A Few Workout Tips To Look 1,000 times better

In part 1 I take you  inside a tip trainers  gyms and share with you the powerful training method he uses to produce incredible athletes  and a lean ripped body that you can be proud of.

Below, you will find Part 2 of an interview I recently did with Jason Ferruggia and how Shawn’s training progress is coming along…

Craig Ballantyne: Let’s go back to Shawn’s transformation. Where did he start it, was it 10 or 12 weeks ago?

Jason Ferruggia: It’s 10 weeks now.  He’s finishing up his last two.

Craig Ballantyne: What are his results in terms of fat loss and muscle building over those 10 weeks?

Jason Ferruggia: Well, we haven’t tested his body fat again, but on the scale he’s down 30 pounds and his arms are actually up a half an inch. So, I think if he’s lost any muscle it’s very little.

The fact that all his numbers are going up; his one rep numbers on his squat, bench press and dead lifts are going up, and all across the board, even on his assistance exercises on a dumbbell press or a chin-up, everything is going UP. So, I don’t think he lost much muscle if at all.

Like I said, he’s down 30 pounds on the scale and he looks 1,000 times better. He’s way leaner, he’s got veins ripping down his arms now, so it’s definitely been an impressive transformation.

Craig Ballantyne: What was he doing before? Was he was just screwing around, training maybe three days per week, not serious, eating junk & drinking a lot?

Jason Ferruggia: Shawn is very into training, so he was serious, but his diet wasn’t that great. He was doing zero conditioning. I remember 10 weeks ago when I first had him push the prowler I thought he was going to die after two times. I was making fun of him saying he should be ashamed of himself.

Conditioning wise he was in HORRIBLE shape. He was strong, but his diet was not great. He really had to bring up his conditioning, so that’s helped him a lot. He feels a lot better, and like I said, he looks 1,000 times better.

Craig Ballantyne: Why don’t you just tell us a little bit about some of the unique conditioning that you do? Obviously you’ve got the prowler, you guys do sprints, but what else do you have in the Renegade Gym that you guys do?

I guess explain the prowler, because a lot of people listening probably haven’t heard about it.

Jason Ferruggia: The prowler is one of the BEST things you can do.

The prowler is basically just a metal, kind of like a sled on skis. There are three skis and there are two uprights that you grab and push, two poles and you can push it either high or low. It’s just a killer workout. You really have to experience it to even appreciate it. You do 10 to 20 of those with minimal rest and it’s far superior to any kind of cardio machine or anything like that.

Craig Ballantyne: How many plates would he be moving when he does those prowler pushes, if he’s going to do 10 to 20 reps with minimal rest?

Jason Ferruggia: We only put one plate per side.

Craig Ballantyne: Okay.

Jason Ferruggia: I think the prowler itself weighs somewhere around 45 pounds, so about 135 pounds on there. Depending on the surface it will move easier or harder.

The prowler is outstanding. We’ll drag sleds, we’ll do high rep kettle bell swings and we’ll do the battling ropes, which are good. The battling ropes are great if someone has any kind of knee injury, if they can’t push the prowler or they can’t sprint and if they were in a public gym they couldn’t even ride a bike. There’s very little stress with the battling ropes, so those are great. They allow people with any kind of injuries to get a great workout in.

We’ll also swing sledgehammers or mace bells.  Things like that are great. My all time FAVORITE are hill sprints. I love to do hill sprints. I recommend hill sprints for everyone for fat loss.  They’re awesome and you don’t need any special equipment for that, just a hill.

Any kind of sprint; the prowler, sprint with a sled, a sprint on flat ground and a sprint with a hill is definitely going to be far superior to any cardio machine you could do.

That’s it for Part 2 of my interview with Jason.  Part 3 will reveal the details of what Shawn changed in his diet to get unbelievably lean!