for this great opportunity.

  • Scott Nelson

    Hi Craig,

    I am ready for the final piece of my fitness quest. I have made huge gains in my health through whole food nutrition and exercise. I have loss 50 pounds and kept it off for over a year. But my biggest mistake along the way is over training both on resistance and cardio, along with getting stuck in ruts of the same old thing every workout. My current body fat is 15% and I am ready to learn how to take it to the single digits. I have done alot of reading on the internet and all arrows point to your Turbulance Training Complete Package as the best way to get the lean, strong body I have worked so hard to get.

  • DW

    I think that TT could help my push past my plateau in developing the body I want. I have been thin most of my life. In my 30’s I began to gain some weight and started to work out but never acheived the level of fitness I wanted. Then my 40’s i drifted away from the healthy life style because of work demands and family responsiblities, in other words “life happened.” I am now 55 and have been living a healthy life style (nutriation and exercise for the last 5 years. I am now in the best shape of my life except for a “spare tire” (a compact spare) around the middle. I need another tool to help me to loss the “tire” and sculpt my body.

  • Keith Shaw

    For over 30 years I used to play sport under the sun, baseball, basketball, football, hockey,…. I never had to worry about my weight until my body began to fall apart on me. After a torn ACL and 95% meniscus removal of my right knee, rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder, numerous back and hip problems, I have been forced to watch from the sidelines for the past 5 years. And my weight has suffered greatly. My doctor told me I would probably have to have both knees replaced within the next five years, and I’m only 42! Therefore I am unable to do any heavy impact training, i.e. treadmills, … I’ve been interval training on an excercise bike and weight training when I can, but I simply can’t lose the last 25 pounds I need to.

    Worst of all, I’m pretty much on my own. I used to work in a factory where I would walk up to three miles a day just working. But I’ve recently moved and now have a sedentary job. The only friends I have are at work and they’re all either much older or content with their obesity, so I have no support. My wife is constantly on call with her new job, thus works odd schedules and is unable to join me at the gym. She also has several serious health issues of her own. I am pretty much forced into running all the household chores as well as working full time. When my training comes, I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels in the sand.

    I want to get back into shape, not necessarily for myself, but for my three teenage daughters. I want to be able to take care of them and myself if something happens to my wife. I have always said that I do not ever want to be a burden to anyone in my old age, let alone my middle ages! If I am not a productive part of society, then I do not want to remain in society. Getting myself back into shape is the best thing I can do for myself and my family. Especially if I can fit it into my schedule. I need to learn how to work smarter, not harder or longer.

  • Mike Wilding

    I’m 57 and have been using Turbulence Training for over 2 years with great results not only for me but for my family and friends also. I follow your blog and have downloaded all of your utube videos – it is hard to imagine it could get better with your complete package – but I do still need to loose that last bit of belly fat and could use to pack on a bit more muscle though I am much happier with my TT lean body that my old middle age chubby body – for sure. I have no question that your complete package can help me fulfill my next level goals – though as I have learned from you Craig there is never a time to stop setting new goals. Thanks for considering me for your free TT complete package and extra bonuses! Keep it coming, Mike Wilding

  • Michael Cherry

    The Turbulence Training package would help me achieve my fitness and mental health goals by giving me the motivation, knowledge and tools to work outside of a gym which I can no longer afford.
    The package would give me the tools to succeed and finally have some momentum in my life to help me achieve not only fitness and health goals but allow me to feel better about my life and have hope as I move forward.

  • Mark G

    How will it help me? If your free 4-week workout program is any indication of success, than it will help me out tremendously.

    I am 47 and a diabetic, and so exercise is extremely important in my condition. Your program would help me build muscle and endurance at the same time. I am not interested in getting the “Hulk” look, but to get that toned and cut look while also increasing my metabolism.

    Your program will effect me in so many different ways.

    1. Control my high blood sugars
    2. Make me feel much better physically, mentally and emotionally
    3. Give me “Hey, you must work out” comments from others
    4. Provide me with more stamina throughout the day
    5. Create enjoyable and fun workouts
    6. Workouts that will change often, thus, keeping me interested
    7. Have more energy to give to my family
    8. To tell others about the program due to the success of the program for me
    9. It will take my stress level down (I’m a pastor and deal with stressful situations)
    10. It will be helpful in my “relationship” with my wife.
    11. That I don’t need to do the same routine.

    That pretty much sums it up. Thanks Craig for all you do. Keep it up.

  • Bas Prins

    Craig, I would benefit from the complete package because I am missing the diet portion from your program. I just love to eat, love it. At work I am ok because I’m busy and focussed on working. At home I know there are many things to eat in the kitchen and just cannot stay away.

    My workouts are fine. I follow your program monthly and have been since you came out with the 6-month bodyweight program. Social support I have with working out, my wife works out harder than I do. But, the missing link is the diet piece. If I would win the c.d. program, it could put me on the road forever towards food discipline. I have a hard time going on blogs, it kind of bores me. I don’t read off the computer very well. But with a visual and sound program it could do it.

    I am 47, 6 ft tall and weigh 206. I should weigh 180. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Bas Prins

  • Morris

    Having your complete package would be a God send for me and my wife. Once an avid “gym guy’ I have let myself get out of shape because of job loss and almost lost my home. I didn’t have the motivation to workout, (as bad as I knew I needed to do so). Now, I thank God, that I am gainfully employed my wife and I are catching up on bills but we do not have the funds to join a gym therefore we have just recently begun using your workouts to workout in the home together. So, we would love the opportunity to have your program and be one of your many success stories.

  • A. Vison

    I would live to have the tourbulence traing systemm as a single mom with a full time job, I would love to find a work out that works and saves me time, I am used to training long and hard,my mindset needs to be convinced that something shorter and different would work. Sleeping a bit later in the morning would be great and to save sometime during my day. I love to work out weights and cardio, but it does take a chunk of time. People often ask me what I do, I think having something quicker with less cardio might not seem as imtimidating.

  • Kathleen

    I need a head-to-toe makeover of my fitness plan. For years, I did a bodybuilding split. It worked, for a while. I even competed in bodybuilding at age 41. But now at 54, and diagnosed with low thyroid and adrenal burnout, what used to work to get me lean no longer works. What’s worse, a long gym session just wipes me out! I need to exercise, but I’ve got to limit it to no more than an hour at a time. So that hour has got to be TRULY effective! (After doing, say, chest and tris, followed by cardio, I’d come home and NEED a 2-hr nap just to function. Can’t do that anymore! I was laid off last January and need to work on building a home business-got your OSP program for that!) So I’m making over my life. Because, as they say, “Do what you’ve always done, get what you’ve always gotten.” Which is, for me, 15 more pounds than is healthy on me OR attractive on me! Thanks, Craig!

  • David Gabbard

    I’m looking for a training program for all-around strength, fitness, and fat-loss that is also time efficient. I’m not one of those Hollywood stars who has weeks to dedicate to their bodies before the next “shoot.” I work 10+ hours a day. I need a program that’s going to help me get the job done without spending countless hours in the gym and without spending countless dollars on supplements. From having served in the military, I recognize some of the principles of TT from my days in basic training. Based on that experience, plus from what I’ve researched and read about Mr. Ballantyne’s system, I’m confident that TT will get the job done for me. And I’m ready to put it to work.

    I’m going to turn 50 next year. Because I’ve been so committed to my profession over the past 20 years, I’ve let my body slide a bit. I used to be a fitness nut while I was in the military and in grad school. Since that time, my dedication to the gym got transferred to my work, but that work gets done in a chair. My brain’s in great shape, my body? It’s ok, but I want to be better. Plus, I really need a fitness routine to help me quit smoking. That’s part of my overall plan, too. If I’m fortunate enough to be one of the winners of this great package, I pledge to myself that I’ll follow it to a T religiously. And I make that pledge. not only to myself, but to my kids (115 & 11). They still need Dad to be around for awhile, and I want to be around to see them have kids.

  • Heidi

    How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals? How about me and my five closest friends?
    I believe what you are offering is real. I used to spend all my time working and not focusing on my health and exercise goals. Now that the economy has forced me into having more time to focus on such goals, I believe that I could utilize what has transformed others to transform me and motivate my 5 other unemployed friends. Then, in turn, I could help others by posting my progress on my Facebook community and share the program with several other out of work friends to help them empower themselves to better health, better confidence and a solid health base when they start their next career choice. I’ve visited your website many times, and appreciate the online community that supports each other in obtaining their personal health goals. Thanks for your knowledge and contributions to all of us by offering these services.

  • Mig

    I am 55 years young and my metabolism has slowed down to a crawl. I workout regularly and cycle everyday. I need your help in realizing my goal of getting back my lean no nonsense body of my youth!!! HELP!!!

  • Dev Das

    I lost my job and then I started working on forming my own non-profit to help poor children in India. I am now in India and ned to travel a lot for my non-profit work. I struggle with getting my workouts in everyday because a) needless to say I am down on money and so I cannot affoed a good gym and b) when I am travelling I do not get the time to do long workouts. Earlier I got good benefit using the turbulence principles and went from 208 lb to 180 lb. I am more or less maintaining this for over a year but under the present circumstances, I keep feeling nervous that I might end up undoing the good work that I had put in. So I need a dash of motivation to get back on track and your system will provide me that along with the techniques which I can use effectively when I am travelling and also at home. But I am looking for the motivation that will come from getting your system.

  • Adrian O’Rourke


    I think that your program can help me and my family to finally achieve our fitness and lift style goals by providing us with the knowledge to consistently make good nutrition choices, and by providing workout options that can be done with body weight or just barbells and dumbbells. This is very important for my wife and daughter, who have been consistently intimidated by workout programs that seem to be to “hardcore” with complicated movements and techniques.

    I think in our case, it is a must to get the whole family moving in the same direction so that we can support and motivate each other. It is almost impossible to change your life style by yourself, without the rest of the family committing to the same changes. Your program seems as though it consists of functional movements that are not complicated to learn, and move the body in the manner in which it is designed to move.

  • Jody Bergeon

    Well Craig as Tom Cruise said in the movie “Jerry Mcquire”
    Jerry Maguire: I love you. You… you complete me. And I just…
    Dorothy: Shut up, just shut up. You had me at “hello”.

    You had me at my first workout! I have been following your website, facebook, and youtube broadcast and have found your exercises fit right in with my training! I have trained other people with your workouts as much as I like to say they are my own I have to tell them Turbulence Training and Craig Ballantyne are my workout partner! I even like your nutrition portion of your blogs, I have even tried to go vegan for about a month! Again I love your workouts and really would like to see the whole package!! Thanks Craig!

  • Joel

    I am 47 yrs old, 242lbs, 42 inch waist, high cholesterol, feel and look like crap… I hate cardio and just can’t seem to get any results do what I do, believe me I have tried a lot. I keep plugging along but can’t seem to get any results.

    I work hard and don’t give but for some reason, it just doesn’t happen. I believe that TT would help both lose weight and improve my overall health. As I am getting older, I find that it just so hard to get the results.


  • Daniel Woodrum


    I have been following your TT Programs for some time now. I am 22 years old and consider myself to be in great shape. I work for a sports performance training facility and absolutely love it! I have incorporated some of your workouts and strategies with clients at the facility and they absolutely love it. A lot of the athletes that I train are so shocked at the results they have gotten with this typed of training. Some of them have even purchased Turbulence Training after I told them about your training methods becasue they loved the training so much. I am still young and love learning as much as possible about health and fitness. I love to help others out and spread the knowledge I have learned from experts like yourself. Having the oppurtunity to have your TT video would greatly increase my confidence and knowledge to continue to spread the “Truth” about fitness and not all the other junk out there people are unfortuntely being brainwashed with.

    Thanks Craig,


  • Jeff

    I have been going to the gym on a regular basis since college. (I am in my 40s now) Always considered myself in shape, but never felt like I was in the kind of shape I should have been for someone who was a fitness regular. About 6 months ago I used a competitors program that is very similar and found I had some of the best results of my life. The problem is that it was a 6 day a week, hour plus a day program. Unrealistic to continue at that pace for my lifestyle. I came across your website and I think you have it figured out. everything you write is logical and simple to understand. It is just what I need to finally get past the last hurdle to achieve my goals. My sole hesitation has been whether I can keep the right intensity with a program that I follow from a book. The DVD’s are exactly what I need. I can keep pace and have an expert demonstrating correct form and position. I have a career, children and a spouse – I need to maximize my time and Turbulence training seems like the only logical solution.

  • Brian Wojchik

    I have started with the sample workouts, and built my own workouts from there based on the TT concept and i have seen results already in three weeks. I know the complete packaged program would help me fine-tune my workouts, and help me improve my overall health. I have a very serious family history of high cholesterol and heart disease, and have lost an uncle and cousin to heart attacks in their early thirties. I have two kids, 7 and 4, and they are my number one priority in my life, and being there for them is first and foremost in my life. Bottom line, this program will help me stay focused and energized on keeping healthy. Finding the time to workout is much easier when I look forward to the workout instead of dreading the long cardio workouts.
    The nutrition part of the complete program would be just as, if not more important for me to get over my current mindset; that is I find myslef thinking that because of a good workout week, or visible results, that my nutrition is not as big of an issue. I realize that controlling cholesterol and improving my heart health is two parts, and I know this program will help me with that.

  • Frank Lorine

    To achieve the fitness and fat loss levels that I am striving for always, I constantly like to change up my routine every so often. I really enjoy continuing my education in all aspects of fitness and would love the opportunity to really find out what TT is all about. I have been reading your posts and blogs, watching your youtubes and practicing your exercises, but would love the chance to know the whole story, and put all the pieces together. As a person who feels good things are contagious and word of mouth is the best type of advertising, having someone like me to push something I truly believe in could not only get you a few more customers, but in reality save some more lives. In all honesty, you have to look at yourself as, yes a personal trainer, but also a life saver, or longevity specialist, which just sounds cooler. I really do appreciate what you are doing and look up to people like you who are making such a great impact in the fitness industry. Thanks for the opportunity to have a chance at winning the package, but thanks as well for helping all of us become healthier individuals.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thank you Frank, I appreciate the kind words!


  • I don’t have a story that involves years of over-eating and being morbidly obese. But I have struggled with my body image issues, anorexia, bulimia, and excessive exercise for almost my entire life. I have been receiving your emails and updates for a few months and am very intrigued but afraid to make the jump to try out the product. However, I do feel if it is truly what you say it is, it could end my struggle with compulsive exercise and diet restriction. Which could also end my bouts with bulimia. 20 minutes of exercise just a few days a week without hours of running?!? I would have to try it to be a believer. And as a believer, I would be spreading the word like crazy. And finally able to live a normal life without being consumed by hours of thoughts and preoccupations with diet and exercise. I hope that I will be picked as the winner of this contest to be given that chance!!


  • Jim

    How would a Turbulence Training Complete Package help me achieve my fitness goals?

    Easy – it would replace my hap-hazard assembly of exercises, my lack of structure, my mis-matched super-sets, my incorrect exercise sequence, my ineffective so-called fat-burning routines, …

    They would be replaced with a tested, time-proven, highly successful set of exercises and programs designed by a fitness professional at the top of his field.

    There will be no guess work on my part. There will be minimal preparation – it has already been done for me.

    There will be only one reason why this package couldn’t work for me – failure on my part to execute the plan. Since I know myself and am confident in my ability to follow through, winning this package would put me on my path to the body and level of fitness that I desire.

    Thanks for the chance at one of these packages!

  • Majid

    Hi Craig

    I was slightly hypertensive and had to loose some 10 Kg to get it under control. I wish to loose some 10 more kgs to get a good BMI(24) and to rule out any future risk of developing heart related issues as I also have a family history.
    With the work out that I have done I have kind of hit the plateau and my weight would not reduce further.
    I need some specialist(You) to help me with this.

    Awaiting a positive reply

    Majid Syed

  • David

    How would the TT program help me?

    That’s simple! While I love to train my programs only run for a few weeks before my frustrations at poor results erodes my motivation.

    Given I am a dad of two young kids and married to a wife who desrves better I am very motivated. With cardio vascular disease in my family (my father) and my own high cholesterol I know I have to train – but knowing and doing can sometimes be very far apart.

    With the TT I can get a program that is a proven success which will get me out of the training cycle and into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

    I can’t wait!

  • Rachel

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Well, well, well, this is easy. I’m competitive. I’m tough. And when the carrot is dangled right in front of my face I’m going for it.

    Sniff, sniff – what is that I smell? A carrot?

  • Alain Mokbel

    The TT Complete Package will help me in several ways:

    1. I have chronic injuries which do not allow me to do any weight lifting for a while, so the 6-month bodyweight program would be a relief. Most BW program out there are horrible and none imaginative. I tried your BW programs in the past and they are simply fantastic.

    2. The videos and DVDs will be a great asset in my arsenal to make sure I do the techniques properly and also, prevent making my injuries even worst.

    3. Owning my own consulting firm restricts me on time for working out. As I also DESPISE cardio, these workouts will help get in shape and stay in shape. This is not only key for my own health, but also help my mental sanity in managing stress, stay focused, rest at night, all of which will help me manage my business and bring it to the level I want it to be.

    4. I need a way to also motivate my wife to workout and seeing these videos and my progress, she might get the push she needs to start moving.

    5. On personal sidenote, I’m a fanatic of bodyweight training. I used to practice martial arts and I got in incredible shape with only BW training. I strongly believe that I can get back into shape with your workouts and I am looking forward to it.

    6. Living in Mexico, before my injuries, I was going to a low-rate home converted into a gym. Going to a proper gym is expensive. That gym, like most of these gyms here, are not fully equipment and poorly maintained. So, BW programs like yours are great because I can simply go in back yard and do them.

    7. I have a few of your programs and I simply love them! They are challenging, well designed and above all: FUN! I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

    8. I think what is really key for me is to learn the proper techniques to make sure I don’t make my injuries worst. That’s why the videos would be excellent because they will be a good tutor and I can revisit the DVDs as many times as I want to make sure I don’t go astray.

    9. It’d be awesome to have you as a coach, even if you’d be virtual. It would keep me accountable!

  • Jetaun

    I’ve been overweight my whole life. I lose some then I usually tend to gain it all back and more when I get stressed. I finally capped off at a whopping 264 pounds a couple of years ago and being a shorter female I finally found that to be highly unacceptable. For a while now I’ve been studying nutrition and working out. My brother is a Strength and conditioning coach, but as he doesn’t live near me it gets difficult to be able to ask him the necessary questions or find out and actually see what I should be doing in working out with him. I believe the TT program can be a big help in finally achieving my goals and get me losing the fat that I really need to lose and have needed to for long time.

  • John Goodpaster

    How can it not help! one can reach their goals at any age. I am 80 years old and try to stay in good shape. I am not fat but have slowed down and need the incentive and right training and direction that this package delivers. It’s simply the best out there………..

  • Ali

    my goal is to look good naked (six pack good) . . . i love going to the gym, i love working out, and i love interval training. over the past two years i have seen my body transform using many of the TT workouts – however – i still don’t look good naked. i am at a point now where i’m a little bored (not discouraged) just bored, and feel that i need that extra push. i’m tired of the same old routines and i need the nutritional information to get me past this lul . . . if i did have the TT package, it would give me new information – more variety – nutritional goods and maybe just maybe, that six pack (ha ha) that you have 🙂

  • Heather

    For many years i have struggled with weight gain and loss. More gain than loss. I’ve tried every thing that i could possibly try and nothing. I have severe feet problems that don’t allow me to work-out like i want to and having the extra weight makes my foot problem worse everyday. When i was younger i was told to stop running in track or risk not being able to walk when i was older. My bones of my feet are growing faster that my muscles.The bones pull on my muscles, causing the back part of my foot to crack over time. Having this extra weight on me and not being able to lose it is very painful. Most days i wake up feeling like i am standing on egg shells, while other days i can’t feel my feet. I know that your program would help me in my struggle with weight loss and ease of pain.

  • Ben Yuen

    I’ve always been a big guy and carrying an extra 20 or 30 kilos has become my norm. Well enough is enough. I want to take a stand against what is the norm and create a new me, physically.

    TURBULENCE TRAINING is the workout that will help shred me up and Craig is the guy to help me realise the real me.

    I know it isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but hey, anything worth fighting for isn’t going to be easy. I know I have to work hard and earn it. As a father of three and another on the way I want to ensure that I am still around to see my children grow up, get married and meet my grandchildren. With the TT Complete Package guiding me I will achieve my goals and be a role model for my children and my children’s children.

    Thank you Craig for sharing your story and providing me with the opportunity to take control of my life with your TT Complete Package. I look forward to the day that I too can be one of your success stories and be an inspiration to your readers.

  • Bryant Addison

    By giving me the strength and the mine set of the goal I want to set in order to stay in

    shape and fill good and confident about me and my body.

    Also sense I been looking in to this program I been thinking about it a lot, and the email I recieve from you are very helpful and good Ideals , but I really would like to have this program because Sometimes it is hard to try to go the gym but at the same time you don’t get the results you want or u should have, to hit that goal mark.

  • Craig

    I have been lifting weights for the past decade and while I have gotten appreciable strength (ventured into powerlifting) the heavy weights have also taken their toll on my body. Even though I am still in my twenties I have developed some joint aches and pains and have to often be careful to avoid injury.
    I know that I have to adjust my workouts and let my body recover from years of heavy weights. I also know that you are the man when it comes to bodyweight training and fat loss training. With the knowledge I get from your programs I can accomplish both of my goals at once!
    While my relative strength levels are decent I have come to realize that there is more to “fitness” than being strong and I think that having access to all of your material I can finally round out my abilities and truly come full circle with my training. This would be a huge step forward in my personal and physical journey in life.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and considering me

    Dave P

  • Jerry


    It’s my desire to help others. I just had five Sailors who were due to be kicked out of the Navy, if they failed their physical readiness test this month. All five passed, and their combined weight loss equaled over 120 pounds.

    V/r Jerry

  • Jerry Lopez

    I never used to make time for working out in my hectic schedule.TT makes it fun and easy to work out even when I’m at my job.This package would help me transform into the person I envision in my mind.

  • R. Russell

    I live on an island with very few facilities to workout, and no trainers. There is an abundance of opinion about everything with little clarity. What I’ve read of what Ballantyne says about weight lose and physical training makes a lot of sense. I get up at 3:45 in the morning to go to “the gym” but I’m not certain that I’m combining the correct workout with what I want to accomplish. Inasmuch as there has been very little work here for a year, I try to budget my resources carefully.

  • Jerry Brossman

    TT is a program I have been looking for. The main reason of my up and down is no structure for my program, I can get the diet down, but I lack in the gym because I try to make my own workout. Your program gives me a more structured plan, which is what I need, not want; it is what I need.

  • Robert Miller

    Winning the Turbulence Training Complete Package would greatly benefit me. Here is my story, I am a 37 year old man who became overweight quite slowly over the years. I finally broke the bad eating habits and have dropped from 280 pounds down to 220 pounds. But I have been stuck at that weight for several months now. The truth is I just don’t know what exercises to do to help me lose weight and I overdue it or don’t do any at all. With your help I believe that I can finally get into a workout routine and get in shape for the long run. Thanks.

  • Denis Flaherty

    I am a 65 yr old diabetic, former lifter, own a business so I work 12-14 hrs per day. I try to watch what I eat but due to my schedule and my meds, I can’t seem to get back on my exercise and wt loss regimen. I’m a pile! I look 50 but I wanta go back to feelin’ like it. I need a rescue. Thanks for all you do for us.

  • Krystal

    I feel that I have the motivation toget into great shape, I just need direction. I think I’m not getting results, because I’m not sure what I should be doing to see results. I’m sick of wasting my time in the gym. I’d love to be your next success story! Thank you for your consideration.

  • Nashwa M. El Mahdy

    Yes, I would like to thank you for your interest. May this pakage help me to lose extraweight and maintain it because I tried it several times and no effect. yoyo weight loss and gain it’s all what I had experienced.I wish losing weight not quickly but steadily because i couldn’t do a lot with my desire to eat. Thank you for the offer in advance

  • Cindy

    Thanks for the opportunity ! Well I just sold my treadmill at our yard sale this weekend.
    That was my lifeline, giving up the treadmill was huge. I look at the treadmill leaving as making room for your program. I have been kind of following you for a while and have checked out some of your YouTube videos and reports. I really enjoy exercise and believe it or not at age 48.75, I would love to be a personal trainer. Until I can walk the talk I won’t take the test. I need to know that even someone like myself . middle aged, 40+ lbs overweight, and without an active thyroid can drop the weight safely and effectively. So I am now in need of a new way of exercise and really need the best way to diet. I have wanted to join your program,but, every time I get ready to do it something else comes up financially and I have to wait. If I keep waiting , I will cause serious harm to my physical body. Craig … I need a new lifeline, I need some help. I appreciate the opportunity,your time and consideration. Thanks for being there.

  • AuntBear

    Wow! Craig I read through some of the responses, you are going to have a hard time choosing!

    With the few tools I already have from TT, I have seen a change already. I work in ministry work in the area of photography and multimedia in Spanish speaking countries. I am always on the move and carrying a heavy backpack. I want to stay fit and have the energy to do this work as long as possible. ( I lament it when I miss a few days of body weight circuit training, I can tell my energy level drops)

    In the past, I have struggled with some other exercises due to the tendency towards tendonitis, so far with what TT has given me, there have been no flair ups. YES!

    At the age of 46, I can see that I can be more fit than ever! Yes, these bodies are just temporary, but we need to take as good care of them as possible, and if just the taste of TT is already helping me do that, I can’t imagine what the whole package would do to help me continue to serve and work with an abundance of energy, endurance and strength.

  • Russ Winter

    Turbo Training would help me regain discipline once again. Have been out of work for a while and recognize that I need to focus on exercizing once again …. and not just the cardio stuff.

  • David

    Turbulence training will allow me to save time by not having to commute to the gym. Exercise just about anywhere with no equipment. Save money by not paying gym fees or buying equipment.

    And most of all lose fat by doing workouts that don’t take more than 30 minutes that can be varied from workout to workout easily. No complicated exercises. 10 minutes of interval training instead of 30 minutes or more of cardio.

    In short: lose fat, build muscle, gain endurance, save time and money.


  • Karen

    Well, I am not obese, but have always struggled with body image issues. I was a member of the gym for meany years working out 4-5 days a week, weights, cardio, pilates and even yoga. The exe3rcise was good for my mental health, but I did not see much change in my body. I tried your trial membership and started alternating your workouts at the gym instead of cardio and the various classes, the only thing I continued was the yoga. I started actually seeing the results, not just other people telling me i was looking good , you have no idea what a big deal this is for someone with body image issues.

    I am a single mom and my only son just moved out to go to university, so I sold my house, moved to an apartment across town, and have not done any exercise since. I just can not get motivated to join a gym where I know for certain the only positive effect will be the actual walk to the gym, or feeling like I am trying to do something. If I had your program, I would know for certain that I am doing something that will have an effect on my physical and much needed mental well being all without spending needless moeny on a gym membership or having to go dig my car out of the snow to go to the gym for nothing. Even better having you on tape to encourage me along the way woudl be PRICELESS.

  • Vince from Toronto

    Hey Craig,
    I’m someone with self-described WOADD (work-out attention deficit disorder) but you and your emails, your positive message and your lack of hard sell have kept me interested in getting fit for months now. Having an actual copy of your program would keep me from drifting off someplace while I try to remember what it is I’m supposed to do next… thanks for the opportunity!

  • Craig

    I would love to win this package, as I probably only need to lose 5 or 6lbs, but sometimes these are the hardest to lose ! Also I feel its not about just FAT loss, but doing whole body exercises, will improve my overall health and well being, as people (me included) focus too much on muscles and not movement, which is where TT would help me improve my life
    Winning this would also prove TT is for everyone and sticking with a well constructed programme, will get you the results you want !
    Hopefully whoever wins, will stick with this and not deprive a genuinely interested participant !
    Good Luck to all

  • Allison

    I have been doing turbulence training workouts for awhile now, expecially when I travel and they are really great, but I really want this for my husband. He doesn’t exercise because he doesn’t think he has time. The other day I had him to the 10 X 20 workout (with 30 lb kettlebell) and it killed him. He couldn’t finish, but it really did get him thinking that he has to get working. If he could follow some DVDs, I think he might actually commit to doing something 3 days a week.

  • Abe Fehr

    I am a very inconsistent trainer and find my main reason for this is time. What I like about the TT training method is that it hits every body part but doesn’t request endless hours of training, making it easier to fit into a hectic lifestyle. Having been a type 1 diabetic for the past 28 years, I understand the importance of a proper meal plan along with exercise but find myself lost as to which direction I want to take my training. With the TT training method, I believe I could finally reach my stated goals of body fat percentage (which I find to be a healthier goal rather than BMI) and continue, with some assistance, my required daily nutrition intake, all while maintaining a schedule I can live with. I look forward to continuing to read about TT and implementing it into my training routine on a consistent basis.

  • J. McConnell

    Hi you doing Craig, my name is jim and i lost 30 lbs by changing my nutritional habits and reading newsletters from you, vince delmonte and lee hayward and a couple other guys. It made such an impact on me that i am going to go to school to become a personal trainer and eventually a nutritionest but not for atleast a year because of financial difficulties. So it would be a great help to win your contest and get TT complete package and get a headstart on my education, not to mention going in to school shredded and fit already.Its pretty hard to help someone get fit if you dont look the part yourself as you know. From reading some of these post i can see there’s more then three people that need it more then me but i still want to thank you for the shot at it and for the newsletter you put out for free, keep up the good work

  • Getting the complete package would mean that I could actually *show* my wife what it is I’m doing in the gym.

    The hotel room workout DVDs will be the perfect companion for when I’m going abroad on courses – I’ve always tried to get a hotel with a gym with the intention to go work out there, but the daily schedule with the courses themselves and social events afterwards always seems to get in the way. Having a DVD to plug into my laptop means that I can basically get out of bed and do the workouts in my underwear and with morning hair – or do them late at night before hitting the sack.

    The BW 500 and 1000 workout would ensure that I actually get a workout in on those days where a trip to the gym isn’t possible.

    Having an signed copy of Just say NO to Cardio is the ultimate show off item – perfect for starting a conversation about training and spreading the knowledge of TT.

    But the most valuable part of the package would be the Platinum Membership – the flood of new complete workouts is really what sets TT apart from other more “stale” workout programs.

  • cheryl burke

    Reguarding the question-“How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” question, the answer would be BECAUSE IT WORKS! I recently took a local fitness class with some of the same principles and similair exercises as your program and I was amazed at how good I felt after the workout. I actually had more energy, less stress and I felt good about myself. I participated in the local group for 1 month, unfortunately, I am unemployed currently and unable to continue.
    I would LOVE to win your training package so that I have a solid building block on ways and continue my transformation. I am approaching my later 40’s and I feel that Turbulence Training is the way to better health, less traditional meds and the fountain of youth that every individual should follow.

  • Manny

    All my life I have been the big guy in the group. For years it has affected my confidence and ability to be comfortable around others. My BMI is in the 40 range and I see and hear promotions for gastric surgeries as the solution to weight loss. I know that there is a better option than that but I struggle to find the diet and workout regimen that will work for me. Overworked and Overbudgeted, how do you get it all in? Now that I am older and my kids are growing up, I want to be the dad that can run and play and throw my kids around, not the dad who’s back hurts and who can’t run down the hill because I run out of breath and hurt my knee. I want to be the example of how to take care of your body and not the “Do as I say and not as I do” example. Thansk for this opportunity.

  • Robert Holland

    I’m not ashamed to say that I am old enough to be your father. To me, however, that’s irrelevant. You are an expert in conditioning the whole body and I respect you for that. As they say, your reputation precedes you!
    When I was a younger man, I played a lot of sports. I started with Little League baseball and continued participating in various sports in junior high and on into high school, where I lettered in four sports. I didn’t think about it at the time, but looking back, it is obvious that I possessed some degree of discipline. Sure, there were other factors involved like the camaraderie with my teammates and being noticed by the girls, but you can’t deny that it demanded some discipline.
    As the adolescent years faded away and I became an adult, my youthful health discipline was replaced by new disciplines. Like the disciplines required to make my marriage successful, to do the best I could in my job, to raise my children well, etc. In other words, I assigned my health discipline to a secondary role in my life. BIG MISTAKE! There’s nothing like passing the 50 year mark to help you understand a very important fact. IF YOU DON’T HAVE GOOD HEALTH, YOU CAN’T REALLY ENJOY ANY OTHER ASSESTS YOU MAY HAVE.
    Craig, help me rediscover that earlier health discipline I had, by sending me your “Turbulence Training Complete Package”. I look forward to setting new fitness goals and bragging to you how I’ve reached them.

    All the best,


  • josephine Lazzaro

    Hi, the TT Package will help a great deal, because I tried many many others and this is the one that I enjoy the most, I feel right away that something is working and makes me want to do more and more each time. I like the fact that is not boring and and each move is different and it seems that the time goes by faster and I do not look at the clock every minute, so that it over. said so I believe that if I get this package I will be in top shape for the rest of my life.
    thanks a lot for the opportunity

  • Brianna

    Turbulence Training would definitely help me reach my fitness and fat loss goals. It will allow me to stay motivated and focused on the task at hand. It will prompt me in a way that I must stick to the plan and not be careless. It will help me stay motivated until the end. TT will fit into my schedule perfectly, seeing as how I am a college tennis player, I have alot on my plate, and finding the time to go to the gym between training and school is just not on my plan. With TT I can basically do it at home quick and easily. It will help me so much in my life and mostly on the court!!

  • I tried TT early in the year when I began working out – using some material that I found from the TT beginner program on the internet for free (sorry, so I wouldn’t have to buy it). That kicked my fat loss and body definition into high gear. I dropped from 35 to 32 waist, lost 20 pounds and now have a more tight body then ever before (at age 43). Unfortunately, I shifted to a different workout plan a few months ago and seem to have plateaued, and I think that my stomach is not as flat as before. If I could get back on the plan, it would set me back on the right course to finally get that elusive six pack! And help me out with better shoulders and upper body definition. But, funds are tight. Help me out, please!

  • Melinda

    I am 51 years young because I looked into the mirror one day and asked how I wanted to look and feel in 5 years. I certainly did not want to continue down the path I was on weighing in at 185. So, at that moment I decided to do whatever it took to clean up inside and out.
    I have lost 50 lbs on my own. I feel great but know, after looking at your program and doing some of the demos, that I would greatly benefit from your program. I could get lean and strong which is my goal at this point. I want to be healthy.
    I also want my husband to look and feel great. I am his example.
    My friends are looking towards me for support as they change as well.
    Thank you for giving this opportunity to win this incredible workout program.
    Your news letters are always great!

  • Derek

    Craig, I believe having the TT Complete Package will finally help me get rid of these last 20 lbs to reach my ideal weight and fitness level. In the summer of 2000, when I was 21, I weighed 285 lbs of pure fat. I was a heavy smoker, fried foods were a staple of my diet, and I was on my way to high blood pressure, obesity, and heart problems (all of which run in my family). Thanks in part to you and TT, I am now hovering around 210 lbs, smoke-free, eating whole natural foods and stopped wasting time on elliptical machines and started getting outside for interval runs in the fresh air. I can finally do pullups on my own, and I run in 5K races for fun on the weekends! I’ve been using TT Bodyweight workouts for a while now, and I love them. I’m not a gym rat, I can’t stand or afford to pay a ton of money to cram into a small space and fight for weights and equipment when I feel I can get just as good of a workout with a pullup bar, some dumbells, and an open space. TT has shown me how to do that. I had my first physical in years this past February when I turned 30, was told by my doctor that (other than still being a few pounds overweight) I’m overall in good shape, blood pressure is normal, and to “keep doing” what I’m doing. I can honestly say that I’m better shape at 30 than I was at 20! But my doctor did said he would like to see me lose some more weight to get down to my ideal weight of the 180 – 190 lbs range. This has been the hardest thing for me to accomplish. For most of my adult life, my body seems to naturally hover between 210 – 220, even when I’m eating healthy and exercising, yet everyone and everything I read says that for my build (big) and height (6 ft), I should be about 20 lbs under that. I KNOW that using the TT Complete Package can help me get there! All of my life I’ve been built like and told I look like a football player, but I’d like to finally look like a quarterback instead of a linebacker.

    P.S. – without me mentioning it, my doctor asked me if I use interval training as part of my regiment. I told him yes, and he said that’s good because running intervals actually builds HGH naturally in the body. He said that running intervals actually builds muscle on top of burning fat! Just thought you’d like to hear that what you’ve been saying all this time was completely validated by my M.D.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very cool to hear what your MD said Derek, keep up the great work.


  • Jake

    My comment is very basic , I am 48 years old , and since I was 28 always wanted to be that person transformed in the pictures I see in magazines and what have you , its that one thing I have always felt compelled to do but have always failed , at this age I now have a lot of info of what needs to be done , reading your site and listening to what you have to say is the most complete and exciting I have ever felt , I also struggle with alchohol which has also slowed me down alot ,I also have 3 kids that I would like to be around for. I have been fit before and enjoy working out. Hey People out there, what ever you do , do not let ALCHOHOL take control of you , once you get in to deep its a for climb out , please dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Stay strong Jake, I know you can succeed and beat alcohol. Let us know how it goes.

      Your friend,


  • Shirley Christopherson

    I would love to win this, as I have worked out all my life really, first aerobics, then I was introduced to wieights, and loved the weights. I got into the best shape after having my first child by weight training. This is back in the 80’s, when you mostly saw men weight training.
    I could not believe how it reshaped my body! Now I have had 3 children who the youngest is 18 and we as a family have been raked through the coal with my husband fighting lung cancer, then a brain tumor. I am now 52, and just can’t seem to get back to where I would like to be. Went to the gym, had a personal trainer, spend an hour each time, one day weight, next day cardio (I hate cardio) Now I work our at home with Jari Love, Joey Atlas, and can’t budge, probably could be diet to, but then I get afraid to even eat. My time is very limited as I am now the bread winner of the family, so I don’t have a lot of spare time for just me. I need something that does not take a lot of time and is effective.

  • Steve

    When I got married I was 185 lbs. I have shot up to 225 at one point, when I wasn’t working out at all. Currently I am sitting aorund 200. I should be around 175 to be really lean and fit. Being in law enforcement, it is not easy to find time to stick with the standard gym workout. Statistics show officers don’t always live the longest. The stress of working as a Crimes Against Children Sergeant takes a toll and exercise is the best release for this. The TT Total Package looks like the answer I need to offer the flexibility and variety to get me into the shape I should be so I can truly “Protect and Serve”. The “Hotel Workout” is the answer for the times I am forced to travel to other states looking for suspects. Along with that, I work with a lot of detectives who could definately use some help in this area. I think once I show them that it is possible, then they would love to get on this system, because even though I am not in the best shape now, I am still asked constantly about my workouts. Finally, I this package will help keep me around longer for my wife and kids. Getting rid of that deadly belly fat which is a result of missing the gym and eleveated stress levels will help keep me around longer to see them grow up.

    Dedication is not an issue. I can committ to the program, the problem was always finding the time to get in the car to drive to the gym. Getting my diet somewhat in line is the only thing that has really kept me from getting back up to 225 and beyond. The Total Package will offer me the variety, flexibility and limited need for equipment to finally get back into top shape. Just in time for my reunion next year. 🙂 Thanks for the consideration.

  • ?Machelle Hatcher?

    I want to thank you first and foremost for the chance to win such an awesome prize! I am a strong believer in the TT program and honestly feel it will work for anyone who follows it! Whoever the lucky winners are will get a great tool for acheiving their personal fitness goals!

    I am entering because, like I said, I trulybeleive in this program. For quite some time now, I have been using the “freebies” I can get from the emails and also from following on facebook. I would love to buy some of the programs/books/etc that are offered but at this point in my life, I simply cannot afford the extra money. You see, I am saving up for my wedding next year. I have to pay for this myself and it is going to take every spare cent I can save between now and then to afford it. I would love to be the fit bride I dream of, so if I could get this great gift, it would be of much help to me! If not, I’m going to keep plugging away and will eventually get to where I want to be!

    Thanks again for the opportunity to enter. Good luck to everyone in acheiving your own personal fitness goals! Trust me, I know it is a challenge!


  • Angela Eberle

    TT would help me to finally be able to get my extra weight off and get my body back in the shape it should be without having to spend hours working out. I am a working mom of 2 young children and I need more energy to keep up with them and to actually want to be active with them. In addition my family’s health history is not great and I would like to be around to see my children have families of their own. As a family we try to eat healthy for the most part and I know there are things we need to tweak but getting an exercise routine inplace and being an example for my kids on being healthy is a goal of mine and I believe the TT complete program could be just the answer our family needs. I love to weight train and do not like cardio so that is another plus about TT the cardio is less time but more effective than traditional long boring cardio.

  • Molly

    I would really love this!!! My problem is I don’t have a mirror or anyone else that I work out with at home. This would be great for me because I will know that I am doing it right. I just got a new job (finally) and I’m on the road and travel alone. I would much prefer to do my workout in my room rather than going to the hotel gym(if there is one) because I get scared sometimes in the early mornings or late night. I know that sounds riduculous as I am typing that, but its how I feel!
    PLUS–I really want my husband to start working out with me. He actually tried P90X BECAUSE OF THE VIDEO, but it was too hard. This would be so perfect.
    Also it would be inspiring to me (much needed) to have you as my personal trainer on my tv everyday! So please do consider me! I promise to you that I am not going to get the videos and let them collect dust after week! I will really use them!

  • sam

    Although nothing beats having a personal trainer sidebyside pushing you and encouraging you, I believe that by using the Turbulence Training Complete Package I will be able to achieve my goals of improved fitness. Although I go to the gym several days per week, the complete Turblence Training package will help accelerate my fat loss workouts while helping me achieve my goals of building muscle and becoming lean at the same time. I look forward to winning this complete training package.

  • Darren Ingram

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Well, I would finally run out of excuses not to exercise. I am a 160 kilogram man who promises himself (and his family) to drop the kilograms and start looking out for his health. While the package would be beneficial as well as access to other Turbulence Training programs, without the right mental application they won’t work.

    If I can get the mind right, in combination with a training package of this quality, I am sure I could begin to live without the joint aches and pains and the potential health disasters that plague the fitness challenged.

  • JT Lauer

    I have been working on my body for a couple of years now and I can only seem to get so far. I can never get past that “pretty good” stage and get into the ripped sculpted stage which I am striving for. It seems no matter how much I workout; I cannot lose that stubborn belly fat that keeps me from the body I want. I have tried many exercises that give me bits and pieces of workouts that claim will give me the body of dreams with little to no result. I believe having the whole picture of the workout and lifestyle will give everything I need to achieve the body that I want. I have tried your free workouts and I have become a believer in this workout. Just trying the workout once and I noticed I was drenched in sweat and much more exhausted than my typical workouts which last twice as long. I believe combining this workout program with proper nutrition will boost me to the body of my dreams.

  • Steve

    Your comentary on bodyweght training has been inspiring. I spent alot of time in hotels and eating right, and excercising is often a challenge. While most places tendto have cardio equipment most are lacking in weight training equipment. Having the Turbulence training program would enable a more directed approach to training and eating thus providing a decreased timeline for results achievement, thereby establishing a platform for longterm fitness

  • Scott Lookingbill

    I have been on a roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain for about the last 15 years.
    I used to be able to loose weight quickly and fairly easily but always gained the weight back. Now at 50, it seems harder than ever to keep the weight off.
    Your pod casts and articles have explained so many training and eating related issues for me and always with perfect timing.

    Recently I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in which weight loss would be a huge benefit. At my doctor’s insistence, I started a cardio regime using treadmills, elliptical and bike, gym equipment. I was surprised and encouraged by your most recent podcast about the, less than expected results of cardio training. I’m looking forward to trying your alternative method for cardio.

    I also look forward to each and every one of your e-mails. From you I have learned many things, from how to properly execute a new exercise to adding spinach and sunflower seeds to my smoothies. (Sometimes with a little humor to make it more interesting.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your TT packages. You make exercise and nutrition interesting and sometimes fun, almost enjoyable. I get more from you online than I ever have with the four on-site trainers I have had over the years.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to have one of your programs and learn even more from you. Keep up the great work!

  • Jason Benson

    My job consists of living out in a camp in the foothills of the rockey mountians. We are stuck here for a week at a time and sometimes longer. This makes it hard to stay in shape since the nearest gym is an hour and half away. We spend many hours sitting during the day and I have continued to put on weight, loss flexablity, and have more back problems than I ever had before. I joined a gym back home but working out every second week does not seem to improve the situation much. It is beginning to feel like a huge waste of money. I need a program that I can take with me back and forth between home and work that will help me get back to living again

  • Kim Powell

    WOW! What a fantastic opportunity! This complete package would absolutely take me to the next level. I am a 40 year old mother of 4 and have been stuck at the same weight for about a year. I tried the cardio, boxing, personal trainers, etc. I lose for a moment then gain it back plus interest. Your program is perfect for me as my time and financial resources are limited with a family of 6. I would love to be able to not only lose the weight but tone like never before and start a career in the fitness industry. If I win this golden opportunity, I would absolutely stand on my soap box (with my new tight body) and spread the gospel of TT!!!!

    Anxiously awaiting my TTCP!! 🙂

  • Charles Long

    I’m short on knowledge. Having a structured program like this with complete workouts would be ideal. I could learn from someone who does know and achieve my goals at the same time.

  • Arleen D’Amico

    I am a 58 year young woman who has been exercising for 25 years. I am in the best shape of my life
    since I started doing Turbulence Training a year ago. I thought I was in good shape then- but switching up
    my cardio to intense interval training has really made the difference. I have finally lost the extra baby
    weight- the baby is nineteen years old! I haven’t worked out in a gym for 15 years- I do my workouts
    at home and having you in my face on the screen every morning would be the next best thing to training
    with you personally. I want to be stronger and I want to be a role model for baby boomers who think you
    can’t be in the best shape of your life even at this age. Having all your DVDS would be better than a gym
    membership. Thanks! Arleen

  • Sandi

    I am a single (struggling) working mom of a loving and supportive 7 yr old son. I have been back in the gym regularly for the past year, after a 7+ yr absence. I have been eating clean, doing a combination of interval training and weight training, but not seeing the results I would like. My body fat % has dropped and I have lost inches, but I would like to lose about 10-12 lbs.

    The scale has NOT been my friend and I have been on the diet/exercise treadmill since I was 13. I have never been significantly overweight, but I have never been happy with my physique/weight. Like most women, I am my own worst critic and I am worn out from working so hard to fit into clothing that is cut for people with no butt or thighs.

    My financial situation has prevented me from hiring a personal trainer, so winning a TT package would be a dream come true. I will be turning 40 next year, and I would love to hit that milestone in a size 4 with a six pack of abs & the strong sexy physique I have been working on for the past year.


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congrats on your success so far Sandi, very proud of you!


  • Cher

    I believe that this program my be the one last chance i have to get myself back on track. I have battled the weight since i was in highschool, which by the way has been 20 years ago. My relationship with my husband has suffered because my self esteem is so low. I know that might sound selfish. I play recreational soccer and get plenty of cardio, i have had no change in my weight at all. I love weight training and I am ready to change my body and my lifestyle. Please consider me for this program.

  • James Sharpe

    I am 69 years old. Two years ago I was 350 lbs. Today I am stuck at 224 lbs. I think
    the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me . As I have come to an end
    with my weight loss. ????

    • Craig Ballantyne

      James, congratulations on your amazing progress!


  • Bekka

    The TT would help me as I have tried it all. I had twin boys 6 years ago and I STILL carry weight from that. I can run an hour a day 6 days a week and I still see no result, I need to stop running up against a brick wall and actually use my workout time accordingly. I am very excited to give this program a try and hope I can achieve my weightloss and fitness goals alot easier!!! My ultimate goal is just to feel at ease in my body again, the way I once did! So heres hoping!

  • Don

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Its a simple answer. i know it will work. im 57 and i have 2 jobs that keep me sitting and or driving for at least 60 hours per week. my body does not have the stamina or flexibility that it used to have. each year it gets harder and harder to stay toned and supple. gettin old aint for sissies.

    ive tried a couple of things over the years including weight training and cardio and even bikram yoga and fasting. either not much happens and the deterioration continues or i actually get injured and then set back. ive recently started using some bodyweight and kettlebell exercises which i have discovered on your site and the theory, combination and sequences that you provide work with my aging body in totally different way. i definitely feel stronger , my joints feel better, im more flexible and i have more energy. that says it all, i crave a structure for my exercise that will facilitate all of the above and provide the variety i need because -oh yeah i forgot to mention i get bored too!). just from what i ve touched into so far . i have a really good sense about what you are offering and i know it will work for me.
    Thank YOU for the opportunity to actually get better and stronger as i age.


  • Aaron

    On June 18th, 2008, I weighed 363 pounds. I know this because I had to order a special scale that went up to 500 pounds since every scale I found capped at 350, and I maxed them out. I was also 38.3% body fat according to an Omron tester. I now weigh 236 at 21% body fat on the same scale and using the same tester. My eventual goal is 200 and 9%. Things have been getting harder as I get closer. Due to my initial weight and sedentary lifestyle, I have spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and herniated discs. Whenever I try to use barbells and heavy weights in my lifting cycle, my back ends up aggravated. In October of last year I made a bad deadlift pull and ended up not being able to exercise other than physical therapy for 3 months (during this time I lost a lot of lean weight instead of fat). Six months of the TT Bodyweight and Hotel Room Workouts will help me by providing difficult, cycling workouts to ensure continued fat loss while the bodyweight nature of the workouts places less stress on my joints and spinal musculature.

    Regardless, thank you for this opportunity, Craig.

  • Adam

    Hey Craig,

    I have trained and exercised hard since I was 12 years old, and in that time, I have never been thin. For example, when I was 15, I was playing soccer at a high level. We would practice 4- 5 times a week, where we would run 5 miles and run wind sprints for 20 minutes. I was also training for a half marathon and would go for a 5 – 10 mile run after soccer. With all the training I still had a gut, eventhough I was in great condition. This has been the story of my exercising life. I am always in good condition but it never shows. I want the physique that many of my friends, who exercise way less than I do, have.

    I have been using some of the turbulence training routines and I have started to see results. I know if I could get more of them I could take my training to the next level and start to see real results.


  • Craig,
    I dont have to think how tt training will help me. I run a bootcamp in Princeton New Jersey. I own both Turbulence training and turbulance training for bootcamps. Both these products have served me well in helping my clients get in the best shape of their lives. Your products are awsome. They have been a great help in my business.
    Dave Knapp

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very cool Dave! Thanks for the kind feedback!


  • Dolores

    Hello, I am 60 years old and have been exercising for most of my life. I ran about 4 miles 5 times a week for many years and did the normal situps etc. Eat right. In the past hears I have been able to keep my weight fairly consistent. However last year my clavical popped out of joint. There is nothing that can be done with it. It has taken me this full year to “find my way” to different exercises. The running jars my neck and shoulder now, so I thought just toning that down would work, did not. I have been searching for something to help me. Now at this age I am putting on body fat. I was beside myself. I found your training on the internet and started doing some of the things that you pointed out. I believe this is what I need to be doing and have put together a short program but would really benefit from your tapes and guidance. At this age I do not want to stop exercising, it has helped to keep me healthy for these years. Your program is a very good one and would give me the direction I am seeking.
    Thank you

  • René

    Because i know is the best fatloss system ever!!! Metabolic condition is the most advanced way of improving your VO max your endurance while kipping your muscle. Endurance training athletes are the poorest performers in speed, power, vertical jump and strength there exist. I’ve been doing powerlifting routines and running on alternate days. But now that Iknow better i try to mix strength training (5 x 5) with sprint intervals ( a la football program) or do somew complex workout some days of the week. I know Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me because it will give me an exact blueprint to follow in a detailed way eliminating completely the guess work i now have to do do to my lack of knowledge programming workouts.

    I know it will help me with my 16 weeks personal challenge (due on November 13, 2009)of getting hard abs and cut about 20 pounds off my weight without doing workouts by instinct as I’ve been done up to now.

  • Taryn

    It would be amazing to win this package!

    I have been overweight since I was a kid. I have wanted to work out, but was always timid and sort of embarrassed about going into the gym. I finally decided at the age of 25, I couldn’t wait any longer and that I needed to start doing something so I signed up for a gym membership. I have been going for about a year and a half and started out with a trainer who encouraged me to do HIIT and strength training–I was doing well and having fun while doing it. Then, my trainer left my gym because of a family situation and they switched me to a new trainer. When I told her what I was doing, she told me that instead, I should do strength training with her once and week and then just hit the cardio machines for the rest of the week for an hour each day. She said that I have to get rid of the fat before I can start building muscle. It was really discouraging because the last thing I wanted to do every day was do the same, old, boring stuff but I was torn between doing what my trainer told me and doing what I thought I should do.

    A few weeks ago, I read about your program. I have been using the sample workouts and have seen great results! I love that the program is fun, dynamic, and challenging. I would love to win this package so I can continue to change things up, learn more, and get healthy!

    Thanks so much for even offering the chance to win!

  • Kenneth F

    My current goal is to decrease my body fat (according to my BIA scale) before Christmas but I’ve been doing mostly cardio workouts to achieve this. I’ve started running and even joined a 15K two weeks ago but I’m still off of my goal. I’ve looked into TT before but never really tried the workouts. I’m hoping that getting the complete TT package will enable me to workout from home using your method and prove to my family and friends that it works.


  • Howard

    I believe winning the Turbulence Training Package would help me to create a personal transformation that would spill over into many aspects of my life. I am 51 and carry about 40 pounds of fat which needs to go. I have arthritis in my L4 and L5 facet joints which causes great pain when my lower back goes out (usually about once every 6 weeks). Then I’m bedridden for days. I know my lower back isn’t helped by my 46 inch waist which causes poor posture and bad spinal alignment. I’m also out of work, having just lost my job of 18 years, with no severance, pension, or Cobra. My family’s medical insurance bills are over $1500 a month. I would love to diligently use a method that would help me lose the belly fat, improve my posture and tone my core, improve my physical appearance so I don’t have to wear baggy clothes. I want to look great in a suit as well as feel more confident and marketable as I start to look for work to support my wife and 2 children.

  • Michelle

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me to reach my potential best fitness level. As a nursing student with long days in school and at the hospital, I do not have hours a day to dedicate to my fitness. My goal is to get my fitness on track now so that when I finally graduate and enter the working world of nursing, I will have attained a high level of fitness in only a short amount of time each week. Not only will I have attained a high level of fitness, but I will continue to increase my fitness for the rest of my life. I am absolutely positive that Turbulence Training will be the defining factor as to whether I reach my highest potential fitness level.

  • Jody Sloan

    I have recently turned 56 and am struggling with the effects of aging. I have always worked out, but my weight has been increasing and I have been trying to counter-act that with weight training and cardio. The weight training has become more challengingwith restrictions on cetain movements and weight amounts. Also, the routines have become somewhat boring and my motivation level for exercise has decreased. I feel the turbulence training would give me new opportunity and more results in working out. In addition it would slow the aging process and provide a means fot total health. I also think that a new program would be more interesting and motivating.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Jody Sloan

  • mg

    I really believe in the TT way of training. I have seen the results on me personally. This would help tremendously by giving me new workouts that are time efficient and fat burning efficient. I just keep recycling the same workout routines over and over and use the the ones that come through on your newsletters and emails. I really want something that will elevate my TT workouts to the next level and be an example to others to help them achieve their goals of fitness. I can imagine a better gift to give someone than their health and show them it can be done, and be done efficiently with great results by being an example and letting them know long slow boring cardio is not the way.

  • Rocky

    I believe that Turbulence Training will help me come full circle in my complete body transformation. Last year I started a weight loss journey and went on to lose almost 90 lbs on my own through diet and a little exercise (which I regret). I was a heavy kid all through my childhood up until last year when I was 19. I am just at the point where I need something to get me to ultimate potential because I think I deserve it for coming this far! I was a size 44 waist ( at 5’9″!!) and now I am at a 32, but i need to tighten up. I want to be muscular and get that last bit of confidence to finally be living my life! Turbulence training would give me this opportunity to go to the gym and do it the right way, eat the right way and be the person I want and deserve to be.

    Thank you.

  • Paige

    Hi Craig,

    I am a very busy mom of two wonderful kids, ages 6 and 8. I am homeschooling my 8-year-old special needs child. I have little time to spend on myself. I’ve struggled to get rid of an extra 15 pounds that has hung on me since my 6 year old arrived! I have always been active, through sports and dance as a child and mostly running and various cardio group exercise classes as an adult. I have enjoyed your more efficient and intense workouts and am starting to believe that, for fat loss, training in less time with more intensity is a valid recipe. I would love to have your training videos and access to the online support. Being able to squeeze in an awesome workout at home would be a real blessing. I look forward to ridding myself of the unhealthy fat, increasing my energy, and feeling better about my body.

    All the best to you!

  • Deborah

    I’m 52 years old with a family history of obesity, breast cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease and depression. My cholesterol and blood pressure are slightly high and I REALLY don’t want to go down the same path as my parents, both of whom passed at early ages. I struggle with my weight and have tried on multiple occasions to enjoy running, but the fact is that I just don’t like it, nor does my body. I’ve suffered from plantar fasciitis and IT band pain and since I only marginally enjoyed the running to begin with, all the fun went away with the pain. I’ve always been more of a sprinter than a distance person and have found the workouts I enjoy best include stadium stair climbing and intervals, such as running the straights and walking the curves of a track. Your program sounds like it’s right up my alley and I would sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to add it to my routine and get rid of these pesky extra pounds. With age and genetics working against me, I definitely need the help your program can give.

  • Joe M

    I am excited for this opportunity to embark on a new way to make the gains that I need to get in great shape as I enter my mid 40’s. I am a former college athlete and Type 1 diabetic who relies on steady exercise and appropriate diet in order to stay healthy. I look forward to utilizing this program to balance a structured fitness program with a busy work and family schedule. My goal is to look and feel like I am in the same shape that I was in my twenties. This will lead to greater control of my diabetes and ultimatly overall health in the future. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  • Benee Leavy

    I’ve been following your emails, educating myself and training moistly at the gym. Since I was injured and needed surgery, I’m about to start again gradually at home first, and I’m sure your TT materials are exactly the way to restart my program. Thanks Craig.

  • Priscilla

    Dear Craig
    The TT package would help me focus on myself. I nuture everyone else but not myself.
    My son and husband would be trilled to see me make use of my potential. I was in great shape till 40 (ten years ago) but illness and meds and late night eating from working a late night job caught up with me. I have been following your website for 2 years now and I have your book and downloads. I would really appreciate the DVDs so I have a visual guide. I want to become a personal trainer to help people with body issues and food disorders so I really would make the mot of your gift. I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

    Respectfully Priscillla

  • Aly

    I believe that my body has settled into a rut, one that will take hard work and some thinking “outside the box” to get out of. The Complete TT package can get me there. I have been a competitive athlete for 15 of my 26 years of life. Training was my focus and my body has changed according to what I put it through, good and bad. Now that I am finished with competing, I am eager to find a program that challenges me and pushes me to a breakthrough in my physique. Thank you!

  • Linn Henson

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Package is definitely what my husband and I need to get back on track to being physically fit and feeling good. We have three kids, each going to a different school (elem., middle, high) and there just isn’t a lot of time to spend in the gym. When we got married, my husband was in great shape. He ran triathalons and was just a very active person. I have never really been athletic, but I started working out with him when we were dating. Long story short…15 years, three kids later and 20 lbs heavier, we are in need of a plan! I would really like something that we can do together that isn’t complicated but still gets results and Turbulence Training seems to fit the bill.

  • Ravi Rao

    Hi Craig,

    I have taken a look at the contents of the TT package and I believe it is going to be an encyclopedia on Turbulence training. I come from a culture which advises every person to turn to his guru for any guidance, clarifications, advice, etc for The Guru is truly enlightened and understands the highest truth in his chosen field. The ideal option for any believer in TT would be to train with you personally. Alas, I am so far away physically from you, that I can never have the privilege of being personally trained by you. The next best thing is to possess this fantastic gift that you are planning to give away and it would be the best thing that I can have in your absence. It would be motivator and a invaluable compass in this journey of fitness that I seek. I am at a stage where I am convinced of the capabilities of your methodologies and I believe that this compendium of exercises will bring out the fittest in me through your words and thoughts that you present in this magnum opus of yours.

    Thanks for everything

  • Jason Smith

    I’ve been following your stuff for awhile Craig and I’ve got to say I really have enjoyed the e-mails. I first heard about you through The FitCast and host Kevin Larabee. ( I know its a shameless name plug.) I’m 23 years old and used to be fit, I did this while even working at a well known fast food restaurant for 3 years. I ate whatever I wanted and ran an hour a day 6 days a week. Never touched a weight for the most part and didn’t feel I needed too. But I’ve been looking over old photos of myself from when I was 18 and have to say… while I did have some ab definition I was also skinny as a rail. I’ve recently been using weights and limiting my cardio work. However I need something to push me over the edge to get myself those abs again. I feel now more then ever its important as I recently got married 2 years ago and have let myself go. Its a sad fact of life but its happened. I’m also being motivated by my Grandfather who was into fitness his whole life and is sadly having that taken away from him because of cancer. I believe I can live every day to the fullest by working on my physical and mental state of being. I know your program does both of those from the great results every time you have a TT transformation challenge. I want to be a part of that success story.

  • chandan

    simple things need to do with simple workout wic is urs… n can’t b findout anywhere on net..where i stay in india dis things r not available.. if i m success with dis i can help many simple

  • Michelle G.

    When I was 18, I made a vow to myself: I sworn to myself that I would never let myself become overweight and unhealthy. My whole family has struggled with obesity and for as long as I can remember my father has been on and off every diet imaginable. I swore that I would never let this become my life and that I would always maintain a healthy, fit body.

    For four years I did a decent job of remaining fit and healthy, but recently things have begun to fall apart. Due to various stressful situations, traveling to foreign countries, and starting graduate school I have put on about 10lbs over the past year. As I new graduate student I often am on campus for over 14hrs and I return home exhausted. I know I need to find the time and energy to workout and prepare healthy meals for myself, but with my schedule it is very challenging.

    This is why I need your help. I need to find a way to whip myself back into shape before a little weight gain becomes a big one. I refuse to break my vow to myself and I refuse to sacrifice my physical health for my intellectual life. I know that your program is ideal for someone like me.

    As a grad student on a stipend, I need to stick to a tight budget and cannot afford to buy your complete package. I know that winning this package would give me the tools necessary to get back on track and I would be more than happy to share my progress with you and others interested in the program. I would also love to be a positive role model for my family members and for other graduate students who struggle with these same challenges.

  • Diana Garcia

    having the Turbulence Training Complete Package could truly help me me to loose these extra few pounds I’ve managed to pack and it would also help me be stronger in every aspect of my life which would include physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. I remember when I was at the peak of my physical fitness and I felt so connected with my inner and outter self that I felt everything was possible for me to accomplish. I also felt so confident that I was so good at being an effective project manager. Now, it seems I’ve lost that spirit, that drive and its affecting my work. I really need to get back.

    In the recent emails you have sent samples of your program, I really see the difference in what your workouts can do. I would really love to see how far I can take this.

    I hope you consider me to win these Fat loss workout DVD’s.

  • I know one thing for sure. im not a hardcore bodybuilder but a fitness freak for sure. I remember i worked extremely hard on cardio for over 3 months to loose 3-4 kgs and 1 inch on the waist size. it was then i got hooked to ur posts and workouts. I have followed ur workouts posted over ur blogs and youtube very meticulously and religiously which has worked wonders for me. I have dropped over 10 kgs and 4 inches on the waist and im feeling strong, fit and confident with TT. I am sure your copy will help me re-orient my workout with the right technique, schedule and procedure and achieve my goal of increased strenght, stamina and a chiselled bod like urs.

  • Aris

    As it has for the past year, by giving me the appropriate means to set both my body and my mind in a constant transformation procedure.

    Craig, thank you once more.

  • Ron C

    I am currently 58 years old. I had a heart attach at age 43. I was very fortunate in being able to survive and get the chance to change some of my health habits. Heart disease, high cholesteral, high blood pressure are in my family, continually taking lives, some at an early age. I was so fortunate and resolved to change. I was told I would be on heart medication for the rest of my life. That medication was so delibatating, I could hardly sleep or concentrate. Slowly I continues to gain more weight, with cholesteral and now prostrate problems. I began exercizing at a gym and have slowly lost over 60 lbs. I can do so much now and my doctors have reduced my cholesteral meds because my healthy/bad numbers are to die for in their respective areas. I am not on any heart medications at all. Working out has turned my life around so much that I now teach group fitness classes at the gym to help other people. I am not a person to read a book and try exercizing by myself, but having a program that shows you how to perform a movement is a must for me. Being able to work every part of my body, making it lean and strong, can only transfer into my ability to help others also. I was recently told by someone at the gym how I now look years younger. That made me feel good. I feel a program like Turbulence Training can keep me in top shape for many years to come. I need this compact library of knowledge simply because I do not have enough time to research and teach my self thru trial and error. I need these facts in TT, that work, and can keep me fit right now and in the future. Thank you.

  • Starr

    I’m going to be 52 in November and I’m approximately 350 lbs. I’m diabetic, have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis in my knees, I walk with a cane to support my weight, and get very short winded just walking short distances and up stairs. I know if I continue on this path, I will soon be dead. I KNOW the TT program will help me to improve my quality of life dramatically. It will literally save my life. I am ready for change and I’m determined to put the work in to achieve my goals of optimal health, living a healthier lifestyle. I don’t want to die. I have 2 beautiful grandchildren I want to be around to watch grow and enjoy a full, active life. With TT, I can and will change my life.

  • Ashley H

    I am excited to try your program. I have been working out hard with P90x for a couple of years and have seen excellent results. I am always trying new things and am tired of my same routine. I make it a priority to always include exercise in my daily life so I can be a healthy mom to my 5 children and show then a good example to a healthy lifestyle. After my mom passed away a year ago, I have been struggling with the motivation to push my limits in exercise. I am bored with what I am doing and need something new and extreme. I LOVE extreme workouts which require a lot of energy. I would rather work out HARD and be done quickly then drag it out over a couple of hours. I have joined your community and really enjoy the daily emails that keep me motivated and give me new ideas to incorporate into my existing workout plan. I am ready to do Turbulence Training 100% and give it my all in order to shed about 5% bodyfat and those last 5-7 hard to lose pounds. I want to be RIPPED and will give this my all! I know I can do it because I have done it before and I loved the way I felt. Having Turbulence Training available to me would allow me to take myself to a new level of fitness along with those I workout with. This program will motivate me and I in turn will motivate others and share with them my knowledge of Turbulence Training. Thanks for your support and your drive and your commitment in helping all of us achieve our personal goals!

  • Mona Lisa

    Dear Craig,
    I am sure my story is no different than alot of people you have heard from. I am 40 and want to finally be in the best shape of my life:) I have struggled with weightloss since the birth of my son in 2002 and also my fibromyalgia diagnosis in 2005. I have done what I can but, it is an uphill battle:( I have found found since changing the way I eat to high raw and vegan cooked meals that my weight has dropped some but, I still need the “Perfect” workout system and I feel yours is it. I have ordered one of your ebooks already but, I am one of those people that needs dvd’s to help me along as well as a actual book to hold in my hand. My husband and I are recovering from him being laid off his job…thank God he has another one now but, playing catch up is never easy:( I am unable to afford this program that is why I am writing you. Thank you, Mona Lisa

  • kyrie

    Hi Craig,
    The turbulence training program would mean so much to me. I gained a bunch of weight after a back injury. I was shocked to find out how fast I could get out of shape and how hard it turns out to be to get going again— and to have my efforts pay off. When I was younger I could loose it pretty quickly –not so anymore–Wake up call, I guess. Daily accountability would make a real difference…. and a variety of pro- designed workouts….I tend to be kind of haphazard and confused in my efforts. My other strong reason for appreciating a program like this is my daughter, Renee. She is studying to be a personal trainer—online because that’s all that is available here. I would love her to be able to learn from you as she helps me implement your program. Her passion is to help families become more fit and healthy. I want to help her—that’s pretty limited if I’m not a good example…:~) I want to be fit and healthy and look like I belong next to her at the boot camps she offers in the community.
    Thanks for offering this opportunity.
    -all the best

  • Angel Melle

    Let’s face it. I am embarrassed to excercise in public. I try to excercise at home, but I never know exactly what to do to make it worth it. Your Turbulence Training would change my life for the better.
    About 10 years ago my husband divorced me. I lost a lot of weight in one month and of course I gained it all back plus. What’s worse is I turned 30 eight years ago and I have gained on average 10 lbs per year since then. I cannot find a program that fits within my schedule as a single mom that works for me. Everytime I lose a little I gain back more. I also cannot afford expensive training, so winning this package would truly be a blessing to me and my children.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  • robin alexander

    I am a 45 year old who has dabbled over the years in varios regimes to keep fit.At present i do a lot of running,at present training for a marathon in 2 weeks time.However since i came accross TT training I have been impressed with the variety of work outs,without all the fancy gym equipment.I am determined now to get an overall fitness which I can maintain and looking at the complete package I KNOW i can achieve my goal,before age creeps up!



  • Bob George

    Mr. Ballantyne,

    It would be the thrill of a lifetime to actually win something…but more importantly winning such a valuable life-changing program. As a middle aged fire fighter I know the importance of good health and exceptional strength and endurance. After tearing my achilles tendon on the job two years ago I have struggled to regain my strength and endurance. Straight cardio is not the answer and you are the expert in that field. I feel winning your program would give me the guidance, education, and motivation to exceed my fitness goals and expectations, and to maintain the ability to be an exceptional frontline first responder! With your training program I will be able to be an advocate to other fire fighters and improve the fitness, health, and morale of my fellow workers.

    Thank you for your consideration and continued success in helping so many achieve their fitness goals!




    First of all thanks for this opportunity, nobody really offers something like this unless you give something in exchange and that’s exactly what I’m here for, to offeryou my personal success as an exchange… I’ve been working out for almost 1 year now and have gone through everything, not because I’ve been cheated or lazy, but beacuase I’ve wanted to.What I mean by this is that I’ve taken all the information available from many sources, everything that I have heard from budybuilders (including some friends) and put it all together trying to establish a whole health personal program that may help others too. I have researched about diet and meals, not a diet to lose weight but a diet to keep my body working to its fullest (metabolism), leading to a healthy lean muscular body which is probably the helthiest way to grow old and strong, I give priority to health over looks because only if you´re healthy you look great, sexy, confident, and …healthy, but not only that you also feel great and feel that you´re doing what you’re supossed to with that body of yours that you were once given to and you should be thankful for and pamper it and take care of it throuout your life, is one of the missions as a human being, to protect and take care of your physical temple that holds your mind and sol for balance. I see exercise as way of getting to know me better as it points out your limits and your weaknesses , your requirements and your enery levels as well as your health status. Then again I think everyone should do the same but they’re overwhelmed with all that misinformation and they’re swifty lives that it’s almost impossible to achieve their goals (me included), If I earn this program I will commit myself (mind, soul & body) to fully understand and know my sacred body and to fuel it and take the best care of it, so it can reach its full potential and by doing it so, I can also help others avoid making the same mistakes over and over, I am not saying that I will give away the whole program and let everybody know what it is about, I am saying that will spread and share some of the basic knowlegde that worked for me with those woh want to. Your program is a very valuable tool to help me get there, your program is the compilation of all that energy that I’ve been waiting for to reach my potential and be loyal to my body, mind and soul. Thank you once again. Greetings.

  • John Kessler

    Very easy qestion to answer. Having a sound mind in a sound body is the highest achievement someone should strive to attain in life!
    The academic portion is self-explanatory and help is easy to find. However, the health and well being part has much controvery and is constantly evolving.
    I have followed Mr. Ballantyne’s blogs, post and emails for quite awhile now. By winning a complete set of his materials I will be assured of up-to-date concepts, and state-of-the-art advice. One of my biggest issues is correct form while doing exercises. This of one of the areas I pay very close attention to with reading Mr. Ballantyne’s posts and when watching his videos.
    Wining the package is a win-win situation for me. I keep in better health and conditioned, that will support my achievement for a sound academic mind at the same time.

    John Kessler

  • Mel

    The package would help me meet my goals because what I need right now is an effective workout program that I can do at home. I’ve already cleaned up my diet and I walk three miles a few times a week. My body is shaping up and now I’m ready to take it to the next level and start really burning fat and toning muscle. I like the workouts I’ve found on the web so far and look forward to really doing the program!

  • Robin

    Hi craig, where to start. I would love to take my workouts to the next level. I have been working out with TT since at least ’06 when I purchased tt bodywieght program. Since then I have tried other workout routines and while they work I always go back to training with tt. I also subscribe to your youtube channel and newsletters. I trust the information you provide and I would love to have you motivating me as we wokout together and you guide me through each move so to speak. Not in a creepy way. That to me would be what I need to ultimately reach the next level of my fatloss goals. I am 48 now and it’s becomming increasingly harder to maintain my fitness level but I do think this will be what I need so Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Michelle

    The Turbulance Training Complete Package will help me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals by getting past my plateau. Since I have started working out I have lost 25lbs and 2% body fat and I have stayed at this weight for the past two months. According to my body size I still need to lose 45 lbs. I do HIIT cardio on M W F and body weight workouts on T Th Sat. I am the person who needs to know exactly how and what to do or I get discouraged. I am happy with how much muscle my legs gotten and that is the only reason I continue with the high intensity training on the treadmill otherwise I would might have given up with my workout routine. With this complete package, I think it will help me get past my weight and fat loss plateau and get to my ideal weight.

  • James

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    I work out 5 times a week for 1 hours, plus I take cardio boxing class for 1 hour 5 times a weeks, plus I do 45 mins of cardio every day. I eat right, and yet I can not get to my goal of 170 with 10% BF. Why I think Turbulence Training can help me reach my goal, will I don’t have an answer for this question. but I’m willing to try it. the only thing I have to lose is fat, and I got some of them left, I’m 5.11 183 and 15% body fat as you can see, I put in the time, I should be rip, but after fours years, I only lost 30lbs, not to me is not enought.

    thank you, and good luck.

  • Pamela K

    Dear Craig,
    As a single parent with 2 very active boys 17 and 9 and 2 jobs, the TT complete package would be a God send to me. First, losing over 100 pounds 4 years ago using BB products (which by the way takes more time then they advertise, plus the work outs are structured so you have to work out every day), I was very happy with the results.

    Unfortunately with my boys and jobs spending that amount of time everyday to maintain the results was no longer productive for me. I’ve gained part of the 100 pounds back even though I still eat well, I can’t spend long periods of time working out. Your workouts are efficient, productive and real world sensitive. After following your emails, YouTube videos and receiving the Turbulence Training product I’ve been on the mend.

    Your program allows for real world daily living and makes it easy to stick with a program that really fits with my hectic life, and I love the kettlebell workouts I get via email, so much so that I would like to become certified next year on my 51st birthday. Plus, with the TT complete package I will be your next contest winner and success story. Please pick me! 🙂

  • I used your program 10 months ago with wonderful results. I compiled what I could from your emails, blog and youtube. I was so excited, lost 8 pounds and felt great! Then I became pregnant with #5 which is due any day now. I kept up for awhile, but nausea, etc. set in and I eventually quit. BUT, I am determined to get back into it again soon after baby is born. Also, my husband has been overweight all his life. He has yo-yo’d over and over again with quick diets. He has agreed to join me in Turbulence Training when I start again. This could be one of the most life transforming things for our health and marriage. Having the complete package at our fingertips would help both of us tremendously.

    Appreciate what you are doing,

  • Carrie

    I believe in your techniques, but I need help and a game plan. I am my own worse enemy and want to be the best for myself, my four boys and my husband. I have so much to offer and it is time!!!

  • Vickie

    I have used TT off and on for over a year now. I love the workouts but was unable to keep up the membership so I had to cancel it. I love your workouts and this set would help me move beyond my simple okay workouts to super charge them for fat loss & getting stronger. I know from the ones I have done that I am stronger and fitter than I was a year ago so I know receiving this set and prize would help me move to the next step that I have been trying to move to for about 3 to 4 months now.

  • robert

    thankyou for giving us achance to win thisfree package . i love keeping fit but hate doing boring cardio especially in britain in winter when its so cold. by trusting in tt training i could do it in my own home thankyou.

  • Rob

    Having this would help me in so many ways because since I have been out of work I have not been able to work out like I want to. I don’t have a gym membership so having something like this would give me tremendous direction and challenge me since I do not have equipment. It would help me mentally because being able to workout and not just workout but having a plan would relieve a lot of stress of not being employed at this time.

  • Torsten

    When my daughter was born 18 years ago, my belly started swelling. Since then I have not had the time nor the confidence to start training. One reason is that I thought the only way to exercise was to jog a couple of times each week. As I live in Sweden, however, half the year it is very difficult to run outdoors. I am not really overweight, but my belly is a bit too fat and I would love to get a bit slimmer.
    However, almost a year ago I started going to a gym, lifting weights. It is great fun, feeling my muscles getting harder and slightly bigger. I also feel much better at work, which is very sedentary. The problem is I don’t lose any fat. My belly is still as round as it used to be a year ago. I am convinced that the Turbulence Training Packet, which also includes dieting advices, would help me in this regard. My only wory with the pakage is how I will be able to get my family to accept the diet, or that will I have to cook different food for myself and for the family. But I think I will be able to overcome that. My wife fully supports my attempts to get slimmer.

  • Ade Kaur

    Since high school I have tried in vain to shed the extra weight I carry around with me. I have tried dieting and exercising but always fail when college papers and midterms come around. I lose motivation and seem to have no time for anything but class and homework; sleep is an option a few times a week. Even when I lived across the street from the gym and had a pass to go there I couldn’t keep going. Looking at this track record it would seem that I would again slack off after a few weeks of this program, but I’ve made the decision for this to be different. First, I’m not waiting to start exercising in the future, rather I am already incorporating it into my busy life. This means exercise and homework before school, then school, work, and then some volunteering, all followed up by homework time. Interspersed in this are healthy snacks to keep me going. For me to lose the extra twenty pounds that I’ve had for the last seven years would boost my self-esteem and confidence. It would mean no longer feeling awkward around my colleges and able to wear tank tops and short shorts without embarrassment, and in southern Arizona its so hot you have to wear shorts most of the year. Looking to the future I realize that if I don’t make a change today then I’m only going to continue to go down a path I don’t like.

  • Angela M.

    Dear Craig
    My daughter enjoys your program and has been sharing it with me. I am a 50 year old mom of 4 who tries hard to work out everyday at home. Your program is great as it can been done in under 45 minutes with great results. My only problem is keeping on the nutritional diet but I feel with your program and the availability to communicate with others I hopefuly can beat the nutritional challenge and loose that nagging weight. My goal is to be in great physical shape, to have stamina and age gracefully.


  • Morgan

    I am a mom of 2 young children and going to a gym isn’t a option as there are no daycare options. (nor could I afford them) I have been following your newsletters for sometime now and am amazed to always learn something new, I’m know as a health nut but the fitness thing is far behind. My husband is taking me on our first vacation after being married 7 years and I would love to have a body to be proud of. I have never been in “good” shape and I would love to do this fitness DVD and spread the word! Thank you for your time, it will be a huge blessing to 3 people!
    Morgan-age 25

  • Kory Samuels

    Hello Craig,

    I Purchased the TT training manual about 2 years ago. I was doing some research on the internet for different workouts than the traditional weightlifting. Unfortunately I was to concerned with getting bigger and getting cut that I didnt not try TT for a full year. I was strong and @ about 17 percent body fat, but I wanted to be strong,lean and most of all fit. I always wanted to be able to train in any facet not just be weightlifting junky who hits plateaus. August of 2008 my boss asked me could he workout with me. i felt added pressure to help get him into shape and there was a time crunch since we’d have to workout before work. I decided to start the TT training and after a year our results have been great. I’m down to 13% body fat and i’m watching my nutrition to get my body fat down even more. My boss is 43 yrs old as has lost over 25 lbs and is stronger than most of the ”young guys” in the gym now. Not only are we both strong but our flexibilty has increased dramatically. Your workouts are challenging but are the most efficient i”ve ever come across. i check my email daily to see what new workouts your offering because i know it will get me closer to my fitness goals but more so i know it leads to overall health and wellness. My energy level is high, i’m becoming more fit by the day and TT has become a way of life for me. I could never go back to training the old fashioned way. The Complete tt package would benefit me mentally and physically. I dont see TT as just something to do to get in shape and then forget all about it. TT is something I look forward when I train and when I recover. I switch programs every 4 weeks now. Its funny i workout hard to finally get done with the workouts after the 4 weeks but at the same time i’m looking forward to the next one. I appreciate the time,effort and energy you put into your programs. There are times when I’m unsure about exercises and proper technique but i can always read your instructions,see pics or your youtube videos to familiarize myself with specific exercises. By no means am I severely overweight or a newbie in the gym. But I do completely understand the meaning of health and hard work. I am passionate about it…coming from a family of high blood pressure, inactivity and southern fried eating. Thanks again for creating a evolution of training.

    Oh by the way…my boss and I still can’t get over how you can do a pistol squat without falling and breaking a bone or two.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congrats on your success Kory, great to hear about you and your boss!


  • Gregory Deyermenjian

    I make expeditions in the most difficult areas of high altitude rain forest of Peru, searching for and finding clues concerning the ultimate refuge of the Incas, known in legend and in native lore as “Paititi.” For this I need to be in the best shape imaginable, or I cannot possibly make progress. And I need to stay in shape during the many months in-between expeditions while I work my regular job and support my family back home. I know that the Turbulence Training package will make it much more possible than ever to be able to improve my abilities so that I will have many more years keeping up with my companions on the expeditions–all of whom are natives of the Peruvian highlands and jungles, who every day of their lives get a total workout in their natural daily activities in those harsh environments. Thank you.

  • Mr. Sunny Hound

    Hello Graig
    I enjoy all your emails, and youtube video’s. I’ve been involved in sports all my life I’m (50). My fitness level is at its highest. With your TT package I know I can improve even more. I can improve to my full potential, with your TT package. I’ve been training since 1982, from Vince Gironda, Arnold, Lou (Hulk), Frank Zane, Bradley Steiner etc…. All this training has helped, but now I’m in a whirl wind. Peter Sisco (Static Contraction) to Tabata intervals, Matt what more!! As I stated earlier, your emails and video’s make a lot of sense. I hope you can please keep the TT programs going!!! Craig I was wondering if you have a chance and answer this question that I have on my mind for several of years. Here we go, I play Football(soccer), on Friday nights. Sometimes I play on two teams in the summer(Tuesdays and Friday’s, and sometimes back to back). How do I work out without over training, and staying in top shape? I play in the master’s league, so there are no practices. All the help would be appreciated.
    God Bless!!
    Mr. Sunny Hound

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hi Sunny!

      I would do strength training on Wednesday and Saturday, but only 1 set per exercise.


  • Paul Harris near Stonehenge, England

    Craig -I keep 2 chickens at home in the garden and I am fed up with them having more meat on them than me! As well as being skinny in the wrong places with bulges where they shouln’t be I’m also a lazy Englishman who needs your tip top tubulence training to get a wriggle on before the big 40 hits me on April 27th. I’ve just started an hours circuit training but that’s just Tuesday evenings (I’m off in 20 minutes)…and I have to do more. So, please help an English cousin. Cheers & pip pip, Best wishes & thanks for a great site anyway, Paul

  • Jeff

    I had originally thought of entering your exciting contest until I looked over some of the other entries. There are several people who deserve your help over me. Yes, like some of them, I am severely overweight with numerous health and family issues. My self esteem is in the toilet, yet I see others who need it more. This is not a ploy to get the win, I do not want it. Keep helping all the way you have been for years.

    Best of luck on your task of finding the winner.
    Thank you.

  • Aisha Surodjawan

    Even though I am a worldclass fitness athlete and have done several different kinds of workouts I recently tried the Turbulence Training trial workouts and I am lovin’ them! As a gym owner and a personal trainer I am always looking for new ways of getting the job done quickly and painlessly (well, quick was right, but this kind of pain is good!). I have already recommended some of the turbulence training trials to some of my clients who like me have little time on their hands. I am looking forward to using the rest of the program not only to keep myself in shape but to be able to stand behind what I am recommending to my clientele. Thank you for the time you’ve taken to read my comment.

  • Gail

    I would love to have just one place to reference for good workouts that don’t take alot of time but produce results. Your expert advice would be invaluable along with the your “how to” for each exercise, so I know I’m doing it right for maximum results. Variety every 4-6 weeks would be great so that I wouldn’t get bored with the routine and stop not only working out but seeing results. Accountability is a need for me and having you and others to encourage me and KEEP me working out would be fabulous. Thanks so much for offering this free package.


  • JenC

    I work out regularly, but don’t seem to get any results. I’ve been searching for a realistic program; one that doesn’t take too much time and is portable. I can’t afford a gym membership or expensive equipment, so TT seems to be a great solution. My 40-something birthday is at the end of this month, and I’d love to get started on my way to being in the best shape of my life. I know it can be done, I just need some structure to my program. The TT Complete Program would give me that structure to achieve the results I’ve been dreaming of.

  • Rhea

    Having the Complete Turbulence Training Package would mean recapturing my health and energy! I am in the process of healing from surgery to repair a few tears in the tendon on my medial left foot. I do not have the option of doing cardio, but I know that I MUST strengthen my body and lose about 60pounds of fat. In addition to doing physical therapy, I am also a full time student in a Massage Therapy program. After doing 3 massages I cannot afford to feel tired because this is my career. I desperatly need the stamina to do 7-10 massages a day!!! Having Turbulence training would mean that I would be able to power my way through another semester of school and land a fabulous job. I have to be a good example for my clients. They will feel more confident in my ability if I present a fit and energetic image. The self -esteem boost that I would get from obtaining a healthy physique will positively impact my whole being. I want to feel the best that I have EVER felt, epecially with my 40th birthday a few months away:) Turbulence Training can help me make the most of my life by giving me the energy to pursue ALL my dreams!

  • Teresa

    This would benefit me because since I have hit the big M (menopuase) it is more difficult that ever to train and see results ( I’m a little impatient, also at 53, gravity has set in) and I believe that with Turbulence Traininn, not only will it help with motivating me, it will also assist in seeing better results, therefore feeling a lot better about my self. We live in such an image conscious world, that it’s hard sometimes to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see. I don’t have to be a size 2, but I would like to be fit and toned.

  • Vicki McLaney

    One of the reasons I have not been able to stick to an exercise plan is because of all the repetition in cardio. I have been reading your e-mails for quite a while, Chris, and I feel that this could be the program for me to finally succeed. I have always been on the obese side, and I really want to do something worthwhile to get the fat off once and for all. I want more energy to chase after my kids and I want to live a longer life to be there for them (and me!) That is why I would love to have the complete system.

    Right now fall is coming and it is getting cool where I live. I want to do some TT outside. I want to feel better about ME, and then I can have energy and spunk. every day! And right now I really need it, because I feel tired all the time. (All the extra weight does not help either.)

    And Chris, thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Shelia Walker

    I just went through an ugly divorce I’m struggling with raising
    two kids on my own and dont have time to go to the gym. I would
    love to win this package to help get my self esteem back and what is
    always the ultimate revenge besides looking and feeling better than
    ever. I also hate cardio and besides lost all my equipment in the me!

  • Robin

    I have already been encouraged by the emails and responses to my emails. I believe there is a real caring person behind Turbulence Training and I would like to try the work outs. I have been doing some group training, “boot camp” but would like to start something in my home for the days I dont participate with a group. I truly belive I that I would benefit from the program simply because I believe and have confidence in Craig Ballantyne.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Aw shucks, thanks Robin!

  • Dr Steve

    My first experience with Turbulence Training in 2006 was awesome! Prior to that I had been spending way too much time in the gym and getting no real results. Within two weeks of starting the beginner level Turbulence Training program, I could already see changes. The best part – I was getting results while only spending 45 minutes in the gym, 3 times a week! Then just as I was getting into great shape, due to circumstances and a total lack of discipline, I stopped working out and managed to put on 45 pounds of fat in a little under two years. The worst part is I’m a health professional and I know better. We’ve had lots going on the last two years, we’ve had a baby, moved internationally and I’ve spent the last 18 months studying for my Canadian professional licensure exams. Sure, it’s been a stressful period, but how much better could I have performed if I kept up with my Turbulence Training routine?

    Now I’m in a position where I haven’t worked in almost two years and I’m about to start practicing again soon. If I’m going to be talking health and wellness, and trying to inspire and motivate patients, then I better look like I know what I’m talking about. So if I have to get in shape fast, then I’m going back to the only program that’s every really worked for me – Turbulence Training. And that’s exactly what I did. I’m happy to say that after 8 weeks of Turbulence Training I’ve easily dropped 22 pounds. I look and feel way better. But I’m still not quite where I want to be. I’ve got at least another 20 pounds to go and I’ve got to do it fast. With the Turbulence Training Complete Package, I know that I’ll have all the tools I need to get into the best shape of my life.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congrats Dr. Steve on losing that 22 pounds!


  • Cindy

    Winning a copy of the Turbulence Training Complete Package would change my life.

    Three years ago I was involved in an accident that turned my life upside down. I suffered a brain injury that caused memory loss, cognitive impairments, personality changes and migraines. I have worked very hard on my recovery and as a result was released from medical disability in July. Unfortunately, my team of doctors addressed only the actual brain issues, not the other health issues brought on by the disability.

    During that time my weight nearly doubled. As a consequence of the weight gain I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. I also went from a size 4 petite to a size 20 women’s and my self esteem tanked. My doctor’s solution was to prescribe a bunch of medications and tell me to watch what I eat and get some exercise. (There were no restrictions on the type or amount of exercise.)

    At the suggestion of my doctor, and in an effort to better my health, I joined a program which consisted of supervised cardio and diet. After three months of walking 2 – 3 miles a day and following the American Diabetes Association Diet, I have lost a total of six pounds and one dress size. Although my blood sugar and blood pressure have come down slightly, I know I can do better.

    I have researched exercise and weight loss programs on the internet and Turbulence Training is the one that makes the most sense. As someone with a persistent mild cognitive impairment, I need multiple sensory inputs to effectively learn something new. Although I’ve been attempting to learn the Turbulence Training exercises from the internet, I am having difficulty. The Turbulence Training Complete Package would provide the additional audio and visual materials and other support I need to be successful in my journey back to optimum health. You see, my research also indicates that not only will weight/fat loss improve high blood pressure and high cholesterol; it can even reverse type 2 diabetes.

    Also, since being released from disability I have yet to find employment, and medical bills have exhausted my savings, so I cannot afford to purchase the program for myself. (My financial situation is so bad I’ve had to move back in with my parents – UGH!)

    In short, I am highly motivated, but under-funded. My pledge to you is that I will pay it forward – once my finances are back in order, I will purchase a Complete System and pass it on to some other deserving individual who needs what you offer but cannot afford to purchase it for him/her self.

    Please help me prove to my doctors that I can improve my health, to potential employers that I am not a lazy glutton, and to you and the world that if I can do it anyone can!


  • Mishel

    The TT Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals because I KNOW it will work. I’ve trained in the past hoping to enter a Miss Fitness Competition, I’ve worked out hard and abused my body for hours daily to get where I was. I don’t believe in diets or not eating, since I saw TT and Kettlebell Workouts I’ve seen the light. I like how you use several muscle groups at once and combine the large muscle workouts with the stabilizing muscles, it’s simple now, no more swinging dumb bells like an idiot or running my ass off on a tread mill for hours.

    I need this program in my life now more than anything, I can’t train like I used to because of my heart arrhythmia and my defibrillator. I just became a single mom at 30 and need to dedicate ME time and get back the body and health I once had. I have to be in shape and healthy for myself and my son for the rest of our lives not just a 3 month diet fad. I’m not trying to lose 15lbs, the numbers mean nothing to me, I just need to lean out. I know it takes more than a workout, we already eat clean and my 3yr old enjoys working out with me. We are very active but I need TT to get me where I need to be.

    I’m hoping to win you’re TT Complete Package because I really don’t have money to spare and can’t pinch on grocery as I only shop the perimeter buying fresh produce as it is. I have many friends that come to me for weight loss tips that NEVER follow through, I was already fit and I will be again, I would really like your program to take me there for my own benefits and proof to all it works.

  • I’d love to feature it on my website! I’m making a “last ditch” effort to get in the best shape of my life, and I’m writing about it on my website and blog. I’ve done so many different workouts in the past, always looking for the “best” workout. Currently I’m doing a “boot camp” workout at a personal training studio that I believe is somewhat similar to Turbulence Training, and it’s kicking my butt, in a good way. I’d love to incorporate TT into my training – I think it might be just the thing to “finally” meet my weight loss goals!

  • Michelle

    Well, don’t have much to say or a really complex answer but I feel that turbulence training would help me be the person I don’t tend to so I am because of the little self confidence I have do to being overweight, so it would he me gain self confidence and the ability to pursue my goals in the entertainment media such as music and film, I would be able to record my first cd and act in shorts. Also feel like this training can do what several years of boring cardio haven’t helped me accomplish.

  • Anne

    To win the training package would be a God send. I am 50 this year and have struggled with my weight all my life. Everyone in my family has weight problems. I have tried other “cardio” workouts, with minimal results. I have a new grandson and two on the way and I would like to be able to play and enjoy them for a very long time. I really need focus and a plan, short of having you move in and be there to train me, this would be great!! Thanks, Anne

  • maertla

    Hi Craig,

    I would like to say, thank you for the chance to get such a great value for free,
    but what helps a lot of DVD`s if you cant get your butt from the couch.
    So if i win dont send the gift to me, take it to a other.
    I like your programm and your support.
    greetings from Germany

  • Anthony Herring

    I am 43 yr old husband, father and grandfather!
    I started my adult life younger than anyone should have to. Never the less I have a responsibility to be around for those who count on me to be there for them, now and well into my senior years. Winning a copy of “Turbulence Training Complete Package” would greatly add to that longevity. And it would serve as a treasure that could be passed down to my children to increase the longevity and great health so they too can be around for their children and so on. Most people pass on family heirlooms that include jewelry or some token of external value. But theres nothing more valuable than having good health that leads to a long life!

  • When I learned weight lifting in the early 90’s it was from a bunch of semi pro lifters. It involved hours and hours at the gym working each muscle on different days. It worked ok, but now with two kids I just don’t have that kind of time. Also over the last few years I have gotten out of shape with running my own business and the family it’s been kinda consuming. This year I started to try and get back in shape. This would really help me get in shape and still see my family.


  • Kevin

    The complete package would round out what I have been doing with the free samples you email to us. I find the samples challenging and invograting and points of difference from the weight based training programmes I have been on or tried over many years. I find them interesting and are keen put the whole programme to use.


  • Hey Craig,
    I am a martial artist that trains daily in American Jiu Jitsu and Yoga. I have been working towards my 4th degree blackbelt and want to acheive that goal this year.

    I have been suffering with low back pain. Its difficult to be without pain while sitting. My metabolism has slowed down and its becoming very difficult to lose weight.

    When I get moving everything starts to loosen up and I really enjoy my workouts. I believe your TT program can be the answer I need for complete healing of my body and lowering my body fat percentage to healthy levels. I am 48 years old. 5′ 10″ and 220 lbs. Please consider me for one of your success stories.

    My promise is to work hard and follow the plan.

    Thanks, Freddy

  • Erik Stidham

    The TT complete pkg will allow me to get to the NEXT level. What do I mean by that? I stumbled upon your website earlier this year while falling deep into the rabbit hole that cyberspace can create. I signed on to receive free e-mails from you and have been getting them ever since. I played football throughout college and mass was “key” and “instrumental” in providing protection from all of the collisions that occur. When I graduated, my mass disappeared since I just naturally wasn’t working out the same as I was while in college. On my own, I found myself doing typical “beach” workouts & machine cardio to follow the masses etc. I was always maintaining, or worse, taking BIG steps back when I stopped for weeks at a time. Like I said, I found TT and was instantly drawn to the style and very interested in trying it out. I got your free e-book and looked at the pictures, followed some excercises and explored interval training. My workout world had been reopened and I’ve been yearning for more ever since. Obviously, like for alot of people, money is tight and has been for a while. Staying discipline to not buy things, I committed myself to only get the free e-mails. The TT complete pkg would give me a plethra of ammo to study and practice. I have already talked your program up to friends and family who inquire about what I’ve changed in my regiment. I have really been paying attention lately to just how many others are “lost” with no direction on where to go or how to start towards getting healthier and better results. Your program would really keep me progressing in learning more for myself and hopefully spreading the knowledge to others on the TT method, which I’m convinced is the ONLY way to go.

  • Kim

    I am a workout fanatic and always looking to change my routines. Although, I am still looking to achieve that well-toned body and those 6 pack abs. I am eager to try your program as it seems to offer some challenging routines. At age 51 I want to find a program that will keep me motivated and challenged long enough to see some changes to my body.

  • angie

    I have been trying to lose weight since I was 16 years old and am now 34 years old. I have tried every thing out there possible. And not a lot has worked . I believe that your program will help me get to my goal weight which I am not that far away from. I have been recieving your emails for awhile and putting some of your concepts into my plan. I think that doing your plan I will be able to stay commited to the program. Also I know this will motivate me to get to my goal which I would love to be at and start the New Year off with having lost all my weight. Oh yes I also have a 16 month old son so your workouts would be perfect for me considering I don’t have a lot of time as a busy mom and wife Angie

  • attif

    salut tous le monde moi entraineur du rugby et je veux savoir palus sur les entrainemant et sur la fitenisse et tous chose qui la entourage avec les entraemant et merci

  • Dawn

    I’ve TT’ed for a few weeks now
    And the results are nothing but WOW!
    Up next is the flab
    That covers my abs
    It’s all thanks to Craig – take a bow!

    Hi Craig,

    After two months using a variety of the workouts you posted on your blog I’ve *really* trimmed down and toned up – everyone can see it and feel it! But, as I mentioned above, that stubborn pouch over my abs just won’t budge. I’m clearly missing some vital final piece of the jigsaw so I can have the whole picture, and I just know it’s in there in the Turbulence Training Complete Package!

    Thanks in advance,
    Dawn in Switzerland

    • Craig Ballantyne

      I appreciate the kind words, especially in poem form!


  • Melody

    So the big question is “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” This might be a little lengthy, but I truly hope it to be worth your time to read!

    From the time I was a small child, I struggled immensely with being overweight. I was made fun of a lot for being so heavy, and it didn’t help that I was shy. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and making new ones seemed like an unreachable goal because I was so self-conscious about how I looked that I just assumed nobody would like me. I figured that if I was already being made fun of behind my back and to my face by these other kids, that every kid was going to treat me the same way.

    Elementary school, junior high, and some of high school was all the same; getting teased, feeling overly self-conscious, and becoming more shy. I also became mean. I told myself that if other people were mean to me, I wouldn’t be so nice. When high school came, I had an awesome gym teacher that motivated me to eat better and take better care of myself. I lost 20lbs in the first semester. To get an idea of what I was “carrying around” up until that point, I was 180lbs at the age of 13, going into freshman year at my heaviest with a 5’4″ frame at the time. Those 20lbs were a HUGE deal, and I kept trying to lose. I came down to 146 for the remainder of my high school years, but once college hit my weight climbed back up.

    After high school my weight teeter-totted and I couldn’t find anything that I could stick to for a long period of time and feel motivated or have fun doing.

    Then, something wonderful happened. I met my now fiancee, who took me as I was (at the time at my heaviest since having lost all of the weight in high school). He was always active in football and other sports, and was in the army for 4 years. I thought, “How could someone who spent most of his life physically fit want to be with someone like me who has struggled with weight gain all of her life?” He invited me to run an 8k with him and his coworkers, and I hesitantly agreed to do so because I wanted to do it with him (not because I wanted to run… heck no!!) Before that, I couldn’t run more than 3 minutes nonstop without feeling like someone was stealing all of the air from my lungs. I have a blood disorder (Beta Thallasemia Minor) and it makes me get dizzy easily, so I’ve had to learn to get in control of that… which I did as I trained for the 8k (I will share my secret to how I did it to anyone interested, too) :o). Oh, and by the way, I survived in case you were wondering, haha!

    The last two years had been WORLDS better than EVER… I had been keeping at a regimen pretty well, and was able to get in the best shape I had ever been in and keep it…

    … until recently. Now, I can thankfully say that I’m not back to where I was when I started dating my now fiancee… but, I feel myself slipping… I’ve gained some weight and I’m having a hard time getting motivated to go above and beyond to get the body I’ve always wanted. I haven’t reached my “dream body” yet… and I SO MUCH want to reach it! I’m getting married this December 5th, and I would absolutely LOVE to be able to have something that will make me in the best shape of my life for this new chapter called marriage :o)

    I don’t have a lot…. I am a musician… so the opportunity to WIN the Turbulence Training Complete Package would be INCREDIBLE! I mean, if I won I would probably be jumping off of the walls screaming with excitement!!! This would give me SO many wonderful tools at my fingertips to be able to use in my OWN HOME! I can’t afford a gym membership, and I have invested in some things for my own home gym (plus the wonderful PowerBlocks that my fiancee got for me last Christmas… WOOHOO!) so I’m PUMPED to be able to have a package such as the Turbulence Training Complete Package to guide me along and help keep me motivated to stay in the best shape of my life, for the rest of my life.

    I don’t want a quick fix… not a “diet fad” or “exercise gimmick”… I don’t want a short term solution…

    … I want a lifestyle change!

    Thank you SO much for making this even an opportunity!

  • Darryl

    Hi, I am 16 years old and one of my biggest aspirations in life has always been to be lean and strong. It would drastically boosts my self confidence in EVERY aspect of my life. I am prepared to work as hard as I must to achieve my goals. Your complete package could help me to finally break my limits and be who I have always aspired to be. 🙂

  • Brian Kloeckner

    The package would supply me with additional support on my journey of fitness and fat loss. Craig, I believe you recently posted and I am paraphrasing that “you can provide us with all the workouts, tips, and motivation but ultimately it is on us to achieve success”. I firmly believe that. Like most I have had my ups and downs. For example I have been tobacco free for 139 days, I always add a reason to quit….for my wife, my daughter and was never successful. It was not until I wanted to quit for myself and own health concerns that I have succeeded. I believe fitness is the same; you can have all the great reasons in the world, be it to win an incredible package, for your family, ect…but you cannot succeed until it is something you truly want. I truly want to obtain my fitness goals and if I do that all those other factors will fall into place such as setting an example for my family. I guess what I am saying is only I can achieve my fitness and fat loss goals and Turbulence Training is the best tool I have for support. Especially since I workout at home and I have not found another program that has helped as much in my success and provided so much variety. So the package would provide with even greater variety and an opportunity for social support through the membership which would be great. The rest is up to ME!!

  • John Diego

    I could really use the TT complete package because my gym workouts are simply not cutting it for me. I’ve been going to the gym for 2 years now and I can’t seem to cut the last 3-4% fat that I want to lose. I could really use some structured training material that I can follow daily. I have friends that I like to train and I think it would be extremely helpful to have all of the TT knowledge available to me. Not only do I think the complete package would help change my life and achieve my goals but it would definitely change the lives of those around me. My sister and brother in law do not have the $ for gym memberships or to purchase special workout material but if I could master the TT style of training I would gladly help transform their lives as well. Help me become another great example of how TT can help friends, family, as well as myself in reaching our personal goals.

    Thanks for the opportunity Craig 🙂

  • Mark

    I recently received the basic Turbulence Training Program and just did my first workout yesterday. I am impressed!
    When I first saw Craigs stuff on the internet, I thought more deceptions, false promises and downright lies, I was wrong. Craig Ballantyne and his programs are for real and right on the money. His nutrition info and suggestions spot on and so is everything else in his programs. I would love to train under him in person but his package would be the next best thing.
    Thank you Craig

  • Larry Graves

    I am 58 years old and over the years I have developed a belly that is too big and have really let my fitness go down hill. This package will help me to redefine my goals, set up a work out that will help me to not only lose weight but to help me lose fat as well. Ultimately it will enable me to live a stronger more productive life and to make my retirement years much more enjoyable.

  • JB

    To help me look good naked! Well, with clothes on too, but mostly naked.

  • Denise Chervenak

    Having the TT training package seems like it would be the sugar free icing on the fat free cake to me. I have been struggling for years to jump that last hurdle and always get right up to it and trip in one way or another. I don’t consider myself a beginner when it comes to working out and eating right but I am very much a beginner and understanding what it takes to get those last few pounds off and see the real final result. With all I have seen and read about your program, I just get that feeling, right in the pit of my not completely flabby gut that it will help me not only get up and over that last hurdle but it will help me understand and appreciate how to maintain it as I march into my 40’s with my head held high. Sure would love to win but either way, know I am hear, watching and listening and totally HEARING everything you are sharing…and thank you for it all. Be well…..D in PSL, Florida

  • chris cardillo

    I’m sure that it is the “jumpstart” that my workout plateaus are needing. I lost 40 lbs. a couple of years ago and have managed to keep it off, but now it’s time for the last step.

  • Dave

    I believe you need 3 things to achieve weight loss/fitness goals, structure, dedication and motivation. I am dedicated, I have been working out daily for several years, but I am still 30 pounds away from my goal. I just recieved the motivation I need from my doctor, who said I need both knees replaced due to osteoarthritis. I can delay the surgery by loosing the weight and try to avoid having to have the surgery repeated because I didn’t delay the original operation. Structure is what I struggle with, I just do what feels good that day and don’t have a plan when I get to the gym. Your program will give me what I need to complete my objective of getting back into shape once again and delaying my knee surgery. The structure of your program is what I need and desire.

  • rick harris

    Having the turbulance training program my ultimate goal of being fitter,more muscular and feel better in myself alround.i am 38 years old have been a long time sufferer of anxiety,low self esteem and a inferiority complex.i have been exercising at home for a year and am starting to feel the benifits and feel that the turbulance training program would give me the boost to push on to become the person i want to be at 40.thanks.

  • steve silver

    I just got married, and need to do everything I can to look as good as I can, as long as I can. Losing the weight and getting in shape for the wedding was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, and I need something that works better, that’s less time intense so I can still see my beautiful wife… as she’ll want to see me

  • Spencer M

    I believe that the TT Complete Package will help me increase my fitness and reach my goals because:

    1 Unlike the trainers at my Gym I believe you know what your talking about.
    2 Unlike the trainers at my Gym your Complete package will always be there for me when I need it.
    3 I have lost 2 stone through diet alone and with the help of your program I WILL lose the the next 2 stone to get to my goal weight of 10 stone.

    Thanks for reading


  • Amanda

    Hey Craig

    Two years ago, I travelled to Nicaragua. The trip was fantastic but I started experiencing alot of stomach and bowel issues while I was there. I passed it off as nothing serious, thinking it would pass once I returned home. I was sorrily mistaken. I had chronic….runs for about 4 months. I would eat nothing for days then stuff myself so full for the next few it hurt to breathe. It was like my body was unable to gauge its hunger levels any longer. Everything I ate made me ill, and I was in a constant state of pain, fatigue and confusion. I would fluctuate 10 pounds within a week. This went on for about a year, I left on my trip 112 pounds, eventually my body settled at 135. I was a healthy active teen who now had a slothlike exitance and was constantly missing out on life. Finally I discovered veganism.I cut out all animal products then chemicals, additives, processed foods, sugar, and gluten. I am happy to say over the last year I have lost 18 pounds, have no more stomach or bowel issues, regained my abitlty to eat normally and am healthier and wiser than I have ever been. I can workout harder and longer than any guy at my kikboxing gym.

    Your program will help me to complete this journey of health. I am being held back by the dreaded plateau, the last 7 pounds are hanging on fiercely. I know that I need something to shake up my workout routine and challenge my body to take it that extra mile.
    I am really starting to see how cardio may not be as effective as I thought. I attend kickboxing classes 8-10 hours a week and am no longer moving that scale, much to my dissapointment. I am moving overseas in the new year with my boyfriend to teach english and would give anything to finish what I started a year ago. It would also give me the knowledge to be able to excersise on my own, which I have never done before. I have always attended classes or played on sports teams. I need to know how to achieve results by myself since the chancesof me travelling alot in the next few years will limit my excersise choices. I loved reading how you stay fit while travelling all the time, it was a real inspiration. I want to complete this journey of rediscovering my health so i can begin this new journey of self discovery with confidence. I would be more than overjoyed to really prove to myself that I can do anything, and I have confidence you know how to show me the path to achieving that.

    Thank you!

  • Amy

    I believe that your Total Training Package would finally be the answer I’m looking for. I keep ordering exercise DVDs hoping that I will finally find the program that I can stick to and not waste hours every day. I am constantly struggling to have the toned body I truly want and I believe your program can truly help me.

  • SweetSwede

    I hate the gym but need to get back into shape. I was diagnosed with a low thyroid after gaining 10 lbs overnight (ok, it took about 6 weeks). Getting past 40 probably has something to do with it as well…

    I’d like to get ripped, and ordered P90X. It is waaay more than I can handle at this point. My husband has lost 30 pounds by cutting out fast/junk food, and I’d love for us to get toned together. I’m hoping the complete package would be the ticket!

  • Harry Willer

    Winning these dvds would help me actually see the exercise because my computer is slow and takes too long and it is hard to remember when the feed breaks up. I have been doing my own exercise But your Videos would take me to a new level and create the desire and discipline that I do not have. Seeing and becoming what you see. Once the family sees Dad in shape it will motivate them too.

  • Joyce

    I like the approach and encouragement I get from reading your website and believe that this is the answer to get me back to my ideal body. I am 44 and work as a CNA and care for people all day long for less than 20,000 a year. This program would not only help me but help every patient I work with every day because I will feel better and look better and that will translate into better care just because I am in better shape. I’ve been trying on my own but not getting anywhere. It will help me to teach my family how to be in better health and take care of themselves also. I’m saving up to buy this program but if I will I will be thrilled. I’m already sharing info with my fellow coworkers and family and sending them to your website.

  • Arthur Dimech

    Hi Graig

    Hope u had a nice day off yesterday and thankyou for this oportunity of winning this package.

    Winning it would be my fullfilment.I have started cardio over 2 years ago and turned to wieght training this last 8 months after recieving your news letter.I have lost 25kg in all with your help,but still strugeling with some extra kg around my wiast.

    T.T made my traning easier,faster and joyful.My worst days are the rest days as I became a wieght traning edict.This package will do me great oner as I will be one of the few if not the only one with the full knowlage of T.T straight from griag in Canada.Thanks to you I have became an inspiering figure in the gym.

    From Malta

  • Hi,

    1. I was a fitness instructor and cardio freak for 25 years. TT has proved to me in just a few months that it is everything that Craig claims it is. No more long cardio sessions, gym memberships or bitchy gym politics for me! TT has helped my mental and economic health as well as maintained my fitness.

    2. I’d love to train with Craig but I live in one of the most remote places on earth -Outback Australia- so DVDs and You Tube are all I can possibly hope for.

    3. I don’t have an exercise buddy and I’d like to motivate my husband to do that buddy. I think the DVD would work wonders to this end.

    So pick me!! And know that the DVD is going to an AMAZING outback home!

  • Nikolay

    I feel that the TT Package will help me lose all of my weight. I hate going to the gyms and have always looked for a way to lose weight at home. I need a guiding hand which you normally get in the gym, but I need this at home. I have been overweight since I was 6, and now at the age of 17, I feel as if I am losing precious time putting myself out there because of dissatisfaction with my weight. This package will help me lose weight, build confidence, increase potential, and become a healthier person all in one package.

  • Amanda

    Hi Craig ,
    First I would like to thank-you for this opportunity to win your Turbulence Training complete Package.

    I am 18 years old, from Saskatchewan and I just got certified with NASM. I know so why would I want your program if I am already a personal trainer and such? Well I am only 18, I have never trained anybody in my life except myself (which I would like more help, new ways to exercise so I can look the part completely, theres others too) and I have so many ideas but would like some guidence and different ways on where to start…

    I want to see how you do it. I mean your in awesome shape, you have a family, friends, businesses, and you train people. I think thats amazing and I want to do something great in the world too. I want to be able to keep myself in top shape, while helping other people enhance their lives while actually enjoying a fun life.

    I really like getting your emails and reading your articles in mags. I never actually signed up for Turbulence training because of money issues, so I dont know how it all works and such. I guess I just want some guidance, advice, help, and I know you have the experience that I would love to know more about.

    Thanks for your time, it means a lot.

    p.s I have some questions what does MS stand for? CSCS thats a personal training certificate, right?

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Hey! Thanks for the kind words.

      MS = Masters of Science (Exercise Physiology)

      CSCS = Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


  • yarnball

    Hey, Craig. Training with you would be pretty awesome! I have been following the blog & watching the different videos you put up to show folks the correct way to do different exercises. I like that you are willing to share your expertise and help others learn.

    I recently started my own journey. After growing up with absolutely NO exercise whatsoever … Southern girls did NOT sweat back in my day (50s/60s) … I hurt my back at work last October & had to go to physical therapy 3xweek for 6 weeks. yuck. During that time I discovered how un-fit my body was. I was embarrassed! I wanted to get strong. My pt also did personal training so I started working out with him 3xweek & changed my diet. The work we did together has a lot of similarity to your programs. I cried the first two weeks every time he “made” me do something I was sure I couldn’t do … and, then did. I got serious weeks 3, 4, 5. The weight started dropping & the shape started shrinking in week 6!! I worked with him for 6 months. In less than one year, I’ve lost 50 pounds & have a brand new life! Alas, like so many, that belly body fat just doesn’t leave! aaarghhhhhhhhhh

    Based on my experience & commitment to my health, I have gotten several people involved in their own personal improvement. It would be great to workout “with” you & get rid of the jiggly I have left because 1) I would meet a personal goal & feel great, and 2) I think it would allow me to motivate even more people!

    Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Even if I don’t “win”, I’m still a “winner” cuz I found your site & learn new things all the time. Thanks, Craig!

