Truth About Weekend Weight Gain (Superbowl Belly)

Hey Team Turbulence, hope you had an amazing weekend. Maybe you were like me and watched the Superbowl with your friends.

My buddy Joel Marion had dozens of fitness experts over to his  house for the game, and yes, a few of them (who I will not name) had quite the cheat days. But that’s all part of the plan.

That said, I know a few of them will wake up a few pounds heavier today, and you might too – Heck, that might happen on most weekends. As one reader mentioned to me on Sunday, she ate an entire box of pizza and gained 3 pounds.

But here’s the TRUTH.

At most, the pizza contained 1200 calories. And as you know, 1200 calories will not show up on the scale as 3 pounds of fat.

Remember, there’s about 3500 calories per pound of fat…so in reality, she would have had to consume NINE full pizzas OVER her calorie needs in order to gain 3 pounds of fat on the weekend.

Or 19.44 extra Big Macs over her calorie needs to gain 3 pounds of pure fat (with a Big Mac coming in at around 540 calories).

So why the weight gain?

Well, it’s from another common element of food…one that you can see on the ingredient list.


In this pizza, I checked the online ingredients and found it to contain 640mg per serving, and with at least 3 servings per box, our dear reader consumed almost 2 grams of sodium at one sitting.

Now that’s a recipe for water retention and overnight weight gain.

PLUS, let’s be politically incorrect for a second…

…women have a lot of hormonal differences at different times of the month that also cause rapid shifts in total water weight.

But even if you’re a guy, the sodium weight gain can cause an inflated Superbowl Belly Scale Surprise on Monday morning – and after any weekend.

How to overcome this?

Turbulence Training, of course.

Get right back on track and you’ll experience a WHOOSH effect on the scale.

And there are a few other things you can do…

…including the new “Turbulence Forever” program that I created with John Romaniello recently.

It will be available on Tuesday, along with a super-WHOOSH fat loss nutrition component from John featuring two important triggers of the all-important post-weekend WHOOSH fat loss effect.

Stay tuned for more details (and my Turbulence Forever program),

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer