The Future of My Dream Business

It was my dream since I read the first issue back in 2003.

I admitted it to my coach for the first time in 2006.

I told one of my best friends, Matt Smith, in 2010.

And then he went out and helped me get it.

Now we own it –

And it’s been an incredible journey, with the last 8 months being incredibly successful. We reached a big turning point in our sales systems in the Fall, and we’re ramping up several media buying campaigns.
The times are exciting.

Of course, nothing’s perfect.

And the reason that I fell in love with in the first place, the daily essays, were getting a little stale.

“You do too much motivating, too much cheerleading,” said a few critics. “We’re already motivated. We want practical advice.”

After a little reflection I realized they were right.

And so I put this declaration together. It’s…

The Future of ETR

Looking ahead, we’re making a few changes to ETR editorial.

After talking with my advisers, I’m dedicated to improving ETR’s content by delivering more “hard advice” articles that provide practical and actionable (and new) ideas on Wealth Building and Business Building.

This content will be similar to that found in my mentor Michael Masterson’s fantastic book, Ready, Fire, Aim.

We are looking to publish articles that will help readers with:

– Leading their staff
– Selling
– Managing finances
– Improving their health and energy
– Enhancing their careers and getting better jobs

My advisers specifically suggested the following topics:

– What are the best new ways to advertise my business?
– What are the best apprenticeships for people that don’t want to go to college?
– How to hire and fire people
– Ideas from good new books
– New productivity apps
– How to think about wealth/investments
– What are the best new habits to live longer
– Do you have any successful new marketing methods
– New unconventional ways to succeed
– What’s the best way to fight off a cold?
– What’s the best way for a beginner to invest in the stock market?
– How can I talk myself into a great job?
– How can I get well without taking Big Pharma drugs?
– What are the best ways to manage my busy schedule?

As always, our content must adhere to the Rule of One.

But that’s the plan.

One can never grow complacent.

One can never let their business grow stale.

You must always be looking for “What’s Next”.

And that is what I’ve found.

For now…

Looking forward to delivering you even more great content,

Craig Ballantyne
“Awesome, looking forward to it.” – Rick Kaselj, ETR Virtual Mastermind Member