  • John

    Are you kidding me oh my !That’s just awesome this package would extremly change my life and the also for the people around me.. I use alot of your method bits and pieces here and there that you offer. I love this form of training actaully my body loves it. I get great workouts and results. But if you would please send me this package it would honestly answer so many un-answered questions. You guys have all the knowledge and I would love to have some of it. I’m not going to lie or give you a sad story like my dog died unless that would help anyways this is great really awesome what a great gift this stuff is what transforms the lives of people MEGA CHANGES. Thanks so much

  • Otis

    I think that it would be great, because I am trying to get a fitness program for members at the church I attend. We have a few members who are on the heavy side; and I think that if they see me making a difference in my life it would inspire them to do the same. I don’t just want to talk about getting in shape, I want to do it. I am 47 years old and I am not satisfied with what I see in the mirror. I want to make a difference not just in my life but in the people who I come in contact with everyday. I have tried other programs and they just don’t cut it. I have tried some of your exercises before and I like the way you show the steps to improving the way a person workout and also about the eating habits. I think that this will have the ” total package”.

  • When I learned weight lifting in the early 90’s it was from a bunch of semi pro lifters. It involved hours and hours at the gym working each muscle on different days. It worked ok, but now with two kids I just don’t have that kind of time. Also over the last few years I have gotten out of shape with running my own business and the family it’s been kinda consuming. This year I started to try and get back in shape. This would really help me get in shape and still see my family.


  • Kevin

    With personal and family history of High Blood Pressure, and High Cholesterol, I’m counting on the the T T complete package to help me get in shape and add years on to my life. Motivation with a product that really works can do wonders.

  • Gary Lex

    I am 61 yrs. old and have been a fitness fanatic for many years. I have been a member of (3) different gyms over a period of 20-25 years but have only gotten limited results. I enjoy each and everyone of your emails and look forward to your expertise every time you forward some educational information on fitness and hope some day to be able to meet you in person or at least get as much information as possible to step up my workouts to the NEXT level. I am a lifelong fitness fanatic.

  • Sandi Holt

    If it will make me feel better about myself, not depressed and actually happy with the way I look, please pick me to win! Being 4’10” and 165 lbs. I am nothing but depressed. I have never really been in great shape. I always had to starve myself to be thin and that was in high school. I have never had the body I really wanted. When I had children. That was it. My body went to heck. I gave myself the excuse to eat because I was “eating for two” and boy did I!!! I am just so tired of everyone telling me, you have such a pretty face. Ah, thanks, but that doesnt help my self esteem at all. Now, if I could have you as a personal trainer for a year, in my face constantly, I could probably do it. Besides giving me the will power, your a hottie. LoL. After I had my children I told myself I would be in the best shape of my life by 40. Hmmm, Im 42 and although I have lost alot of weight within the last few years, I am far from where I want to be. I need to get rid of the FAT! I got plenty of that, especially in my lovely spare tire. Please, Craig, if you can help me get to that point by age 50, I will love you forever. If you can help me have my self esteem back so I dont have to be jealous of all the women my boyfriend looks at and I can actually say, hey Im better looking than her, because I will actually have a shape, I will love you forever Craig. If nothing else, hey please just send me a pep talk, cuz I need one. Thanks.

  • Michelle

    Hi, I would love to win these DVDs for several reasons. I have tried to lose weight for years but have never been able to because I don’t have a set program that I can follow and I get bored with the same workouts. I hate the way I look, but I can’t afford a personal trainer because I am still in college and trying to make ends meet. I am a person that follows a plan very well, especially when it is all made for me and I can watch it for teaching along with reading. I am currently in nursing school, so that means lots of time spent studying and being busy with school tasks and projects. This systemwould help me because it seems to be more effective than anything else I’ve tried and is most importantly more efficient. Also, as a nurse, I will be a representative of the health care industry. And an overweight representative is not a good representative. I would not be an effective teacher/ role model for my patients if I cannot take good care of my own body like I encourage and teach my patients to do. This program would help me take the first steps to being a role model for my patients and changing my lifestyle into a healhty lifestyle.

  • Kathryn

    I am in a workout rut — I’m bored; I’m burned-out but I need to lose fat and gain muscle. I am at a desk 9 hrs a day and commuting 2 hrs a day. I not only need a new routine to fit in a small amount of time, but I need to feel energized about working out again. I feel like I’ve tried every kind of diet/workout plan and I’ve become discouraged. I use to workout with a trainer but can no longer afford it. I am losing confidence and hate to look at myself in pictures. Please help.

  • Julia

    When I hit menopause 4 years ago, I defied all the assumptions among friends that weight gain was a given. I started exercising and eating less and lost 45 lbs in 5 monthes. I kept it off for 2 years and then got married and moved to Michigan.

    I put on 20 lbs and have had the HARDEST time getting it off! I think that if I could defy the odds of menopause, with the help of your coaching, I can get back on track and have a great support system to do it right and keep it off for good. By “regular” standards, I am in good shape, and have a pretty good body, but I want more. I want greater health, greater fitness, and greater reward for the time and effort I put in. I think having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me achieve this fitness and fat loss goal.

    I have gained a lot of respect for you from what you have offered others and your blog is great.

    I know I can

  • RM Canada


    I’ve been using TT Fat Loss for over a year. Yes it’s made a huge difference. Muscles where I have not seen before. However, like anything else. I keep striving for improvement. My weight is still about the same. I know my problem is my diet. With the complete package I know that I can achieve just that…..Complete Package. I have the committment and drive. Just need that extra push to make it happen.


  • Ryan

    My entire life i was overweight, highschool was a nightmare. Depression begat eating and eating begat depression. But a few years ago, i decided to join the US Coast Guard. I changed everything, and lost close to 60 pounds in 4 months. I have worked hard since then to eat healthy and excercise, vowing to myself never to be overweight or unhealthy again. It was amazing to see the difference in the way you are looked upon and thought of when you go from overweight to healthy, but it has driven me to help others lose weight. Now, TT would help me because although i have kept the weight off, i still lack the knowledge needed to completely tone up. It would be great to not be afraid to take my shirt off at the beach next summer, or just feeling that much better and being a positive influence on others.

  • Lise LeBlanc

    I would like to win the package because everything I have read from you has been very helpful. I like to have resources available to help me reach my goal and this package would definitely give me everything I need.

  • maria

    me perece fenomenal la promoción,disculpa que te escriba en español pero estoy de afan y mi ingles no es muy bueno.
    llevo 5 semana practicando el nivel intermedio y los cambios se notan, con los DVDS, es más disdáctico y fácil seguir las rutinas.

  • Kim

    I believe the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals because I been told it is the best program out there. Without it I probably will go no where with it I will accomplish my fitness and fat loss goals.

  • Rich M

    Having the TT training package would be the ultimate training tool for me. I have a problem with see-sawing through training. I get set on a routine and make great strides for a month or two. Then boredom sets in and I find ways to avoid it until I start again. Having a package that will get me through 6 months or more would be awesome. I can stick with something when there’s a plan involved. This would be the piece of the puzzle that I need to keep me committed. I look forward to being able to try this program and the amazing results I achieve from following it.

  • I believe Turbulence Training complete package would help me in my final steps to achieve my optimum fitness level. I am in good physical condition now I just need that little extra that works way better than cardio. GOOD BYE LOVE HANDLES AND BACK FAT! HELLO SIX PACK AND V-SHAPE UPPER BODY AND DEFINED LEGS. This wolud be amazing!

  • Tej

    The Turbulence Training Complete Package is a necessity for me in order to reach my weight loss goals. The advantage of being shown step by step the proper techniques for the multiple exercises is like having Craig being your 24/7 on call trainer. The video will allow me to workout using good form, reducing the risk of injuries while making sure I extract the full benefits of each exercise. This powerful visual aid for workouts will ensure my weight loss.

  • Me

    I want to be strong, healthy, free and light. I am 35 yrs old and I have been in this prison of fat for 25 years and enough is enough. I know I can do it, and I know TT will get me there as I have already started working out using your program. To personally train with you, would be a dream but the 2nd best thing is the TT Complete Package which I believe will make ME come true.
    Thanks for your inspiration thus far.

  • Shaun Martin

    I’ll be completely honest: I’ve never been extremely out of shape, though I’ve definitely had a spotty record committing to working out. I would lift weights for several months, and then slack for a month or two. Cardio never entered my mind, as I’ve always hated the sheer monotony of it. Watching the videos for your sample workouts, between the supersets and and circuits, I’ve rediscovered that workouts can actually be both fun and challenging.

    At 195lbs and under 15% bodyfat, I’m not necessarily the ideal candidate for the TT Transformation program, but I do suffer from the same affliction that bothers a lot of beginners: boredom. I know that with the Turbulence Training program, I will have a wealth of information that will undoubtedly get a ton of use. The thought of having new workouts to try every month or few weeks is both a feeling of excitement and anticipation I’ve not known, but I know I would utilize to the fullest. One way or another, I greatly appreciate all the material Craig provides for every experience level.

  • Patricia

    I have recently come to enjoy training. Your program would enhance what I already have come to know and it would be a source of information that I could use to continue my training and lose that extra fat and gain muscle. There is a family history of extra fat and heart problems. Your training program would be the incentive coupled with the membership that would keep me motivated to keep going. As a woman I have noticed how many women there are walking around who look like pears especially when we all reach a certain age. I do not believe there is any need to all look the same and I for one want to be healthy and continue into my senior years alert fit and healthy. I am looking for training that takes me from beginner to expert something that I can take with me in travel, at home etc. Something that lasts longer than 90 days. I also need help with the nutrition side of things as well and reading your blogs, and watching how you eat have served as inspiration. I think it is a great idea and will be a great boost to the workouts to have access to the membership to be able to ask questions, get feed back, and be with others who are like minded. I can lose the fat easily but the trouble that I have is keeping it off and that is where this program will help me. I really need some serious help as I approach my 6th decade of life.

    • Patricia

      I have written the above at 8:35pm on Oct 13 I do not know why the computer program says the date and time that it does.

      • Dawn

        The date shows the time zone the website is in rather than your own.

  • Lisa

    I have tried so many diet and exercise programs that I have lost count. I have lost my self-esteem and gained weight more times than I can count. I was skeptical about this program. I downloaded a free trial and gave it a go. AND I LOVED IT! I don’t want to be the same me. I want to grow and become healthy before I am 50 (I am 47). I don’t want to have the same health problems as my parents and die. I want to be an example that people like me can change. I believe in this program. I believe with it, I can change my life. I hope that I can be a a good example for others rather than a cautionary tale of what not to become.

  • Debi

    I have bought most of your programs. I have the original TT program and TT Abs. I would appreciate the DVD’s to follow along as many times I find it easier to follow with pictures to improve my form and with the long winter months in Canada I prefer working out in my basement. It would be fantastic to work out with the on and only Craig and Bally on the DVD’s. It really would be great and much appreciated.


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Thanks Debi!

      I need to get Bally on some more videos. Great call!

  • Anita

    I believe that the TT program will help me regain my lost motivation, help me to focus not just on the workout but on my diet. I tend to be an all or nothing type of personality if I start something I go full blast, but am still working on fitting all the pieces of living healthier together, working out on a regular basis and eating healthier flavorful foods. Help me to find my motivation, to find myself and to regain my lost vitality.

  • Sheryl

    I feel that your complete program is just what I am looking for. I have spent the last few years using the gym machines for resistance training and I also do three to four spin classes a week. The only thing I have accomplished is losing a few inches. Each day I go to the gym I spend about 2 hours working out. I feel like I am getting nowhere and killing myself to get there. I still have that extra back fat and tummy. Help! I am feeling very desperate.

  • Ashley Jones

    Honestly, because I absoluntely hate cardio! It the one thing that every trainer I have talked to has said will help me burn fat and its the ONE thing that I cant stand doing. The repetative movement of running bores me to tears and even if I have music thumping around in my head I’m still painfully bored. 🙂 There’s the honest and brutal truth! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to hear about your take on the “cardio craze!” I feel like you have come up with some amazing and creative ways to help people reach their fat loss goals and still manage to keep things interesting and keep people motivated to reach them. I am very impressed and feel confident, from just the emails I’ve read, that this may be the one system that can finally help me hit my own goals. Eventhough I might not be the person who needs to lose weight for immediate health reasons, I know that I must start a regualr exercise routine if I want to keep my health in my later years. I will continue to always be interested to know what you have come up with next. Thanks again!

  • Rose Milia

    I’ve been reading your e-mails and doing some of the free exercises. I think this program might work for me too. I have weak knees (cartilage slips out of place) so jogging and longer cardio work-outs aren’t possible for me. Also I’m a working mother of 3 children and spend most of my days, after work, driving them around to their various sports events: swimming, gym, dance school, football practise ect. It would be nice to finally do something for myself as well.

    I’m tall, with a large bone structure and about 20 pounds over-weight. Considering I live in Rome where people eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, things could be worse. The diet plan would also help me considerably as most of my extra weight is in the stomach area which is the most dangerous for our health. I know the rules about dieting but just seem to have problems following them and sticking to them. I have lost and gained back these same pounds over and over again.
    I’d love to win this program. Thanks for offering us this opportunity. By the way I’m originally from Canada just like you.


  • Patricia

    I believe the Turbulence Training Complete Package is just what I need to finally achieve my goal. I have been working on getting my body back in shape after many long years. I am 42 years old and have seen results so far in losing 2o lbs since the beginning of this year. I still have 1olbs more to reach my ultimate goal. I would love to take my fitness to the next level with your system. Up till now I have been going to the gym, many hours of aerobic classes along with lifting weights. It has been and huge investment, time wise. I have been reading up on your system and would love to put it into practice. TT seems so simple and to the point. As a mother of 3 boys time is more precious to me than ever. I truly want to see my goal and use my time more efficiently. I do have a few weights at home but need guidance to know how to put it all together. With TT I know this can work.

    Thank you

  • César Jiménez

    Well, I’m now 23 and I have to say that living in a third world country as Perú means a lot to the diet. I’ve been eating lots of carbs and little protein as many peruvians do, which is why I believe I could never see a six pack and have ever been lean, even tough I’ve tried it with running, wlaking and gym training. The one and only time when I could barely see a ‘four pack’was when I was 18, BUT even though I was doing weight training, I cut almost all of my carbs, I could lose fat, but lost so much muscle that I was a ‘near to lean’ skinny guy, all in shape, but skinny. It was a poor diet. I was in starvation. So, that’s, in short, my ‘trying to lose body fat’ story. After looking the succesfull stories of your customers in your website and your youtube videos, I highly believed you was the man and your program the way to follow to achieve my ‘all my life dreamed of’ bodyfat, health and abs goals. Your routines were funny but I was sure that the effectiveness of them would come with progresion and this meant that I needed the whole program. BUT I didn’t and don’t have the money. I’m still a universitary student in the last phase preparing to get his title.

    Whatever the results are, I highly thank you for the valuable info on fitness, training, fut burning tips and diets, which have increased and improved the little kwnoledge I had about weight loss

    Since the city of Trujillo – Perú:

    A big ‘THANK YOU, CRAIG’.

  • Mike

    The Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals by actually losing my love handles and get me in the best shape of my life by the time I reach 50 (turning 49 in November). I am looking forward to following the program which mixes up the exercises to melt the fat and build muscles. My wife is also looking forward to the results (and has been for over the past 20+ years!).

  • linda

    want it……… need it… enough said..

  • joyce

    My lifestyle had always been the passive type and to put in time for exercise would be the last thing on my mind. With healthy weight but high body fat, I maintained it by keeping in mind to eat correctly. When I stumble on your TT workout on youtube, I have to admit I am having fun with the body weight training. Starting with the 100 challenge, I realize how out of shape and stamina I am with all the huffing and puffing to pull through the 100. After the 3rd week I manage to do the 300 challenge with ease :). I never had such slim and firm thigh even during my teens as it was my worst trouble spot. Now I am inspired to do more for my body and health sake. I believe I will be totally blown away by having a new image achieved with your copy of TT Complete Package. Anyhow, I would like to state here I am really grateful to be inspired by you, Craig. My big THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE.

  • Grant

    This program would be the ultimate tool for me . l am the Coach of our local Rugby League Club, l am not sure if you are familiar with our game but it is as brutal as any on earth.The long held theory around coaching was you you had to have a cardio base but we have started to use some of the turbulence training priciples in our training the guys don’t even know about it. I have been using in our warm up mainly but l think the benifits of doing the program during the offseason would be massive. On a personal note i have been doing it for some time and my body feels great l can out pushup and every young bloke in the club which drives them nuts. Years of playing has played havoc with my knees and shoulders but since using the turbulence exercises l have noticed great improvement in all my joints and no more jogging which has bee the best change, with three young children l need all the mobilityl can muster. My family has also been doing the bodyweight exercises which they love doing it is not training for them it is fun time. Keep up the good work mate

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great to hear from you Grant. And yep, I’ve been training Rugby players for years (including 3 guys on Canada’s national team). Keep up the great work!


  • Tammy

    Hey Craig,
    I have been in a wheelchair since I was in an accident when I was 6 years old. In this time I always stayed active, played wheelchair sports and even made it to the Canadian National team. My injury was not like most others and I still have use of some muscles in my legs and my core. Because of this I was never as light as the other kids and then women that I played sports with and I always saw myself as the fat one. Even though I trained hard and competed hard I never felt like an athlete because I was a little bigger than I wanted to be and I felt that others did not see me as an athlete either. I also grew up watching many people in chairs being inactive and overweight and I saw society treat those people poorly, worse than athletic and fit people in chairs. I quit playing sports when I was 18 and my life went through a rough patch. I gained weight during this time and the head games of being the fat one got worse for me. I made a change in my life when I turned 24 and it included moving to a new city. At this time I lost 30 lbs on my own and was thinner and trimmer than I had ever been in my life. I began to compete in sprint triathlons and for the first time ever I truly felt like and athlete and looked like an athlete. I competed in sprint distance triathlons for a few summers always with the intent of competing in longer distances, the standard distance first. I never could reach this goal because my training was too stagnant. I got married in this time and then began to gain weight and fat again. In the summer of 2008 I competed in my first standard distance triathlon but crashed in the third leg (my race chair) and could not complete the race. I knew I was still not in enough of shape to successfully compete at that distance. In the fall I joined a new gym and got a new trainer. I worked hard all year to get ready for this past summer. I competed and completed two standard distance tri’s well but still was not happy because I am back in that place of not looking like an athlete. I am in great physical shape but I am carrying too much fat and still too much weight. I am embarrassed at races because I see my fat in my tri suit and feel the need to put on a large jersey after the swim to hide my body while I compete in the rest of the race. I have done so much work and gained so much strength but still have too much fat. I am trying to reach a high level of competition and next summer compete in World’s. I feel that the best way for me to acheive that goal and be happy about it is to try the TT system. I know I would have to modify the exercises some but I have been doing that for years. I feel this system would give me the final jump to get the weight off and the fat down and to feel good about how I look when I compete and feel like an athlete all the time and look like an athlete to others. I am done with being the fat one in the wheelchair, I am ready for my outside to match my inside and match the level of effort and committment I give to my sport and I believe TT is my best chance.

  • As a full time student and part time intern I have no time committed to myself to improve my lifestyle, since its spent pondering on workout programs instead of actually working out.
    When I think of working out I get excited, but at the same time apprehensive. I have more doubt answering these questions that go through my head before I workout which is:
    – Where do I begin?
    – What workout should I follow?
    – How heavy should I lift?
    – How many reps?
    I end up watching the few videos of TT which helps me for that workout for the day. I end up repeating it a few times during the week with a few off days for cardio. Although the results are less than typical. My body is not surprised anymore and it somehow adapted to the same physical activity I repeated over and over. I certainly have not reached my potential that I know I am capable of. I explored my options of the gym, group exercise, and a personal trainer. The conclusion of each was it was simply expensive, jammed packed, and I would still not know where to start working out. My last option would be using the Turbulence Training Complete Package as my complete guide for my fitness regimen. This would greatly benefit my goals I have set for myself.

    Grant Hewey

  • Erica

    I’m using the TT program at home and having a blast! I have 3 kids, the youngest 2 months of age. I love the energy I get, even when I’m up all night with my baby. I printed out all the exercise descriptions ages ago – but the pages are getting a bit worn out! I do the exercises in the lounge room and would love to have the DVDs to follow instead. That would make the difference, as its hard to be sure you’re doing it well just looking at the print outs. I’m not working at the moment, so the full package is out of reach any other way. I have encouraged several friends with small kids to do the transformation contest with me, so we can all transform our post baby bodies!

  • Steve Cooley

    Hey Craig,
    I’ve followed along with the sample workouts, and anything else I could get for beginner’s on your website. I’m 55 years old ,and I’m trying to get back some semblance of a six-pack to surprise my two boys at the holiday’s. One is in the military,airborne, at Fort Bragg, NC, and the other work’s for the US Defense Deptartment. Both are workout nuts. I’ve got about 30 lbs. to go in less than two month’s. Nutrition is my biggest downfall, and the stability ball really stress’s my lower back. I really need these because I’m really visual. Thanks for making a difference.

  • aphill_18

    I’m a corporate fitness specialist. This type of training does work. Help me spread the word to put an end to boring cardio!

  • Cathy L

    It would be great to help me get my husband doing SOMETHING! I have done some of your work outs and didn’t quiet finish the last TT contest, and love the balance ball exercises. I believe it would motivate both of us to stay healthy for me and get my husband off all the meds for high blood pressure, pre diabetic, and STOP smoking!! Craig I love to read your blogs and watch the videos of your work outs and think your philosify on workouts are right on. Keep up the good work and may the best one win!!

    • Cathy L

      Forgot to say we’re 51 years young!!

  • Fausto Paula e Silva

    Although I am not in trouble in terms of BF % (about 13,5%) I’d still
    like to get to single digit BF levels. I’ve tried your approach while I was in New Zealand and it really does the trick.

    Getting the package would be great! It would enable me to get this goal!
    Fausto Paula e Silva

  • Leah J

    I ordered the TT basic workout plan over the summer. I’ve been using it ever since, and to say that I LOVE it is an understatement. It is the only program I’ve ever had any success on (and believe me, I’ve tried a ton of programs – diet and exercise alike). I really enjoy busting my butt 3x per week and playing tennis/ riding my bike/ whatever the other 4 days. I believe that TT is revolutionary and I’m actually seeing results. So far, I’ve lost 2″ around my belly button (in less than 2 months)! I think this complete package would enhance my learning, increase the efficiency of my workouts, and lead me to even faster results.
    Thanks for everything!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great stuff Leah, so proud of you!

  • Melissa

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    I am currently what most formulas would call “obese,” yet I do like exercise. I am also a woman in my mid-twenties. Even though I am generally happy on the surface, I do believe my weight has greatly affected many aspects of my life which could be improved. I’ve been following Turbulence Training workouts on youtube, and I really like the idea of using your own bodyweight for functional, yet intense exercise.

    I’ve lost weight before when I lived in another city, primarily because exercise became a lifestyle change and the exercises I did were very functional. Moving back to the place where I intially grew up not as active and gaining back that weight, I feel that having Turbulence Training Complete Package will allow me to regain control of my weight and my life by using the methods that seemed to work for me years ago.

  • Jerry B.

    According to the Body Mass calculators on line, I’m obese, which is a very hard pill to swallow. Additionally, I’m 52 years old, with back problems which have limited my activity level over the last 7 months. I retired from the US Air Force in 1995 so being over weight, with back problems is hard to accept after being physically fit for most of my life, however; the old ways I use to train when I was younger no longer seem to work for me. Having the complete Turbulence Training Package will give me a training plan I can actually do along with providing me the self motivation to get moving and take the first step required to achieving my health and fitness goals. I know no single training plan can do any of this unless I make the commitment to use the program and get off the couch, and with the Turbulence Training Package, I believe I will make the commitment to take charge of my own health and fitness.

  • Wendy

    I have read about Turbulence Training and the explosive nature it demonstrates. I have tried weight training and cardio in the past and they do work. But, my current job is very stressful and time consuming and I am not able to dedicate enough time to make it work.
    In a world where youth and energy counts for everything in some jobs, I want to find a way to become and stay, healthy, shapely and energetic, in an achievable time commitment. That, I believe, from what I have read and from watching the demonstration videos, is Turbulence Training.

  • Mar

    I enjoyed reading the Turbulence Training newsletter and I would like very much to put into action that program designed for burning fat and losing weight. I work out 3 times a week and I believe I can achieve a balance healthy life by doing the Turbulence Training Complete Package! A step by step procedure in losing weight, staying healthy and keeping me young would be possible through this revolutionary, unique work out.

  • Liz

    I know someone out there has an answer. I’m 42, and can no longer lose weight. Eating less, eating more, no carbs, no fat, an hour of cardio six days a week, supplements, raw foods, high protein, low protein… I do not know what else to do. I’ve always been a happy, fun and genuinely caring person, but now I can’t even think straight. What is wrong? Could your program be what is missing? I’ve never found a trainer who actually cared, or could help, yet I have such respect for those that really have studied what works for people like me. I won’t date, try to meet friends…my life is just on hold. I’m 90 pounds overweight and feel like I’m trapped in someone else’s body. If it’s legal, and won’t hurt anyone, I’ll do it! I just do not know what to do! All I’ve ever heard is “eat less, and do more cardio.” How much less can I eat, and how much more cardio can I do. I believe this all can change, I just can’t find out how. If you know turning this all upside down is the answer, I promise you couldn’t have a more devoted trainee. Good luck everyone – including me!

  • Fausto

    Although I am not in trouble in terms of BF % (about 13,5%) I’d still
    like to get to single digit BF levels.

    I’ve tried your approach while I was in New Zealand and it really does the trick.

    Getting the package would be great! It would enable me to get this goal!


    Fausto Paula e Silva

  • Bruce Walker

    18 months ago I bought turbulence training for fat loss, a year ago we finished the gym, 7 weeks ago I started the sixth transformation contest. Now, Alice, my wife is losing her skepticism regarding this form of training. Best of all though with new found energy has helped my golf and lowered my handicap by four strokes. Now some of my golf buddies are asking if they can have a go, and as there is plenty of room we are now having our sessions around our golf days. It would be ripper to win and I am sure everyone one around me would benefit. I am just finishing my 300 word essay I am that confident I will finish the transformation contest and as you say then to carry oooooooooooooooooooooooon!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very cool Bruce, great to hear about the golf score!


  • Miya

    Hi my name is Miya and i and also 42 years old. Being totally fit is something i have been struggling with since I can remember. If you asked anyone who knows me can tell you that I have been in and out of gyms with memberships for the past 15 plus years. It was easier for me to workout on a regular bases when I was twenty. I am now 42 and my dream is to compete in a National Fitness Competition at least once in my life. I used to practice poses, of course I don’t know how , but I can tell you this i will not stop until I reach my goals. The reason I think that Turburlence Training could help me is because I am tired of taking supplements that dont work, meal replacements that don’t work. I know this program is for real people. This program is designed to motivate and empower us. It is designed for that warrior deep down in all of us. Turburlence is designed where there are no excuses it’s program is step by step and if you follow the rules you are guaranteed and I mean guaranteed to succeed past your goals. This is something that I really want. I have been working out this year consistantly for three months and I mean at least 5 times a week, I have lost some pounds but nothing close to what I will lose with Turbulence Training. I want that sculpted body “hard body” I know I can surpass my goals with Turbulence Training Workouts.

    Thank you

  • Scott Byrd

    Im sick of being fat. Im sick of the stretch marks, not wanting to take off my shirt at the pool etc. I have tried workouts and diets in the past. The TT package would give me the diet and exercise regimen I need to get rid of it. Period.

  • Shari

    I have battled with my weight my whole life. I come from a family which everyone is over weight. I don’t want to live like that. I have lost weight on numerous diets just to gain it all back again everytime. I finally started to lose weight and keep it off when i got myself a dog. I had no backyard and a dog to walk so i had absolutely no choice but to get up and walk that dog everyday. My dog (Jax is his name) went on to help me lose over 60 pounds.
    I started a new job two years ago and became a workaholic. I ended up putting back on twenty of the 60 pounds. I have quit that job and i’m at a stand still with my weight. It won’t budge at all. I started to do hours of cardio at my new job but nothing is working. I believe that your turbulence training will help me get the body that i’ve always wanted. Please help me become your latest success story. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Megat


    A little over a year ago I was unfit being over 230 lbs, over 36% of body fat, jobless and I didn’t even seem to have a single thought about my health. Then I met my Nadia and over the course of our year together my health started to improve as I was introduced to your turbulence training. I read your and subscribe to your blog and try to reflect it in my life.

    Now, I am 205lbs 19% body fat and working in an investment bank during the financial crisis really thought me that I really need to work hard and not compromise on my health, I need to manage my time properly. With your Turbulence Training package I could hope to achieve my medium term target, to reach 1 digit body fat percentage at least one point in my life while still being successful in my career and have a wonderful love life. Your diet advice, 40 minute tri-weekly workout and interval sprints have allowed me to lose over 43 pounds of fat while gaining 19 pounds of lean mass.

    I know your package is going to help me in securing my dream. As you know that getting there is only the beginning, maintaining is a whole different ball-game. Getting your Turbulence Training package would give me access to the knowledge that I currently only glimpse every week or so when you update your blog. I definitely would probably could use your TT for busy dads in the future 😉

    Even if I don’t win, I still just want to thank you Craig if you’re reading this. You’re a life changer.

  • Amanda

    The TT complete package would be excellent for me, I do not like to waste time doing cardio which will not help me in getting the result I want so bad. Excersising with short but very intense workout is the best option I have found to burn all that staburn fat.
    I want to go straing to my goal which is to lose fat and be tight, what girl does not want that?!

    Thank you for all the hard work you put into your programs, they help me a lot

  • Marc

    OK, my main problem is that I am lazy as heck. I need results to stay motivated. Slogging on the treadmill for an hour bores me to tears. Progressing through 27 sets, 10X9X8X7, or whatever drives me to distraction. “Fit” to me means I can enjoy kayaking for hours on the bay or hiking along the ocean or even fast dancing with my love without hitting an oxygen deficit. I want to get in (to the gym) and get out. And see the results in my life. Yeah, the mirror too, but that’s not the most important part. I will never be a gym rat. Thirty or forty minutes. Sure. Two hours? Ain’t gonna happen. I know that if I’m only going to do 30 or 40 minutes, it’s got to be hard work. So let’s make it count.

  • laura

    I WILL KICK BUTT!!! I feel EMPOWERED when I workout as hard as any other guy at the gym. I am a brand “new” 39 yr old latina, mother of two and full-time workking mom who started working out w/ weights when I turned 30. Before that it was all cardio, running 6 miles a day, doing stairmaster failing to stay at a healthy weight even after trying all the diets in the book. I have now adopted a very sensible, healthy diet and lifestyle that even my 2 beautiful daughters have adopted (14 & 16). I have always stuggled w/ my weight (at 8 yrs old I was always the different child not only cause I was overweight but because I was hispanic). I’m showing my daughters what it means to live life to the max. We workout together w/ weights and even go running once in a while. They are starting to see how their bodies are changing and are always asking me for advise on diet and exercise. I also help and work with a couple of groups of women (latinas) in my basement and at a church where we do circuit training and we share stories and ideas and we motivate each other. I would use your program not only to help myself to continue my journey (which I know will be till my last day) my daughters and help these other women who are also looking to make a difference in their life and their families life by leading by example. I want to be continue to be a strong, beautiful empowered woman!!! I need you to help me!! I need your TT Workout Program I love your ideas and your plans…always love your emails. Thanks,

  • arun kumar subbian

    I took me 15 long years of going through several books, subscriptions, memberships, CDs, DVDs, encyclopedias, journals etc etc before I came across Turbulence Training.

    Taking the best out of all the scientific knowledge out there, and not ignoring even the tiniest of tips based on experience, Turbulence Training is the one discipline, one protocol that makes perfect sense, and works well for both the young and the old. I should know because both my son (10 years) and I (45 years) follow the techniques laid down in TT – though, due to my son’s young age, I have restricted him to only body weight exercises.

    Having this TT pack would definitely mean that we put our body, mind and soul into the program and fully experience the matchless efficiency of Turbulence Training.


  • Jim

    About a year and a half ago, I made up my mind that the fat guy in the mirror had to go and I started back at the gym. After a few months of little success, I knew something had to change and I stumbled upon your TT videos.

    For the past 9 months since I’ve been following the TT program through your e-mails and blog I’ve dropped easily 35 lbs. I now use the cardio machines only for intervals and am happy to report that I’m the guy at the gym the the training staff stares at while doing the body weight circuits.

    The problem now is that I have plateaued; I have been stuck at the same spot for a couple of months. The TT total package is what I need to break through and lose the final 10 or 15 lbs that have been so difficult to lose.

    Whether I win or not, thank for you generosity in posting the videos and for your blog – you have made a ton of difference in my life.

    Best regards,


  • Vance

    Motivation, simplicity and enjoying what you are doing.
    Where does the motivation come from ? by seeing the results the Turbulence training offers.
    Whether a couch potato or a person who deems themselves an athlete, the simplicity of the exercises and regimes makes them enjoyable to do whether by ones self or with the family !
    Having fun and improving your health and fitness at the same time is motivation for most.

  • Robert Rivers

    Dear Craig,

    For the past 10 months, I have been working in Sri Lanka as the security coordinator for an international NGO that focuses on unarmed civilian peacekeeping. During the end of the war and now in the post-war stage, my job is to support our field teams who work to reduce violence in deeply divided communities and give political and social space for local people to transform their own conflicts.

    Last year, I was in great shape and competed in 2 triathlons in my home of Montana, USA. However, with the stress of being responsible for the lives of 50 people and the tension of being surrounded by a deeply traumatised society, I have gained nearly 10 kilos and am in the worst shape I have been in in a decade.

    There are very few gyms here and the security situation makes outdoor exercise difficult at best. I have followed your blog for almost a year and deeply appreciate the advise and the workouts you offer. Though TT helped kept me in shape in the past, with all the forces working against healthy living here, I need more structure to help me with the discipline to overcome the inertia of getting back in shape.

    I believe the Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me get back into triathlon form. I still have Rocky Balboa at my core. This package will help me become Rocky on the exterior again. If i win, I’ll keep you updated with my progress as I continue working for positive change in very difficult parts of the world.

    Thank you for all your words of wisdom and the hope you infuse into your work. Happy Thanksgiving.


  • Audrey

    I’m just about one year into my marriage. November last year was the leanest I had been for years and years. Leading up to my wedding I completed 4 months with a trainer, who whipped me into the best shape of my life. Lean and muscular, not the skinniest, but getting there.

    I had always been the chubby one, the fat one, the tomboy who didn’t wear fitted clothes, the one my brother used to call “fat pig”. And I’ve proved to myself that I can be changed.

    However, 11 months on, I am struggling. Struggling with life and struggling with my fitness and my weight yet again. It’s just the overwhelming nature of being in control of my food habits, my exercise habits and my home. I wear loose fitting clothing in the hope that no one else can see the change. I am constantly unhappy and stressed when I see other women who look so good. I am even embarrassed in front of my husband.

    I know part of the key – a trainer – would make the world of difference. Having someone to motivate me, tell me what to lift, how many times to lift, how to lift, how long to run intervals. Even that would motivate me to eat better, to see results.

    However, having now moved out of home, a trainer and a gym membership is out of the question. Saving for a new house to buy, for our lives ahead, there is no justification in the cost.

    Working out without a trainer, I feel lost in what it is I need to do, how to establish a workout plan, how to carry out exercises correctly, what to do without the surroundings of the gym.

    But it’s not only that that scares me. I can see the road that I am going down – my father has type 2 diabetes, I had the key signs before, and now I’m heading there again. I can even see the triggers – stress, travel for work, holidays where I let myself go, friends and family who enjoy to eat…

    TT will provide a solid basis for me to establish a regular work out plan. The DVDs will be a guiding light in the correct form required for each of the exercises. The bodyweight exercises and hotel room workouts will be the key for me, working out at home and whilst I am away at work and on holidays. I can be free of a trainer for the rest of my life. No relying on anybody else to get the body that I want. There is certainty in the TT foundations and I know that this will be the key to leaving my past body behind and building my self confidence again.

    I want to be confident again. I want to be happy. And I want to be beautiful.

  • Joe

    Recently my mother-in-law was hospitalized. Due to poor eating choices she became diabetic and over weight. She recently had half of her bowels removed because they were perforated. After bowel surgery she was diagnosed with poor blood circulation in her legs. Now the doctors want to remove both of her legs from the knees. It has been very difficult to see my loving wife suffer, due to seeing her mothers failing health conditions. I made an oath to my wife and family that I will always be there to take care of them. This situation has truly opened my eyes. Every day I look into the mirror, I see a need for immediate improvment. I am carrying a good 30lbs of excess weight. I have tried other means to lose weight and failed. I am ready to draw a line in the sand, and make a stand. In order to do this I need your help. I want to live a healthy life. Not only would the Turbulence Training Complete Guide help me, it would be a positive influence for my family. I truly believe that I can reach my fitness and fat loss goals with your guidance. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to better my life.


  • David Rios

    TT would help me to finally blast that bit of fat I have been battling with for the last year. TT could be the key to achieving that raw, razor cut, conditioned look I have always wanted.

  • Johnny

    I am a very active person and I do exercise on a regular basis and if I were to be honest for a minute then I would say that I know that there is more that I can do and more effectively. Just because I know what I should be doing doesn’t mean that is what I am doing. You would think that with knowledge a person is on their way. Well that is not the case for me. I am an ex athlete many years removed and to many people around me I am in pretty good health and in shape but I know better.

    In a nutshell, having you perform the exercises as I follow you exercise after exercise will remove the final excuse that has been present in my every day life. Motivation by you Craig would be a hard worked hard performing option to my life and to those around me.


  • Cassandra

    I have been following TT programmes for the last 12 months and my body has transformed from a flabby cardio bunny to a toned and confident hot chick. TT has provided me with a body I am proud of and programmes that are easy to follow and time efficient. Living and working in a developing country restricts my ability to move around freely. Winning this package will provide me with the freedom to workout in the confines of my home and keep me looking like a hot chick.

