Time Management Idea from "The Donald"

I won’t usually email on the weekend, but I had a bunch of questions I wanted to answer before we get to the big 12-month plan on Monday.

Question #1 from Barry: “What’s the best way to plan my day to get more done?”

Great question. The first thing you need to do is a time log, and I learned this from Donald Trump’s lawyer, George Ross.

Carry a notebook with you all day, and mark the pages in 15-minute increments. Over a period of at least 7 days, write down what you are doing in each 15-minute period that you are awake.

You’ll discover the little things that waste a lot of time, as well as when you get your best work done. As George Ross explained at a Dan Kennedy seminar, even Trump carries around a notebook and does this.

Question #2 from Chris: “Hey, love the daily emails. Thanks! Was just wondering what books you are reading right now?”

Hey Chris, thanks for the kind words. Right now I’m reading the classic, “Scientific Advertising”, as well as a biography of a man named Albert Lasker, who is credited (along with John E. Kennedy and Claude Hopkins) for creating some of the best copywriting campaigns of the early 20th century. These guys practically invented the art
and industry of copywriting.

Question #3 from Ron: “Do you do 1-on-1 consulting?”

Hi Ron. No, sorry. All I do is this free newsletter/blog. But stay tuned, I’ll be giving out a lot of great content each week, starting next week of course with the 12-Month Guide to Making $100K.

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne

“If you diligently and successfully apply each concept…and you continue to push in a consistent direction…accumulating momentum step by step and turn by turn, you will eventually reach breakthrough. It might not happen today, or tomorrow, or next week…But it WILL happen.” – Jim Collins, “Good to Great”.

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  • Great tips. Around 10-seconds after the 15-min tip I pulled out my pen and paper and went to it =) I respect Trump’s get knocked down but get right but up attitude and have a buddy who just finished working with him and his children.

    QUESTION! I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life and have a lot of mediocre streams of income coming in and when I saw the gent as you if you did one on one consulting you said no. I try everything at least once and I personally would probably have said, ‘yes’, and then come up with a plan, price, site, and quick campaign within one day. So I wouldn’t spend a lot of time but I would likely start with the one client who is already in my pocket.

    Is that a no-no? Is that being un-focused? Or is it taking advantage of an opportunity and seeing what happens?

    Thanks for you help!

  • I’ve been getting your emails, reading your content, and have also purchased a few of your products and one of the things that is consistent among all of these is your emphasis on time management. I remember reading in your Online Profits product that you mentioned mapping out weeks, and (I believe) even months in advance in some cases. While I’m not that on top of my schedule yet, the strategies you detail in regards to time management are definitely worth putting forth a strong effort. Thanks!

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      Thank you!