Take Your Water Bottle With You When You Leave Your Car

You know that water bottle you carry with you everywhere? Or the bottles you use to feed your baby? If they’re plastic, they could be making you or your baby very sick. Fortunately, there’s one easy step you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from the “toxic” effects of plastic.

The bottles you use may contain bisphenol A (BPA), an “endocrine disrupter” used to add strength to clear plastics. BPA can mimic, mask, or interfere with the effects of the body’s natural hormones. It’s been linked to prostate and breast cancer, and to neurological disorders in children.

The growing body of evidence was sufficient for the U.S. government to issue a warning: “the possibility that bisphenol A may alter human development cannot be dismissed.” The Canadian government went further, listing BPA as a toxic substance, and banning the use of polycarbonate baby bottles. Children are exceptionally vulnerable to BPA because they are still growing and developing, but adults are also at risk.

But there’s one simple thing you can do right now to safeguard your family’s health. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati found high temperatures from exposure to boiling water produced a 40-fold increase in the rate of BPA release, regardless of the bottle’s age.

So don’t heat that plastic. Microwave your beverages and food in glass or ceramic dishes. Never heat plastic baby bottles, and wash your plastic containers by hand to avoid the high temperatures in your dishwasher.

And take that water bottle with you when you leave your car in the hot sun.

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