  • Rosemary Bruce

    I don’t know what more to say, then what has already been previously said.
    I, personally, have gained over 25 pounds in less than 5 month period. I have had a lot of stress which is a big factor in my weight gain, along with depression and lack of motivation.
    I moved with my family, husband and 2 children, to another country due to military orders. (Now, I am not saying at all that because I am a military spouse, and my husband is serving our country, that I deserve “free” things. I hate people who are like that, because they are military, they think they deserve something more, or for free. I am not like that at all!!!)
    Point is, I have no motivation for anything anymore, as I had to place “on hold” my career of 8 years as an MA-which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, and also house bound due to my children. Due to the depression and mild anemia, it’s hard for me to even get out of bed, as I am tired ALL the time. Also, I ABSOLUTELY HATE the way I look!!! I wear baggy clothes, EVEN to bed, because I am ashamed, and don’t want my husband to see me like this, let alone look in the mirror at myself!!!
    I am 28 y/o, 5’8 and USED to weigh 135 and looking toned without even working out, due to being a C.C. runner and PE-aholic in H.S. Now, after 2 C-sections, and weight gain as listed above, I can’t seem to lose any weight with working out on the wii-fit.
    I believe if this system works like everyone keeps saying it does, I would be more motivated to work out daily with seeing the results for myself by having the motivated DVD’s and manual.

    Thank you,

  • JennyT

    Dear Craig,
    Hi, I’m Jenny a mother of three little kids.I’m 40 years old and although I don’t have a job I have a hectic time with my three children.
    I’ve only had internet for these last three month and some things are quite new for me,however, receiving your emails and seeing some of your videos gave me hope and courage to try out some of your exercises.I’ve also followed the TT kettlebells and some of Holly”s. I’ve been overweight for the last ten years and I never menaged to loose weight up till now. In these last six weeks(that’s how long I’ve been working out)I’ve lost about 6lbs.I try to do atleast 15 minutes three times a week, naturally when I have some time for myself.
    This is why I’m writing. So, I thing that TT training would be a great help for me if maybe I could have more hints.
    Keep it up.I like watching your short workouts from the internet and sometimes I try to do them as well.As I managed to loose some weight I’m sure that I’m going to keep on trying doing them.
    Yours faithfully,
    Jenny T

  • Lisa M

    How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?

    I am:
    *A new mom (13 month old daughter)
    *A full time employee (Marriage and Family Therapist – working in Addictions)
    *Left with little me time (approx 30-60 mins here and there, when baby is napping)
    *An avid fitness enthusiast and have a lot of excitement and passion for helping others with their fitness goals! (Hosting an upcoming Kettlebell intro class for other new mommies in my community!)
    *Looking for ways to be creative and efficient with my workouts! (Cardio equipment is no fun and doesn’t work for fat loss and TT does!)
    *Convinced TT is the way to accomplish my goals due to the results I have had thus far with following your free online workouts!
    *I am about 5-6 lbs away from my goal and would love to say TT got me there!

  • Shawn

    Firstly what a great offer, i have recently starting usng the TT workouts. The structure of the wokouts afford me the time to complete them without biting into my family and work time. Having recently returning to work after be told I have PTSD, after completing the TT workouts it provides me with great focus. With the TT total package I feel I can further better myself and achieve my fitness, family and work goals.

  • Jan Ishimine

    When I was in my 20’s, I was 30 lbs overweight, due to late-night dinners after work combined with studying for college.
    Once someone had mentioned that I had gained alot of weight, I began a tortureous and unhealthy program which consisted of running 5miles a day, 5 times a week, along with just lettuce salads for lunch and dinner. I was not aware of how unhealthy this diet was until I began to get sick very frequently.

    With alot of research and attending workout classes at the YMCA, I had changed that unhealthy program of mines to a healthier program which consisted of long cardio workouts and an improved diet of healthy forms of protein, fats and carborhydrates.

    Within a couple of years, I realized I was no longer transforming my body…everything came to a halt. I couldn’t figure out why this was happening. I was working out 5-6 days a week, 3 hours a workout which consisted of aerobic classes and very little weight-bearing exercises.

    While researching new ideas to change my workout program, I came across your youtube videos (cbathletics). It was interesting to view your videos and refreshing to hear the truth about long cardio workouts , endless crunches, etc.

    I viewed many of your videos regarding circuit and interval training, and decided to give it a shot. Amazingly, within a couple of months, my body showed positive results due to the inclusion of circuit and interval training.

    Whats even more amazing, my neighbor who had entered a beauty pageant, could not lose her excess pounds with her then-current workout routine ~ an hour on the elliptic with a bunch of crunches at the end.
    She shared with me, her story of frustration, not being able to lose the pounds or inches.

    I had offered to show her some of the turbulence training moves, which i picked up from youtube ( prisoner squats, wide-arm squats, mountain climbers, windshield wipers, etc.) and after 4 months of following Craig Ballantynes moves, she lost 20lbs, 6 inches and happy to say, SHE WON THE PAGEANT!

    Since then, I have been offering my services to help those who are struggling with health issues, such as cholesterol problems, diabetic problems, weight issues…all free of charge.
    And especially those who were familiar with my old workout routine and were amazed at my transformation due to switching to circuit and interval training.
    Such a rewarding experience to help those who need to improve their health issues and well-being status, but have no idea of where to start or are too embarrassed to inquire.

    Doing the research and implementation of the info I picked up from cbathletics on youtube has allowed me to help others improve their well-being and has also caused them to ignite a new chapter in their lives by developing a new workout program, not involving long cardio workouts and countless crunch moves.

    If I were to win a Turbulence Training Program, it would allow me to further those who need assistance and guidance to improve their well-being.
    I feel that this gift I am sharing with others has definitely allowed me to serve God in such an awesome way. God has guided me to discover the world of Turbulence Training, and with what I have gained thru the youtube videos, I am able to share that with others who are not aware of what circuit and interval training is all about.
    Unfortunately, I am unable to afford the offers which I receive thru your emails, which is why I rely on your newest videos offered on youtube. I do go thru your archives on the emails which I receive which has also been very very helpful.

    Thru personal experience, I have discovered a whole new world of workout routines, thanks to TT and cbathletics. Imagine the message I could share with those who are still going thru long cardio workouts and also, those who I am still committed to helping them with their health.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
    Definitely looking forward to hearing the results!


    • Craig Ballantyne

      That is so cool!


  • Patrick

    I believe that with the Turbulence Training Complete Package, I can achieve my fitness goals with the extra advice, visuals, and precomplied workouts. I have recently started focusing on changing my lifestyle and improving my fitness in addition to watching and reading your email articles. As a young student, I need visual assistance as well as quick workouts I can follow without too much research, as it would consume too much of my time. Hopefully this will not only improve my fitness performance, but will also improve my academic performance as well.


  • Hi, Im a high school student and as you know, most, or some people like me are burdened and worried by their appearance, and how ppl look and think of you. Im noo exception. But i dont just dislike hearing ppl call me flabby, i also dislike the fact that i’m ordinary. I want attention . i want respect.And when i FEEL ordinary, i dont FEEL confident tp earn the respect. I want ppl to look up at me. I want to get a great first impression. And i believe having a great shape and being fit will not just give me the confidence and attention i desire, but also will be a stepping stone to a lot more stuffs, ie great marriage, healthy kids, more participation in sports, and may help me with my career one day. Therefore, im know this package will not just transform my body, but also will transform me from inside and thus, change my life. Therefore, i hope you can help me fulfill this. I wish to more than i am now.

  • Larry S

    Having lost about 70 pounds over the last year by changing my nutrition and fitness habits, I am now in the last phase of going from 20% bodyfat down to 10% bodyfat with the expectation that I will finally be able to really see my abs. As a 55 year old relatively healthy male, start over Dad with 4 year old, this has been a real challenge. TT would make the difference!

  • Andrew

    Pleeeeeasse my wife is busting my balls just because she is pregnant she thinks we need more quality time and that means less workout time for me. Don’t get me wrong she is the love of my life and I would do anything for her. But a man has to do what a man has to do. She is ten years my junior and sets a high standard in terms of body image and what’s more I will soon have a little tacker to try and keep up with. At thirty eight that really is a tall order and without good workouts I really don’t know how I will keep up the pace. That’s it from me, I am being called to no doubt fulfill another craving demand “No beautiful it’s no problem at all to run out to the service station at ten thirty at night”, you know what they say happy wife happy life.

  • sagar suman pandaq

    Im an endomorphic person and who has to teach students pharmacy.With my busy schedule im not able to go to gym regularly but some thing has changed my life .thats ur Tubulence training program.i dont know how and why but it simply works for me as i can do it at home and i think in this competetive world everyone is thinking very less regarding their fitness unless until they receive advice from the doctors.As a Master of Pharmacy i know the different fact of human physiology and the real truth about losing fat;which is found very relevantly in your training system.The best thing is that this system doesnot depend on CAARDIO,which i personally hate to do as it makes my knees very painful.Using ur system i got not a dramatic change but a realistic change in my bodyweight i.e fats.Like other systems it doesnot claim a lot but when one will do it regularly at any place i hope they will also get the same results like me.Im from India where people are not able to take very high costly supplements or gym options to reduce fat.But i can assure if they will be following this program they can change their physique like me.
    Hope this will definitely encourage others to follow the program.Wishing u all the best and thank you.

  • Yinka Parm

    The Turbulence Training Complete Package is very unique from everything out there. This is what I need to motivate me to where I want to be body-shape wise. I have tried everything, from diet plans to various fitness regimes. Cardio does not work for me at all.
    Craig, I have read a lot from your website and its amazing to learn new and exciting information which actually works.
    It would be awesome to win the package and be able to train with you from the DVD. It would be a dream come true.

  • hend

    thanks alot it’s help me to loss aweight and achieve my goal

  • Kev

    i would love to win the turbulance package it would mean i could take a bit more time in getting it right .i have been following you the last couple of months and yes thank u i have transform my body for the best.
    iam 43 and like looking after myself ,but find it hard some times is hard as i work and also am a single trying to keep up with the emails and put it into practise can be hard.
    i have just start to pay off akettle ball witch i carnt wait to put in to practise anyway thanks for the free work outs
    ps i havent had promblem with weight i just like muscles,i am still chasing that sixpack the outline is there just need to lose the surface fat
    cheers Kev

  • Allison

    I’ve lost 70 lbs over the past 2 years and I’m at the low end of my BMI, but I still have this ring of fat around my middle. I call it my “flotation device”; unfortunatley I live nowhere near the water. After I had my daughter, I thought that running would help me lose the weight, so I decided to train for a half-marathon. I couldn’t believe that I actaully gained weight! I was so hungry all the time and everybody was tellling me,”Eat more carbs! Eat more carbs!” Enough of that! I am willing to do the work, but I need help to get the effective fat loss I want. I think Turbulence Training could do that for me.

  • norasyikin

    i would love to win the turbulance package to help me to loss my weight and get the better life without do a cardio. i have try to do a diet but it doesnt work and i hope that i can get n win the the turbulance package

  • Bob

    would love to feel fit again .I’m approaching the 60 yr mark so I want to obtain and maintain my strength

  • James McLaughlin

    I have done some of the TT workout and they are great I have already ready lost weight and built muscle. I am now doing the BW 1000 and love every bit of it.

  • Burton Nicolaas

    To be honest, I have been chubby my whole life, following all kinds of programs about weight loss etc.
    This all accompanied by lots of cardio; not the real thing according TT.
    Winning your TT program will teach in details how get of being chubby forever; all this with perfect coaching.

  • George

    I’m a very big fan of yours. Even though I have never purchased any of your products, I’ve been impressed by all of the success stories your programs have to offer. I’m currently a student in college and I have absolutely no money; if this weren’t true, I’d have bought a membership forever and a day ago.

    As far as fitness goes, this is something I have never had the opportunity of experiencing. I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. I just started doing a diet now and I’ve lost about 15 pounds to date by only dieting (been at it for a couple of weeks), but nothing else is happening. There’s no doubt in my mind that if I incorporate your workouts to my diet, then the results will start showing.

    I can honestly say that there’s about 20 gyms in a 5 mile radius from my house, but the problem is I just don’t have time to go to a gym. Being a full-time student (18 credits) is really hard work and I barely have time to sit down and eat at a table.

    If I win these workouts, it’s going to be hard, but I will commit myself to waking up earlier in the morning to doing them. I know that if I do nothing to change my current situation, then I won’t get the results that I’m looking for.

    Thank you for impacting the lives of what I’m sure are thousands and I truly hope I get the opportunity to finally be one of them.

  • Sherry Rediger

    I’ve got the nutrition and clean eating down to an art. All I need to take me to the finish line are workouts that are challenging, fun, and efficient. I want to look forward to my workouts. As a single mom of three kids I need the edge that TT workouts provide. Thanks so much Craig!

  • Nathalie Tellier

    HI Craig
    I’ve been a member of TT for just over a year. I did really well for the 1st 10 months, until I went to montreal for my summer holidays. Since I came back home, the return to the exercise routine has been a little more difficult…
    What would winning the TT package do for me?? I am a very visual person, and I sometimes find it hard dealing with e-books and having to print things to bring to the gym. I watch the videos that are linked to the e-book before I go to the gym, just to make sure I do them properly. I live in Macau, and the gym that is in my complex does not have a personal trainer, nor any qualified personel to help me with my exercises in the gym. I am a physiotherapist, so I’ve been using that background to help me with the exercises. But watching the DVDs on the TV would really help me SEE how the exercises are done properly. I could actually download the DVDs onto my iPod and have it all with me in the gym….. that would be amazing, wow, just the thought of it!! 🙂
    It would be the exact tool needed at this time to boost up my motivation so i can continue on this great adventure with the ultimate goal of getting the health and body I’ve always wanted, and this before I turn 50 in 2011.
    Craig, you have an amazing system, and I love the fact that you constantly improve it, this is the best
    PS: Thank you so much for getting me off the long, boring, dreadful cardio!!! I did it for way too many years….

  • Lisa

    Hi Craig! I’ll try to give you the “short” version. LOL! I believe the TT complete package would greatly help me to finally reach my fitness and fatloss goals. Two years ago, with 50% body fat, joint pain, chronic fatigue, and sleep apnea, I became desperate to get control of my health, lose fat and regain my strength. I started by learning how to eat right and changing my diet. I managed to lose 40 lbs. but it took me a year. I then joined the local gym and was assigned a trainer who had me doing 30-45 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine along with weight training. I LOVED the weight training; HATED the endless cardio. After a month I managed to lose just 2% body fat. After 16 years of being obese and depressed, I was finally beginning to feel like a new woman!! But, it apparently wasn’t meant to last. All too soon, financial woes forced me to quit my membership at the gym and my body started storing fat again in spite of eating right. All of my previous problems with back pain, muscle fatigue, join stiffness, sleepless nights, etc., returned. Being idle made me more idle. I wanted to scream and cry, I was so frustrated!

    Luckily, about a eight months ago, I had subscribed to your emails. I saved every one that included weight training exercises in it with the intention of compiling enough information to start my own training at home. Just with the information from those emails and your Utube videos, I managed to lose 1.5% body fat. But, obviously, this is faaaaaar from what I need. I haven’t been able to lose any more and I know it’s because of my lack of proper training and knowledge. I need to know more, I need support. I’m serious about losing this deadly fat and transforming my life – not just my body. I want my health, strength and energy back. I want to show people that being 43 years old DOES NOT mean it’s time to slow down and get old! I want to run and play with my four children while they’re still young. I’m a thin, fit woman on the inside with much determination and will power. Your complete TT program can bring her out with a vengance! Please help!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Very cool Lisa, nice work!


  • Sean Palmer

    Ive been able to loose roughly about 20 lbs just by the samples given in your newsletter and tweets. I would like to get the package so that I can go more in depth with the program to see if I can loose another 20 lbs to achieve my goal of losing 40 lbs. The program from the samples is great and I think having the full package would push me to the top of learning all the skill sets that TT has to provide.

  • laurel-manette

    I want the TT because it is the TRUTH about fat loss and health!!! I am passionate about my own health, but I also want to help other people who are searching for the answer to fitness…having the TT would help me so that I can spread the joy!!! Thank you, Craig!

  • Glen

    Ya’ know I have this half-inch of fat right at my belly button. It seems that my belly button is a black hole of fat attraction and it is very hard to overcome. I have no butt either, I would never make it as a hip-hop dancer (that and being a man). I am sure that this program is going to be awesome for butt-less people with fat-sucking black holes.
    Ok, I’ve got no story to induce craig to give me a free workout program, but I have been doing the bodyweight program for a couple of years now and it is the best ever. My wife does the bodysculpting and it has really toned her up… she loves it.
    So, Craig, better give it to someone more “deserving” with an awesome story fit for an Oprah special. But when you decide, just remember there is a butt-less wonder out there and you can help!

    to your health

  • Jeff Morris

    Hi Craig,

    How would winning this package help me? Well first of all I want to start off by saying I have been following your blog since almost its inception. You have always provided us with a wealth of knowledge, for free no less, through your blog. As I’ve been training over the years I would take you beliefs on training as “gospel”. I preach what you say to my friends and training partners all the time. From trainers at gyms with new clients absolutely killing them with exercises they have no business doing, to how long boring tedious cardio is just plain garbage. I’ve always used the workouts you provide us for free, but I feel like I’m missing the pieces needed to complete my TT lifestyle. I feel that having the TT complete Package would finally enable me to reach a goal I have been striving for, for the better part of 10 years; being functionally fit. I feel having TT in my life, day in and day will change me and the people around me, who I train with, for the better. I hoping I win this contest but if I don’t I will still be on your blog and twitter and facebook day in and day.

    Thanks for everything you do,

    Jeff Morris

  • Jennifer Barr

    I believe that TT complete will give me the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound, win the lottery, become a famous movie star and an international singing sensation all in 10 minutes a day! Okay, seriously though, I’ve already lost 10 pounds with the basic package and supplementing with your U-tube videos. The manual and pictures are great, but it really helps me to be able to see the excercises in motion. I’ve been running since January and even though your program is all about “No Cardio”, it has helped me with my running by getting stronger all over. I know your TT complete package would greatly help me get into the best shape of my life. If only it could help me be a morning person! Thanks again for bringing your TT package to the world.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congrats on the 10 pounds Jennifer!


  • Jim

    Well Craig, you already kick my a** three times a week now (you kicked it real good yesterday :). You could only do it better if if I had the TT Complete package. Sometimes I wonder if there are misprints in some of your workouts. Such as 3 sets of decline pushups at the end of a workout that was already pretty heavily working my chest and arms. (I haven’t quite been able to do that yet, by the way. I got up to 15, 12 and 10 after 4 weeks). Craig, I do love you common sense and honest approach. And the flexibility. There is so much info out there. You just make it simple and flexible with common sense. Keep up the good work and keep on kickin me in the behind!!

  • Denise

    I need help. I need something that I know will work.I feel this program would be just like you standing there with me, encouraging me every step of the way. You have the ability to transform lives….I’ve seen the pictures from the contests. They are amazing. I know the people have done the work, but you gave them the motivation to do so. You also gave them the willpower and the desire, because you proved it could be done. Please help me realize my goals.

  • Bruce

    hi craig.i love ur ideas about training and fat loss.ur ideas have changed a lot my workout i m so grateful for tat.not just myself,my clients have benefited a lot frm ur ideas too.they have achieved great result and thanked me for tat.i told them i learned frm you.

    if i won this,then i believe it will further help me achieve my fitness goal in a more efficient way,and i can help as many people as possible too.thanks


  • Dave Henrichs


    I did the normal thing. Tried TT a couple of years ago, loved it, fell off the wagon. I was inspired this spring to get in shape and finish my 1st mini-triathlon. I finished, but felt terrible about how out of shape I still was. I’ve been doing cardio ( running, biking ) like mad all summer, and have only seen small results. I need to start lifting again, I need to get back on the TT train !!

    I turn 38 in 2 weeks, and I want to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 40. A birthday gift of the TT set would get me on my way.


  • Nicole

    I don’t know if this would work for me or not. I am a frustrated 39 year old woman who has diligently worked out for over a year with little to no results. I’ve gone through two personal trainers — one had me working out 1 3/4 hours 4 days per week; 1 hour of 100 heart rate cardio and strength training– the other personal trainer i have now is using super setting and I’ve been doing that for 2 months with little results as well. I truly wish I could have faith in any one program but because of my diligence my frustration is at an all time high. I would to stop wasting money on personal trainers and find a program that will honestly change my body and life. If this is the program then I would love a shot at winning it.



  • Jeeva Sam

    Your workouts work, of that there is no doubt, Craig, however, my results have been mixed, to say the least after nearly 10 months of using the TT Fat Loss Program.
    Muscles are showing up where they’d remained invisible to the rest of the world for decades! Reduction of the waistline has been minimal. As I pay more attention to diet, though, I have been watching the pounds go down, and not just the food!

    I believe that this package (especially the DVD’s) will help me combat two dreaded foes that stand in my way of progress:
    #1. Lack of consistency and
    #2. Absence of mentorship, especially the opportunity to work out along with your mentor who shows you how it’s done!

    The benefits?
    #1. Freedom from diabetes medications.
    #2. Increase in self-confidence.
    #3. Gain the admiration of the only person in the world whose opinion counts–my wife of 26 years, and the respect of my children.
    #4. Inspire other fifty-somethings like moi to follow suit and the youth in my sphere of influence to start early on the path to fitness and health!

    I believe that the package you offer will help me achieve this, Craig.

  • Cindy

    I am 33 years old, I have Multiple Sclerosis. In the last year and a half, I have watched my husband loose 115 lbs. He looks like an action figure. I am so proud of him. I don’t have a lot of weight to loose, but I want very much to not just be a wife to my husband, but to be the lady the turns his head. I want for him to look at me and think WOW, the way I look at him. I also want to be as strong as I can be. In the last month an a half I have worked out consistently and I have felt more healthy than I have in a long while. I am getting stronger and stronger and have improved in stamina and balance. I have read recently that regular Exercise improves the activity of proteins that support nerve cells, so boosting these proteins through exercise will help prevent nerve damage and slow the progression of my disease. I have always been a fairly active person, but I have never succeeded in actually loosing weight. Over the years, 2 babies and three abdominal surgeries later, a pound here and a pound there I’ve gained and I have never been successful at taking it off . I have tried a lot of things and have bought so many videos and books it’s insane, it comes down to a choice to do something. Anything. To stop looking for the magic thing and get to work. I’ve made that choice, and stuck with it for 6 weeks. Now I am ready to do better, work out harder, and meet my goals…and hopefully be an inspiration to other people with MS that you don’t have to give up and get in a wheelchair.

  • Ivan

    Well.. I’ve already acomplished a lot this year since begun trainning. I’ve managed to burn a lot of fat out of my belly and have gain some muscle; However I’m not 100% satisfied with my muscle development, so I’d expect this program to help me on this…


  • Ivan

    Well… I have acomplished a lot since I begun trainning back in January. I’ve managed to burn a lot of fat from my belly and gained some muscle. However I’m not 100% satisfied with my muscle development, so I’d expect this program to help me on this subject.


  • Bruce from Phoenix

    Throughout my 43 years, I have been a very active individual and rarely needed to “workout” to stay fit. I stayed the same weight no matter what I ate or what I did.
    I lived in sunny San Diego and spent many a day in the warm sun biking or some other form of exercise. I played volleyball, basketball and tennis regularly and would play a lot of softball.
    Recently, I moved to Phoenix and all that has changed. The sun no longer was my friend. A long leisurely bike ride has become a grueling, sweat soaked, possible death. My desire to get out and do something has turned to staying inside a well air-conditioned building. My raquets and balls haven’t seen the light of day in ages and my bike is now collecting dust.
    Needless to say, I have gained over 80 pounds and my health has declined to a point to where I need to find a “workout” or suffer even more detrimental health problems.
    I believe the Turbulence Training Program will definately benefit me and change my life for the better.
    Once aquired, I plan to enter your next contest and show the world that Turbulence Training really works on me.
    Craig, save my life!

  • nilendra

    i am happy with ur workout. i got very good shape in my body, with which m using from last 4 months, now am aiming to gaining. my lots of friends are jelous on my body. they says ur eating everything n still having good shape thanks craig bcoz of u i made such thing! i salute u!!!!!

  • Tara

    The TT Complete Package would help me FINALLY achieve my fitness and fat loss goals by motivating me to STOP READING and START DOING!! I’m constantly on the internet, “learning” about fitness, “watching” videos of workouts, “listening” to audio seminars about nutrition, but not actually DOING them! I’m the most informed non-workout person I know!! I’ve been told I have “analysis-paralysis” – I research things to the N’th degree, but don’t pull the trigger on anything. Everything I’ve read about TT and researched so far, has pointed to the one fact – TT would be the BEST CHOICE. If only I could win the TT Complete Package, I could finally be off the internet READING to actually DOING the work and achieving my fitness/fat loss goals!!!

  • Yves T.

    Hi Craig,

    I’m 32 and I’ve been overweight since I got in college 14 years ago. Bad eating habits, no physical activities, tv and computer for hours…you name it… everything that you need to have the nicest couch potato shape in the world! 🙂 Now I’m a proud father of two (soon to be three) and I’m on a quest! My son is almost three years old and my daughter is 1 1/2. A couple of months ago I saw my son in front of the TV and it struck me like lightning. I saw a “little me” there and I felt so bad… My son was doing exactly what his father was doing. For the love of my kids, I decided to go on a quest to get back in shape and lead by example. Subscribed to TT fat loss contest and following the TT programs. WE love the turbulence trainings! 🙂 It’s so funny when they imitate me doing push ups and squats! I love to have them fooling around when I train.

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would really help me be an example for my kids by having an active lifestyle! Craig, you showed me how to get a healthy active lifestyle now your DVDs will help me pass this on to my kids!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Great to hear Yves!


  • Jeff Leal

    Growing up, I’ve never had a problem maintaining my weight. Playing sports all the way through college had helped me keep fit and healthy. As I moved onto my “Adult” years, marrying my lovely wife and having 3 wonderful children, my priorities obvioulsy changed. With that change came less time for me and more time for them. To compound this, I have a family history of heart problems and I constantly ride a roller coaster with my cholesterol to keep it under 200. My wife thankfully has come from good genes and is able to eat whatever and not gain weight or have high cholesterol. Needless to say, we always differ on what to eat for dinner.

    After coming across your website, I begin to feel some excitement about being able to get my weight and cholesterol under control and signed up for your newsletters that I receive via email. I would try to build a work out regime built on your video’s and comment to my wife about how I need to eat better. Of course, like most others, this would last about 2 weeks and then I start to feel like I don’t have enough knowledge to get me through the next steps. I would then relapse and skip a few weeks and lose motivation. What I needed was someone there to keep me going.

    Being able to have your full Turbulence Training regime, I feel confident that I won’t lack the knowledge or the voice on my shoulder to keep me moving forward towards my goal getting back to my youthful days and bump the curve on my family history of heart disease. I will also be able to get my family to be more involved and active partners knowing they can see what I see and be able to follow along with me as we all make the commitment to a healthier life style.



  • Tom


    In 2002 I got lost. New job stress, long hours, loss of 2 family members to cancer and a house fire caused me to put my health and fitness off my radar. As a result, I am today 40 pounds heavier than I was. I think your training package would provide the combination of motivation, inspiration and knowledge to surpass my previous health and fitness milestones.

  • Volker Groh

    Dear Craig,
    I have been a great fan of tt workout for over a year. As student at university, I worked and worked out in a gym at my hometown. As I always was overweigth, I was confronted with all tat “evil” cardio nonsense. It didn’t work for me. What worked for me was heavy duty training as Mike Mentzer promoted. I gained immensely on strength and muscles. I didn’t lose much fat though. Only after I changed my workout plans to interval training did my weight start to fall. Alas, time had come for my final exams and I didn’t find the time for my workout. After a very successful graduation I immediately started to work as an entrepreneur, while my classmates still didn’t know how and where to start their professional lives.
    As you might know, running one’s own business less awfully few time for one’s private life, so I never had the chance to restart my training.
    When I was offered a job in a consulting firm, I gladly accepted, hoping to have more time or motivaton to get back to my workout… Well, guess again…
    Now how would having your super duper TT all inclusive package help me achieve my fat loss and health goals?
    Easy enough! I need extrinsic motivation to get my fat bum up and do the workouts. Although I am a theoretical and technical guy… I need to know exactly how and why to do an exercise in a precise way, before I can get started at a 100%.
    I am convinced that once I have started watching some of your DVDs, my long lost burning desire to get out and excercise will flip back into the slot in my brain where it left me nine years ago.
    Keep up your good work,


    (from Germany)

  • Melissa

    This would greatly help me to finally lose my last 20 lbs of weight. The last 20 lbs I have been trying to lose since I have had my children, 6 and 3. I have fallen victim to the light weight/lots of cardio movement. I have tried some of your workouts and definitely feel them afterward, but I think having DVD’s would be the key for me to stick with it. I am a DVD fitness freak! I have trouble doing a workout from a book because I am constantly wondering if I am doing this right. If I could follow a DVD that would help ease my mind. I also need help with nutrition. I am excited about this possibility!!!

  • Hannu

    TT complete package would be very helpfull for me, because I haven’t found none of this kind of training system from here in Finland. And nobody is teaching it here. I have just started to loose weight and I still have to work out 10 to 15 kgs more, but I have stucked and now I need additional information how to continue.

  • Jade

    Hi!I can’t even begin to say how valuable the information and the life changing effect the package would have!I look forward to all the newsletters I receive as financially I cannot afford the TT training, I live in New Zealand with two amazing pre-school children, as a solo mom in a rural situation; and let me tell you the exchange rate is a NITEMARE!.Maintaining weight is a struggle for me, not only is it where I live( a gym is over an hour away)but it’s also knowing the program will work!I have so much faith in TT training and all hours I have spent guilty and on a cardio cycle, hoping all the cardio would move the fat, just make me feel stupid!I now understand through the newsletters HOW a body is feed fuel and I would just love the opportunity to get a body I visualise.Thank you so much for the newsletters, they have motivated me to grow a bigger vegetable garden(organic produce is expensive here)and make beneficial changes to my childrens lives(no more trans fat in my house!)

  • Alex Williams

    Dear Craig,

    I’m currently a master’s student in Integrated Exercise Physiology at an Ontario University. In a program like this, it’s never hard to keep yourself busy… not always for the best. I’m currently juggling a full-time courseload, a part-time job, research hours, and working as a teaching assistant. Finding time to get efficient workouts into that schedule can be a little tricky in scheduling, especially when I don’t have 2 hours a day set aside to hitting the gym. If anything, though I follow a very clean eating plan, I find time to head to the gym maybe 3-5 times a week… usually closer to 3. This is a tough switch coming out of training for triathlons, which would entail at least 1-2 training sessions, 5-6 days a week. With your programs, which I know are VERY time efficient , I would be able to really challenge myself in those short periods of time that I find to get myself a solid workout. Also, I’m ALWAYS interested in reading new stuff about fitness and nutrition since my interests lie specifically in exercise physiology and fitness (obviously in the program I’m in.)

    As an added reason… funds can be especially low as a student. I’m currently supporting myself with no outside funding or loans, and saving money with a free copy of the full program would be absolutely wonderful, as at this point I would be unable to pay the price of a full training program like this.

    I have seen the success stories out of this program and would absolutely love to be challenged with something new and exciting that works with my busy lifestyle.

    Cheers and thanks for this opportunity!

  • Maya

    Attaining this incredible gift, The Complete Turbulence Training Package would significantly help me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals! I am in an interesting financial situation right now, I worked with autistic children, and needed a break, and the pay was mere dollars anyways. I would so appreciate this gift. I am a beautiful person on the inside and would so want my insides to reflect what is on the outside. I know being fit would help me in the interview process alone, vs at my current weight and size. I deserve to be healthy, to feel good in clothes, to want to go to the beach, to want to be in a friends wedding. I want to be healthy and feel good in my skin. I want to date again.
    This would basically make me live again, work, social life, love life, everday life. I would even save monye, as plus size clothes cost more. I would feel more comfortable to dance around in my living room, having so much more freedom! With my fablous new stronger, leaner, more fit, smaller body, I can tell others what I have done to turn my body back into the beatuiful essence that I am. Thank you!

  • Shurl

    I am super excited to be using what exercises I know from both you and Holly Rigsby that I can access from either youtube or emails. I love this program and know it works for me timewise, which is incredibly important since my two toddler girls keep me busy all day! I’m eating right and doing my best to follow the exercises…but I’m limited. With my husband being drastically impacted by the economy we have no extra funds to invest in such a wonderful program. I realize the investment is worth it in the long run because I know how important it is to be able to be healthy for our family, but we simply can’t do it. I’m working as hard as I can to make this idea of exercise work for me despite having limited access to such treasures. I am staying positive and continuing to do all I can to reach my weightloss goal. I just don’t know how to do the rest. I know with a surety the Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me achieve my get-healthy-and-lose-40 pounds goal!

  • Christina

    I’ve read some of the comments posted here and honestly I’m sure there are people more deserving of the complete TT package than myself. I am a part time fitness instructor, mother of 3 young daughters whom I homeschool, and wife to a wonderful husband. My life, like every other person, is busy. I have extra pounds I want to lose, fat I want to see gone from my body, and a healthy nutrition plan that I can stick to over the long haul.

    I love to comb the internet and fitness books looking for new ways to challenge myself and my fitness participants. A few years ago I came across some articles in Men’s Health by Craig and have been a follower ever since. However it wasn’t until I started doing your TT that I really noticed a difference in my muscle definition and strength. My participants love doing the workouts too, even though they moan their way through class. This is a sound I love to hear! If I were to win a complete TT package it would benefit not just me and my family, but also many other fitness participants who are also looking for a change in their lifestyle, body shape, and energy level.

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Glad you like the programs Christina!


  • Patrick Quakenbush

    Well, I have just about tried everything and work out a lot to no suprise I am still the chubby cute guy?? I know I have those abs in there I just need as much help as possible to show them off! I have been on the transformation contest for 3 week and have lost 5 # and 1″ off my waist, and all I have is the sample edition. If I Could win the your complete package I can only assume that my dreams of flat abs and skulpted body may come true. I work 12 hours a day with little to no time to spend with my wife and two young children. This TT program is the answer. I can spend less time at the gym not going anywhere and spend more time with my kids and actully get ripped!! What more can a man ask for. I know there is a lot of people out there who really want the complete package, but I can truly say that this has very little to do with me and everything to do with my family. Me becoming a super stud dad is just a perk! I believe that if I can transform my body I will be sending a very important message to my 9 year old son. That hard work and focus can make your dreams come true. I want to be that GUY!!! SUPER DAD!!

  • ReeRee

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals because with the package I would be
    * physically healthy, which is so important especially because I am saved and God’s Spirit needs to be in a healthy temple
    * free from being ridiculed and made a social outcast
    *greeted with kindness and not laughed at when I walk in a clothing store
    * free from being told I am too fat to be loved or to be seen with…I have not dated for 16 years
    * able to see joy in my childrens eyes and they would not be ashamed to let people know I am their mother
    * free from hearing,” I remember when you were tiny and cute…now you are just a hot, greasy disgusting mess…”

    It would truly be a new beginning, a God-send to win your complete package. When I listen to you on youtube and do your workouts, I can feel the difference in my body and my spirit. I can also feel you want to help people like me to become healthy in a different way, a better way and you have a passion for what you are teaching… for me to be the person I know is hidden inside of me…somewhere… I feel your system can bring her out…I just need this blessing and I believe your system is my blessing…

    Keep up the great work Mr Ballantyne, I will be praying for your continued health, success and blessings.

  • Jerry B

    According to the Body Mass calculators on line, I’m obese, which is a very hard pill to swallow. Additionally, I’m 52 years old, with back problems which have limited my activity level over the last 7 months. I retired from the US Air Force in 1995 so being over weight, with back problems is hard to accept after being physically fit for most of my life, however; the old ways I use to train when I was younger no longer seem to work for me. Having the complete Turbulence Training Package will give me a training plan I can actually do along with providing me the self motivation to get moving and take the first step required to achieving my health and fitness goals. I know no single training plan can do any of this unless I make the commitment to use the program and get off the couch, and with the Turbulence Training Package, I believe I will make the commitment to take charge of my own health and fitness.

  • MJ

    About four years ago I had gained quite a bit of weight, was about seventy pounds overweight, to be precise, and I took action. I counted calories, I did fasted cardio in the a.m. five days a week , and strength training three times per week. I lost all but the last pesky ten pounds. Then, well, something happened that is hard to explain. It was something like burnout, but more profound. I was not really in touch with nor enjoying my body. I looked great. I felt good, but something was missing and something was definitely in the way. The obstacle was seeing myself forever counting, measuring, calculating, portioning, endlessly until my mind became numb and bored with the rudiment of exactness in diet. I slowly put back on all that I had lost and then some. What was missing then was what I hope that TT can offer me: a path to rediscover my body, myself as a physical and mental, spiritual being who can be disciplined and and, yes, be in a routine, but a routine that does not stagnate as my old ones did. For those past four years I can finally, now, be honest with myself and say that I have not made an honest effort to regain my health because of fear of the monotony that sometimes accompanies exercise, and fear of becoming fanatical in diet. I think that TT will give excellent routines and structure that are necessary to helping me achieve my fitness and fat burning goals, but I am so hopeful that it will offer much more-the opportunity to reacquaint myself with myself, and it will aid me in learning about flexibility and change, where diet does and does not matter, and the membership will give a support system that is always essential in any endeavor in life. I’ve gone it alone before, so I know I have what it takes, but I really do believe there is something more visceral and grounded about TT. It is true strength-both physical and mental, both of which, when working harmoniously together open pathways for all kinds of potential. And standing on the edge of potential is what I miss most.

  • Melnida DeHaven

    I love this product. It’s incredible. The knowledge, wisdom and experience that you are willing to share with the consumer is unbelievable. It’s like having a personal trainer, nutritionist and coach at our fingertips. You go into great detail, the instructional videos are wonderful and the rountines are fun and challenging. If I weren’t unemployed at present I would buy the package in a “heart beat.” I wish I could actually meet you in person but this is definitely second best and maybe better because I can workout anytime and am not restricted at all. Thank you for sharing your experience, strenght and hope with us.

  • Guttorm Kittelsen

    Hi Craig,

    I was fortunate enough to win the 5th transformation contest, and now I am doing my best in the 6th transformation contest. I am now down 33 lbs since the 8th of May, and 6 lbs is lost so far in the 6th transformation contest. However, my doctor told me that he had measured my fat weight to 200,6 lbs (91 kg) in September 2008 and when he tested me this September 2009 I was down to 105.8 lbs (48 kg) of fat weight. He was impressed with all the muscle mass I had put on, and that is solely from following the TT-program and the nutrition advices and meal plans from your affiliates. So it seems I have actually lost much more lbs of fat than what shows up on the weight scale. I started training on the 8th of May 2009, so all my results are due to TT this summer and autumn. My blood pressure was all time high in 2000 with 195/145. The last measurement in September 2009 was 108/70 !! 🙂 My long time measurement of blood sugar is also normalized to 5,7. Four years ago it was around 16-17. So with the experience I now have with the TT-program I would answer your question “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” simply by saying: I will follow the package from beginning to end, and not skip a lesson. I will make it my number one choice of plan to succeed with my new lifestyle. Thank you for my new life.

    Best regards

    Guttorm Kittelsen

    • Craig Ballantyne

      That is amazing! Congrats on your new health!


  • AR

    I believe that your training videos would get me to my ideal body weight and body fat. It would be like having you in the room with me kicking my butt.Ilove to work out but most of all I love the challenge the way I push myself. It’s amazing that we have control over how we want our body to look it hurts but it’s so worth the results and to see our bodies transform is amazing. To know that we can accomplish it with hard work and dedication and that your in control feels amazing. I would love to take on the challenge of your workout. I need a change in my workouts and know that this will take me to meeting my next goal!!!!

  • Sassy Kathy

    Having the Complete Turbulance Training Package would help me acheive my goals by keeping me motivated with new workouts continuously. I tend to get bored doing the same exercises week after week, but Turbulance Training is nothing like that! I have been using the basic program and love it but still have a ton to learn! Consistency is essential but life gets in the way at times. One thing I have learned with TT is that my body craves it! Even those days that I find difficult to fit in a workout, I think about it often. My goals are to finally get myself fit and healthy! No excuses and no putting it off any longer! Being a nursing student, it is a challenge with both my time and money to do all of the things that I know are good for my body and I desperately want the Complete Turbulance Training Program. My intentions are to be a Turbulance Training Babe one day!!! Maybe in just a few more challenges!

  • Marilyn

    Hello All!

    How would this package help? Well, here goes!

    I am recently separated and I am now ready to focus on ME and MY future!

    I feel that with the assistance of this package, I will have the necessary tools to help me stay on track. I love working out and seeing results, however, the same old routine, is just that, the same old routine! I stick to a workout, begin seeing results, get a bit bored with what Iam doing, and take a break! Well, it seems that the breaks are getting longer that planned! Lets mix it up a LOT!!!!!

    I have no one to blame but myself. BUT, I would rather CELEBRATE myself!

    With the help of this workout package and SO much more offered, I am ready to face the world as a new, healthy, fit and strong woman!

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Caroline

    I am in desperate need of this program. I have been doing cardio off and on over too many years to think about. I have not managed to lose any weight at all. I used to do martial arts several days a week, several hours a week and that is when I lost weight. I have come to realize that I definitely need to do some strength training to help get me back in shape and lose this awful weight that my 40’s has managed to shift down to my middle area. I require some kind of structure when it comes to exercise and have not found any way to really get that structure in the past. This program would allow me to have the structure I require to be able to lose the necessary weight to help with my health issues. I have been diagnosed with a rare disease called Fabrys and in order for me to live a long healthy life I have to lose this weight and change my entire lifestyle in regards to food. Adding this type of exercise will be a tremendous help for me. I know that I need to improve me to improve my life. This disease will not win! I will! I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. This would help me so much in my path to recovery.

    Thank you for offering this program for free to 3 people. I hope that I am one of your choices, but if not, I hope that the ones you do choose are truly worthy of this tremendous program that you have to offer. 🙂


  • Adrian Cabal

    I have been searching your TT program for a while and traying to fallow your samples workouts.
    I just will love to have the all package!!!! I do it. The results are great! I’m so happy so far

  • Tricia

    I could use someone to force me to take the time and give me the direction I need. I have hit the magic 55 and don’t feel motivated to do the exercises I should do or know what to do. My job requires long hours and the only way to get the exercise is to do it alone at home. The guidance is what I really need for my health and longevity. This package would be my commitment to do what is best for my life!

  • Deepak

    Well, i have been reading your emails religiously. At 42 and with over a 100 lbs to loose, i think you program will do it. I have tried a whole bunch of things in the past. Diet Pills, magic shakes, creams, lotions and potions. I have come to an understanding i need a solid diet, and a great workout program. I think TT would be the magic initials this time.
    thank you.
    Deepak C.

  • Esther Godia

    Hey Craig
    I was convicted the first time I read your article about TT and the a advice you gave about The dark side of cardio. Your free offer of TT has already worked for me Even before I see it.The first week I tried Your TT techniques on cardio I lost 2 pounds,the following week I lost 3 pounds.I had hit a plateau long ago after loosing 30 pounds doing endless cardios.Then a time came when everything went on a halt.I tried everything on the net on how to break through a plateau but nothing worked until I stumbled on your video on you tube.Believe me I believed you the first time I saw and heard you.The following day I tried your method and
    for the first time in 2 years my heart rate shot up to 160 the highest I could go was 120-5.I came home feeling I had really worked out.Five days later 3 pounds gone and could see my thighs had also reduced an inch in the second week.I have continued with the tips you gave me coz they made A huge difference in my effort to loose weight.I know five pounds is not much to some people and might even laugh at this.But loosing five pounds is no laughing matter for a mother like me who was 330 pounds.The joy I have in my heart tells me that whether I win this contest or not I have to get this TT full package.Let me tell you the convicted truth I have a bout TT. I’m convinced that by June next year I will be at my ideal weight 150 pounds.No chunky thighs and flubby hands.I have tested TT tips and have faith that TT is a well searched and magic working workout.It will burn your fat and firm you up no matter how heavy you are.That’s my Faith. I will post more updates on myweight experience with TT

  • Jan

    What a great contest, Craig! This is extremely generous of you, thank you for giving all of us a chance to win the Turbulence Training Complete Package. Your contest asks us how having your package would help us to finally achieve our fitness and fat loss goals…well I want to take your concept to the next level and help MANY people achieve these same goals. I am a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor, I successfully train and instruct many clients per day, however, my own workouts have been suffering. I feel your system would help me to be a better trainer, a better ‘me’ in general, which in turn would filter down to my clients! From you, to me, to my clients, to their friends & families…this cycle of good health sounds fantastic!

  • Solmaz Ittehadi

    Hi Craig
    I have strugle with my wieght for a few years now, especially since my thyroid gland spat the dummy and decided it didnt want to work any more. Every day I would hop on the treadmill or bike and just continuously workout at a steady pace for an hour / hour and a half and I can honestly say I felt like I was just hitting a brick wall, as nothin was happening. I felt like I was wasting my time and working so hard just to keep my weight constant. Since I started doing TT a few months back I can already start to see a difference and I dont need to do it as long. I have more energy throughout the day too. Whish is something I struggle with, because of the thyroid condition also. So just wanted to say a big thank you for saving me from the big rut I was in!

    I know many people at work with similar sort of conditions as me, and I am starting to introduce TT to them to.

    Im just loving it!

  • Maria C.

    I am what is called a skinny fat. I look skinny but all the fat of my body is on my waist. No matter how hard and how much I exercise I can’t change it.
    After reading the TT literature and following the progress of the last challenge participants, I think that this is the program that can make the difference in my body and I finally can burn the fat around my waist.
    I tried for a few weeks some of the TT sample routines and I can see some improvement. I wish to try it long enough to finally achieve my goal.

    Thank you for putting together this amazing method!!!!

  • Kerry Wilson

    Hi Craig,
    I was just catching up on my emails and saw your offer about giving away a complete TT package.
    (I got behind because the internet did not work well at the hospital for the last two days – I was there because my wife was having gastric bypass – and we got home late yesterday)
    I have TWELVE REASONS why I should be one of your three choices to be a recipient of one of the packages.
    1. I am at least 120 lbs overweight (currently 319)
    2. I am on blood pressure and cholesterol prescriptions.
    3. Though not depressed, I have been fighting my attitude since being laid off in April from my corporate job.
    4. I have been working on starting my own business. Money is pretty tight.
    5. Two of my three children have had “talks” with me about “Dad, you really need to do something about your weight because we want you around for a long time.”
    6. I turned 50 last week.
    7. I have been reading your emails for some time and have concluded that you have an excellent combination of information which would help me on the nutrition side and help me learn workout techniques to use when traveling or to use when I can’t get to the gym.
    8. I want to prove to my wife that the dramatic fat/weight loss can be achieved without bariatric surgery.
    9. I will commit to being an excellent before/after example for your program. Giving a program to me will be a good investment for your business.
    10. I have a strong athletic background so I know what needs to be done and how hard it will be – I just need some good coaching
    and instruction.
    11. The old saying is “When the student is ready – the teacher will appear.” Well, the student IS ready.
    12. You will not regret your decision.
    thank you,

  • Hugh – Mexico

    if I had a complete program, inspirated in the experience and proven results of Craig, I am totally sure to get all my goals.

    Is very difficult to have a clear way to follow for getting successfull, in this particular issue, Craig is giving an step-by step program for be a totally new person, with new habits, new life style, new body and the most important: New view of the life, both present and future.

    I hope I win the program for being a Live example that the program WORKS!!!

    Best Regards


  • I believe that while some people can do things better solo, teamwork usually achieve the most outstanding successes. The TT complete package will help me to achieve my goals in that the program is time-efficient and greatly blasts body fat. There are many other weightloss programs on the market, of which I have tried many. In the end hard work and common sense are the real goal to weightloss.

    I have had success in many areas when working together with others. I would like the opportunity to succeed with this program in order to achieve my weight loss goals

  • kay

    Today is my birthday and as I awake I think oh,if I could just loose that weight that is holding me back.
    I go to the gym 5 days a week. I walk dogs for a living. I eat 6 small meals a day.
    Ever since I have competed in a bodybuilding show my body has been hanging onto fat.

    I have the direction, I have the ambition, …. I do not have the program to make it work~
    I would LOVE to end this madness!
    Please help!

    • Craig Ballantyne

      Happy Birthday Kay, I know you can succeed!


  • PattiEllyn

    Great day to you!!!!
    I too work for myself. Just recently had an “issue” and was in the hospital for almost one month. Since I just started my biz a few months ago, it wasn’t at the point to be self-sufficient. Enough said!! This program would be key for me attaining my “ideal” weight and health. LOVE working out from home. Also would love to be an example to others. Then could share how I made it!
    Thank you so much for considering me for this wonderful gift.

  • George Peretz

    A year and a half ago at age 50 I returned to the gym weighing in at 280 lbs with a goal to get back to the weight of 195 & strength (480 lb squat and 325 lb bench ) that I was in 1985.

    Currently I’m at 220 lbs with a 300 lb bench, a 455 lb squat, and a 510 lb deadlift. I’ve been stuck at the 220 lb body weight for a few months and I think that Turbulance Training could give me the tools necessary to shed the last 25 pounds of tenacious fat while maintaining and even increasing the strength gains that I’ve made.

    I currently do weight training Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday and a wide open throttle 1 hour spin bike cardio workout on Wed. I believe that I’m eating right but even though my pants size keeps getting smaller, I can’t seem to lose the weight.

    I’m thinking that Turbulence Training will help me lose the fat and not the muscle so I can reach all of my goals.

  • Khurrem Rehman

    its amezing man

  • Augustu sdu

    Hello there, I am convinced that your programmes are doing wonders. Nobody can doubt the efficacy of your well thought out programmes and I have always wanted to be part of that success story. More grease to your elbow. Cheers

  • Alexandra

    Hey Craig,

    My name is alexandra im 17 years old and im a health fanatic! I think that i am in good shape playing football,soccer, and swimming this season but i feel like my body needs a challange i have bought many dvds and boy do they suck! I almost bought P90X but i also herd its over rated. Im currently working at premier Fitness and what ever i try that works of me i reccomed to others. Im interested in fitness modeling and trying to make my way,slowly. Anyways i know the competition is late but i was wondering if you had any suggestions, as i have been reading alot about your work.

    Thanks alexandra,

  • Dheerendra Pant

    I am in the army and have fough terrorists for the last 14 years……….6 years i injured my spin & lost shape………..ive just recovered & would love to get fighting fit just to get back to where i beling….IN THE THICK of it all!!!!!!! THATS IT……………

  • Rspec

    G’day Graig,

    I’ve been using TT for the past 6 weeks, the results are fantatstic, for both myself and wife, she won’t leave me alone now. It’s all down to TT.

    I have tried the gym for the past several years without any significant results, but after just 4 weeks using TT I have shed 6kg. The package will ensure that I reach my goal of completeing the bodyweight 1000 and beyond.

    Looking forward to receiving the package. Keep up the good work.


    • Craig Ballantyne

      Congratulations Dave!

  • Terry Cagle-Kemp

    I have been interested in the Turbulence Training concept for a number of months now and have downloaded some of the different workouts and have been reading the emails that I get about Turbulence Traning. However, I have not really put it together and really followed the workouts. I believe that if I have the “Complete Package” on CDs, I would be more likely to be motivated to use the program to achieve my goals of reducing my fat and maximizing my health.

  • Tom Simpson

    I am 45 years old with 4 kids between the ages of 15 and 21. My sister passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 41. That was a major wakeup call for me and I have concentrated on being more active since that happened. The Turbulence Training package would definitely help me to make my fitness goals a reality. I hate doing Cardio as it is so boring. TurbulenceTraining will help me to be the best me I can be!

  • Elena B.

    You know, I have gotten so close to achieving my goals, but then I plateau, or feel that I just can’t find the variety and inspiration to stay on track without a program, especially because my work takes me away from my routines. It’s confusing to read all of the information out there on how to train and get results, yet I have found your free information so helpful and inspiring. I often have to travel to remote areas to work in international development and with your free program was able to work in workouts in essentially what was a ‘hut’ and this was awesome! Now I am home and trying to lose some of the weight I put on while abroad. I work so hard to achieve my body goals, but I always have that layer of fat, I eat organic, I run, I interval train, and I lift weights, but I want a program that will offer me structure with thoughtful and insightful information, form and motivation. I believe that this program will help me achieve my current goals and allow me to take these exercises with me when in the field. With your last program I even got a group of teenage Indian boys doing walking lunges and pushups with me out in the field! It was awesome. I want to dedicate myself to this and feel that I have finally reached my ultimate goals and that I can maintain them! You inspire me and make me feel like it can be done, if I receive this package, I want to thank you by reaching my goals and proving to you that I was worth your investment.

  • jay

    Hello Craig:

    My name is Jay, I came accross your traing system while surffing the net one night and decided to give it a try, I signed up for your newsletter because I figured that what did I have to loose other then weight. You see I have struggled with my weight all my life, But it wasn`t untill I seen a very recent picture of myself playing with my daughters that i really seen how bad and out of control that it truly is. Heart disease and cancer run strong in my family and in writing that down I realize that if I want to be around in body rather in spirit for my beloved daughters birthdays, christmas`s, weddings and especially grandchildern, Then I need to, Nay it is essential and vital that I step up to the plate and do something about it. Some of your workouts that I have seen on youtube are beyond my capibility right now, but rather than say “ I can`t “ I say to my self that I presently struggle with and try to push on and work through it. I am determind to reach my goals not only for my sake but for my little pieces of heaven and I believe that the TTS is the ticket to help me on the way, That you can provide the tools and inspration and motivation,But I know that ultimatley it is up to me. Please Mr. Ballantyne help me to help myself.

    For your consideration, I thank you

  • Dawn

    Honestly, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. If I don’t take care of myself who will. That is what I want to do for me. I have placed everyone above me. I need my turn

  • Paul


    I servered in the US Army Special Forces for 15 years. After getting out of the service in 1996, I began working on my career and family. I put everything else first and gained about 80lbs.

    I was recently embarassed in front of my kids, as I could not fit on any amusement rides at a park. That was my eye opener.

    I’ve been looking for a program someone that is 35% bodyfat could do using the most current methods. This is it. TT.

    I’ve been doing the Sample Fat Burning Workout for 2 weeks and have lost 15lbs. I’m ready for the next step.

    If I had the TT package I could get back my health and wellness.

    Thank you,

  • Donna Voglund

    I have lost 70 pounds and have keep it off for three years. I have been working on the last 10-15 pounds for three years now. I beleive Turbulence Training Complete Package will transform my body with the commitment that I have to use the workouts and continue with my permanent change in my lifestyle.

  • Christine

    After having a child at 38 and then one at 40 I feel like I really need to take care to regain my health and well being. Both of my children are VERY active boys, 4 and 6 now. So I also need the physical strength, endurance and the mental alertness that I know comes with a regular exercise routine. I have tried a few TT workouts that a friend showed me and I got wonderful and immediate results. The short but effective workouts actually fit into my very busy life and the nutritional advice is so sensible and right on. I did a sprint distance triathalon a year before I got pregnant with my first child. I thought that there was no way after 7 years, 2 kids and 30 pounds that I could feel that healthy again. This program gives me hope that I could feel even better. Be even stronger. This package would give me everything I need to get in the best shape of my life

  • Kirti

    I’m 5.2″ with 84 kg weight so I’m 34 kg over weight.I’m house wife doing all house work all time.I’m doing lots of walking but no change in my weight.I’m not taking high calorie diet.But eating food at wrong time.Once in a month going outside for dinner,no more.So living so simple.Due to my weight problem i’m always sad all time but not know how to start.I hope your Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals.So I’ll enjoy my rest of life with my 2 sweet kids & lovely husband.I’m suffering from high blood pressure due to over weight.If weight’ll go b.p.’ll go.Then no stress no more thinking about weight what to do?I hope you’r god send gift for me.I’ll definately follow all programme.I’m sure after that I’ll concentrate more on my kid’s study also.My family become happiest family in the world.

  • B.A.

    I’m a 61 year old female who has been training in some capacity since my high school days. At this point, there are few surprises I can give my body, and I’m becoming discouraged with most things I’m trying.
    I am a realist and understand that I cannot have the same kind of conditioning I had in my youth, but I know I can get better results somehow, some way.
    Perhaps TT is that…..I’ll certainly detail my experience should I be a winner.
    Thank you

  • khaled

    I was recently embarassed in front of my kids, as I could not fit on any amusement rides at a park. That was my eye opener.

    I’ve been looking for a program someone that is 35% bodyfat could do using the most current methods. This is it. TT.

    I’ve been doing the Sample Fat Burning Workout for 2 weeks and have lost 15lbs. I’m ready for the next step.

    • Wow, those are amazing results. Keep it up and let me know your success story.

    • Hazel Clemmons

      How did you get the sample dvd? and from where…..

  • Esteban

    I need a change in my life, i am now 45 and counting, in not so great shape and feeling my age. no longer do i wake up feeling like i can tackle on the world, i feel more like i just got tackled. now is the time to do all that I said I would do to not become the person I’ve become and take back my life, my health and my sanity. TT is just the beginning of a whole new revolution in my life. I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions, “let’s start a new life resolution.” Today is Day one for me. Please don’t wish me luck, wish me greatness and all that I can achieve.

  • Kirsten

    I love working out, but admit that I’m exhausted by programs that have me going for almost two hours a day. Do they work? To some degree, yes–they’ve been keeping me from putting on weight, but haven’t given me the amazing body you’d expect from that kind of time. I feel like I am constantly running just to stay in place and would love to find a better way…

  • Vetta

    I need something to get me motivated again. I did the P90X a year ago and was looking and feeling great but life and work got in the way now I feel old and tired because I haven’t worked out in 4 months. I really need a fresh new program to get me excited about working out again.

  • Anthony Huerta

    As an experienced TT user, I would be privileged to win this amazing TT bundle.
    I am a proven testiment that this stuff WORKS. I’ve been following you Craig since I first had the challenge of the Bodyweight 500 in MensHealth. It was my first taste of bodyweight, working I. The comfort of my home and a real challenge.

    These workouts not only are short and to the POINT but you get amazing results! Like the first time I tried your Crazy 8 bodyweight circuit – I could only do a couple circuits before TOTALLY spent, same with the Bodyweight Cardio 3.0. I thought I was gonna pass out after one circuit.

    But with time, now I can get through all the circuits AND with MORE intensity.

    Also as a father and in a relationship, I can workout in the comfort of my home resulting in no excuses. I can be there if my family or baby needs me at anytime.

    I’d LOVE to win this package because I truly believe it will take my results to the NEXT level.

    Ppl always hype P90X or Insanity, but I bet if I played one of your DVDs for someone they’d be in for a huge awakening.

    Even if I don’t win, I’m STILL always gonna be a die hard TT fan because THIS STUFF WORKS.

    Yes it requires time and energy, but it you’re looking for workout solution, go with TT.

    Trust me, your body fat will hate you after one workout. 🙂

  • Roger

    Craig, I’ve lost 90 pounds over the last couple years, but for the last 6 months, I’m stuck at 190–some 15-20 pounds short of my goal–and I can’t seem to break through, even though I’m 5′ 10″ and not muscular. I need TT Training and coaching to finally get where I need to be. I have a charity bike ride coming up in the fall and really need to be in the best shape possible. Fine-tuning is a lot tougher than I expected!

  • Adam L

    They say time is a precious commodity and to make it count. If you calculate the hours “wasted” eating crappy and doing faulty exercise, it’s time lost doing valuable things like changing lives, loving your family, and enjoying life. As a public school teacher, coach, and family man, my schedule is extremely packed. This bundle would be the ULTIMATE edition and icing on the cake to help me reach my goals while not sacrificing the importance of what I do in every day life. Exercise should be fun, come naturally, and without cost of these more valuable titles of “Mr” and “Coach” I hold. I know this package would help me achieve that. So whether I win or not, thanks for everything you’ve done thus far with helping individuals transform their lives, Coach B.

  • Bree Both

    OMG!!! This is truely like one of my greatest prayers has been answerd when I win this awsome awsome package you give a way here mr Craig!!! 🙂

    How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package(TTCP) help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?

    First of all it would stop me in my quest to search for the safest,quickest,smartest,most effective,most challenging fatloss program that still would also have the FUN factor in there! Because thats what this woman need who is in dire straits of wanting/NEEDING to lose 50 lbs!! And they will be going ..only a whole lot quicker with the help and support of the TTCP!!

    Since the last 2 years I hopped on the fitness/health bandwagon for real. Because I have been working out since my thirties but never seriously or with tru intention. 2 years ago the big 4.0 came up and I wanted and still want the second part of my life to be the best part of my life on ALL areas of my life!!!

    I’m so so so glad that I have met Craig Ballantyne via the net because as it turns out he is just one the main mans to follow when it comes to getting ahead in all areas of your life I think!
    Concerning the health/fitness part of Craigs advice I have learned so much already and no doubt the TTCP will continue to do so.

    I want/need to be a rolemodel for my family(especially my moms) and I still want to work in the fitness branch as a health/pt consultant so I can help my community here where I stay.

    I finally once and for all want to look like what I am preaching.
    And really start focusing on my dreams of living a my life like a really want too and finally be able to take care of my moms like a grown daughter should. That is how TTCP would help me for sure. I will be for gratefull by showing you my progress because when I would win this, it will feel like a blessing!

  • Andrew Day

    Well I don’t have a long back story or some amazing transformation. But I’ll say this I was overweight, now I’m not, and I love Turbulence Training!!!

    I work a crazy shift 12 hours a day 3 and 4 days a week and I used to do P90X and those hour long workouts. I’ve been into Turbulence Training for a while but really started following the plans about 6 months ago. I have seen more fat loss gains and more definition in trouble areas by working out in less time through these programs.

    I recently passed my Personal Training Certification and one of my goals within the next year is to be a CTT. I have been putting my wife through the workouts and getting my friends to go through the circuits with me as well.

    If I had this DVD Package along with the year membership it would save me so much time I wouldn’t know what to do! I wouldn’t have to search for something new and I would have the instruction right there to follow along with instead of reading a downloaded paper or running back and forth to the computer.

    Not to mention what a way to introduce others to the world of Turbulence Training!!!!!

    That’s it.

  • mason

    As a stay at home momma, I am very excited to have an opportunity to win your fitness package. I just had my second baby five months ago and my oldest is 2. Prior to my second pregnancy, I found you, Craig, on YouTube. I was/am highly impressed by the “new” ideas and well rounded regiment. Before children, I was in the best shape I’d ever been. It is tough seeing the changes pregnancy has on had on my body. Winning this fitness package would allow me to workout (a real workout) from home. I know a bikini body is in my future again and this would just drive my results!!! I look forward to encouraging and setting an example for other mother’s! Thank you Craig!!:)

  • My life is and has been all about other people; 7 children (2 still at home and financially dependent), batches of grandbabies, an aging mother, a full time job…..just some of the calls on Maggie. BUT Maggie has dreams and hopes too, and has grown from 60 kgs to 115 kgs across the last 6 years as a relationship became increasingly toxic.

    In my life all my $ are committed to doing the best for everyone else and keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, power on and people clothed and educated. Still there is not time for, or money for gym membership or personal support and training for Maggie.

    Winning this package would provide me with a blueprint for reclaiming Maggie and becoming the very best me I can be.

  • Amrik

    I have been training since I turned 16. I’m now 29. It’s been a very long time since I first steped into gym. I was a soldier in British army hence, I was very active year around. But got made redundent couple of years back which was very upsetting. And i put on a lot of weight since than. Every single day I train with a great passion but it’s not the same anymore. I have lost my shape and touch. On top it’s the same exersice quite boring and doesn’t do me no good.

    I really think that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would change my life and bring back the strength, physique and the person I used to be once..

  • Anthony Nungaray

    I’m not gonna bs you with a long story, but I’d like to at least try your program to see if it works and if it doesn’t, I’ll return it to you, no questions asked. Thanks

  • audrey

    I am a pipeline construction sole nurse/first responder where I look after 400 people in rural Australia. At the end of my 12-13-14 hour days spent outdoors walking the pipeline seeing that my boys are well physically and mentally, giving a motherly hug here (I’m 45) and a heat rub there, I don’t feel like exercising. I have started exercising in bursts throughout the day wearing my uniform and steel caps and using a 7.5kg bolt for lifting. I am noticing changes in my strength and conditioning already but would love a formal program. I am the lowest paid person on the line, so please give it to me (lol).


    I am 74 years old, and I am very active. I get so many emails from all the exercise X-perts. Each one letting me know that their system is the best out there. And of course you must do it just like it is presented. I need to lose about 15 pounds more, I started out at 227 lbs and have worked very hard to get at my present weight of 164 lbs.

    I would love to try your program, if I am selected I promise to follow the procedures as laid out. Thanks for making it possible for a few of us to have a chance to win this contest.

  • Samuel B

    I have to say that getting older and fighting off old injuies has taken it’s toll on me over the years. I would love to use the TT program and I really need to use it. Having 6 children has made money really tight right now so i can not afford it.
    Why is it improtant for me to loose wight and get back in shap? easy question to answer. I work in law enforcement and my very life can depend on it. I have had to fight alot of people over the years and I have been luck so far. I want to be around to enjoy my kids growing up and grow old with my wife.
    I hate the way I am now. The wight gain and not being pysically fit anymore. I would love to use the TT pogram to get back to my old self. I could get off high blood pessure medication and not have to wory about sleep apnea because of my weigh. I have done the diet and yoyo system loosing weight and it always comes back. I need something to change it fo my life and my families as well

  • Nyls

    I believe that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me to finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals because it is a system of minimal equipment. That means I can do it anywhere, anytime at my convenience. That is HUGE for my busy schedule. What’s more, I’ve downloaded some TT workouts and have started doing them. They are fun, fast, get me going and make me sweat like crazy. I love the workouts I’ve done so far and I want more!

  • Amanda

    I don’t have a gym membership. I can’t pay for one, its too much. I am scared…. of being weak and useless like so many of my relatives. My mother died at 46. My grandmother was bedridden at 50, and lived to 60. I am pushing 35, and I need to change NOW and maintain that change NOW before something fatal happens to me. I’m scared for my husband, as well. I trust in the TT program; I believe in it. I know this is what I need to do; this is what will work for me. I just don’t have the means to obtain it.

  • Angel Diez De Andino

    I would say I could really use your system. I’m 52 right now and heavier than I’ve ever been, your system shows structure and that’s what I need. I use to be very active when I was younger, into martial arts and going to a gym, but I stopped being active and one day led to another and another, and all of not so sudden I am not the person I use to be. I look at myself and don’t know how I permitted this to happen, but I do know that I want to be there for my family and especially for a little girl who came into my life just when I thought I was done, my daughter Ashley. God is amazing, I have this gift at this stage in my life and it’s the greatest thing and I just want to be there for her.
    Thank you for this opportunity and God bless.

  • Barry stsrn

    This would help e loose the weight and help my dietbetes as it is more high than normal this would help me tou cant beleave as diebetes i
    Is starting to take my eye site and nerves from my legs

  • barry

    i’m old 70, arthritic knees,shoulders,hip the other was replaced last year. i still work hard but now that i’m older nothing works, i’ve lost strength with hip downtime gained too much weight and lost willpower to lose it. now fighting blood clots to right (from trauma)leg with lovenox injections. if it’s not to late ?? i sure could use some help.

  • L

    I have been following your emails and complimentary exercises in emails for just on a year now. Prior to that, I really did nothing for over 20 years. Needless to say the first minute of exercise was exhausting! I have tried some turbulence training from the emails with limited success. If I have the full program I would be able to experience the full workout and more importantly, achieve a great result because it’s not just about following a program, but also about having someone there to motivate you on days when you feel like you want to give up!! I think that it is great to have a complete package. I did not take up the offers because I am still unsure about the refund guarantee as there have been some that guarantee but don’t refund and I am back to square one. I guess if I can win this and it works I could really say yes, it’s real! However to me, it’s not the money but the assurance that I don’t need to look for another program after notching up another unsuccessful health program! I value my time more than anything else because no one can buy back time lost!

  • karen

    i have reached my mid 50’s now and keeping trim and healthy is a bigger challenge now than ever before. hormone levels dropping and fat around the middle are a real problem. also, as we age, a good strength training and muscle building program is more important because too much pounding cardio is hard on the bones and joints. everyone who has done a really good strength training workout knows you can get a great cardio workout at the same time without harming your aging bones and joints!

    as hard as i try with healthy eating, walking, taking my supplements, and strength training with 8-10 lb weights, i feel i am just treading water and barely keeping up with this discouraging mid-life plateau. i need something that will kick start my fitness into higher gear! i want to be able to stay active and fit throughout my 50’s, into my 60’s and beyond.

    turbulence training would be a valuable tool for me to use to reach my health goals. thank you for this opportunity – if given the chance i won’t waste it!!

  • Annie

    This program would be great for me as I workout at home, always read Craigs emails and glean as much information and workouts from them as possible. It would also help me help my dear hubby who is short on time and needs and wants to workout. Craig is a real inspiration to me and to other people in the fitness business and that counts for alot. THe program would help me maintain and get stronger, faster and better to be able to keep up with my two very active children.

  • Julia

    I would absolutely love to WIN this package!!!

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals?”

    If I win this training package it would surely be a sign that this is the programme for me!!!! Like many others I have lost weight only to put it back on again…I have tried many programmes that have actually worked but I always find they are too hard to stick to because I feel the training takes up too much of my time(50 min +)and the diet makes me feel deprived…and I actually do enjoy exercising and eating healthy. I just want to rid of 5kgs and I will be at my perfect weight!! I need something that works and that is easy to stick to!!!

    I have a feeling Turbulence training is for me: )

  • Darren

    Hi Craig I think this is a great offer and one I would appreciate if I was to win. I am 40 years of age and have been overweight all my life growing up as a fat kid was hard. I have once when I was around the age of 29 lost 42 kg however this was all cardio and I did not get the body that I would have like due to so much muscle loss. I keeped this off for 2 years doing 1 hr cardio 6 to 7 days a week and then I was promoted to a management role and trying to fit this in with 16 hr days and working 6 to 7 days a week let alone having the energy I put all my weight plus more back on. I have in the past year started a new job slightly less hours and I topped the scales at 123kg now i am currently down to 102 kg all this has been done by myself at home but I have stuck to only weight training and diet this time but I cannot seem to acheive the body I would be happy with and have stalled in progress.

    I have been following you for sometime now and find all your suggestions and tips/hints very informative and helpfull. However due to finaces I am unable to afford any type of help like you are offering and if I was to have an oppertunity like this I believe that I will finally reach my goals and the desired body I am looking for and I am not getting any younger either. Also I believe my wife would thank you as much as I would if I was to be given this oppertunity and I believe the TT training is the program that will help me acheieve this goal at home on my own.

  • Kelly-Ann

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would definitely help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals, because no matter where i was i would have the dvds to pull out and make myself work! I have always had to keep my weight down by doing ridiculous amounts of cardio and it just demoralises me and puts me off getting to the gym and working out, and losing the stubborn weight that i just can’t shake! I want to be proven wrong, and i am desperate for something that is going to re-motivate me and give me the results i am looking for! I want to be driven again and really have something that is going to motivate me, push me and challenge me to better myself and get me the results i know i deserve! I know that the only person that can change myself is me, but i really feel that i desperately need the help or your TT Complete Package to make this possible! So please, Please consider me as i can’t tell you how truly grateful i would be if i were to win! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!

  • Becky

    It would be the perfect package for me because I’ve tried everything to loose the last of my baby weight, my body is just not responding like it use to after two kids….no matter how hard I train or if I up the quantity. Help I need this. Thank you .

  • Natalie Brown

    The Turbulence Training Complete Program would help me in my battle with gaining weight over the past few years as well as allow me to continue to work at what I love to do, which is to help physically disabled adults. As a therapist that works in rehab medicine with stroke patients I need to be strong, and very fit to continue to meet the needs of my patients. I feel your program will enable me to grow stronger so as not to put me, or my patients at risk when I lift them out of their wheelchairs on and off the mat table. I am unfortunately having trouble with strength and my weight due to changes in my hormones (I am 48 years old)and hypothyroidism. Also my father passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest recently and upon checking my cholesterol blood work last week my Dr. says I am at risk for a ” cardiac event,” which shocked me since I am not really overweight being 5 feet 3 inches and weighing 125lbs. So my job as a therapist and my family medical history has me searching for something to help me with my goal to lose weight and keep it off. I have a feeling you guys have a good program that could help me achieve these goals. Thanks for your consideration…….

  • Dena Benina

    Hello Craig:

    I’m fat, 60 and female. I work in the Lost and Found Dept…lose the weight over and over and it finds me again, and again and again.

    Why? Turns out it’s my ego that doesn’t want me to break out of my fat comfort zone. It toys with me, like a dog vigorously shaking a rubber chicken in its mouth. My ego is coy, deceptive and evasive, tricking me into regularly shoving meaningless food into my mouth, and constantly making excuses for not working out. It de-motivates me.

    But I recently found out about it’s secret power over me.

    My counterattack consists of me: doing advanced ego awareness work; using the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT; reviewing and using your “12 Rules To Live By” and following your system regularly on DVD, all of which serve to build my motivation to a much higher level than anything my ego can conjure up as excuses not to better myself.

    My time has come to evolve and WIN. Thank you.

  • kishan dhawotal

    i have been doing a lot of cardio before then i took a membership in a gym and spend 6 days in a week working out hard and also been on a diet cutting off every white foods and sugar and unnecessary carbs for 2 yrs but have not achieved a lean cut six pack abs i have always dreamt of. i really believed that the
    Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me achieve what so called trainers and supplements i have drunk plus all useless hardworks haven’t got me till now..

  • Tamar

    A couple months before I turned 50, I gained about 40 lbs and suddenly looked about 10 years older almost overnight. And that was in spite of really making an effort to work out regularly and watch my diet because my weight had already crept up about 20 lbs. So I just gave up completely. Now I am turning 60 and things have gone from bad to worse and I have promised myself that before I turn 60, I will turn my life around. So these TT DVDs will help me because I will buy them and put them on the shelf and just owning them will change my life….no, wait!! Yikes–I am going to actually have to use them. Take them out and turn them on every day and really do it. Hmmm. OK. I promised myself. And bodyweight is the way for me–similar to the dance and shodo-kan I used to do in a previous lifetime. I’ll never be a gym rat. And Craig is the man for bodyweight. And having the DVDs will be almost like training with him personally. Sounds like the way to go for me.

  • Mary D

    The TT would help me to reach my goal of adding lean mass and strength while reducing over all body fat. As a busy night nurse I train at home before work. I need a time efficient work out that I can enjoy in my home gym. Being fit helps me to work and lift safely. I also am a role model for my Patients. I have quit smoking for over a year and lost 50 plus pounds in 2011. I know I can reach the next level with your training tools.
    Taking care of others is my life’s calling and Being healthy and fit allows me to work safely and have greater mental clarity. I love being a nurse and at 51 this will help me to remain at the bedside for many years to come.


    Well for me it will be a great opportunity to get trained by an experienced person since i have been training for years without reaching my goal. However, this may helped me to get a bit closer to my goal.

  • Amie

    I am a working mom of 3 beautiful children. I take care of my family 24/7, and found that I stopped caring for myself. I make my kids lunches every day for school to make sure they get high quality and healthy food, and finally I decided to take an extra 10 minutes to do he same for myself. Exercise is the only thing that is lacking now. Your videos would really get me on track to my weight loss goals. I would greatly appreciate and take advantage of them. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  • As an allied Health professional, I like to try aand not only “talk the talk” but also” walk the walk”. As most the world knows how time poor Nurses can be, what I have already experienced through the free information provided from the TT program, has provided huge benefits to my general health and wellbeing and I have have passed on my small sucesses to those around me. The complete package would allow me to maximise not only my health but the health of those nearest and dearest to me – and give back real time & life to those around me that say they have none – the best win/win I could imagine thanks to your program!

  • Tony

    Hi Craig,
    I’ve been following a regime since October and have lost 20 Kg’s so far the problem I have now is that after the initial huge losses the last month has been really slow (only 1 Kg).
    I believe the Turbulence Training package will help me get things moving in the right direction again and help me lose the last 15 Kg’s that I need to reach my target weight and get that body that I had back in my younger days. Also as I approach that magical milestone of the big 50 I need all the help I can get 🙂

    I love all the information that you put out and I feel it has helped me so far so keep up the good work.

  • Josh

    Information. The work, of course, must come from me; I could have a vast library of information, and trainers lining up to train me, but if I don’t do the work, I won’t get the results. The TT packs are information which I will use.

  • Gordon fraser

    Well I’m 32 now and been training on and off since I was 16. I’m a bit of a yo-yo exerciser where I’ll follow a 9,12 or 20 week programme religiously but once complete I’ll lose direction and stop for a few months before the weight gain forces me back to training. So I’ve never quite managed the elusive 8 pack there’s always been that stubborn bit of belly fat.
    This year I reaffirmed my goal of the Bruce Lee physique ( dead almost 40 years and still revered). I’m currently 14 weeks into a 20 week programme and thinking that this competition might be the universes plan to help me achieve my goal. If not I’ll still get there, no excuses this time only action.
    I also think through the material and support it’ll help me help others as I talk to a lot of people who still think cardio is king for fat loss but i don’t have all the science nailed to provide a cohesive counter argument.
    Best of luck with your mission CB and I’ll be part of it.

  • merilyn gear

    iam 62 years old and have been trying to lose enough weight to do a body building competition i am currently 58 kilos and 157 centimetres. have very good shoulders and abbs but my tummy and thighs are still covered in the doona effect. help me get rid of that over laying fat and i promise you i will compete in a masters body building show.

  • Sheilah Shakir

    I know this program will help me achieve my goals. I am a 55 yr old female going through menopause. Living presently in Saudi Arabia where there isn’t a lot of places for a woman to train with this type of intense and disciplined training. I need to get back in shape ,for my physical as well as emotional and mental well being. I have started a reboot program with my eating… green juices….fruits and vegetables but I need THIS! It”s hard to get to a gym with the type of training I need.Thanks

  • john coorey

    To win would be cool. I know i could finally get to the goal i have been looking at. this would help get me there in a safe timely manner.

  • David

    Four years ago my back exploded….what had been some painful, but routine back problems was eventually diagnosed as osteoarthritis. My very active lifestyle (tennis, gym, etc) came to an abrupt halt. And I also stopped smoking after 40 years so…my weight ballooned to 281 (5’11”). I was having trouble breathing, the whole nine yards. But I discovered a great Neurologist and Cardiologist and modified Atkins and now I’m down to 242, playing tennis again, and just started Bikram Yoga. But I’ve plateaued and need something to get me moving again. Your program seems like the perfect fit. Crossing my fingers and toes.

  • saqib

    my name saqib hossain and ive always been fat. im only 15 and will be 16 in october, so with high school i got a whole bunch of nicknames reflecting my fattyness. tt will help me because i am bengali and the first generation in this country, so my parents are really skeptical about anything other than what they learned in bangadesh, things like running on a treadmll id the only exercise that will burn, but if i get the program free they probably wont ssy much

  • Donna

    I am 56 years old, I like so many other people have a daily struggle with food. Which leads to being over weight with low self esteem. Yes, I have lost weight over the years, but only to put it back on in 6 months time. I would love to have a program set out in front of me, telling what to do as I can not do it on my own. I love reading your emails, I think you are an extraordinary person that would love to see the whole world become healthy and at their ideal fitness level. Your passion comes through each and every email. To be lucky enough to have you in my living room would be a dream come true. My daughter is very overweight, I would love to be a good example to her and find something that would also benefit and get my family looking and feeling positive. It could quite literally save her life.
    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity,

  • John K

    Several years ago while playing a basketball game I went up for a rebound when I came down it felt as though someone had knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t breathe, my vision was blurred and I could barely walk. I was rushed to the ER where I had to say good bye to my wife and only child at the time because they were going to put me under. My heart rate had jumped to 260 beats a minute and they needed to go to some extreme measures to get it to come back down. Needless to say I have been given a second chance on life and it’s up to me what the quality of my life will be during this second chance. I now have four beautiful daughters and I need to be here for them. It is time now that I be accountable for what is happening in my life. This will point me in the right direction. This is my life and the Turbulence Training Complete Package will help me take it back!

  • Rick

    To start with, I’m about to be 60 years old at the end of August. Needless to say, it is hard for me to make real gains in sculpting my body, especially my mid-section. To add to that, I’ve been working in Afghanistan with very limited access to a gym. I work 10-12 hour days, but I workout with Bodylastic bands in my small living quarters. In three months, I’m done here and I’ll be able to actually workout again. I ride a big Harley and I refuse to let my body get in such bad shape that I can’t ride anymore. I believe with your program I could get in the shape I need to be in and gain and maintain the strength I need to keep up with my much younger riding brothers in my club.

  • Renee

    very simply, I workout at home and have some of the TT programs. Having you in a video would enable me to complete each circuit 3x instead of stopping after 1 or 2x. I am a visual learner and it would definitely motivate and drive me to press on. I need to lose this muffin top(lower belly buldge) and tighten up in other areas. My diet is great but I know I have to train a little than I do now and this is exactly what it would take. Thanks for listening.

  • Zain Rehman

    I am 21 years old and just hanging with so much of my belly fat ……… i want too loose it ….. i although had many training programs,, workout plans and also went to gym but it didn’t worked for me…… i believe that it will surely help me because i have already seen many of its user using this with great change in their body as well as in their livessssssssssss ….. so iwant to try it as soon as possible because probably it will be my last hope……… so i will definitely be so much excited because i’ve already lost so much money on other cheap and ridiculous plans….. hope it will not dis heart me……..

  • Debbie

    Two years ago I was fit enough to run the Boston Marathon (I’ve qualified for and run it three times!) Since then, I’ve had a couple of injuries and with the birth of my first grandson 11 months ago, I just started to let myself go. I am now 15 lbs. heavier than I want to be, and I am totally not motivated to go to the gym. I pledged to myself that starting today, April 1, 2012, I will begin my journey to reclaim my fitness level of two years ago and even surpass it. I don’t enjoy going to the gym, so having the TT workouts would be a great help to me. I could workout in the comfort of my home, or even while on vacation. Winning this package would be the kick start I need to get back on track. I want to be able to play with my grandson and even run races with him (I already have the jog stroller) for many years to come.

  • James

    I have used Turbulence Training exercises in the past and know how wonderful they are. I have tried for years off and on to get fit and to lose excess fat, but I have had many physical problems that have derailed me. Over a year ago I started on an exercise program similar to TT and did very well. I lost weight and am in the best physical condition I have ever been in, but I hit a plateau. Then my prostate cancer became active again, and I was put on intermittent hormone therapy. I will be on it for nine months (four months already gone). Hormone therapy causes one’s testosterone to go down to almost zero. It can also cause bone loss, etc. I was told to expect weight gain, which I do not need. I am still too heavy. In the months I have been on it, I have managed to stay within a few pounds of my starting weight, but this is the greatest battle I have ever fought. So far the therapy is successful in lowering the PSA. My problem area now as before is my stomach area and love handles. The hormone therapy causes muscle to turn into fat and to deposit in all the wrong places. My abdominal area and love handles are the areas that have been amplified. I am still exercising and trying to maintain my muscle, but I need help in getting the abdominal area in better shape. I am hoping that these DVD’s might help me battle the problems I am having more successfully. I will not give up. My survival depends upon my efforts to exercise and eat as good as I can nutritionally, which I am doing fairly well. Thanks for your consideration.

  • Hitesh Patel

    I have been doing some of the interval training workouts and helps me a lot in keeping me fit and energetic throughout the day. From time to time it feels like repetitive exercises but I have made it a rule that I will not go to work till I do my exercise routine everyday (monday thru friday) lasting at least 45-50 minutes per day. This will help me adding some of these to my daily routines and may help me building extra stamina, endurance and fat loss and keeping myself healthy and energetic. I have subscribed to your emails and go through them regularly. I also recommends these exerices to my friends and colleagues.

  • Doug Wohlstein

    Good Morning
    I have been getting the emails for around 6 months now and I love the ideas. I am a teacher at the local high school. I don’t know how many people have been to your local schools and have seen the shape your children’s teachers are in, but it’s not pretty. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all teachers but I would say a vast majority of them do not take care of themselves, From diet to fitness. I understand I have had my weight yo yo for years. Currently I’m in pretty good shape. My shape has gone from ironman traithlete in 2003 180 lbs at 10% or less body fat to high school volleyball coach at 5’8 220 lbs in 2006. Body fat% unknown. So I know how teaching and coaching takes a toll on everyone. I am currently in the process of starting a fitness program for our teachers and students right after school. I’ve looked at a lot of different types of programs but I like the concepts of the turbulence training. The state of education in Florida is not good and there is no money in the budget for anything. I’ve have tried to find grants but they all take a long time and we are not considered a small business. So my plan was to get a program to run for any interested people both teacher and students together. This will create a bond for the entire school. While working hard to get in shape. Ive got the culinary arts teacher on board with teaching healthy eating to students and making it availble to teachers also. We plan to start something in the next couple weeks when we get back from spring break. Well that’s the plan. Not only will it help my fitness goals it will help my whole school. Good luck to all who has entered and may everyone work hard to reach there fitness goals.

  • Lola

    Very few trainers in the southeastern US are using metabolic conditioning circuits; they’re still stuck in the rut of gym machines or boot camp activities. Learning to push myself this way is one part of the prize; but teaching this method to others is the bigger part. So it would help me tremendously to learn more about this method, but turning others onto the knowledge would be even more exciting.

  • Willi

    10 years ago I married my true love weighing 215lbs. I teach. 6th grade science/social studies. I had started running marathons, no joke ‘Clydsdale’ division… had some success, never winning, just finishing was a victory for me. Had to stop running due to lower back injuries…that’s when my battle began. I would try various exercise routines, weight would just creep back…now 235lbs. Two years later second greatest day of my life, my son was born. This was it, I’m going to get back in shape, I don’t want to be the Fat Dad, who can’t play & run around…it worked at first dropped to 205 lbs. We tried having another child, we unfortunately lost twice…this was devastating. I now feel guilty taking time away to work out …I feel guilty because that time is spent with my son, now 8 and I’m weighing in at 275. I believe the TT workouts will give me the tools to reach my goal, 190lbs, and

  • Jarrad Goff

    I have been training diligently for firefighter exams for the past several months. I have lost 30 pounds, and my body has changed greatly. That being said, I have hit a wall recently, and despite my best efforts I cannot escape the rut. I think that Turbulence Training is the answer to helping me finally reach my personal and professional goals, and I have been dying to try it. I would be honored to be part of the movement.

  • Shamim

    I have high blood pressure and my cholesterol is pretty high, on medication for both and I know that exercising the correct way, a guided exercise would help me tremendously.
    This will be a start for me, and I know, after reading what I have that it will certainly be a start in the right direction. I have, before writing, downloaded the two books which I am anxiously looking forward to devouring.
    Thank you kindly.

  • Phill Hindle

    I’m trying to get myself healthy again, been fifteen whole years since I was anywhere near healthy. It’s a long struggle but I think it’s worth it. Would love to be able to run round with my daughter.
    I set off to work @ 07:00 @ the latest & get in @ 19:30 @ the earliest & have no time to myself, but would make time for my health if I had something that would show me how it’s done.
    All the other things I’ve tried all seem to be aimed at those on the dole, & I’m reluctant to go on the dole just to have my health back.
    If I can be healthy again, I’d be more than greatful.
    There’s my sob stroy, hope you like it enough to pick me.

  • louis

    As a tongue cancer survivor, my life is very different. All of my food is liquid. I continue to work on nutrition and have been able to build my body back up to my normal weight (I lost 50 pounds due to the illness and I was boney). While I don’t have a fat loss issue, I still have a hard time keeping muscle. This program seems like the perfect way to build and keep lean muscle mass. I’m 48, so the body weight and cardio will be a great way to keep my body strong, healthy, and looking great. I know that this program would be a great asset in my life.

  • I love bodyweight exercises and I teach my clients how to exercise safely, effectively and efficiently. I am human though and I have access to all my knowledge and the knowledge of great, mentors like you, but sometimes i just don’t want to think about my training and what will i do today.

    Your program takes that away and would provide the stressfree decision making for me to achieve my goals too.

  • Jessica

    As a second grade teacher, I make MINIMAL money, and with decreased funding for schools, plenty of what I do make goes toward purchasing supplies for my classroom. I certainly can’t afford a yearly gym membership, but I have an AWESOME older brother who stocked me up with a nice set of kettlebells, some sandbags, and a pullup bar to start my ‘home gym’ when I was just a poor grad student (seriously, he’s the best:). I’ve added some more KBs, rings, and other goodies over the years, and I’m diligent at working out (I do have your TT manual), but there is still a missing link – I can’t seem to get this last 8 lbs. off to achieve the figure I’m really after. I was a chubby kid, but managed to shed some weight over the years with increased activity and, sadly, disordered eating. At 32, I now ONLY do what’s right for my body, including eating only whole foods and working out regularly. I’m much stronger than I ever was and have dated guys whose butts I could kick (wink), but I WANT TO BE RIPPED and I think YOU can help me get there. And,no, I didn’t forget the magic word…PLEEEAAASE?

  • Kerry G

    Winning this TT system would be almost a dream come true. I used to work as a firefighter and paramedic and got injured during a rescue. This was a few years ago but since then I have had trouble getting back into condition. Working as a first responder you had to be in decent shape but I was younger then and now after being injured and older I have found it difficult to get back into shape. Knowing this system is being put out by someone who knows how to train people is one of the main reasons I would like to have it.
    Kerry G.

  • Chris Paquette

    Well since I am a 49 year old OVERWEIGHT COOK it would probably help me in more then 1 way , it would turn back the clock as far as no Belly Bulge, add years to my life ,and probably change the way my wife looks at me.All in all I have tried numerous diets and diet pills also gym memberships that run out due to me sailing 10 months a year so why not try and win something that may just WORK for ME?.

  • Ken

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?”

    Getting access to your TT package can help me help myself and educate others on how physical exercise can be done without access to gym equipment. I have been reading your blog and watch some of the exercise demonstrations on YouTube, and your TT concept is a welcome change to cardio HIIT. You have ingeniously combine bodybuilding or strengthening exercises into this theory, and it works fine. I wish I could have adhere to it back when I was introduced to it from Wayne Wescott’s textbook when I took Physical Conditioning back then in the Eighties. Last year when I saw some clients at the rehab where I worked, some lamented that after they would have left the center, they would not have easy access to the gym and personal trainers that they enjoyed at the rehab. I remembered telling them that they could walk, jog, or run stairs. I wish I could have read your blog and watch your YouTube clips to teach them that doing school P.E. class body weight exercises put together in the TT concept can maintain their weight and tone their muscles. Using body weight exercises in circuits can do both. I just need to have access to a resource to try it on myself before I can teach the concept to others. (Currently, I do a cardio-strengthening mix in my Interval Training exercise sessions learned from following exercise DVD’s and occasionally joining in the step aerobics classes at a commercial gym). But many men entering rehab are not like me. They do not venture into an exercise class dominated by women. So if I were to wind your package, I will have access to a good resource to teach other men to keep themselves fit away from group exercises at the gym.


  • Andrea

    I could really use the TT total package. I’ve always been great at working out regularly but 6 months ago I got a new job that doesn’t leave me time to eat away from my desk, nevermind get to the gym. I get to work early and leave late. By the time I’m home I want to spend the rest of my evening (after cooking, cleaning, etc. with my 16-year-old daughter.
    I think TT would be a blessing in this case. Since there is minimal equipment required. I think it would be great to use the programs at home and even get my daughter involved. I’m always encouraging her to be healthy and strong (yes, strength training is for girls) .
    Fingers are crossed that you can help an over-worked mother get back in shape and bond with her daughter at the same time!


  • Jen

    Before heading to the gym this morning for cardio and weight training (my typical workout), I checked my email and saw your offer. I have been intrigued by TT for several months, but am skeptical. At the same time, however, I feel like I have been plateaued for a couple of years at a size 10 – I got there through regular cardio and weight training and a meal plan from Venice Nutrition. My new goal is to be a size 8, and I think I need to change my routine. The personal trainer I hired a year ago busted my butt in the gym, but I didn’t lose weight. In fact, I went on a 10-day vacation after 6 weeks of working out with him, and lost weight while on vacation simply by following a few practices Tim Ferriss describes in his 4-Hour Body book I read on the plane. Recently, I signed up for Kyle Leon’s nutritional plan and started taking ProGrade supplements. I’m inspired by Karine Losier and Isabel De Los Rios. Could TT be the missing piece of the puzzle? And, if it works, could a size 6 be possible? Could this be the workout plan that becomes my passion and drives a career change? I’ve toyed with the idea of becoming a certified trainer but how can I help others if I can’t appropriately help myself achieve challenging fitness and fat-loss goals?

  • Kayleen Klier

    Why I want the TT workout DVD….like everyone else I want to lose weight, keep it off and use my workout time wisely. I used to be at the gym 10 hrs a week, five days a week and had a great body. My life changed, my priorities changed and my shape shows it. I bought into some of the fad diets and workouts in the past. Some have helped but nothing has lasted long term. I want to have balance in my life especially with the time allocated to working out and I want to see results! I HATE cardio and truly enjoy a weight training program. I hope my name gets picked:)

  • Amber

    I love fitness and I love Craig Ballantyne! I think the turbulence training philosophy makes more sense than any other program and I know it can take me to the next level of health/fitness, sculpting a leaner physique. I am sitting in a plateau that only Craig can save me from! But I will not only use the program for selfish reasons, I will pass the plethora of knowledge to others and gain more Craig fans for life!

  • Roger

    Where do I start? All my life I’ve been up and down with my weight – I’ve probably lost a half ton over my lifetime! I’m down to 200 now but have about 24%bf and can’t seem to get rid of the fat – my goal is 10-12% at about 180. I’ve been on anti-hypertensive medications for 20 years, have little cartilage left in my knees, and am “pre-diabetic.” My life needs to be turned around and I need to get rid of this excess fat and weight so I can live to enjoy retirement and my approaching “senior living.” The TT program would give me structure and knowledge to fat and weight loss that I haven’t really had, while providing a community of mutual support along the journey. Thanks for your help in reaching my goals and creating the healthier life I need; I look forward to working with you and TT!

  • John

    I have not responded to these type of contests, partly due to the overwhelming stories that get posted here and on other blogs. However, the program you have put together would be a god send to me, because I believe in body weight programs( no gyms for me). I think this program will finally put all the confusion aside so I could focus takeing care of myself. I find myself reading more about how to get in shape in front of the computer and not working out. The DVD set would break this cycle for me. I am overweight and have a fused left ankle which limits what I can do. But you got to start somewhere.
    Keep the great info comming Craig and thanks for being there.

  • Maragata

    I am a 50-something menopausal woman on a farm in rural Uruguay. There is no gym handy so having access to your complete package would greatly help me attack the 20+ pounds that have snuck up on me and just won’t budge. Unfortunately I am a fairly sedentary person so I’m hoping the motivation of your program will get me off my duff.

  • Joe

    For the past two years it has been my goal to get and stay in shape. This past year my wife has decided to join me in my pursuits. It has been much harder than I imagined.
    First, let me explain how we got into our unhealthy lifestyles. About five years ago my wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her first neurologist told her that exercise was very difficult with for people with MS, which we took to mean that no exercise would be best. I happily joined my wife in this ill-advised pursuit. After making this decision we both have weighed in at our lifetime highest, a truth that we are not proud of.
    We have decided to change our exercise habits and it started when my wife’s current neurologist has told us that we were wrong. Exercising at the right time of day can be very beneficial to people with MS and will assuage many problems associated with the disease. I wish we had found that out a few years ago before when we first began fighting the disease together because it has not been easy to begin an exercise program in our current shape.
    Our motivation is high but our time commitments are also bigger now. We have tried to get a gym membership but it is embarrassing to see all of those people who are in such good shape and seem to know exactly what they need to do and then I sit there a little pudgy trying to figure out which exercise to do and how to do it. To avoid the embarrassment we avoid the gym and have had little success in so doing.
    So how would this package help us? First, it would cut out the time commitment of going to the gym. We would put in a DVD and exercise at home. Second, we would know what to do when we go to the gym and wouldn’t be as embarrassed because we would have a plan. Third, with the platinum package, we would have variety in our workout and would not get bored doing the same workout every time for months on end.
    Why do you want to give it to us? Because by giving us the package, you would help two people (one of whom is fighting a chronic illness) to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve their outlook on life. Thanks for considering us.

  • Eric McClelland

    Turbulence Training would help me achieve my fitness goals by helping me lose the last few inches of fat that I cannot seem to lose…no matter my diet or workouts. I suffered from ulcerative colitis for 20 years. That “ended” in 2002 when I had my large intestine removed for colon cancer. Since then, I have trouble losing those “last few pounds.” Even when I was down to 135 lbs (I’m 6’3″), I always had a little pouch of fat at my waistline. I now weigh about 200 lbs.

    I have tried limiting my calorie intake. The grazing technique helps. I control my portion sizes and spread my calories over a period of time. In 2007, I managed to lose 15 lbs with this method. However, I never lost that pouch of fat that I’ve had since 1983.

    Workouts are good for firming up the muscles and general fitness. But they never cut into that fat layer. And complicate that with the dehydration with the colectomy, it’s difficult to keep a good cardio program while maintaining proper hydration levels.

  • O.R.

    I’m 43, a dad of a 5 year old. When my son was baptized I was over 400 lbs. I had gotten down to 270, but the weight is creeping back up and I am now at 310. With the length of time dieting and exercising, I feel like I’m trying to bail out a leaky boat with a shot glass. My knees are hurting and I am having trouble sticking to the things that got 130 lbs off me. I need to try something new because I don’t ever want to be that big ever again and sometimes I think the extreme dieting and exercise aren’t working anymore. I would love to become a TT success story!

  • Ram

    I’ve tried diets and a few trainers around and did OK when I was training and have been off working out a few months now 3 to be exact and gained all the list weight and some also lost muscle!
    So you can say what worked when I was working didnt stick in the long run and having a new baby and added chores recently it has been difficult to get some exercise!

    I’d definitely benefit from what you have to offer and will commit as my promise to you if I win. And also will share my results with you so we both can track.

    Thanks for all your good work and you offer to all of us!

  • Adrianne

    I’m 44 year old ” girl” and I just had a baby…oops!!! 4 weeks ago. So, I really need to go back in shape and energy for my new son and of course for myself.

  • Andrew Clark

    TT package will help both my wife and I, after 30 years of marriage, lose the fat and get into the shape we need to best enjoy the next 20-30 years of our lives. As we age, and after I retire, we’d like to be fit and healthy enough to enjoy our golden years. From the few TT things I’ve done, I know the whole package will help us do this!

  • Justin Greene

    I am just going to be blunt here. I don’t want the free TT program. I NEED the TT program. Basically, it comes down to one main reason…survival. I want to be healthy enough to be able to play with my kids for a long time. I want to actually meet my grandchildren and play with them, too. I want to go on hikes and ride my bicycle with the family. I am a 40 year old man who now has a big gut and lacks strength, endurance & flexibility, and who has lost the will to exercise. I read your emails and am in complete denial that I will go to the gym and workout using your awesome techniques. If I were to win the TT program, that would give me new hope. There would be no excuse to make a change. As I said earlier, this is something that I NEED – to help me make a necessary change in my life.


  • Justin

    Simple. I am 32 years old, 5’11 and 170lbs and need tone. I just need that motivation and new moves to break on thru.

  • Stuart Carrington

    I think that the turbulance training system will help me loose the last bit of stubborn belly fat that refuses to budge no matter what I do. This belly fat is there due to a kidney transplant I had six years ago, so with the help of turbulance training I can be one hundred percent fit for my check ups at ther hospital, I have them approx every three months. This really is the complete system for getting in shape and more importantly staying in shape. Here’s hoping, and thanks for all the great info you give out for free aswell.

  • Kristi Morgan


    It would be wonderful to have as a tool to utilize for personal training my clients & to incorporate in my workouts to assist my personal fitness goal. I follow you & admire your style of training. I learn a lot from you. Thank you for an opportunity as well as your on going guidance.

  • David

    The true foundation and “engine” of our lives is our physical condition. This month, I turn 60, and I am facing that truth (once again) as I strive to literally rebuild my life from scratch…since my wife died of cancer a few years ago and my world fell apart.

    Now I have a decent full-time job, but I’m also determined to build my own business–marketing and commercial writing–on the side. This may be the most demanding & difficult period of my life, in terms of time management and sheer energy.

    To give up 45-50 (stressful) hours every week for a paycheck…and still somehow find the physical energy and mental focus to do excellent creative work in a new field…

    I’m facing the biggest challenge of my life. To make it all happen, I need to get myself into my best physical shape EVER…to have the energy level I need, 24/7…to have the physical confidence and charisma to command respect in business…and to start dating, meet desirable women, and attract a new love into my life. Yes, I want it all.

    And I believe the Turbulence Training Package can be my KEY to getting it.

    My frame is big and strong; I can build muscle fast. Lifting heavy weights always raised my metabolism and shed body fat…but weightlifting alone never achieved the body I’ve always wanted. Even at my strongest, I still carried too much fat. And I’ve always looked heavy–not truly fit. Turbulence Training will change that–at long last.

    I’ve felt the urge to buy a gym membership and pump iron again. But I don’t have TIME to hang out in weight rooms, anyway. I need a system that fits in my daily routine: just like I shower, shave, brush, and floss. But first, I WORK OUT, right here & now. Get it done, each and every day–even when I travel. No gym can do that for me.

    But Turbulence Training CAN…and it’ll help me rebuild my life, from the ground up.

    Thank you so much, Craig, for the good work you do, for helping all of us, and above all, for “being the truth” of what you teach.

  • This is my picture before and after tt training. Right picture was taken 8 months after when left picture was taken.

  • Tom D.

    I’ve had pretty good success researching fitness and nutrition on the internet and cobbling together my own program. I’ve reached what I think is 12-14% body fat (hard to get a good measurement with those calipers) and have decent but not great muscle definition. However, I’ve been at this level for a couple years now and I want to get to 10% body fat. It’s obvious I am not going to achieve this goal without some help. Having the TT program would give me a professionally designed system that would free me from having to come up with something on my own. Being part of the TT community online would also give me the motivation and encouragement I need to reach this goal. Also, although I go to the gym regularly I’ve never really liked it. I prefer working out at home. With the bodyweight program I can work out at home any time I want and be free from having to go to the gym, pay the gym fees, and put up with people who have no clue about gym etiquette!

  • Missy Meyer

    Because I’m LOST. I have to find me again. I want to live again and doing this on my own just ain’t getting it done. You figured it out. I wanna know what you know. I’ve read your blogs, emails, training tips , but, I am blonde. Yep, I need it point blank, tell me what to do. I’ve been eating ‘clean for 4 months now, I got that. But working my body? Oh boy. Thanks for the chance……. ; )

  • Norman

    Hi Craig!

    I am a big fan of you and your program. Having recently purchased and started Special TT Transformation Offer program, I can see why you have so many followers around the globe. Your workouts are simple yet very effective.

    For your information, I am an avid badminton player and play competitively in the states. I attend tournaments on a regular basis (once a month) since 2004. Despite my passion in this sports, I have always not played up to mark due to my lack of strength and physical endurance. I have told myself again and again after each tournament to work harder to increase my muscular strength and endurance but have yet to find a program that suits me.

    I strongly believe that Turbulence Training Complete Package in the form of DVD videos will help me tremendously in my goals to achieve much more lean body. I have a current BF% of around 10 and would like to go down to 5 or 6% BF. I wish everyone good luck with their fitness goals!

  • Supriya Dutta

    I’m 40 years old. I’m a working mom. I squeeze in 20-30 mins a day to work out to stay in good health.
    I have subscribed to your newsletter and find it very useful and informative.
    You introduced me to body weight exercise and I have found it very effective.
    I follow a good diet and exercise regularly. I have lost some weight, but I would really like to have a well toned body. I’ve currently hit a plateau. TT for Fat Loss DVD will help me follow a plan of body weight exercises, which I can do in the comfort of my home .
    It’s the motivation I need to loss the last 10-15 pounds of excess fat and get a well toned body.

  • Steve Brown

    I have lost a fair amount of weight – 60 lbs – and am having trouble dropping the remaining 10 – 15 pounds and reaching my goal. I am wanting to drop the remaining body fat and think TT would be the key.

  • Harold Thompson Jr, Jr.

    I know you asked of me to answer your question of how would your training package would help me with my goals , but I need to ask you how it would help me reach my goals with me having an arthritis disability . Being an overweight child and teen I had finally learned as a young adult how to maintain my weight up until I became disabled from arthritis in which is under control now . During my down and out time with my disability I had gained 50 lbs back but now that my life is getting back on track I don’t know now where I can start again to implicate a weight loss strategy that will work with my arthritis . I learned to maintain back in my younger days with weights and cardio . Now that weights are out of my equation where do I start . I can not afford a trainer or go to a gym . I need help from someone who can show me how to maintain my weight without weights and I have been searching unsuccessfully so far . Is your program finally the one that will help me receive my weight goals .

  • Mark Campbell

    Let’s cut to the chase. I NEED TO WIN THIS COMPETITION! Craig, just hear me out on this one. Your program has helped me out so much. I even wrote an article about your program and what I achieved so far for a Nagoya-based free magazine over here in Japan. I’m spreading the word about you. I know my article is going to drum you up some new business. I’ll forward you the link to it once it officially comes out in a few weeks. I just love going to the gym and doing the TT programs. They are far from boring, and keep me looking good. People in the gym always looked at me in a strange way when they saw me doing these unfamiliar exercises, but now I see some of them even copying me. I would copy me too if I saw the six pack that I’m now sporting because of TT. My abs are just bursting out through my lycra t-shirt at the gym that I’d be embarrassed to wear a year ago. Thanks for all your help so far! Winning this competition would help me take it to the next level.

  • michelle

    Your program and following you thru newsletters and fb posting has taught me so much about efficient training! I’m 51 and in the best shape since being a child/high school swimmer.
    The dvds would help me fine tune and lose the last 10. I’ve had other people in the gym ask me what I’m doing and I try to explain and then just watch them go back to plodding on the treadmill! I know this is the best!

  • Julie Capruciu


    I am a mother of three young boys looking to finally regain my pre-pregnancy(ies) shape, look and confidence. Winning the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me acheive thiese goals and help keep up with my ever sprouting energizer bunny boys. I am tired of telling my 7 year old that I do not have the energy to play with him or his brothers because I am too tired and out of shape. I am tired of wishing these last 15-20 pounds to leave after every pregnancy without any results. Winning the Turbulence Training Complete Package would allow me to get back my energy, my confidence, my look and allow me to fit in my size 6-8 summer clothes that have been packed up for the last 7-8 years. It would also allow me to save time by having a great program available to train at home (Moms allways need time savers!!!) In addition, I am turning 40 this summer and I am determined to not let age be an excuse to be out of shape. I want to proove to myself that I can have the best body I have ever had, even at the ripe young age of 40. Thank you for all the information sent so far. JC

  • Sharon

    As a busy stay at home mom who home schools this is a program that I NEED! I just had my third son 4 months ago and I love spending as much time with my boys as I can. Long boring workouts are out of the question. I always look forward to your emails and absolutely love your sense of humor.

  • Dianne

    I am sure you have heard every reason there is but I will add mine to the list as well. I have been floundering around for awhile now looking for the “system” that will work and honestly I believe your program will work. I like the DVD’s because I can just pop you in the machine and you are right there with me–it is definitely more motivating to have something to watch and follow along–and you are not hard on the eyes either–sorry that just slipped out and I mean no offence. Anyways–I am hoping the program will give me that little extra push that I need to stay focused and on track–it is so easy to get sidetracked with so much info out there. I hope your sense of humour comes through in the Dvd’s as well–I look forward to your emails.

  • Lia

    Dear Craig,
    Your Turbulence Training program would be a godsend as I believe it would help me blast off the last stubborn 8 kilos I’m struggling with. As a teacher, I have to sit in a chair for quite many hours, which really doesn’t help. I tried out your free TT program and I was blown away…I could feel my muscles working with every move I made 48 hours later.I’ve never really had a lean, sexy body, even as a teenager and now a mom of a five-year old girl, I’ve tried healthy nutrition and exercising, yoga, which have helped me lose the first nine kilos, yes, but lean , muscled and toned is not what I am. I really appreciate your emails and information, it’s been invaluable. Keep up the fantastic work.It means a lot, truly.

  • Peter Felsmann

    To finally see my 6-pack abs
    without having to go to a gym

  • Duane Despain

    My wife and I have been working on making healthy changes in our life style. We want to workout together. So far we have tried running, bicycling, and weight training. Since we train at different speeds/levels, nothing has worked out real well for us. These look like the perfect workouts to do together.

  • Max

    I have lost 50 lbs and want to lose my last 20 and believe your program could be the key. I went from 250 to 200 over the last two years and want to get down to 180.

  • Lissette

    I feel that I can benefit from having the TT workout, because it’s not another cheezy, colorful workout video…No Richard Simmons in this video, only facts and reality. As a student and a career woman, it’s NOT easy spending countless hours in the gym. Goals are become lesser than short term for the reason that people (I) barely have time for the gym, and with the economy now a gym membership is almost impossible (might cancel mine for May until I get more hours, bills are important) And gas to the gym is another factor to add in there. This is a legit work out no “phony bolony”…No one smiling and trying to make me smile, I’ll smile when I see the results, and this is it! TT Workout will definitely help bring that smile and enlightenment feeling back into my life.

  • Andrew

    Im 62 and the middle ain’t coming off easy and I to hate cardio! I have managed to drop 25lbs going to the gym with weights and the treadmill (HATE IT) and stationary bike (OK) but at 6′ and 185 I want to take it to the next level! Being retired I don’t really have alot of money to spend on things that might work, trying to eat clean is expensive enough!

  • Rob Haley

    I think it would be the boost I need to get off the couch lol! Lets call it my motivator!!

  • To Save My Marriage

    I believe that having the Turbulence Training system can help save my marriage. Let me explain. When I met my wife, I was her dream guy. I was a former high school wrestler and I was coaching a high school wrestling team. I was strong, fit, strong, healthy, confident and happy. She never stood a chance. Sadly, that is not the person that I am now. After we were married, I started Grad school and a teaching job in the same month. The stress was piling on and so were the pounds. I had too many things to do and I was not able to cope very well. The stress led to me not being rehired as a teacher and I was unable to finish my Master’s Degree. Eventually, my wife ended up having an affair. I recently realized that I nave lost the person who I once was. Part of the reason my wife cheated on me, was that she was no longer attracted to me. I was so mad, but some of the anger was directed at myself. I allowed the stress to crush me and to take control of my attitude and my body. I do not have huge amounts of fat to lose, but I want the body that I had, the body that attracted my wife to the point that no other guys existed in her mind. I am only 25 years old but I need to turn my life around. I believe that using the Turbulence Training System in its’ entirety can help. From what I’ve seen, the program is no BS, well researched, well structured, and reliable. I will not waste this. Thank you.

  • Esther

    I always have a difficulty to lose fat and i’m always confuse in which direction go. With this program I will be able to do the workout in any place that i want, without the excuse of not having a gym near by since i’m my own gym. It will really help with my goal in achieving a lean and healthy body{and by able to have my two piece bikini(: }

  • CJ Allen

    I have always had a major weight problem. I hit 200 pounds before I was 12 and was 280 when I graduated high school. Three years ago I started graduate school and decided it was time to change. I reduced what I was consuming and increased my time at the gym. I had no idea what I was doing, but I lost 80 pounds over a year and a half. I have been able to keep my weight down, but not able loose the remaining 35 pounds that I know I need to loose. I believe that your program is the tool that I have been looking for. I have the drive, dedication, and desire to succeed. What I am missing is know how. I know that your program will enable me to accomplish my goal and enable me to help others that I love do the same thing.

  • John

    I have struggled for years to lose weight–and at times, I’ve been successful. But unfortunately, I’ve never quite gotten the right programming to achieve my best shape ever. I’ve done traditional bodybuilding, long bouts of cardio, power and Olympic lifts but while I’ve had some success–I’ve also had more in the way of injuries, failures and disappointment. Now that I’m older (45), a bit beaten up and trying to jugggle multiple jobs to make ends meet, shuttling kids here and there, I find that my energy is down and my my body fat is climbing. Really having this program would not only allow me to finally have the tools to get lower my body fat percentage, but hopefully give me the fitness level I need to keep up with my kids and help them learn to love a lifetime of health and fitness.

  • Kenada Broadnax

    I feel that winning the turbulence package training will help me to be more motivated and self sufficient in loosing weight. High blood pressure and diabetes run in my family and I refuse to let that happen to me. I can admitt I need to be pushed and challenge beyond my expectations and that’s what I will hope to gain by winning this so I thank you for the opportunity to do so with your level of expertise….p.s. looking forward to winning!!!!

  • Monique

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package will motivate me to finally stick to a workout schedule.

    I have started to change my eating habits but I am still struggling on the fitness side. I need someone telling me what to do and then I’ll do it.
    I am ready to put the effort into getting fit and loosing those kilos that have been creeping on these last couple of years.
    And I bet that the Turbulence Training Complete Package will get me fit and have me loose those extra kilos in no time.

  • JP

    I’ve had some success integrating TT training concepts into my personal fitness program, but in order to ‘get to the next level’ I will need to apply all the ‘tools in the TT toolbox’.

    As a stay at home dad ‘in training’ (I lost my job over a year ago) I can use all the help I can get!

  • Kyle Strain

    I have all the motivation in the world to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a beautiful body, I lack only the knowledge that you have to offer. I have struggled with food addiction for many years, and am now on the road to recovery. I want more than anything else in the world to be fit and healthy. If i receive your DVDs i promise they will be put to good use. please help me get my life back

  • Rick Martins

    I believe the Turbulence Training Package will help not only me but all my clients reach their weight loss/fat loss goals. I am a NASM certified personal trainer in NJ and I’m always looking for new things to bring to the table. Everyday is a learning experience and part of my experience comes from opening up your emails. I have purchased your boot camp workouts along with a few others (body weight, 31 interval workouts). I want to prove that even with only 4 months of personal training experience, I can outshine the “I know it all” trainers at my current gym. To tell you a bit about myself, i am 22 years old and I got into fitness at 18/19. I’ve come a long way simply by spending my time on google and also trial and error. I’m currently at 10% body fat and would like to drop to single digits! I started using your boot camp workouts and soon putting together a bootcamp class based on them! Going forward, fitness is my life, there is absolutely no greater feeling than being healthy, looking good and helping others change their lives as I’ve done mine. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today and only strive to get better one day at a time. It is my passion and I show it in and out of the gym. Becoming a certified personal trainer has been one of the biggest steps I’ve taken in life, as I now have a job/career that I actually love to wake up, get ready and go to. I am aware there are many workouts/program designs/equipment out there, but I think Turbulence Training is the new type of super effective training that not many know about! I want to stand out and take my own and my clients training to the next level by producing nothing but awesome results, and at the same time spread the word about turbulence training! Thanks for taking the time to review my story. Cheers to health, wellness, fitness and turbulence training!

    Rick Martins

  • Michelle

    My workouts so far have been “cut & paste” from various articles, etc. I don’t see any results and I need that fast!
    I get unmotivated easily, and I believe the TT Complete Package will motivate me, support me and rebuild me into a diva.
    My family won’t make fun of me or look down on me anymore.
    Thank you, Craig!

  • Mike

    Dear Craig,

    I have been unemployed for two years. Thanksgiving 2011, I hit 323lbs! I have tried and have failed at losing weight with long duration exercises the last four months… I’m at a dead end. I’m struggling and need the coaching, motivation and knowledge you have to succeed…It’s not beneath me to beg? I’ m trying to be honest..Please give me hope for change…. I wont let you down.

  • Donna Ladan

    I am going to be 50 years old soon and although I am not overweight, I feel that I am in the worst shape I have ever been. I want to be committed to a workout routine that I can do in my home as I am very active with work, my family and volunteering in different organizations and therefore cannot get to a gym. I am mentally prepared to step up and take the time I need to get healthy. So to be able to use your video to workout at my convenience in my home would allow me to effectively balance my family, work, volunteering and my personal goal of getting in the best shape of my life.

    Donna Ladan

  • Frank Adams

    My wife and I like to train in the house. She is soon to be going on a trip that will last from 21 Apr until 15 Jun and the hotel room may be her only place to train. She currently has a chest muscle issue which limits some of the exercises she can do and having a DVD to follow along, especially showing the correct way to do the exercise, will be very helpful.

    I could use the other DVD while she is gone. I would find it very interesting to experience this type of training session. I have yours and Mike Whitfield’s matreial in which I get exercises from, especially bodyweight which I find more convenient to do, as we will be going to CO in Aug for a family reunion which will include hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park!

    Thanks for the chance to get a program. COntinued success in your business.

  • Castoe Clan

    As a 40-something married couple (one of us with Type I Diabetes) with 3 kids, a cat, 2 full-time jobs and a mortgage, we woke up one day and discovered we were both fat, had no energy for our kids, very little sex drive for each other (or maybe just lacked the energy to bother) and living on a PINK SLIME diet. We finally decided it was time to “get healthy”. We’ve tried several exercise programs with some success, but the time investment always took it’s toll on our daily lives.
    We stumbled on your website through a personal trainer friend a couple of months ago and it has completely changed the life of our family. We have been completely re-educated, not just about exercise but also about nutrition. We started with a beginner’s BW/DB routine followed by HIIT and have already seen incredible progress that hasn’t taken several hours a week to achieve. Not only have we already noticed changes in body fat and energy (lots more sex – woohoo!!), our girls are beginning to want to exercise with mom and dad, and that makes it totally worth it!

    We have finally found a program we can get excited about that works for our family in so many ways – not to mention we’ll be smokin’ hot at our 25-year reunion. Yeah, we’ve been checking out our old high school friends on Facebook. Winning the complete Turbulence Training package will keep us looking and feeling young and healthy for many years to come. Thank you Craig!

  • Diane Bergeron

    A friend of mine sent me your email for a chance to win a workout video and I would like to tell you my story.

    I am a 49 year old women and my husband is 58. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) November 8, 2012. He is rapidly deteriorating to the point where I have to help him with all of his daily functions.

    Within 5 months he has gone from a cane to a walker and he depends on me 24 x 7 to help him. I am not overweight but am physically out of shape to handle the stress load of helping and lifting my husband in and out of chairs, out of the shower etc….. I cannot leave my husband for any length of time and therefore cannot get to a gym to workout. My doctors have advised me to take the time to get myself into an exercise program to be able to handle all the requirements that go along with caring for my husband. I am unable to work and my husband is on disability and therefore money is tight.

    I would very much like the opportunity to be able to receive a free copy of your Turbulence Training. I feel that I would definitely use this program to help me become stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

    Thank you

    Diane Bergeron

  • Ed Sweitzer

    39 years old-2 year old son-40lbs overweight. Last time I wieghed 240 I was benching 400! That was 6 years ago and even then my cardio was terrible. I would like to find the motivation to lift again and inspire my son to be healthy and confident like I was. At the same time I’d like to be able to keep up with him and stay ahead of the heart attack that I’m sure will catch me if I don’t get off my ass. I’m 5’10” and would love to see 200lbs

  • Diane

    I am a 49 year old women and my husband is 58. He was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) November 8, 2012. He is rapidly deteriorating to the point where I have to help him with all of his daily functions.

    Within 5 months he has gone from a cane to a walker and he depends on me 24 x 7 to help him. I am not overweight but am physically out of shape to handle the stress load of helping and lifting my husband in and out of chairs, out of the shower etc….. I cannot leave my husband for any length of time and therefore cannot get to a gym to workout. My doctors have advised me to take the time to get myself into an exercise program to be able to handle all the requirements that go along with caring for my husband. I am unable to work and my husband is on disability and therefore money is tight.

    I would very much like the opportunity to be able to receive a free copy of your Turbulence Training. I feel that I would definitely use this program to help me become stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

    Thank you
    Diane Bergeron

  • M Silva

    Hi There,
    How would your program help me? I lost 2 best friends. My mom to sudden death, my ex husband up and left me with the sudden realization after 18 years he didn’t want kids or to be a married man. This sent me spiraling downward. It’s been a 1.5 years now and I’m desperate to do something. I don’t wanna die and I want to be a mom. Depression will do so much bad to you and that’s where it lead me. Darkness and weight gain. It’s hard when the friends you thought you had aren’t there and your family is away and all I do is work and come home. This would gi ve me an opportunity to make a change. Get healthy. 380 lbs is too much for a 5’5″ frame and this is kinda of a final hope. Just to post this is a big step for me.
    Thank you for your time and good luck to everyone in their goals and dreams. I wanna live!

  • Maria

    I have been doing TT workouts for 3 months now and have really improved my shape. I have maybe 2 to 4 pounds left to lose and need more toning and tightening. I feel more confident. Winning this program will help me get myself in shape and give me the confidence to go out and meet people and make friends. The last little bit of fat is hard to lose.

  • Michael M

    I’ excited, the Complete TT package looks great. I just turned 53, and have been training ‘dumb’ most of my life. The Complete TT Package will enable me to achieve my health, fitness, and aesthetic goals in the most effective and efficient and enjoyable way possible. I feel 23 but my body looks 63 and I don’t like it.

  • Amy

    Winning this package would make working out at home easier for me as I could just follow your program and it would be easier for me to fit in working out with looking after my family.

  • Dan

    i would like to win this free TT training because it would be great! i read that it was not time consuming work out plan, which is great for me becaaaaause i have to focus on my grades in school above all! along with balancing in work but it would be nice to get a quick work out in every now and then to help trim me down and get some what of a body that i would like.

    thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Eugen

    It’s very logic what TT can do, so I want to see some results on myself. Let’s do it !

  • Hello Craig:

    The TT workout will help me with a health challenge and a fitness challenge that I am facing.

    I am 64 years old and was given and MRI last week. The result of the MRI is that I have had two very minor strokes. The Docs say the strokes were caused by high blood pressure. In addition to the meds the Docs told me to lose weight; 10 to 20 pounds. Got to lose it or risk having a more serious stroke.

    That is the health issue. The fitness issue is that I plan to hike up Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in June. My current weight is 190 and I really should get to 170 before the hike. Of course my cardio vascular system needs a major tune up too. It seems they pump the Oxygen out of the air and there is no O2 for us old guys to breathe.

    Can you help me?



  • Isabelle

    I’ve been a TT fan for the last year and already managed to lose some fat and gain back some nice muscles, which makes me feel so proud and healthier than before! But the truth is that as most women out there, it’s difficult playing wonderwoman every day: a husband, 2 kids, a cat and a coccatoo at home plus my work in biology research, let’s say 24h in a day are not enough! And despite loving training I must admit I hate cardio…
    Having the TT Complete Package would surely help me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals once and for all, as it has already started to, because it is very efficacious in a short time daily and this everywhere I want: no need to go to a gym and use machines, most exercises can be done even in a hotel room during annoying conferences! It will also allow me to pick up different trainings so I don’t get bored and stay motivated. My English is not so good, but I hope the message went through 🙂

  • Nicole

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals in the following way: I have been, and still am, looking (for a long time!) for (easy) ways to exercise that would involve a minimal amount of cardio! I do have a health club or gym membership, but find it extremely difficult to train daily at the gym due to 1) my lack of motivation and 2) lack of knowledge on what exercises are best to perform for losing body fat. Also, I have heard wonderful things about your Turbulence Training Program, and strongly believe that it would be the perfect solution to finding ways to exercise effectively in a minimal amount of time!

  • Susan

    I’m so stuck, and bummed! I need your help and your change of pace to make me accountable. I’ve followed you for years, and would love to be more like you. I am so inspired by your stories and I hang on your words when you send out emails that talk about your life, your parents, and your long-time tried and true companion. I want to become better but my life is in such a state of stress right now that I feel so sucked-under. I think this TT pkg could be the boost I need to bring me up. Meeting you and getting a royal kick in the butt would be the best, but getting you on dvd every day will also be a real charge to this burned out mom. Thanks!

  • paula

    hello. winning a copy of Fat Loss workout dvd is going to help me and all my clients to achieve their fitness goals, get in shape and be lean and fit in a very short time. first i want to try it on myself and then apply the program on my clients. thanks very much.

  • Nick

    The complete TT package would enable me to get the body and fitness that I want while fitting into my hectic lifestyle. I hate long cardio sessions and need something that is going to give me the best results without the need to spend hours in the gym away from my friends and family.

  • Annie D

    Oh woe is me my butt is big,
    My thighs resemble jello
    And surely no-one gives a fig
    I’m feeling rather yellow.
    (blue doesn’t rhyme)

    My breath is wheezy,
    My heart doth pound,
    And sleeping isn’t easy.
    My abbs are gone
    And all my clothes
    have gotten very squeezy.

    I’ve done my best, it’s not enough
    I don’t know what to do
    I’ve worked my way through lots of stuff
    Their promises were not true

    But luck is in for Craig arrives
    my Knight in shining lycra
    He’ll motivate me now to strive
    To be leaner, stronger fitter.

    His Turbulence training is the best
    He’ll knock us into shape
    I’ll have to throw out all the rest
    Thank God it’s not too late

    Pick Me Pick Me my plaintive cry
    comes to you from Down-Under
    It’s worth a shot, I’ve got to try
    Who will win I wonder?

  • Jennifer Binetti

    As a busy working Mom whose husband spends half the year away, I need effective intense workouts I can do at home. I love all the TT products and get great results! I have been working with trainers who use the same techniques and have lost almost 30 pounds in 6 months. I’ve hit a plateau and I still want to keep losing body fat and get a great physique for Summer (or whatever Summer is in Newfoundland!) No more excuses to say ‘it’s the baby weight’! Go hard or go home!!!!!!

  • Susan

    I feel like losing fat and gaining muscle has been a struggle my entire life. I keep trying things, brimming with excitement about a fresh start, but am disappointed that the results I long for do not come. It is so hard to separate the truth from the fads and the money-making schemes in the fitness industry. How do I do that? From what I have seen so far from the TT, the scientific evidence is there to prove success. All I need to do is break from the mold and take the leap and try it. Having the workouts would give me the opportunity to change my life…for good, and finally see long-lasting results.

  • Marie

    TT will give me precise workouts to achieve the muscular body I desire. After years of working out using cardio as a primary method to get in shape, a weight lifting program is a welcome change.

  • Susie Q

    After a 12 year old relationship breakup and job loss, I’ve come to realize that the only thing I’m in control over is my own body. I’ve never sat a foot in a gym, never been much for sports (except for perhaps a game or two on TV) and get totally lost in the world of squats, squirrels and curls. But I’ve decided to turn this around and while I’m at it maybe a few heads too.

    There is no greater feeling than getting control back over your life and changing it 180 degrees… but I will need a little bit of help… you up for it??

  • Anna

    Hi Craig
    I believe in your TT programs;)
    Having a DVDs would be the easiest and most motivated way to follow the program.

  • Dave Hodgson

    Winning this prize would help me achieve my goals and the greatly assist a junior soccer team that I coach. I do not have a great deal of time and the high intensity snort burst type training would allow me to structure what time I have. I would also use these type of training methods to pass on to our soccer team in order to boost their fifness levels as well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • David

    How would winning make a difference? Simply put I am 59, an ex smoker and 50 pounds over weight. This was not caused solely by giving up smoking(and eating more!). There was also the problem that in spite of being a member of a gym I could not do many exercises due to Dupytrens constricture which meant I could not put much weight on my hands. So no push ups, weights and many more. It was frustrating as I really hate boring cardio. However determined not to be a victim I have just had my hands operated on which is a painful procedure but no pain no gain!! Once the stitches are out I will be able to really focus on fitness and weight loss and Turbulence Training will give me the proven method to succeed.

  • Paula

    It’s been impossible for me to go to the gym for the past two+ years now and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to join a gym anytime soon. Therefore, I absolutely need to have a good, solid home program to follow in order to stay motivated. I have tried some sample workouts from different fitness sites but the problem is that one needs variety and a way to advance to progressively more difficult workouts. TT follow along DVDs would be the perfect ‘workout partner’ for me to get my workouts done and stay focussed on my fitness goals. When trying to do my workouts at home on my own I tend to get distracted too easily but with a program like yours that builds challenge into the workouts I would reach my goals for sure. Please give me a chance…

  • Rick Ortiz

    Good morning , Your progam is the best program ive ever tried! unlike the other training programs yours has help me gain both confidence and strength. your daily emails keep me looking forward to working out! I try to convice other people to try it out but their either lazy or scared of getting great results! id really like to get my hands on that dvd package to experience even more growth !

  • Alicia Edwards

    Well, I am at a stage where I have been exercising (couch to 5km program and walking) for the last 8 weeks and my before and after photos (which I compared this weekend just gone) are quite depressing as I cannot see any change in my body shape. I haven’t been weighing myself as the figures have a negative impact on my self-talk. So I am at the stage where I am considering some weight loss surgery as the current exercise regime is not working. I don’t really want to take this route as feel the surgery will inhibit other activities that I want to do .

    I am keen to try a “tried and tested” regime for weight loss and as I am over the other side of the world (Australia) the DVD package would be ideal.

  • rebekah

    I had a baby 4 months ago and have a hard time fitting in workouts as I work full time, take care of her, and our house. I have about 8-10 pounds left to lose to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I have been doing some of your bodyweight workouts and believe that this program would help me achieve my goals. I know that the science is there to support your programs and I like that most of them are short, sweet, and to the point. Your workouts will allow me to get max results in a short time, so I can spend as much time with my little one as possible. Thanks!

  • RW

    I’m turning 40 at the end of this summer, and I’ve got a new born and a very active seven year old boy. I’ve always worked out, but never had good plans and always hated cardio so never had the body fat percentage or fitness level I’d like. This past year and a half I quit smoking to help ensure being around for my kids, and that helped me pack on an additional 40 pounds or so–seemingly all fat. I’ve continued working out, and doing my best to stay motivated, but it has been tough. Winning this package would give me the plan and structure I need to meet my fat loss and fitness goals–to get down to a desirable fat percentage but even more important to set my fitness on the right path to keep up with my kids now and for the future. I want to start off the next 40 or more years off on the right foot, with a fitness level and body composition I’ve never had before.

  • Jenn Howard

    I am excited to begin turbulence training because I know that with the combination of this program and following Isabel’s eating plan I can FINALLY achieve the health and fitness that I have worked so hard to achieve without success. I am excited to be changing my lifestyle habits both in the areas of food choices and exercise that gets results!

  • Scott Clarke

    I’ve been trying for years to lose 110 pounds. I’d say it’s been close to 5 years now and I’m still going at it. I’ve tried slow cardio, walking, heavy weightlifting (which I now know only bulks you up,) and low calorie dieting. Yet, for lack of knowledge of the right approach, I weighed in yesterday at 318 pounds. Man, it seems like an insurmountable obstacle to burn this excess bodyfat that just doesn’t seem to want to get lost.
    However, I subscribed to Craig’s TT e-mails about 6 weeks ago and I picked up 3 of his books on special and applied it to my cardio routine. I warmed up (on a stationary bike) at 3/10 for 5 minutes and then I went 9/10 for 20 seconds and then 3/10 for 40 seconds. I repeated this 8 times and then cooled off at 3/10 for 5 minutes. After doing this for the last 6 or so weeks I’ve lost close to 25 pounds combined with lifting weights.
    What this boils down to for me is that winning the grand prize would give me all of the workouts I’d ever need to get and stay fit as well as providing me with way more than enough variation to never overuse a single one. And with a new one coming out every month, I’d be guaranteed to never hit a plateau. And not to mention that I’d be able to perform bodyweight exercises when I’m on the road without access to gym equipment.

  • Andrea Rains

    Being pregnant with my 3rd child and with increased age and slower metabolism I am seeing first hand what people meant when they told me in my younger days “just wait”. I have a very athletic background & took do granted my ability to participate in popular exercise regimens. I survived a catastrophic head on collision in 2004 that left me alive yet unable to walk without a limp due much less run or return to group fitness. The pain, embarrassment & now the busy lifestyle of a working mother has made me long for a program that will produce desired results & necessary health benefits to enjoy a long & happy life. I have enjoyed the TT emails & would loveto try to adapt the TT program to my crazy busy schedule not only to help with excess baby weight but also to finally allow me to get back to an acceptable fitness level & be able to keep up with 3 boys.

  • Kevin

    Over the last four years (now 40), I’ve finally found the inner drive to be my best! I’m down about 60 lbs (6’4- 210 now), I still sit at 20% bodyfst and am struggling to get the last bit off. I’ve had some issues with my Heath for a few years that makes it hard to get further along. Basically I have kidney function limitations, what that means is my dietary needs dictate that it’s healthier for me to eat fruit loops in the am verses fibre 1 cereal lol. The hardest part is that I have to limit my protein intake to 70 grams a day which sucks ass! All in all I would like the gift pack to give me the extra knowledge and help I need to meet my goals. I’m gonna participate in the Toronto tough Mudder this year to prove to myself I can do it. This program is perfect for me

    That said… I’m gonna buy it anyways…

  • Anne

    Oh,wow! Having a DVD to pop in and work out with Craig….that would be THE best!!! Motivation and someone exercising with me …I could really rock this fat burning body!

  • Talia

    TT would help me achieve my fitness and fat loss goals by motivating me to actually get fitter! and pay attention to my fitness more than my weight loss!

    I’m currently on a diet plan that sees me having lots 7 kgs in 7 weeks! It’s awesome and I feel great, plus everyone’s finally starting to notice now (which is great!) so I want the nice lean muscles to go with it.

    For just once in my life I want to feel what it feels like to have a super fit body, I’ve never been massively overweight but I’ve never been super lean or anything near that either, so I want to do it! I promise I’ll give you before and after photos and it this post with totally hold me 100% accountable. I need the DVD’s as I’m a visual learner and would be hopeless with just a book. I will follow the food plan to, or continue the one I’m on which evidently works! I’m also a strict vegetarian and are just about to start taking Raw Vegan protein and Super greens so would love a great workout plan that could help me use that new found protein and green food to the max!

    Either way! If I don’t win I’d love to see the before and after photos of the person who does!

    Your abs look pretty sweet, maybe I could have abs like yours except the girl version, like Pink! 🙂 haha!

  • Diane

    I would LOVE to win a copy of your DVDs — I turn 50 in November of this year and have all but given up on everything. I lost my job 3 years ago, got another which pays a lot less. I have 2 roommates who do NOTHING to help with the bills or any expenses, including those for their baby. I can’t even afford to go bankrupt without losing my house. Up until that day 3 years ago I was working out, had really done a great job getting a decent body after growing up a fat kid then wrestling with anorexia for a few years (low weight 95 lbs at 5’6″); then bulimia for MANY more years after that. I’d finally gotten straight, eating right, working out (which I saw the biggest transformation when I trained with weights). Then everything went nuts. My sister was diagnosed an alcoholic, I lost my job, my roommates got pregnant, my mother passed away, I lost my “mascot” spot in a local band (I dress up like an 80’s punk rocker) — then the weight started piling up. I’m getting older and my metabolism just gave up. I’ve sunk into a depression I canNOT get out of, all I want to do is sleep. If I won the program I would focus on DOING it just to prove I was worthy of winning it!

  • Blaise

    Hi Craig,

    I started with the original Men’s Health Belly Off program a few years ago. My much younger son and I worked out together when we could in shared misery. 🙂 I’ve also used the original Turbulence Training program before with good results. However, I can never get past the original program to more advanced programs. I need more variety. At 6′ 2″ and 200 pounds I need to get back to about 185 to feel comfortable. At 59 years old, I need to stave off the muscle loss and keep functional muscle intact. Thanks.


  • Dave B

    Last May I had a mild heart attack, I am just getting my energy back. I am in need of a fat-burning workout to help lower my body fat so I do not have to go through another heart attack. All I have been doing is cardio exercise to build up my stanima and loss weight. Instead of losing weight I have actually gained weight. Since I do not have any equipment at home, the bodyweight exercises would be perfect to get me back into a more healthy lifestyle.

  • Pam

    I am a 46 year old mother of three. I have lost 40 pounds and kept it off for many years; however, I am shy of my ultimate goal by about 15 pounds.

    I am not a fan of long cardio, but I do it for the heart health benefits, NOT to become a marathon runner. Honestly, it is the one area of my workouts that I will dog. I enjoy lifting weights over all other workouts and

    Unfortunately, I have been plagued with back and knee issues for the past few years which had derailed my training/fat loss efforts. I have modified my workouts and believe that I am now in a good place to once again start my quest to become the best me I can be. I believe Turbulence Training is the missing link. I am committed to reaching my goal, but would love to do it in an efficient and effective manner.

  • Patrick

    Over the last 20 years, I’ve moved from a player (football and basketball) to a spectator. In that time I’ve gained 65 pounds and am starting to suffer from weight(fat) related health issues. I’ve tried multiple other programs and didnt get the results I wanted. After reading about the TT programs and the success that the community have had with it, I believe if I was to get the package it would be the major factor in creating the life I want and need. It would help me remove the hesitation in starting a new program and help me rid myself of all the negative, self destructive patterns of behavior.

  • Mandy Hildebrand

    I would LOVE to win one of the complete Turbulance Training packages!! I am a 46 yr old female, and have been stuck at my current weight for about the last 5 years – since I changed jobs and am now stuck at a desk all day. Even before then, I was heavier than I should be, but once I started the new job about 15 pounds just stuck in a matter of 4-5 months. I really need to lose about 40 pounds.

    Though I am fairly active (playing soccer and volleyball once a week each at least), I can tell that the extra weight (along with my increasing age!) puts stress on my joints, and I have knee and ankle issues that I didn’t use to have.

    I work full time, have 2 kids in college (one of whom participates in sports which we enjoy travelling to see) and in the little spare time I do have, I’m trying to start my own business to get away from the desk! So – I don’t have time for workouts, but do enjoy working out and working hard, and REALLY need a system that can be done along with everything else I have going on. TT would be a perfect fit for me!!! Plus I would love to share it with my 22 yr old son, who used to be an athlete and could use some motivation to stay in better shape himself now. And I’d love to feel better about my body as my husband and I move into those ’empty nest’ years and want to travel more.

    PLEASE PICK ME! I think I’d be a perfect candidate 🙂


    hi heart- felt listener

    stearing into my reflection on daily basis i’m reminder of the lost of these last few years,
    not one that deserves to be favoured among others, i find myself excited at this opportunity
    i been give to reconnect with an old friend i’ve long become absent from.
    I see this old Friend everyday, hidden among shrubs of fat and on an island i can’t swim too:
    Yelling an waving with a plead from afar, i find myself lost in boat without oras and a cumpas,
    dizzy with frustration and hungry too shake hands an comfort my old friend with a warm smile.

    when i look into my soul i see this friend, alone but there stearing.
    your DVD programme gives me the tools of life and my friend back.

    thank you
    danny phillips

  • Angela

    I am a 52 year old mother of four that is moving on to the next phaze of life. My metabolism has slowed down and I have struggled with keeping my weight down. I have tried out the original TT Training program with my oldest daughter and enjoyed doing it. I feel that now is the time to get myself in top notch shape to help stay healthy. There is heart disease in my family so I do know that with proper excercise and healthy eating I would be able to keep myself in good physical condition. I have also tried different classes at the gym but still come back to your program. It is easy to do with the diagrams and just the right amount of time to be able to keep using it on a daily basis.


  • Shelly Jeffery

    I believe this program will help me because about a year ago I lost 20lbs and was so happy with the results but I still was not as toned as I would have liked. I have tried several work outs and have not found one to give me the results I am looking for. In the last 6 months unfortunately I have gained all the weight back despite working out 6 days a week and eating well. I recently found out my thyroid gland is underactive and this was the cause. I am now on medication but was told it can take 3 months for it to take effect. I am so depressed because I worked so hard for those 20 lbs but I know I can do it. I am still working out 6 days a week and eating healthy but would love a new work out to hopefully kick start everything so I can lose the weight again.
    Thanks Shelly.

  • Dr B

    I think your program can add some new exciting variety to my own routine and save me lots ot time when it comes to writing routines for my classes.

  • Bland Campbell

    “How would having the Turbulence Training Complete Package help you finally achieve your fitness and fat loss goals?” The question is how wouldn’t help me to achieve my goals? Over the past year I have worked, sweated, struggled, cried etc. my way to lose and keep off 30 pounds. Yet, I am still 50+ pounds from my goal weight and living life at a healthy sustainable weight. At the present I am ready to call it a day because the goal seems way out of reach. At the rate I am going it will be 5+ years before see a healthy weight. The exercise has greatly decreased and the food intake, especially junk food, has exponentially increased. In fact I type this with do-nut breath. The TT training will give me the swift kick in the butt I need to get back on track and the motivation to stay on track. The motivation being finally being able to look down and see my toes not my gut.

  • T Myers

    Hi Craig,

    Four month ago I was 2.5 weeks shy of the end of a pregnancy only to find out my son had no heartbeat and had just passed away. Burying a child is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone and the emotional roller coaster is just unbelievable. I know getting back in shape will have a huge impact not just physically but also mentally and emotionally which I am so very ready for.

    Although I have been a fitness enthusiast my whole life and have logged hours upon hours doing cardio (yes, I’m a cardio queen) and lifting weights I haven’t been motivated to do much of anything lately. Furthermore, I am living proof that long boring cardio workouts is not the way to go and was getting extremely bored with my workouts and frustrated with not yielding any results. Having a system like Turbulence Training teach me how to train efficiently and smartly is exactly what I need.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  • Araceli

    I am trying to keep Hope that there is a program that will help me loose this last 18 extra pounds
    I have struggle for the past 2 years to loose them and show a fit body and NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK. I’ve tried so many programs, spent so much money and being deceived all over again :(… Maybe the problem is me and maybe is just me who is not consistent but mos programs take 1 hour of my time wich I don’t have since am a single mother of 2 kids and am always on the run going from here to there. I just want to be fit like I once was with no cardio and less time. And I am keeping my hope that your program can make this finally happen for me. Blessings

  • Carolanne

    I have tried so many programs and trainers and nutritionists in the past 5 years and nothing has ever worked. I lost 80 pounds 6 years ago but have been unsuccessful in getting rid of the last 10-15 pounds of fat. I think a program like TT is just what I need to finally get off this Merry-Go-Round. The question is – do you think you can actually help someone like me? Let’s find out.

  • Heather

    Hello Craig! I would greatly benefit from the Complete TT Package in multiple ways. First, I have gained 80 pounds in the past 2.5 years due to a heart issue that left me depressed and un-motivated. My heart problem is completely resolved and I have medical clearance for all physical activity. I’ve manage to lose 11 pounds over the past few months, but I’m seeing very slow results with minimal toning. Second, I’m graduating from the master’s program as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in May and want to be healthy and happy….we have all seen overweight medical providers and it’s hard to listen to their advice when they can’t even follow it themselves!! I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Third, I’m hoping to start having children in about three years and am far too unhealthy at this moment in time. Finally, I’m a fun-loving, caring, woman who wants to lead a long and healthy life and help others along the way! Thank you!! :0)

  • Leo Schoonbroodt

    I would love to train with the Turbulence Training complete package because from what i read all over the internet is that it must be the best way to gain muscle and loose fat at the same time. As of now i just kind of haphazardous switch from the one to the other training schedule and the progress is not what i would like it to be. Your informative films on youtube inspired me to change some things in the trainingschedule i am using now but i think nothing beats the complete package.
    As i am 61 year old i have to be a bit carefull in selecting a workout that fits me and your program seems to fit in perfectly.

  • Susan

    After having children, NOTHING IS WORKING. I don’t know how to get my body back and don’t have the time or money for long gym sessions. I’ve tried the interval methods and I think they’re the way to go – I just don’t know how to do them on my own. I need help, a trainer, a good DVD!

  • Jobeth

    Wow! Hard to compete with all of the other deserving subscribers and TT followers. I am a woman in my 40’s training for one of the most important tests in my career. The Firefighter CPAT!! I have been a TT junkie for several years but have become frustrated “youtubing” the workout moves and not knowing if I am doing the right one. I have wished for a TT DVD!! I want to thank you for your continued support and inspiration with emails, newsletters and fantastic new workouts.


  • Laurie B.

    As I sit here tying this, it’s all I acn do to hold back the tears. I love to work out and I love to sweat, but keeping myself motivated is a bit of a struggle.Temptations for the foods I love to eat are a constant battle. Deep inside, I’m screaming at myself, “What are you doing?” I know being pushed and lifted up to do my very best can save the determined woman inside. I know I can do this! To be healthy not just for those who care about me, but to be healthy for me! To be healthy for me!

  • Kyle Cruickshank

    Simple put.. I have had it in the past, and it worked wonders with all the peer support that I received inside the TT Forums, and especially during the Transformation contests.

    I have fallen off the band wagon as of late, and mostly I think it is partly because of the lack of support in real life at the moment. Getting back to the roots of TT would get me back to the shape that I want to be at.

    Plus it is a good time to start as I have another life changing event coming up, and what better way to bring it in than in great shape and plenty of support!

    Who ever wins though, will get the most out of it I am sure..
    Kyle Cruickshank

  • Cassandra

    I am the mother of 2 young active boys, ages 4 and 7, and am 80 pounds over weight. I have tried to lose weight over the years but have managed to lose only 10 pounds. I’m willing to do the workouts, walking, weights, tabathas, HITT, etc. I have done them all. I realize that I need guidance, structure and support to succeed in losing weight. I don’t have the money to purchase this program or the family support at home. I have tried so many programs over the years that my husband no longer believes it will ever happen. I am not giving up! I know that winning this program is what I need to get in shape, become healthy and gain the energy it takes to keep up with my sons.

  • Scott Pearce

    I would love to have this product and would purchase it if I could but have been out of work for 5 months because the company I worked for closed their doors after 42 years in business. I’m 56 years old and have always been active my whole life and still make it to the gym once or twice a week. My only sports are golf and bowling so this doesn’t get me the conditioning that I need. At 6 foot one inch and 220 lbs it’s hard to compete for the limited jobs here in Michigan against the younger guys. I believe being in better shape would give me a better edge with my work experience. Even if I don’t win, I’d like to say thanks for all the good information on the workouts and diet that you have been sending. I have been a follower or ETR for almost 10 years and have truly enjoyed it all.

  • Sarah Burnett

    TT changed my life. It changed my whole outlook on training and how to finally train properly to achieve my personal fitness goals. I was guilty of putting in many long, time consuming hours of cardio and while I was lean -I was not muscular and ripped like I wanted to be. I am a true fan of TT and also know how important it is to keep moving forward and improving! For this reason I would loooveee the complete TT package! I am an experienced TT user and believer and always want more more more and its about time to shake up my routine with some new training moves!!!
    Thank you Craig for changing and saving my life. (The saving is a whole other story which one day I promise I will share with the world 😉 )

  • Ronald Pullen

    I am 64 years old and have always been in pretty good shape. Ran track in school and and learned how to run which kept me in shape most of the time. The last ten years before I retired things just did not work as far as staying in shape. Your program not only would allow me to lose this tire around my middle I could increase my muscle mass. I have two sons one 6’5″ and one 6’3″ and by using your program to transform my body I can persuade them to attempt to keep up with me which in turn would transform their body.

  • Sam

    Having read about the turbulence training in 2010 I subscribed and for a while I stuck to it and it caused a good response to my condition.
    I did let myself go a little bit and would like that extra incentive.
    With your product, it’s something I would stick to and more importantly believe in it once more.
    There are important events coming up, and I would love to be completely ripped for my wedding.
    Having a good body transforms everyone lives, and I would like that for me too, a little more confidence and finally getting that abs I have so longed for.
    I wish all the other contestents well, and hope the generosity of this awesome program would extend to all, however whoever wins I wish you well and hope it transforms your life as much as will for me.
    Take care all, and best wishes from England.

  • Ben

    I have tried a lot of other programs and gotten spotty success (they got boring).
    TT changes every month and only needs 3 days a week. This will bring back time to me.
    Not only will my body improve but more time to work on home improvements.
    My wife and I would lover joy winning a copy of TT.

  • nima

    By getting the complete package, I can choose/change sets to train with for 30 minutes everyday/week. I could change the sets according to season and also time available and customise it to my requirement.Also I’ll have some video to keep me motivated, to keep moving and get going ready at hand without having to work at surfing the net to determine a workout everytime I want to chage the exercise I’m doing. Thanking you for helping me out this far I take leave.

  • Darren Todd

    Hi and good Morning Craig,

    From the sunny Uk.

    Craig I came across you on an interview with Joe Polish and Dean Jackson
    4-5 months ago and decided to implent my own 12 rules I live by.

    I did but it is truly amazing how fast you ( I) can drift off track and slip back into
    the old ways .

    Sit ups push ups cycling and swimming have seen me lose about 14lbs and I am probably
    at about 15-20% body fat….6:1 and 210lbs.

    Regular daily exercise drifted into every other day then into every 3 days.

    All my life I,ve always enjoyed mediocre results then quit what ever because I,ve probably forgotten the reason it was why I had started what ever it was I had started.

    I wasnt even going to bother sending this email until I woke this morning and decided
    that 1 week after my 39th birthday it is time to totally change my life and make myself
    publicly accountable and to remind myself every day of the 12 rules I live by.

    Hoping that we might win even if others are more succesfull I am still going to to take this getting into shape very serious staring today with my pictures on a you Tube channel (fatLoss For Dads).

    No booze for the next twelve months…..this is a real biggy for me as ice cold beer and red wine are two of my most favourite things !

    Today is when I change my life ,my business, my whole outlook on our existence, over the last 24 hours I have really scared myself as too how fast life is and how fast it will pass you by.

    Personal goals are to be set in stone and no more time and energy wasted.

    As a parent of 5 small children trying to find the time to train effectively does have its challenges.

    But the little thing in my mind has snapped today and it is the start of a new era.

    My progress is to be logged on my YT channel and also on my blog with my daily achievements.

    Postive mind and body=positive business=positive parenting…..doesnt have to be in this order !

    Hope you are having a great day Craig.

    Speak Soon

    Darren (UK)



  • Joy

    Hi Craig,

    Greetings from the sunny Island of Antigua in the heart of the Caribbean.

    I work very long hour so i dont get to hit the gym as i would love too. having the TT complete package will help me to achieve the goal i’ve been looking for since i will able to workout at home at my own pace. I need to get toned and lose some belly fat and this is the ideal workout for me. i have always wanted to try your program, I need a new look and a healthier way of living. I hope i do get to meet you one day.


  • Melanie Fyfe

    It’s my 35th birthday in September. Thirty-five was my lucky number as a kid. I have always had a goal to get fit. I’ve always looked athletic without the fitness to back it up.
    I am doing Tough Mudder in Sydney in September – a birthday present to myself. Your product would get me fit, strong and looking the hottest I ever have…

  • Marylou

    I admire the useful info you offer inside your articles.

    I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often.
    I’m really sure they’ll learn plenty of new stuff here than anybody else!

  • paula

    i was a fat kid growing up in NYC.. I am now 53 yrs old and about to start training to run the NY marathon!I want to fit and healthy as i run thru my old stomping grounds. This is an enormous undertaking for me!

  • Laura

    Hi Craig,

    Having the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals for the simple reason that you understand how it can ruin a woman’s day when nothing seems to be working for her in weight loss.

    I have faith in you as a trainer, and in the effectiveness of your programmes, because of the perceptiveness and empathy with which you sensed the devastation your mom was feeling back when you were just four- all those years back, and you still recall how you still think about how that day that was ruined because no one was able to solve your Mom’s problem with weight loss when the scale hadn’t moved after her meeting.
    You truly “get it” about how crucial a woman’s body issues can be to her self esteem, especially when nothing seems to move the needle on the scale.

    Your mission in helping people with the problem your mom and myself have is reason enough for me. I know you are on a mission to end that feeling of devastation at having tried everything and having nothing to show for it, and you have total integrity in your work and ability to turn around someone’s body and attitude towards their body.

    I know that the Turbulence Training Complete Package would help me finally achieve my fitness and fat loss goals , simply through the very strength and honesty of your mission.

    Have a great weekend, and thank you for the inspiration each day! 🙂